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Host : Do you think, his action is forgiveable? Host : Your former employees have said that identity and d. Will it still require a Facebook networks to support higher-bandwidth services login? How is it 4. Facebook 7. Now you are friends on the social network married. Have you planned for a baby soon? Thank you, Mark, for your time with us this business could take in evening. In , Mark vowed that he would Read the following dialog. See the sentences in bold. Kegiatan ini bertujuan mengenalkan percakapan yang 5. Evan Spigel, who has posted screen shots of e-mail peserta didik menyimak dengan baik.

The app Paper looks nothing at all like a Facebook 3. Facebook formed a group called Internet. According to Mark, if we are always under pressure of 4. By subscribing to mobile services for the opportunity to waktu terjadinya dengan yang merujuk pada use Facebook makes it more economical for mobile kesudahannya. Kemudian, peser ta didik diminta The children have played hide-and-seek for half an hour. Angga has climbed mountains since he was young. See the example. People have ridden bicycles during the car free day since Contoh jawaban: 6 a. Saturday Last Saturday 6. I played badminton with 1.

I climbed a coconut tree 2. I wrote an e-mail to my 3. I rode a bicycle around 4. I prepared materials for 5. Fill in the blanks with the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets. Change the verbs into simple past or present perfect forms. Did, attend 2. Contoh jawaban: 1. The children played hide-and-seek in the yard. Angga climbed a mountain yesterday.

Sonia wrote about her daily experiences in a diary. People rode bicycles during the car free day. Work in pairs. Aldo prepared camping equipment. Ask and answer questions about past activities or events, based 6. Contoh jawaban: 8. You : Good afternoon, sister. Your sister : Good afternoon. You look very tired. Please Mom has prepared lunch for you. You : O. Your sister : By the way, I asked you to buy flowers. You : Of course not. I have bought them and I left them on my bicycle. Let me fetch them. Thank you, dear. You : Congratulations for having a trip with your idol! How was your experience?

Your friend : Thank you. It was memorable! We visited 1. You : How many people were on holiday? Peserta didik diminta menyebutkan kembali kalimat- Your friend : Of course we were happy. He is such a nice kalimat tersebut dalam bentuk present perfect tense. He also gave each of us 4. You : It must be an unforgettable experience! You : Hello, Donna.

You : Have you received my invitation? Have you received it? Your friend : Yeah! Collin gave me the invitation. Your friend : O. Ask and answer questions about your past activities or experiences, using past verbs. Do it in turns. Peserta didik secara bergantian melakukan tanya jawab 1. You and your brother are going to surprise your father tentang kegiatan atau peristiwa masa lalu, menggunakan on his birthday.

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Your brother checks to confirm whether kata kerja past. How 3. How would the dialog go? Your father asked you to help send a package to your aunt in another town, this morning. Now he asks for Contoh jawaban: confirmation about whether you have sent the package You : What is one of the most important moments in and how you sent it.

You respond. How would the dialog your life? Your friend : It was my entry to junior high school. Contoh jawaban: You : Why was it important? You : No. We only ordered a small amount of You : I see. So tell me about your entry to junior high cake, so it will not be delivered. What happened? Your brother : All right. Do you need help fetch the cake? I can do it myself. You : Wow, amazing! What did you feel when you were accepted? You : Did you watch the basketball match Your friend : Definitely, I was very happy, so were my parents. How was it? Your friend : It was such a competitive game.

Both teams played vigorously. You : Who won the game? The final score was 76— You : What a disappointment! Write it based on the result of your interview in TASK Your friend : Our team played very well and Then, read your text aloud. Contoh jawaban: Guys, let me tell you about one of the most important 3.

It was her entry to junior high school, Renata, Rio? You : Yes, Dad. I sent it this afternoon. The reason why it was important was that, not everyone in our Your father : Thank you. Anyway, how did you send it? The person on duty one choice of many smart students from neighboring towns. Thank you. You can imagine how happy she was, so You : Any time. She still remembered how happy they were when she told them that she passed the entrance test. So, she was extremely excited on her first day at junior high school.

Before the Internet got going, I tried going to the library and asking around but it was the Internet which really allowed me to drive the idea Homework forward. Having access to so much information was life- Find a script of an interview with an inventor or famous person. Then, develop the script into a meaningful text. Host : Did you get presentation drawing sheets produced or make Contoh jawaban: a prototype of your invention, how did you go about this?

Host : What have you found the best ways of promoting your Host : Please could you tell me a little bit about where you are invention? Initially, I used for cycling. My life is bicycle-based and that is how social media to connect with all the relevant bike groups I prefer to get around. My daily commuting is 5 miles I could find in the world. Being a Spanish speaker each way, cycling into central Cambridge in all kinds of helped a lot. Host : Please could you tell me a little bit about your product, Sally : Funding. I could wear without feeling embarrassed or needing to Sally : I had to sit on the idea for over 5 years before finding change on arrival at my destination.

My raincoats are the Host : Is there anything you learned from developing your first coats to combine Savile Row styling with high invention that you would now do differently if you had to performance fabric in bright colors. The coats are do it all again? Mistakes are valuable and opportunities to learn from. Host : What were the first steps you took, following your idea? Hilmy Positive yesterday. Host : What did you invent? Cooper : I invented a cell phone. Cooper : I thought whether the cell phone Interviews about The Wright functioned or not. Host : Why were you interested in making past events Brothers the call?

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Cooper : I called my counterpart, Dr. Girl : Excuse me. Did you see a girl with short hair and spectacles? Are you looking for your friend? E Girl : Yeah! We had an appointment to meet at this bus station 6. A before going to Surabaya. E Boy : Please wait. Perhaps she will arrive in a few minutes. D Questions: 1. How will the girl and her friend go to Surabaya?

Create a dialog of asking for and providing information 2. Contoh jawaban: Questions 3 to 5 refer to the following dialog. Keenan : Good morning, Amelia. Boy : Did you know that Dodit is hospitalized? Amelia : Good morning, Keenan. Boy : He was playing soccer when suddenly he fell to the Keenan : Yeah, thanks. How about ground and fractured his arm. When did the incident happen? Amelia : Very well, thanks. Boy : Two days ago, during practice for the tournament. Keenan : Anyway, how was your weekend? My family and I watched a movie afternoon. We had a very relaxing time. What happened to Dodit?

Keenan : What a fun weekend! When did the incident occur? Amelia : Yes, for sure. How about you? What did you do at the 5. What do the speakers plan to do? Keenan : I helped my father pick strawberries at the garden. Amelia : Wow! That was such a worthwhile activity. Keenan : Indeed. I learned to pick strawberries. Here you are. Amelia : Thank you. In this time, David Allison the host interviewed Bill Gates about his family and school experiences.

Tell me several qualities that you attribute to your family that later shaped your career at your company. Gates : My dad was a lawyer and my mom was very involved in business activities as a board member in non-profit organizations like running United Way Campaigns. She was the Director of the University of Washington, banks, that kind of thing.

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They shared what they were doing out in the world with my older sister and I as we were growing up. Host : Were other of your contemporaries equally interested in the business, or did you find yourself unusual among the groups? I started in seventh grade. That was kind of a change for me. Very strict. I did eventually find several friends there, few of who had the same sort of interest, like reading business magazines and Fortune.

We were always creating funny company names and having people send us their product literature [laughs]. Trying to think about how business worked and in particular, looking at computer companies and what was going on with them. Host : How did the faculty respond to your interest outside of your curriculum compared to your interest in your own studies? I had quite a bit of free time. Now, I was very young. I was in eighth grade and a few of the older students kind of barged in and thought they could figure it out. Very quickly, the teachers were intimidated. It was sort of a group of students reading the manuals and trying things out.

Host : Clearly, your extracurricular activity was probably more important in your later development than what you did in class, or at least equally important [Bill laughs]. How do you feel as we look at problems in education, that students that are coming up interested in technical things should balance those. Do you think it is important to explore things on your own at that age? I know this better than the teachers. Let me try and see if I can understand at the next level.

It is kind of a feedback loop, which because the classroom has a lot of people, and maybe there is not a subject that you think you are good at or interested at. It is just fascinating to try and figure out the computer. She was a board member in non-profit organizations like running United Way Campaigns and the Director of the University of Washington, banks, that kind of thing. Gates went to Lakeside School when he was about 12 years old.

He started in seventh grade. That was kind of a change for him. He eventually found several friends there, few of who had the same interest, like reading business magazines and Fortune. They were always creating funny company names and having people send us their product literature. Gates was relieved from few classes, Math in particular, because he had read ahead.

He had quite a bit of free time. He was very young. He was in eighth grade and few of the older students kind of barged in and thought they could figure it out. What sports does he play? What are his achievements? He is a future Indonesian prospect badminton player. In this chapter, you will learn about recount texts relating experiences. Peserta didik diminta memahami gambar apersepsi dan kalimat-kalimat di bawah gambar tersebut.

Jawaban: He is Ihsan Maulana, a future Indonesian prospect badminton player. There was a meet-and-greet event with Reza Rahadian 1. They are Anggun picture 1 and Lionel Messi picture 2. Anggun is a famous singer and Lionel Messi is a soccer 2. The audience had to wait for almost thirty minutes before genius.

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Contoh jawaban: They are successful because they work 3. The actor waved to his fans and smiled friendly. We sang along before the principal delivered his speech. Contoh jawaban: They are disciplined and hard working. I was very nervous when Reza Rahadian asked me to 5. Contoh jawaban: We have to work hard, improve our take a picture with him. He is from PB. Djarum, a badminton club in Kudus, Central Java. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column Ihsan was selected for the national team as the B, correctly.

Ihsan defeated Sony Dwi Kuncoro and caught the attention 1. He was part of the greet event c. He also participated in many international challenges 4. His best performance in the international 7. At the 28th Southeast Asian Games Read your work aloud. TASK 3 Kata-kata yang dikerjakan oleh peserta didik dan jawaban: Find an article about a famous person; an athlete, an artist No. Word Synonym or a scientist. Kemudian, mereka diminta menjelaskan 8. Word Synonym No. Word Synonym Erlin and her friends were chatting at the hall when the The class captain began the discussion a few minutes ago.

Will you be an entrepreneur or civil servant? I waved to my friend when we met. All OSIS members attended the monthly meeting. Are you fear of losing your valuable items? Do you know who the founder of this company is? Raditya explained about what had happened briefly TASK 1 and then left. What do the words in TASK 2 mean? The seminar almost ended when suddenly the fire TASK 2 broke out.

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  5. Make ten sentences using the words from TASK 2. Peser ta didik diminta membuat 10 kalimat menggunakan kata-kata dari TASK 2. Mereka diberi waktu pengerjaan selama 10—15 menit. Read the text aloud. Ibu Guru berkeliling sambil memberi petunjuk cara membuat kalimat, misal dengan mengingat peristiwa yang telah terjadi di lingkungan sekitar. Apabila ada peserta didik 3. Setelah waktu yang diberikan habis, peserta didik yang mengenal tokoh dalam gambar tersebut, mereka diminta secara sukarela tunjuk jari, ke depan kelas, diminta menjelaskan secara singkat.

    Peserta didik diminta membaca nyaring teks berikut, baik tulis. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak. Hal ini memahami per tanyaan pemahaman teks dan penting dan perlu dijadikan pembiasaan agar menjawabnya. Jawaban: 7. Apabila peserta didik mengalami kesulitan dalam No. The keynote speaker entered the hall at a. People who were interested in business or becoming They applauded him. The keynote speaker was Reza Nurhilman, a young Maicih Inti Sinergi. He motivated them to actualize their ideas immediately, before other people took the chances. Because the keynote speaker showed the audience about TASK 3 how to see a business opportunity, Complete the following statements based on the dialog in then value and execute it.

    He also explained many tips the TASK 2. Besides, he spoke vigorously during her.

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    He let the audience contact him via social media. Agnes Mo, yesterday. Contoh jawaban: We have to be able to see a business 3. Besides, we have to be brave to start 5. Agnes Mo is always down to earth. Arrange the letters to form meaningful words, based on their Spell and read the words aloud. Dika : Why? I was so excited. Complete the following story with the suitable words from the box. Dika : Did you meet her in a concert? Read the story in front of the class, in turns. Mida : Yes, I did. I took several pictures with her. Mida : I felt nervous and speechless. Mida : I met them in a fan meeting.

    Yesterday was the last day of the computer fair. We must be proud of wearing batik. He planted apple seeds and shared the seeds with 5. The boys are playing soccer enthusiastically. This is the everybody. Settlers and Indians called the man Appleseed because he 6. What a relief! The school performance ran planted apple seeds and gave them the seeds away. He was generous and kind.

    He planted apple seeds and 7. His mission was to spread apples all over the country. They are pieces of land planted with fruit trees. The sequence of events in the story is: 9. Jawaban: 9. Yes, there is. The conclusion of the story is that Johnny 1. Many of 6. Answer the following questions based on the text in TASK 5. Peserta didik memahami pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dan menjawabnya secara lisan. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak dan menyampaikan jawaban mereka jika jawaban temannya dirasa kurang tepat. Complete the following chart to find out the structure of the recount text in TASK 5.

    Kemudian, peserta didik diminta mengamati dan memahami bagan berikut. Peserta didik diminta melengkapi bagan tersebut berdasarkan cerita di TASK 5. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak dan mengutarakan pendapat mereka jika mereka memiliki jawaban yang berbeda dengan temannya. Two hundred years ago, Johnny Appleseed planted Orientation story took place and who were involved hundreds and hundreds of apple trees along the early in the story. You may have eaten one of his apples and not even known it. Why did he plant so many apple trees? He was on a mission. A sequence of events To describe a series of events.

    The day he was born, a rainbow arched from one end of the sky to the apple tree outside his house. When Johnny saw the rainbow tree, he fell in love—with apples. Johnny was a good baby, so long as you knew how to keep him happy. It was a branch of apple blossoms. As Johnny grew, so did his love for apples. When he realized that not everyone had apples to enjoy, he had an idea. Johny traveled across Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Although he was a strange sight with his cooking-pot hat, his old sugar-sack shirt and his bare feet, strange settlers and Indians alike befriended him They called him Johny Appleseed.

    He planted apple seeds and he gave them away. He also helped in the orchards. Johnny walked for years and years. He planted hundreds of apple trees. Conclusion To conclude the story. In , Johnny Appleseed went to sleep in a barn in Reorientation Indiana and never woke up. A few people say his spirit still lives. Many of his apple trees do. Discuss your answers in TASK 6 and 7, then draw a conclusion. TASK 1 Share your work with the class. Then, answer the questions that follow. Peserta didik diminta memahami kembali jawaban dari boy band that is widely known for its pop songs and dance, pertanyaan-pertanyaan di TASK 6 dan tabel di TASK 7.

    The band of eight boys were to 2. They arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Saturday 3. To welcome them, several fans and I decided to jari dan menyampaikan jawaban mereka. After waiting memberi kesempatan kepada sebanyak-banyaknya for several minutes, they arrived. We cheered happily and peserta didik untuk menyampaikan jawaban mereka. However, their management 4. They peserta didik yang masih kurang tepat. Not 5. During the final section, many fans, including me, took 6. The concert was due to begin at eight, but we had arrived there at six thirty.

    The tickets Contoh jawaban: were sold out and it was very crowded. You know what! He was of the audience were teenagers, especially girls, and many an American who loved apples. At that time, he realized that not of them wore K-pop costumes. The police and security all people enjoyed apples. So, he decided to plant hundreds of officers guarded the line between the stage and audience. He also helped with the orchards.

    At about eight, the boy band appeared on stage.

    Current Students and Staff

    They Because of his good habits, settlers and Indians recognized him sang their songs and danced. During the concert, they also well and befriended him. Unfortunately, he was found dead in introduced their new songs. The audience cheered, sang a barn in Indiana in A few people believe his spirit still lives. At the end of the concert, the Many of his apple trees do. Overall, the concert was a success.

    What is the text about? When did the boy band arrive at Soekarno-Hatta Airport? When was the concert? Who was the audience mainly? What costumes did the audience wear? What did the audience do during the concert? What did the boy band say at the end of the concert? How was the concert overall?

    Discuss your answers in TASK 1 and 2, then draw a conclusion. Share your work with the class. Jawaban: TASK 1 1. One day before the concert, on Saturday evening. On Sunday night.

    By taxi. Teenagers, especially girls. K-pop costumes. They cheered, sang and followed the dances. They said thank you in Indonesian or terima kasih. It was a success. The band of eight boys were to perform on Sunday night. They had arrived in Jakarta one day before the concert. The band arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Saturday evening.

    Many fans, including the writer, welcomed them at the hotel they were booked into. The boy band had a press conference at the hotel lobby. In the final section, the writer took photographs with them and received their autographs. The tickets were sold out and it was very crowded. Most of the audience were teenagers, especially girls, and many of them wore K-pop costumes. The police and security officers guarded the line between the stage and audience. They sang their songs and danced. During the concert, they also introduced their new songs.

    The audience cheered, sang and followed their dances. At the end of the concert, the band said thank you in Indonesian or terima kasih and the audience gave them a big round of applause. Conclusion Reorientation To conclude the story. Overall, the performance was a success. My elder brother attended a singing competition on I was sitting in my house when I heard leaves rustling outside. He was one of ten contestants who should be I peeked out the front window and saw the aliens.

    During the I thought the aliens might be hungry. I grabbed whatever quarantine, he had many memorable experiences. I saw. These included two loaves of bread and a bag of peanut He made friends with contestants from different regions butter candies. Then, I ran outside. Two sheriffs lived on my street. Their wives came out Although he was only third placed at the because they heard the noise, too.

    One thing that made him the spaceship, she ran back home to get handcuffs. I was not happy was that he could meet and sing together with sure what she was planning to do with those. While she was his favorite singer. It was a surprising moment! The alien had two imagine of meeting, or even singing on stage, with his large containers. He walked over to me and pointed at my favorite singer. I gave him the candies. I asked the alien if I could take photographs with him and he 1. Jawaban: 3. It took place in the evening, during the moon lit.

    Listen and complete the following text based on what you have heard. He told them about Gib Morgan. He was an American who discovered oil fields using his Every time I refuel at a gas station, I always remember the sense of smell and did oil refinery process by himself. He worked in an oil 1 refinery in 5. His only assistant was a personal cook. Kalimantan until he retired.

    Due to his 2 persistence and hard 6. He needed a bullet for making a deep enough hole to drill. He used a cable drill. All of his children are successful in their lives. It is a framework over an oil well or similar boring that holds One moonlit night, my big family got together and had the drilling machinery.

    Suddenly grandfather told us about 9. Because finding oil and conducting the process until we get Gib Morgan, an American who 3 discovered oil fields, not with gasoline needs hard work. Contoh jawaban I will save energy from now on. He started by saying that Gib Morgan was 17 years old when the first 4 oil well in the United States was drilled near his home in western Pennsylvania. Then, in the mids, Gib was starting in the oil business. That time most men looked for oil sources using 5 divining rods. They believed that if the forked sticks they carried turned in a certain direction, it meant they had TASK 1 found oil.

    Hearing this, my family members 6 frowned. Listen and complete the following text based on what you Grandfather continued and explained that Gib Morgan had have heard. He prospected for oil by 7 crawling across fields with his nose to the ground. Everyone looked at me and asked me to be drama, Romeo and Juliet. To my surprise, I played the calm. She emphasized that we was a complete oil gang in himself.

    Meaning, he prospected for should practice seriously. She also prepared everything, himself, built his own derrick and did his own drilling. My family smiled hearing this. First, he dug a hole. Next, On the day of the performance, we gathered backstage.

    Death Cafe – Mit dem Tod bei Kaffee und Kuchen

    Rara gave us a brief speech and reminded us to act Then, he sent his cable drill deeper and deeper until he hit oil. After that, he quickly built his derrick. Then, he built oil tanks to Ms. Rara knew that and she gave me spirit. She was sure that catch the oil. Every one of us listened to the story During the performance, I performed my best.

    Actually it 10 attentively. At the end of his story, he told us to consume gasoline and other Thank God, the performance ran well. The audience forms of energy efficiently. He suggested that we walk or paddle applauded our performance and we were very happy.

    Resources, What is the purpose of the text? Answer the following questions based on the text in TASK 1. When did the event take place? What was the drama about? Who was he? Who guided the students during drama rehearsals? Who was his only assistant? What did the speaker feel before performing on stage? What did he need a bullet for? How did the performance run? What did he use to ascertain the oil bed? Jawaban: 8. To my surprise, I played the What will you probably do after reading the text?

    Rara, 2 our art teacher, guided us patiently during the rehearsals. She also prepared everything, 5. Instead she often asked for our opinions about the stage and 6. On the day of the performance, we gathered backstage. Rara gave us a brief speech and reminded us to act TASK 2 wholeheartedly. As the main character, I felt 4 a little Write the past forms of the following verbs. She What do the verbs mean? Read the verbs with correct pronunciation, in turns, and During the performance, I performed my best.

    Actually it memorize them. The audience 1. Last week. It was Romeo and Juliet. Rara, their art teacher. It ran well. Read your work in turns. Ask and answer questions about the text in TASK Setelah selesai, beberapa peserta didik diminta tunjuk jari, menuliskan kalimat-kalimat mereka di papan tulis dan kemudian membacanya. Kegiatan variasi ini sebaiknya dijadikan pekerjaan rumah. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak sambil mencatat 1. Peserta didik diminta mencari pasangan. Setiap pasangan melakukan tanya jawab kesalahan ejaan dan bentuk past kata kerja berdasarkan teks di TASK 12 dan direkam.

    Hasil tersebut. Beberapa peserta didik diminta mengungkap- 3. Pasangan-pasangan yang lain diminta menyimak nilai. What can you learn from the story? Read the following text. A ticket officer was a good person. Find twenty incorrect forms of the verbs, then correct them. We should love and respect each other. Carelessness does not cause any trouble. Here is D. We should return an item we find to its owner.

    Be a smart person so that you can go abroad. After cycling with my wife and children for more than Jawaban: 11km, we arrived at the statue of Goddess Kwan Im. Museum of Rock Oya History Museum. Well, what is the topic of the tickets and enter the museum. After about an hour in the text? He show Your friend : Excellent! Your turn, please. However, I check my pants pocket and bags while observing Your friend : The writer saw busy vets, nurses and that thin black wallet.

    In late , Kerber was deployed a second time — to the American Embassy in Baghdad. Her children Gabby, Layla and Troy are now 15, 13 and 11 years old. Kerber originally joined the Army reserves to pay for a college education but transferred to active-duty following Hurricane Katrina. After five days of living with friends in Georgia, Kerber and her three children returned home to find a tree torn out of the ground and laying through the walls of her home.

    The only option the Army reserve soldier and single mother saw as a solution was to enlist in active-duty, even with a high likelihood of deployment. I knew them as babies. According to experts and doctors, the longer the parent is apart from their child, the more problems the child is likely to experience. In a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, three-fourths of veteran families have reported problems in the home — such as children acting afraid of their parents or having difficulty expressing affection. Kerber is now married to another veteran of the Iraq war, Staff Sgt.

    Chris Kerber, an Army recruiter. Kerber now is attending Arizona State University, working toward another college degree. She also saw a fellow service woman die, a nurse who worked with her in the hospital. The woman was crossing the street to go to the gym when a barrage of rockets struck the area around the hospital. Soon to be married, she died in the trauma room. After more than a decade of crippling headaches, alcohol and drug abuse, a psychiatric appointment unlocked a decade of mystery for Army veteran Kenny Baca. Baca, 45, had lived for 15 years with an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury inflicted in a tractor trailer accident when he served in the U.

    Army Reserve in Arizona. In the years after the accident in , Baca spent months in jail for multiple DUIs. He was aggressive and at times, would call his mother — lost — unable to figure out where he was. While traumatic brain injuries primarily have been associated over the last decade as a signature wound of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, every year more than 1. She found a note about significant head trauma that never was diagnosed or treated as TBI by military or VA doctors. Baca was driving a soft-top tractor trailer carrying construction equipment on a freeway during rush hour when a driver cut him off.

    The tractor trailer slammed into stopped traffic. Baca found himself partially ejected from the truck, pinned between the truck body and burning canvas top. Baca was pinned for 27 minutes. He suffered a broken left femur, broken ribs and deep gashes to his face. He spent six weeks recuperating. The damage to nerves in his legs was extensive. Doctors told Baca to get used to a wheelchair. But with the help of a physical therapist, Baca began his recovery. It was two years before Baca took his first step, and three before he walked for the first time. One day during a family gathering, his mother and sister looked up from the couch to see him standing.

    He walked from the family room, out the sliding door and jumped in the pool. At 26, Baca moved out on his own and was working construction. Over the next 12 years, he said he was drinking multiple six-packs a day, and at times mixing alcohol with marijuana, cocaine or meth. Eventually he mixed beer with hydrocodone, an opiate painkiller he was prescribed for chronic pain. I wanted to change. In the midst of sleep during a deployment to Kuwait, Army Chaplain Capt. Doug Windley was awoken by a call from the Red Cross informing him that the brother of one of his soldiers had been murdered back home.

    Army Chaplain Capt. Windley, of the North Carolina National Guard, left his tent at a. As a chaplain on deployment, Windley served as a pastor for soldiers overseas. He performed religious services for soldiers who followed Christianity, as he did, and provided a place of worship for soldiers of other religions as well.

    At TAPS, Windley provides support and care to those left behind after a suicide by helping them through their grieving. Records from 48 states show the annual suicide rate among veterans is about 30 for every , of the population, compared to a civilian rate of about 14 per , The suicide rate among veterans increased an average 2. When a veteran suicide occurs in the region of northern Arizona, Phelan calls the family to give them contact information for survivors in regional suicide groups. By connecting a newer survivor with someone such as an older veteran spouse affected by a military suicide in the past, the newer survivor learns how to cope better and is assured they can make it through the death, Phelan says.

    Despite her marriage of five years to a U. Air Force serviceman, Quiring was ordered back to her native Mexico.

    Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery
    Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery
    Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery
    Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery
    Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery Too Close To Home: An Allison Baca Mystery

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