Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition)

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Background information: Each exercise has exactly one focus assigned to it. Important: Within the practice page I would like to have the possibility with only one click to get to the next exercise of the same day possibly with Arrows. There could be a small overview of how far you are on that particular day eg Exercise 3 of 5. It would also be nice if it was possible to navigate through the exercises of the current day.

A course has a name, a picture, and a description.

Pressespiegel zu wissenschaftlich unredlichem Verhalten

Possibly we show only the courses registered for the user and put a link with "further courses", which leads to the Courses Page Depending on the wishes of the designer, we can also use pictures for this! Your input is welcome! After registration with us, the user will be redirected to this page. After sending the self-check, the user no longer sees this page ever again. All other future schedule settings will be done via the "Schedule Settings" see above. Instead, we want to have a cool flair here that asks the user for the necessary data so that we can construct their customized exercise plan.

Important information is: - Surname - Image - Description - Recommended level also possible to replace it with an icon The click on a course gives further information eg in the form of maybe a pop-up with Youtube video, preview of a few exercises not necessarily clickable - maybe thumbnail-style in DinA4 format , description and stitch-point lists eg recommended level, minimum time, etc.

Elemente auf der Seite:. Wochenplan bzw. Hinweis darauf am besten mit dem Kursname zB " Ein Kurs hat einen Namen, ein Bild, und eine Beschreibung. Nach Registrierung bei uns wird der User auf diese Seite weitergeleitet. Nach dem Versenden des Selfchecks sieht der User diese Seite nicht mehr.

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We are not designers. Therefore, do not take our suggestions too seriously. For the sake of completeness, however, I have attached our first approaches. We are currently developing our logo. In one of the attached website designs you can already see an intermediate version of the logo. Wir lassen unser Logo gerade entwickeln. Winning design by BHDR.

Completed contest. A winner was selected from 37 designs submitted by 12 freelance designers. Learn more about web page design. Entries from this contest. One of the designers who made it happen. Winner - BHDR. Great work! Ge instantly understood what we wanted and was able to put it into his own style.

We love it! Ich gebe zu bedenken , dass She asked for consideration of the fact that Sie gab zu bedenken , dass You have to consider that he is only four years old. You've got to learn to consider other people. But pray , consider how fatal the consequences may be! What will be happening in Mai? Welche Veranstaltungen werden im Mai stattfinden? Nothing doing! Da spielt sich bei mir nichts ab! The airplane becomes airborne. Das Flugzeug hebt ab. Will it take much longer?

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Dauert das noch lange? It take s too long. Das dauert mir zu lange. It won't take much longer. Es dauert nicht mehr lange. However , this may take up to a week. I take the liberty of Ich gestatte mir He took no notice , unfortunately. Er bemerkte es leider nicht. There is a good take -up of the service in this region. Der Dienst wird in dieser Region gut angenommen. The take -up of flu vaccination is rather poor. Die Akzeptanz der Grippeimpfung ist eher schlecht. You take the point. Du gehst vor.

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Die Arbeit geht vor. Safety should always come first.

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Die Sicherheit muss immer an oberster Stelle stehen. Positives abgewinnen. If the result may be said to have a positive side , it is the fact that Wenn man dem Ergebnis etwas Positives abgewinnen kann , dann die Tatsache , dass I have been able to gain something positive from the debate. Ich kann der Diskussion durchaus etwas Positives abgewinnen. I can see one positive aspect to this development.

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Einen positiven Aspekt kann ich dieser Entwicklung schon abgewinnen. She believes that this concept has a lot to offer.

One of the designers who made it happen

Sie kann diesem Konzept eine Menge abgewinnen. I think this way of thinking has something to be said for it.

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Dieser Argumentation kann man etwas abgewinnen. He cannot make any sense of this reasoning. Er kann dieser Argumentation nichts abgewinnen. Don't always take everything personally! Let your imagination take wing. Lass deiner Fantasie freien Lauf. It is doubtful whether the project will take wing. Es ist fraglich , ob das Projekt in Gang kommt. The idea took wing from there and developed into the garden city movement. At this point the story take s wing. I took advantage of the childrens' absence to tidy their rooms.

Don't lend him the car - he is taking advantage of you. Borg ihm nicht das Auto - er nutzt dich nur aus. We took full advantage of the hotel facilities. Wir haben die Hoteleinrichtungen voll ausgenutzt. They trade on people's insecurity to sell them insurance.

Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition) Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition)
Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition) Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition)
Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition) Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition)
Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition) Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition)
Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition) Man nehme...: nur nicht allzu ernst (German Edition)

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