Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)

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Visit Villajoyosa website here. The town of Villajoyosa, mostly called La Vila or Alonis in historic times, is located south of Benidorm. It is the capital of la Marina Baixa and as a result, it has easy access from the AP-7 motorway and the N The town has 15 kilometres of coastline and the river Amador flows from the artificial reservoir with the same name. It has a height of 63 meters and a total span of meters, containing water for the surrounding towns.

In ancient times the river amadorio provided the water for the first settlement in the bronze age. This ancient town was situated between the Calle Colon and the old town. The town received its present name around and became Christian. It was left inhabited for many years before that.

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The defensive church walls were built in the 16th century and the remains are still very present in the old town. In recent years tourism and the chocolate industry have become other main activities in and around Villajoyosa.

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With the chocolate industry being very present nowadays there even are museums dedicated to this industry. Together with this, there are lots of other things to see and enjoy, such as the many watchtowers along the coastline and the remains of the thermal baths in the calle colon.

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You can also go to its coast and enjoy the sea, its promenade and its beautiful coves and beaches. Bathed by the Mediterranean, it offers a wide variety of activities for the visitor, highlighting its promenade along the harbour and the colourful facades of the houses that show us a Mediterranean style full of vibrant colours. The dunes of Guardamar del Segura In the south of the province, in the Baix Segura region, we find the idyllic town of Guardamar del Segura.

This town offers various activities for visitors, from being able to relax on its golden sand beaches and bathe in its waters, to discover the history through the museums, its castle, and citadel.

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A landscape that draws attention in Guardamar del Segura is its mobile dunes, a forest area of hectares, with various plant species such as agaves, pines, palms, cypresses or eucalyptus that keep the dunes in place. Chocolate is the preferred sweet of many, and we consume it in liquid form as well as in bars or candies. Nowadays, a campaign against chocolate is being carried out because it is a fatty and caloric food; although dark chocolate has healthy nutrients that help protect the heart and relieve depression.

If during these chilly months you want to take a trip to warm up your body and soul, we can hardly recommend a better plan than the Museo del Chocolate Valor located in the town of La Vila Joiosa in Alicante province. Here we tell you everything you need to know about visiting the chocolate museum, a plan that children will especially welcome.

Chocolates Valor Chocolates Valor, from its birth in the late nineteenth century, has been producing delicious chocolate for five generations delivering joy to adults and children. It is the first Spanish chocolate company that started operating in a small family factory. Today with 22, square meters of production area, the company exports to more than 40 countries. Exhibition on the history of chocolate production The visit to the chocolate museum begins in a small room where you can learn a little about the history of chocolate and the Valor brand.

You will be able to observe the ads made over time accompanied by an intense chocolate aroma that will make your mouth water. In the museum, there is also a garden where you can see the cacao plants in a greenhouse and then, inside the small museum, you will see all kinds of objects related to the manufacture of chocolate. Grinders, wood moulds, the stones they used to grind cocoa many years ago together with packaging, advertisements, drawings, and photographs will take you on a short journey through the history of chocolate and the Valor company. You can even appreciate peculiar figures of solid chocolate that represent divinities in the Mayan culture.

The chocolate factory After the museum, you can also visit the factory, which is divided into two areas. The machines are almost entirely automated, and little staff is needed. You can also take a look at the laboratories where constant quality control is carried out. In the other much colder area, is where the chocolate bars are packed. Chocolate shop and tasting At the end of the visit, the most anticipated segment arrives - especially for the children - the shop where they let you taste different types of chocolates: dark chocolate, milk, almond, etc.

Then, if you feel like it, you can buy something without any obligation; although you will hardly resist temptation. The museum is open to the public from Monday to Friday from a. Admission is free, and the visit lasts about one hour. For groups of more than 15 people, it is necessary to book in advance by email chovalor valor.

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In La Vila, as it is widely known, the port fish market becomes the great pantry of each of the restaurants which will offer you the opportunity to taste the best fish stews and dishes,both traditional cuisine and new creation. A real feast for the most demanding palates! Tradition, creativity and avant-garde in a menu that will surely surprise you for its excellence. Choose the one you like best, in any of them the valued fruit of the sea will be present.

Ready to taste the Mediterranean Live? The light, the colour of the houses next to the port, the sea, a beautiful old town-centre with narrow streets, a gastronomy that has the taste of sea and an exceptional climate. Gastronomy and fishing are two of its most beloved traditions. One afternoon looking at the port when the fishing boats arrive full of fish and shellfish, this is a unique experience that the inhabitants from Vila will be happy to share with you. Plan your visit to La Vila and you will surely come again. The remains of several civilizations share space with iconic beaches and a landscape of great beauty.

The first settlements in this area date back to prehistoric times, though the most valuable are the remains of the Iberian village, one of the most peculiar and important in Mediterranean due to the large number of storage rooms and pottery remains, in addition to two temples. Thermal baths and fish farms from Roman times are also noteworthy. The camera documents perfectly its image as a seafaring town capturing house fronts painted in bright colors, its special light and magical sunsets, lookout towers to prevent pirate attacks, its charming fishing port, and a town center with numerous hidden spots that transport us back another time.

The light blends with the motion of the turquoise-blue water framed within caressing sand beaches and secluded coves. The video depicts the smells and flavors of the most authentic Mediterranean environment, one in which it is worth it to lose oneself for several days. Disfruta del Time-lapse.

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One of the few factories that still retains a traditional way of making chocolate. Moreover, it is the only factory that sells "stone fabricated" chocolate, which is the first chocolate product which was developed in Vila Joiosa. It has an interesting exhibition of antique machinery and tools that were used to make chocolate. A saying goes: "To enjoy all pleasures would be foolish; to avoid them would be senseless.

Would you renounce chocolate? Between 24 and 31 July, the friendly inhabitants of this lovely Alicante town change their swimsuits for their distinctive Moors and Christians costumes, swapping beach strolls for troop parades and sun cream for harquebus. Lots of colour and huge amounts of fun are the key features concepts at this festival, which has been given the status of Festival of International Tourist Interest.

The same crystal clear waters you see today on Costa Blanca beaches witnessed a period of enormous upheaval five centuries ago.

Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)
Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images) Costa Blanca: La Vila Joiosa (50 images)

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