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Begin Slideshow. The isolated, uninhabitable place sits between Africa and Antarctica.

Baffling Mysteries (Ace Comics) Issue #21

It's 90 per cent covered in glaciers, it's freezing and there isn't even a trace of food. So why was a lifeboat discovered there in ? The boat had no markings on it, no motor and no sails. The oars were located on shore, along with a flattened copper tank and a barrel.

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But there's no indication people stayed on the island, or died on it — there's just a boat The Shugborough inscription is thought to contain the location of the legendary Holy Grail. Even the people who cracked Nazi codes for the Allies during the Second World War couldn't figure out what it means.

5 Baffling Mysteries About the Universe

The assailant was known for sending chilling letters to police, the media and even his victims' families after the crimes. The letters would include his calling card -- a circle with two intersecting lines running through it -- and would usually warn of more murders to come. The case remains unsolved. Getty Images The "Wow!

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But if that doesn't give you chills, researchers later discovered that the signal probably didn't even come from Earth. These spectacular blasts are so bright they can briefly outshine entire galaxies. Extensive research and modern technologies have illuminated many details about supernovas, but how these massive explosions occur is still a mystery. Scientists are keen to understand the mechanics of these stellar blasts, including what happens inside a star before it ignites as a supernova.

The broadly accepted Big Bang model for the origin of the universe states that the cosmos began as a hot, dense point approximately The early universe is thought to have been a dynamic place, and about 13 billion years ago, it underwent a so-called age of re-ionization.

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During this period, the universe's fog of hydrogen gas was clearing and becoming translucent to ultraviolet light for the first time. Scientists have long been puzzled over what caused this re-ionization to occur. Cosmic rays are highly energetic particles that flow into our solar system from deep in outer space, but the actual origin of these charged subatomic particles has perplexed astronomers for about a century.

The most energetic cosmic rays are extraordinarily strong, with energies up to million times greater than particles that have been produced in manmade colliders. Over the years, astronomers have attempted to explain where cosmic rays originate before flowing into the solar system, but their source has proven to be an enduring astronomical mystery.

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As alien planets around other stars are discovered, astronomers have tried to tackle and understand how our own solar system came to be. The differences in the planets within our solar system have no easy explanation, and scientists are studying how planets are formed in hopes of better grasping the unique characteristics of our solar system. This research could, in fact, get a boost from the hung for alien worlds, some astronomers have said, particularly if patterns arise in their observations of extrasolar planetary systems.

The sun's corona is its ultra-hot outer atmosphere, where temperatures can reach up to a staggering Solar physicists have been puzzled by how the sun reheats its corona, but research points to a link between energy beneath the visible surface, and processes in the sun's magnetic field. But, the detailed mechanics behind coronal heating are still unknown. Have a news tip, correction or comment?

Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries
Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries
Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries
Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries
Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries
Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries
Baffling Mysteries Baffling Mysteries

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