Awaken the Leader in You

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Awaken the Leader in You with Jaya Row

This time of reflection and introspection allowed me to recharge my batteries and to improve my vision of my own leadership. As a coach, Steffan opened multiple doors to me which I ended up going through and transforming my leadership significantly. He is very supportive and adapts very well to the needs and rhythm of the person being coached. I can say that Steffan is the person who has had the most profound impact on my personal development in my career of over 25 years as a leader of people.

Steffan is amazing at making people think by nudging them outside their comfort zone. We learn the material, but we learn a bit more about ourselves also. Steffan is also very good at adapting his approach to his audience. A special report that proposes five tried and tested ways to awaken the dormant leaders inside you! Feel free to reach out to us and write us a message. We would also love to hear more about your organizational culture or the leaders in your organization and the challenges they are currently facing!

We believe that great leadership emerges at the other side of your comfort zone. Our retreats and events create safe spaces for personal development. You will grow through exploration and discovery of different aspects of leadership. Awaken your personal leadership — Oct. Awaken your personal leadership — Nov Awaken your personal leadership — Feb. From Feb. About our retreats. Our Team.

The Leader in You by Dale Carneige - Book Summary

Steffan Surdek Steffan is a much in demand leadership development coach and corporate trainer. Lauranne Vera Lauranne is very passionate about organization development and how groups of people interact. Franz Gauthier - General Manager. Alain Fortier, Bell Mobility. Maurice Lefebvre - Consultant.

Awakening Great Leaders and Managers

Latest Blog Posts. Often, the idea of leadership is associated with an old model of competition-driven, corporate-minded, Fortune business. If you think leading is just about managing a team or driving results, think again. The minute you influence action in another human being, you are leading.

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When you inspire others to pursue a common vision, you are leading. And as an entrepreneur, when you connect to your bold vision and invite others to support you in achieving it, you are leading. One of the first signs that you are evolving into a leader is that your programs and offerings are affecting change in others.

For instance, you might have coaching programs or trainings where people pay you to advise them. Perhaps your colleagues are now turning to YOU to be their mentor and guide. When your offerings are influencing the behaviors, choices and future success of others, you are their leader. From this place, you may feel isolated or alone.

Awaken Leadership Summit - 5 Signs You Are Awakening as a Leader

In-fact we understand that it is our differences that makes us a great team. Your advice to budding entrepreneurs and leaders? Give exceptional service to your clients, always prioritize service over profits and constantly keep training your team to practice this principle. Who are the people who have been supportive in your journey? Yes I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who are responsible for my success. Thank you for your interest.

Our representative will call you to help you with account opening. Read Full Story. Your views An Intrapreneur is a title for an employee within an organization who is expected to run a vertical or a project like an entrepreneur would. Ordinary people have Employee Mindset, Leaders have Entrepreneur Mindset Ordinary people always achieve less things in more time where-as Extraordinary Leaders always achieve more things in less time.

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Leadership book ‘Awaken the Leader in You’

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Awaken the Leader in You Awaken the Leader in You
Awaken the Leader in You Awaken the Leader in You
Awaken the Leader in You Awaken the Leader in You
Awaken the Leader in You Awaken the Leader in You
Awaken the Leader in You Awaken the Leader in You
Awaken the Leader in You Awaken the Leader in You

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