A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings

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My emotional reaction from having seen the Towers fall on television misled me. At the least, it was let to happen. I've come to think it was made to happen, and my former endorsement of the invasion of Afghanistan in pursuit of a "terrorist" who for years worked with the CIA is now ashes in my mouth. It doesn't have to be the whole "government", as if hundreds of legislators, the entire White House staff, and everyone in the armed forces had to go along. A relatively small percentage of decision-makers could do it, exactly as they've done it in the past.

Criminal factions and criminal plots are already on the record as being part of US govt activities that targeted elected foreign heads of state for overthrow Allende, Mossadegh and that lied to the public about "unprovoked" attacks or threats that justified war e. It's no big stretch of the imagination, it's on the record. I've been bothered by the Truth movement for years, and had to check for myself.

I've spent years researching, and devoted hundreds of hours figuring and trying to find the information that would answer my questions. Hoping to be reassured but instead knowing that I was betrayed, and so were we all. Consider dispassionately: -the mathematical odds of three steel-frame skyscraper collapses in a single day due to "fire", never before or since repeated even one single time, much less 3 times in less than 12 hours. NORAD having been under the direct command of Dick Cheney, which unprecedented transfer of power away from military personnel was done only a few months before the mass murder.

Honestjoe, are you still out there no irony intended? Fascinating reading your comments make. Palin is now on the scene and in story after story, in source after source it's clear she is extremist, vindictive, dishonest, abusive of the processes and means of the governing bodies she has taken control of to benefit the elite corporate interests who use her.

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Full of Hate. Seems familiar. Scary times. Time to make a choice Posted by anonys on That must be so difficult for a building designed in the 's. Or they plan to. The simplest explanation is usually the most accurate. Posted by Natalie on Oh, so, you believe there were hijackers but they were U. That it? Please clear this up, if you might. Along with no actual proof of anything, you're pretty short on links there, Joe. Most of this stuff I think was debunked long ago. Might we have the opportunity to judge the quality and entire context of your source material?

How many dozens and dozens of supposed "facts" coming from the "truth" movement have turned out to have been taken out of context, only partially true, or flat-out fabrications? Or are you suggesting that they convinced Alex? Intelligence Services"! Robert David Steele Vivas — U. Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years. Second-ranking civilian GS in U. Also former clandestine services case officer with the CIA. I sit here, a year old, liberally educated, two graduate degrees, war college, a life overseas, IQ or so, the number 1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, a former Marine Corps infantry officer, a former CIA clandestine case officer, founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and I have to tell anyone who cares to read this: I believe it.

Former U. Army Intelligence Officer.


The Million Women’s March January 21, 2017

If this is true, it is not merely the case, as the Downing Street memos show, that the stated reason for attacking Iraq was a lie. It is also the case that the whole "war on terror" was based on a prior deception. Navy Intelligence Officer, specialist in electronic surveillance and security. Currently, investigative journalist, nationally distributed columnist, and author.

Frequent media commentator on terrorism and security matters. He said: "After five years of talking to many individuals in the intelligence community, in the military, foreign intelligence agencies, and a whole host of other people, people from the air traffic control community, the FAA, I came to the conclusion that after five years what we saw happen on that morning of September 11, , was the result of a highly-compartmentalized covert operation to bring about a fascist coup in this country. Said: "David Griffin believes this all was totally an inside job - I've got to say I think that it was too.

Eric H. May, U. Army ret — Former U. Former inspector and interpreter for the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty team. He said: "I view the event as Professor David Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor, views it: as a matter that implies either A passive participation by the Bush White House through a deliberate stand-down of proper defense procedures that if followed would have led US air assets to a quick identification and confrontation of the passenger aircraft that impacted WTC 1 and WTC 2, or worse B active execution of a plot by rogue elements of government, starting with the White House itself, in creating a spectacle of destruction that would lead the United States into an invasion of the Middle East Gregory M.

Zeigler, PhD, U. Army — Former U. Army ret — Former Commanding General of U. Army Intelligence and Security Command, - Also commanded the U. I measured pieces of Soviet equipment from photographs. It was my job. I look at the hole in the Pentagon and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. She said: "Only the US military, not al Qaeda, had the ability to break all of its Standard Operating Procedures to paralyze its own emergency response system. Awarded Career Intelligence Medal.

Former Language Translation Specialist, performing translations for counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations, FBI. He said: "I am not a conspiracy theorist, but there is something desperately wrong, Mr. There is something outrageous at work here. This is not a third-rate burglary of a political campaign headquarters. This involved what is right now the covering up of information that led to the deaths of 3, people, changed the course of history, led to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and has disrupted our country, our economy and people's lives.

Anthony Shaffer, U. Awarded the Bronze Star for bravery. Fellow, Center for Advanced Defense Studies. Regarding the Able Danger project he said: " He said: "I have recollection of a visual chart that identified associations of known terrorist Omar Abdul Rahman, within the New York City geographic area and the name of that particular chart escapes me, but it was -- we called the Brooklyn Cell. Mohammed Atta's picture, an association of Rahman, was on the chart. Several of these charts addressing multiple topics were retained by me and turned over to Representative Curt Weldon.

I have direct recollection of the chart because I had a copy up until Scott J. Phillpott, U. Former commanding officer of the frigate USS Estocin. Naval Academy graduate. He said: "My story has remained consistent. In December of , we were approached by U. Special Operations Command to support Able Danger. In the months that followed, we were able to collect an immense amount of data for analysis that allowed us to map Al Qaeda as a worldwide threat with a surprisingly significant presence within the United States.

In approximately April of , from my recollections, our support to Able Danger became severely restricted and ultimately shut down due to intelligence oversight concerns. European Command, which included all American military activities in the 89 countries and territories of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Graduated valedictorian of his class at West Point. The evidence seems pretty clear to me. I've seen that for a long time. She said: "I know I shouldn't be flippant about this, but jokes were actually made that the key FBIHQ personnel had to be spies or moles, like Robert Hansen, who were actually working for Osama Bin Laden to have so undercut Minneapolis' effort. Former State Department envoy to Viet Nam. While working for the government, Ellsberg attained the ultimate civil service grade of GS, equivalent to a Major General.

Marine Corps officer. Former military analyst for the Rand Corporation. He said: "There is no question in my mind, that there is enough evidence to justify a very comprehensive and hard hitting investigation of the kind we have not seen. With subpoenas, general questioning of people, releasing a lot of documents. Former Coast Guard officer. Said: " Army Intelligence officer; currently a widely-sought media commentator on terrorism and intelligence services.

Ronald D. Ray, U. Appointed by President George H. Specialist in Counterterrorism, Intelligence, and Security. Retired Navy Seal. Senator from Alaska - Currently, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Presidential election. Most well known for entering over 4, page of the the Pentagon Papers into the U. Senate record, thus making public the secret official study that revealed the lies and manipulations of successive U.

See also Daniel Ellsberg. Also known for his successful one-man filibuster for five months in that forced the Nixon administration to cut a deal, effectively ending the draft military conscription in the United States. Former Counter-Intelligence officer, U. Founder, The Democracy Foundation. Contributing author to The Case for a Nuclear Moratorium Why is that question not asked at these debates? Mike Gravel: I don't know. They don't want to ask it. And I pledge to the people who are concerned about that, that should I become President, we're going to have a new investigation.

Mike Gravel: Hell, no! Natalie You said: "Well at least you apparently believe there were hijackers. A copy of the money transfer was projected overhead but the FBI didn't point out to the Commission the significance of the address where the money was wired to: Nokomis in Venice, the address of the Kwik-Check owned by "Makram Chams" a consultant for an American defense contractor and an FBI informant.

A contract to protect Americans from anthrax attacks sent through the Post Office. The DEA had already been tracking and monitoring al-Qa'ida as a narco-terorrist organization even before the State Departments designation of al-Qa'ida as a terrorist group in And speaking of free, the pilot and every one else got off scot-free! After each drug bust everyone again got off scot-free! In March , Saeed Alghamdi listed the address to register a Oldsmobile; five months later he used it again to register a second vehicle, a late model Buick. Drivers licenses thought to have been issued to the other two suspects list the barracks as their residences.

Military records also matched the addresses given by the alleged hijackers on their licenses and registrations which were the same addresses of where residences for foreign-military flight trainees are located. Their training was paid for by Saudi Arabia as part of the long-standing agreement with Saudi Arabia -- a key ally in the gulfwar -- to train pilots for its National Guard. The fact that the CEO of the firm in partnership was a Tom Delay appointee and that the firm claims to specialize in counter-terrorism. So Natalie, What exactly is so refreshing? Well at least you apparently believe there were hijackers.

That's refreshing! Look, you can go round and round arguing who knew what when, and what should have prompted this person or that person to do this, that or the other thing. But a lumbering, slumbering inherently inefficient and slow to respond bureaucracy that's been with us for decades does not an "inside job" make. In at least two cases, the warnings actually mentioned hijackers by name. The U. One would think that, based on these warnings, the US would have dramatically increased its security. The information they received was certainly enough to increase security and go into "Threat Condition Delta" and the information was far more detailed and more reliable than what the administration had concluded was sufficient enough to justify the slaughter of OVER A MILLION people.

The administration could have followed the Bush doctrine and preemptively increased security before there was an attack like what we had been warned about. Instead the Administration gave absolutely "NO" warnings about any threats of hijackings or terrorism, to the airlines or the FAA as reported by Airline supervisors.

Perhaps both. These people should be removed from office on the grounds of gross incompetence, or face the legal consequences of aiding and abetting terrorism. It seems clear that there are people who fear an investigation, and that that is why this as been buried for so long. I guess I need to repost this: Richard Clarke, the hard-driving Posted by Natalie on Natalie Sorry I'm having trouble with all the links and size so here is the short version while I fix the others. Many of those warnings specified the type of attack, a general time frame, and the location as either New York City or the World Trade Center.

This type of communication between intelligence agencies normally occurs in secret, so one can only wonder what additional warnings or details were provided to us that have never been made public. But Ari Fleischer said the White House had "no warnings"! On May 16, , National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice stated to the press: "I don't think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon, that they would try to use an airplane as a missile. On October 17, , CIA Director Tenet claimed that the only warnings "where there was a geographic context, either explicit or implicit, appeared to point abroad, especially to the Middle East.

Unfortunately for Rice there is proof she lied - the Plan she says she didn't receive was attached the Clarke's Jan 25th Memo and is Right Here. I asked the CSG agencies to cancel summer vacations and official travel for the counterterrorism response staffs. Each agency should report anything unusual, even if a sparrow should fall from a tree. I asked FBI to send another warning to the 18, police departments, State to alert the embassies and the Defense epartment to go to Threat Condition Delta.

They did not go into Threat Condition Delta, Clarke was ignored, and found his position downgraded. No significant policy attention was paid. Not until after September 11th and it made no difference. Clarke's memo wasn't the only warning that was ignored. Woodward writes that Rice was polite, but, "They felt the brushoff.

Then after that Rice changes her story again claiming that "IT DID" happen only that the threat "wasn't that serious". But it was serious enough that instead of giving Tenet and Black the "Brush-off" she suggested that they repeat their presentation to Donald Rumself and John Ashcroft on July 17th. Bush's response to the briefer? The problem is why do you feel they needed to? Because they feel the needed to lie don't you think that even they themselves feel they have failed to do the job they were given?

Don't you think that someone should be held accountable rather than promoted and given awards. By awarding them of their failures you place us all in grave danger if these same officials continue to be in charge of protecting us from terrorist attacks for what if these same officials wish to be awarded and given promotions again. Natalie sorry being updated Posted by honestjoe on And of course let's not minimize the money-making opportunities it brings to hundreds of websites and Internet radio operations.

Imagine Alex Jones coming out and denouncing the "inside job" theory. There is no question, however, that al Qaeda, of which he is the spiritual head, was. Once again Now because of our invasions and on going occupations we are responsible for the deaths of over a million lives. So for what reason do we have to cause the slaughter of so many while bankrupting our nation and selling our children and our grandchildren into slavery through debt, in order to pay for the illegal invasions, occupations, theft and murders?

Does the Bush doctrine mean you are guilty until proven innocent? Well the White House is far from proving themselves innocent. So should we have have a pre-emptive impeachment before we have a smoking gun in the form of another false flag attack? Just because the CIA, the military or other government agencies may have a certain influence on the media does not a controlled demolition or a Pentagon missile strike make.

John should be happy. Worse is the fact that the gas latter sold to Saddam through Rumsfeld was the product of those tests on American solders. Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles.

Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Yet even against these enormous odds the people are speaking up in larger numbers daily and you Natalie dismiss this huge growth to a massive propaganda campaign supported and funded by the vast resources of the evil citizens. Even this poll was reported with the usual bias given by the MSM. Scripps Editors: If you're going to be so obviously one-sided, why bother pretending anymore? Your article, "Many Americans still believe in conspiracies" tells only one side of each of the topics mentioned.

This is disgraceful "journalism" that is clearly nothing more than a "hit piece. Interestingly enough you attack the very people who have answered your own polls, and who have given you different results than what is promoted in this article. Where is the other side? Where is any discussion of any of the evidence at all other than the page count of his screed? There are numerous authors and filmmakers who could have argued the opposite case, yet none appear. After these results are printed, not one spokesman who came to this conclusion is queried: "Nearly two-thirds of Americans think it is possible that some federal officials had specific warnings of the Sept.

None of the reasons is explored, none of the evidence whatsoever. Contrary opinions are sought exclusively, but with no honest examination of the subject matter. How difficult would it be to assign some professionals to investigate what "two-thirds of Americans" have already discovered on their own? This condescending attack mode which is prevalant across corporate media is not carrying the day obviously, as your own polls indicate.

Written by the patriot johndoraemi Posted by honestjoe on Yet, today we know it all to be true. Now, many years later, with much more sophisticated technologies of all types including "propaganda" abilities than they had back in the s, is it possible that , the Iraq war, the saber rattling with Iran etc. Something to consider. Lou Dobbs show. As you know, the Washington Post reporting that the Pentagon used a number of What is your sense as to what should be both the reaction of the media, to being used by In October Government Accountability Office investigators concluded that the Bush administration's secret policy to pay off influential journalists to plant fake news was illegal and that the "administration had disseminated 'covert propaganda' in the United States, in violation of a statutory ban.

Also to create a favorable story or block media attention from storys that can be damaging to their neo-CON goals. They billed someone for "paying off" or getting a favorable story from a NYT reporter! Perhaps the most startling aspect of the road map is its acknowledgment that information put out as part of the military's psychological operations, or Psyops, is finding its way onto the computer and television screens of ordinary Americans.

Media Military, government indoctrination wing formally declares psychological warfare on the American people. FAIR speculated that the purpose was twofold, one to directly propagandize the American people via CNN and also potentially to allow the "military to conduct an intelligence-gathering mission against the network itself," The Information Operations Roadmap will take the propaganda to the computer and television screens of Americans.

Williams was paid a quarter million dollars for his propaganda services to the administration. Special Operations Command to wage psychological warfare on behalf of the Pentagon. Google and the CIA are involved with one another and are censoring information. This isn't the first time the search giant has been suspected of wrongdoing. The Google help page used to state that it did not censor search results. This policy has now changed and Google now carried that proviso that, "in response to local laws, regulations, or policies," it may censor certain content.

Google's censorship policies in China and even those directed against US websites that are mildly critical of China prove that the company that was founded on the principle "don't be evil," is slowly beginning to resemble the very controlling Big Brother image it claimed to despise.

Bush Posted by honestjoe on Natalie the propaganda Queen! But here you are still desperately trying to dismiss the fact that we the American people are up against the great Goliath of propaganda the WH and MSM in the ongoing information war. To understand why this is lets talk about "propaganda", beginning with the "TRUE" quote from Joseph Goebbels: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

It thus becomes vitally important for the "STATE" to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the STATE. But if you tell a huge, enormous lie that is blatantly false, and repeat it over and over, people eventually will question their own ability to properly process the information, and they will come to believe it. In fact, as the lie continues to be repeated and reinforced they will believe it with great force -- even when subsequently confronted with indisputable facts to the contrary.

And as more people around them believe it, it becomes even more entrenched inside them and also more difficult to resist the urge to conform. But Joseph Goebbels also knew that one group would see through the propaganda no matter how often it was repeated. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. Is this very likely, somewhat likely or not likely? It thus becomes vitally important for the "truth" movement to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the "truth" movement.

If one remembers back to the last Jay Leno show, where almost nobody on the street can name the vice president, or knows the chemical formula for water, it's easy to see how lack of knowledge and critical thinking serves to influence these polls. Indeed, some people lower down in govt. But people forget that the FBI and the CIA weren't communicating very well back then, with each other and even within themselves. No, a third doesn't think it likely, a third hold it out as a possibility, and a third are pretty sure. But then again I think THAT poll question would swing pretty heavily toward the professionals.

A national survey found that Nearly two-thirds of Americans think it is possible that some federal officials had specific warnings of the Sept. Let me guess, you didn't hear about this from the MSM did you!?! And the instantaneous and overwhelming nature of the initial fireball, which enabled the rapid and expansive ignition of secondary building content. And the unique design of the towers, whose truss construction is feared by firefighters everywhere. Here's a little Thanksgiving present for you. It's what you've been looking for.

And it comes from one of your own! You might actually be able to get some keyboard time with him! Did you really think that Purdue did all that computing not knowing at least reasonably precise values for the elements that the planes impacted? Oh that's right! Science is Politically Incorrect these days. Scientists are all GAY! The Laws of Physics don't care either. Purdue could not make an accurate simulation of the crash without incorporating mass information on the concrete and steel. I am more interested in distributing enough understanding of physics for people to recognize bullsh!

If people want to undermine the credibility of their institutions that is fine with me. I warned you about this earlier. I think I may have advised you to simply ask for the information, and make up some story about how it was for your structural engineering class, or something. Or just say it's a project you're doing related to structural analysis.

Make up a new identity and try again. Don't include your video. Good luck. Since some of the kinetic energy caused the entire building to shake and some did damage at the impact zone I was wondering how it was determined how much did what? In six years I have not heard how much steel and concrete were on each level of the buildings so I am wondering how that information can be obtained. You see I made my own video but the simulation is based on a physical model.

I am having trouble understanding how this incident can be analyzed without the distribution of steel and concrete being taken into account. How many tons of steel were on the impact floors of the south tower to weaken in 56 minutes? I haven't heard that in 6 years. Please contact Professor Sozen regarding the building particulars.

Why not provide some kind of actual proof of what you contend, whatever exactly that is? That has been my never answered demand from the start of this lengthy thread. An endless stream of red herrings and irrelevancies does not even begin to approach the plateau of credible proof. Sorry, I misread your sentence about careers, expecting to see the oft made claim that this or that person is too scared to speak out. But still not a very flattering reflection -- supposedly knowing, and still not caring enough to interrupt one's career.

Or could it be that they're really not that convinced? Ah yes, the intimidation. Everyone knows it was an inside job, but they're too terrified to say anything. Might lose their jobs, you know. Exposing the crime of the century has its appeal, but I'm sure not gonna lose my job over it. Either way, this doesn't reflect well on their mentality. Now there you go trying to be mean and I was going to show you the sequel. They are just focused on their careers. Excellent summation of the "truth" movement. A total joke. If it wasn't so pathetic and disgusting, it might even be funny. I can't figure out if you're really this obtuse, or if you're just thinking maybe you can figure out a way to make some money off this scam.

Either way, a very poor reflection on your mentality. No, not the laws of physics, the interpretation and explanation of those laws. Recent tests suggested fire ratings of 1. There was doubt as to whether these ratings could be applied to the full length trusses, which were the ones determined to have played a key role in collapse initiation. However, no fire resistance tests of the WTC floor system were ever conducted.

In this series of tests, the effects of three factors were studied: 1 fireproofing thickness, 2 test restraint conditions, and 3 scale of the test. The tests were conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Tests were conducted in both the restrained and unrestrained condition to provide bounds on the expected performance of the floor system under the standard fire exposure. The restrained full-scale WTC floor system obtained a fire resistance rating of 1. Past experience with the ASTM E test method would lead investigators to expect that the unrestrained floor assembly would not perform as well as the restrained assembly, and therefore, would receive a lower fire rating.

A fire rating of 2 hr. This finding raises the question of whether or not a fire rating based on the ASTM E performance of a 17 ft span floor assembly is scalable to a larger floor system such as found in the WTC towers where spans ranged from 35 ft to 60 ft. What is so hard to believe about these elements in the towers failing after approx. Damn, I forgot the laws of physics had to pass a peer review.

It was supposed to take deg for 6 hours. So how did the buildings come down in less than two? Those peer reviews just ain't what they used to be. I wonder when Tony's paper is going to be published in an engineering journal? That's right, he doesn't need any of that.

The fight had to be broken up by multiple people

He's got that other journal for people who don't want to bother with all that nasty peer review by people who might say bad things about their paper and maybe even reject it. It looks like he's having trouble even passing this preliminary peer review. Tony is realcddeal Not a good omen. At least that would be something easily correctable. Of course I did a search on the contents. This is why I suspected pot.

If there really had been a "failed heist", which appears to be a completely bogus story , a rational thinking person would suspect al Qaeda or their surrogates. They are the ones who flew the planes, and they were the ones who knew when and where the attacks would take place. But not you or any of the "truth" world. You immediately jump to the illogical but I suppose comforting conclusion that it must have been some group of neocons, I guess.

That does happen, you know, with remarkable regularity. That is what I would first suspect, and that appears to be the case. Knock yourself out! But again, even IF the trading was done with foreknowledge of the attacks, why in the world not suspect al Qaeda or someone working beneath them attempting to raise funds for future activities? What are you talking about? Can't you handle grammar school physics? I'm not really sure WHAT you're trying to say Perhaps if you'd built a close approximation to the design of the towers, approximated the damage to the suspected elements and started a fire with an accelerant that would then ignite simulated office furniture, carpets and plastics if you'd placed a to-scale weight at the top to simulate the weight of the upper blocks -- you might begin to approach doing something that made some sense in the area of modeling.

You've gotta do way better than that to pass this class. I haven't touched the stuff since college. I had asthma as a kid. I hate getting sh! I forced myself to try it then to see what the big deal was. This is like that When did you stop beating your wife? And notice you didn't actually provide links you just provided quotations. Unfortunately they had to abandon their loot or the building would have fallen on them. Isn't it an interesting coincidence that they just happened to do the robbery on the day of the attack? How did they know to abandon the loot at the right time to keep from getting killed?

If they had gotten away how long before anyone would have noticed the gold was missing? One of those things that makes you go Hmmmm Just like the puts on the stock the week before. Way more interesting than whether I smoked pot but you didn't supply the link. That much has already been proven. Regardless of your definition of lobbying, in the case of the Crusader, Carlucci and his team did lobby, and they lobbied hard.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Carlucci called defense think tanks and pleaded with them not to write anything negative about Crusader. Carlyle hired recently retired senator Dan Coats and his former staffer, a retired army colonel named Frank Finelli, to start stumping for Crusader. As a rule someone like Frank Carlucci is going to be able to have access, and members of congress are going to have an open door to Frank. Without question, they have influence. But the fact that this is all known mitigates that influence to some extent. They are not able to hide.

But they have other, less visible people. They have these staff types that are behind the scenes; they work in the dark. Guys like Frank Finelli who know everything about the army and about Capitol Hill. They have been able to reach into Congress, and there was a lot of contact with the Pentagon. They definitely influenced the decision-making process. Lobbyists are required to register with the federal government and disclose their clients and the payment amounts publicly.

But what exactly constitutes lobbying is much less clear. The formal definitions of lobby are:. It's hard to see what Carlyle did in this case as anything but lobbying. What they did was save their precious gun. Between the slimming down of the gun, the massive lobbying effort, and the scaling back of the original order from 1, to , the Crusader survived.

Washingtons Blog: August

When Bush's proposed defense budget for was finally handed down in June , it included funding for Crusader. It was nothing short of a Hail Mary pass with no time left on the clock for Carlyle. The Crusader was saved for the time being, but opponents continued to fight to have the program cancelled. The raging debate would not be ultimately settled until long after September 11, Documenting Carlyle's Access The actions of the Carlyle Group in the fight to save the Crusader drew an enormous amount of unwanted attention to the firm.

Though the company defended itself from claims of undue influence, public advocacy groups were sure Carlyle had unmitigated and unethical access to the highest ranks of government. The problem was, proving those kinds of things was nearly impossible. Interested parties would have to tail Frank Carlucci for months, and even then, all you would learn was whom he met with and when, not what was said. It just wasn't the kind of thing a reporter could spend time on.

But then there was a break. Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates government corruption and repeatedly called for the resignation of Bush Sr. By utilizing the Freedom of Information Act, a law that gives the right for all citizens to request and receive information from the federal government, Judicial Watch has been able to obtain a smattering of documents from the Department of State and the Department of Defense that illustrate the sway Carlyle holds. Many of Judicial Watch's requests were ignored or delayed indefinitely, heightening their suspicions of foul play and forcing them to file a lawsuit against the state and legal departments to obtain the requested documents.

Finally, they saw a few documents coming their way. But only a few. Judicial Watch grew increasingly frustrated as they were consistently stonewalled in their requests. But even the limited documents that the state and defense departments did release show the power, reach, and influence of Carlyle.

The first documents Judicial Watch received are correspondences between Carlucci and William Perry, another former secretary of defense, and Carlucci's good friend Donald Rumsfeld, the current secretary of defense. In the letter to Rumsfeld from Carlucci and Perry , which is on Carlyle letterhead, the two former secretaries of defense urge Rumsfeld to heed the findings in a report the BENS Tail-to-Tooth Commission wrote on reducing infrastructure Spending in the Pentagon. Dear Don, Thanks for lunch last Friday.

It was great seeing you in such good spirits even if you are "all alone. We believe the Commission has addressed the most critical areas that must be tackled if we are to cut the cost of defense infrastructure and reinvest the savings in modernization and other priority programs. Because the "what to do" is so well known, the beauty of the Commission's report is not in the issues it identifies—rather, it is the focus on implementation, the "how to do it," that sets it apart. We have taken the liberty of enclosing copies of this package and would be happy to discuss it with you or your staff.

Or, perhaps more helpful, we would be pleased to introduce to you, or to whomever you might designate, the Commissioners who put this effort together. Best Regards,. Frank C. William J. In Rumsfeld's response, the secretary is clearly amenable to Carlucci's suggestions. He even invites the two of them to come in and address the staff within the Pentagon. Dear Frank and Bill, My apologies for the delay in getting back to you on your letter of February There is no question but that we are going to have to tackle the infrastructure issue.

What I may do is ask the two of you to come in and meet with some of the key staff folks who are working on those types of things here in the department. I will be back in touch with you. With my appreciation and best wishes. Donald Rumsfeld. The BENS Commission report showed that too much money was being spent on support, overhead, staff, and the like, while not enough was being spent on supporting combat forces.

In other words, Carlucci was encouraging Rumsfeld to spend less on infrastructure, more on weapons and the like —the precise business in which Carlyle is so heavily invested. The mere fact that Carlucci could have such unimpeded access to such an important decision is disturbing enough, but the nature of their correspondence is wholly inappropriate, given the obvious financial benefit of Carlucci should Rumsfeld follow his advice.

Hearney in the Aerospace Daily. The second document that Judicial Watch obtained was a long, in-depth letter from Carlucci to brand new Secretary of State Colin Powell , sent on February 23, In it, the chairman of the Carlyle Group , again on Carlyle letterhead, lays out an extensive argument for the United States to support Montenegro's desire for independence from Yugoslavia. Montenegro is among the more outspoken republics in the formerly war-torn region of Yugoslavia. After allying with the United States in isolating, and eventually removing Slobodan Milosevic, Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic was now pressing his case for Montenegrin independence in the Balkans.

The move was widely opposed by the international community, including the United States, because of fears that the move toward independence would again destabilize the region, which had been at war for years and had finally reached some semblance of peace. Djukanovic came to the United States to press his case in early February and was rebuffed by Secretary Powell in his request for a meeting.

The Bush administration had taken a stand against Montenegrin independence, fearing it would in fact plunge the entire region back into war. Djukanovic did manage to meet, however, with Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group. And the following is Carlucci's plea to Colin Powell on Montenegrin independence:. Dear Colin, We congratulate you on your great start as Secretary of State. We recognize that there is no shortage of serious issues seeking your attention, but one of the earliest will certainly be Montenegro's relationship to Serbia. As you know, Montenegro is the last of the five original non-Serbian republics to press its claim for independence.

President Djukanovic was in Washington recently, and I hosted a long and spirited talk for several of us with Djukanovic to discuss his thinking.. Djukanovic struck us as determined to proceed to independence Djukanovic stressed that he planned to achieve independence democratically and nonviolently without destabilizing the region He said he understood that the real issue behind the coolness of Washington and the Europeans toward Montenegrin independence was not Montenegro itself but the impact of independence on Kosovo At the conclusion of the meeting, he asked that the U.

Best wishes, Frank C. Why Frank Carlucci, the chairman of a private equity firm, would be meeting with leaders of war-riddled nations is anyone's guess. It is easy to see how anyone would be confused as to what role he has in Montenegro's independence. Is he acting on behalf of the United States? Or as a Carlyle executive, since the letter is on Carlyle letterhead and signed "Chairman.

But it is even more baffling why he felt it necessary to directly lobby the state department for support of Montenegro's independence in the first place. Perhaps his thinking was that the more instability in the Balkans, the more need for war and the more weapons that are sold. All of which benefits defense contractors, like Carlyle.

Although unsubstantiated, that could be the intent behind Carlucci's overtures to Powell. Regardless, Powell's administrators had the good sense to recommend against the inappropriate meeting, recognizing that Carlucci would likely have more to talk about with Powell than just Montenegro. In this memo, Powell's assistant offers the secretary two potential replies to Carlucci. Powell's stamp and initials indicate his declining of the meeting. Dobbins Subject: Response to letter from Frank Carlucci Issue for Decision Whether to sign attached response to Frank Carlucci, who has written you regarding the Administration's policy toward Montenegro.

Carlucci wrote to you on February 23 regarding the Administration's policy toward the government of Montenegro, asking that you take a more forthcoming position on the issue of independence While there is no harm in such a meeting, I am not sure that it would be worth your time. The discussion at such a meeting would likely go beyond Montenegro.

The few documents that Judicial Watch was able to recover show the extraordinary reach of Carlyle Group into the Bush administration. In addition to making these documents public on their Web site, www. Judicial Watch chairman and general counsel had this to say in the group's May 4, , press release:. This is simply inappropriate. Former President Bush should immediately resign from the Carlyle Group because it is an obvious conflict of interest.

Any foreign government or foreign investor trying to curry favor with the current Bush administration is sure to throw business to the Carlyle Group. And with the former President Bush promoting the firm's investments abroad, foreign nationals could understandably confuse the Carlyle Group's interests with the interests of the United States government. He goes on to say, very presciently, "questions are now bound to be raised if the recent Bush administration change in policy toward Iraq has the fingerprints of the Carlyle Group, which is trying to gain investments from other Arab countries who would presumably benefit from the new policy.

By the summer of , the public outcry against the Carlyle Group had seemed to reach a fever pitch. Photographs and news accounts of Bush Sr. These were all stunning realizations for the American public. But nothing would compare to what was to come, on the day the world was changed forever: September 11, No one wants to be a beneficiary of September September 11 changed everyone's life.

It's that simple. The impact is still being felt around the world as economies buckle, war looms, and uncertainty accompanies every step we take. Few can look back at the events of that day and conclude that anything good came of the attacks. But the grim reality is that for some, the September 11 attacks were not all bad. In fact, some businesses stood to make a lot of money from what went on that fateful day. Vendors on New York City streets could not stock the shelves with Fire Department hats and t-shirts fast enough.

Tourism in lower Manhattan boomed during the cleanup as hordes of onlookers crowded the streets, hoping to get a peek at the gaping hole the attacks had left. For most New Yorkers, the willingness to profit from the tragedy was shameful and embarrassing. But it was mere pennies compared to the millions that Carlyle would go on to make after the attacks. An Extraordinary Day. The skies over Manhattan that morning were astonishingly blue. It was one of those rare days of late summer, not a single cloud in the sky, temperatures so mild and inviting, you almost didn't mind getting up and going to work.

It was an election day in New York, but there was no discernible difference in the way the city went about its business, aside from the buzz on the local news stations. Trucks honked industrial-strength horns, echoing down canyons of steel and glass. Cabbies swerved and jerked their bright yellow Fords from stoplight to stoplight on rush hour streets. Businessmen sidestepped delivery men on frenetic sidewalks, everyone hustling, with somewhere important to be. And the sky, unambiguously blue, looked down silently at the city below. At A. Many in midtown would shrug off the incident, wondering why a jumbo jet was flying so low, and maybe speculating with a friend, but never suspecting the ultimate destination.

It wasn't until the thick, dark stripe of smoke from the explosion billowed and writhed against the clear blue sky on the southern horizon, that most New Yorkers knew something was terribly wrong. In Manhattan, the avenues cut from north to south, in dead straight lines. People began gathering on street corners to peer down the long avenues and get a look at the smoke.

Coworkers crowded around company television sets, watching with confusion and fear, as the single tower smoked and burned. Less than 20 minutes later, as the city, thirsty for information, devoured live television news reports, United Airlines Flight , banking hard from the west, disappeared into the south tower of the World Trade Center amidst a ring of fire and smoke. Newscasters were initially baffled, as if their networks had suddenly come across footage of the first plane hitting the tower.

Suddenly the dreadful logic of what was unfolding quickly took hold, and the grim reality dawned on the city's collective conscience at once, with inescapable reality: It was a second plane, and we were under attack. The fear that descended on the city was immediately palpable. Without speaking, everyone not directly involved in the horrifying events taking place at the Trade Center asked themselves the same questions: How long will this go on for? Is my building safe? Who do I know in the Twin Towers? Will God ever forgive us for this? The city was instantaneously shut down. Bridges and tunnels were sealed off.

Subways stopped running. Airplanes were redirected and landed at alternate airports. Then, at A. A Chance Meeting. That same morning, in the plush setting of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington, DC, the Carlyle Group was holding its annual international investor conference.

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There with them, looking after the investments of his family was Shafiq bin Laden , Osama bin Laden's estranged half-brother. George Bush Sr. In any circumstance, a confluence of such politically complex and globally connected people would have been curious, even newsworthy. But in the context of the terrorist attacks being waged against the United States by a group of Saudi nationals led by Osama bin Laden , the group assembled at the Ritz-Carlton that day was a disconcerting and freakish coincidence.

For all the confusion and cloudiness, it was impossible to tell what had happened from television. But for those on the ground, the unthinkable was the only explanation: the tower had collapsed. Twenty minutes later, the north tower met the same fate as its twin, pounding mercilessly into the streets of downtown Manhattan, leaving thousands dead and hundreds more fleeing for their lives. By noon, New Yorkers were paralyzed in fear, uncertain whether the attacks had ended and unclear as to the safest place to be.

By mid-afternoon, all traffic on the island of Manhattan had ceased. Citizens wandered the streets, dialing and redialing their cell phones to contact loved ones, vaguely moving in the direction of their homes. Survivors walked aimlessly northward from what would come to be known as Ground Zero, caked in soot and dust, battered and bleeding, clutching strangers and sobbing. Throngs of shell-shocked Brooklynites marched silently across the Brooklyn Bridge, eager to get home and assure their families of their safety.

In Washington, a state of emergency was declared by P. The Pentagon ordered five warships and two aircraft carriers to various locations throughout the East Coast. The ships were saddled with guided missiles capable of shooting down any aircraft perceived to be a further threat. President Bush had been whisked from Florida to Louisiana to Nebraska. Colin Powell was on his way back from Latin America. Donald Rumsfeld was in the Pentagon. By P. Newspapers would later report that the bin Laden family members that were in the United States at the time, of which there were many, were quickly moved to safe locations awaiting their expedited travel arrangements back home to Saudi Arabia.

During sunset, buildings burned and lurched, cleaved and collapsed, and filled the sky with smoke and dust. Brooklyn, a mile southeast of Manhattan, lay covered in noxious dust, singed documents, Daytimer pages. The stench of burning plastic permeated every crevice of New York, a stinging reminder of the already unforgettable events of the day.

At P. He spoke of the "thousands of lives suddenly ended by evil. It is impossible to say whether during the darkest day in America's history, it dawned on the partners at the Carlyle Group that what was to come, as a direct result of this attack, would serve their financial interests. Perhaps it was that very day, in the midst of the chaos and grief that had gripped the nation. It might have been after they had ascertained the whereabouts of their many friends at the Pentagon, and the future started to become clear.

Or maybe it was the next day, when President Bush characterized the attacks in no uncertain terms as "acts of war. Cashing in on Tragedy The partners of Carlyle—Rubenstein, Carlucci, Conway, and D'Aniello—stood to gain the most of anyone in the company, possibly in the country.

Those four would have to shake off the devastation of September 11, and look forward to their big payday. It is not an exaggeration to say that September 11 was going to make all of them very, very rich men. This is the reality of the business they chose. And in the defense industry, war time is boom time. Indeed Capitol Hill provided enough money to the Pentagon to make the budget woes and tough decisions of the past year suddenly irrelevant.

Among the weapons programs that had been given new life was, of course, the unkillable gun: the Crusader. The money was pouring in now and there was no longer any reason to deny the army its precious gun. After the attacks, opponents to the gun were silenced, not wanting to assume the political liabilities of killing a weapons program in the midst of war. The money would carry the gun maker through But the first prototype for Crusader was not due to be delivered until , and production of the units would not come for years after.

It was highly unlikely the war in Afghanistan would still be ongoing by that time. And nothing had changed the original argument against the gun: it was still too heavy, even at 42 tons, and the need for this type of open battlefield weapon was waning, as the fighting in the caves and tunnels of Afghanistan was demonstrating. But none of that was important anymore. There was enough money to go around for everyone. The defense landscape had changed so dramatically, and so thoroughly, after September 11 that Carlyle quickly and wisely decided it was time to take United Defense public weeks after the attacks on the America.

On October 22, , the company filed an S-l registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, planning an initial public offering before the end of the year. In the filing, United Defense listed the following as its reasons for selling shares to the public:. The U. Defense procurement and development accounts are growing proportionately with overall national security spending. The Bush administration's recently published Quadrennial Defense Review calls for retaining the current force structure and increasing investment in next-generation technologies and capabilities to enable U.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, , have generated strong congressional support for increased defense spending. William Conway would later go on the record as saying "No one wants to be a beneficiary of September 11," in a report in The Nation entitled "Crony Capitalism Goes Global. On paper, the company had made three times that amount. All the time spent lobbying government officials, calling on old friends, and greasing the palms of congressmen had finally paid off.

Crusader was alive and well. Bin Laden's Business In the mean time, Carlyle was dealing with yet another public relations crisis, and this one dwarfed all that came before it. Carlyle had been doing business with dozens of families and businesses throughout the Middle East since the early s. And they had been extremely successful in the region. So successful that they had garnered a reputation for having a tremendous amount of influence over the deal flow in the area. After all, the company had been running the Saudi Economic Offset Program for years, a government funded program designed to encourage foreign investment into Saudi Arabia, under the condition that a portion of the profits be reinvested in Saudi Arabia.

In a sense, Carlyle had become the gatekeeper to foreign investing in Saudi Arabia. Not many people knew any of this at the time of the September 11 attacks. But by the end of September, the general public would know far more about Carlyle's business than anyone at Carlyle was comfortable with. In the weeks following the attacks, the name Osama bin Laden leaped onto the forefront of America's consciousness as public enemy number one. Storefronts hung pictures of his likeness, cut out of newspapers, with headlines of "Wanted: Dead or Alive.

It seemed that the entire nation was united in its hatred of one man. That group, of course, was Carlyle. Carlyle had a relationship with the bin Ladens that began in the early s, when they tried to put together a deal for the Italian Petroleum IP company. Since that time, Carlyle's business in the Middle East blossomed. The bin Laden family consists of more than 50 brothers and sisters, all the progeny of Mohammed bin Laden.

Osama had his Saudi citizenship revoked in , and was reportedly cut off from his family. Since his father's passing, Bakr bin Laden became the head of the business and the family, and as such he committed money to Carlyle on several occasions. It was a fruitful relationship for both parties involved. But now, all of that had changed. The article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out the most stunning and atrocious irony of Carlyle's history: through Carlyle, the bin Laden family was in a position to make millions from the war being waged against their own brother.


The news that George Bush Sr. The same fund that held United Defense, as well as a host of other defense holdings. But one bin Laden family financial representative says the number was much larger. And Al Rahim says that earlier in his time with Carlyle, which ended in , the bin Laden family had several times that amount invested in the company. Regardless of the actual amount, the irony ultimately proved too much for Carlyle, and by the end of October, they severed ties to the family, liquidating their holdings.

A month had elapsed between when the news of Carlyle's bin Laden connection emerged and the company divested their millions. During that time, every major news outlet had picked up the story. Carlyle was sustaining significant collateral damage and was ill-equipped to handle it. Up to this point, Rubenstein had always acted as the company's spokesperson to the press. But this was too much.

Calls were pouring in from around the world. Everyone wanted to know about the company that connected the Bush's and the bin Ladens. It was a disaster. A Congresswoman's Accusations The company hired a public relations specialist for the first time in its history, but he was overmatched. The press was digging faster and deeper than ever before, dredging up all of the old controversies and conflicts of interest. From sources of varying credibility came claims the now all too familiar charges of cronyism, influence peddling, and dirty dealing in the Middle East.

It was all the same accusations the press had levied before, just in greater volume than ever. But it wasn't until an actual elected official called out Carlyle by name that the company started fighting back. In a March interview with a Berkeley, California, radio station, Representative Cynthia McKinney , a Democrat from Georgia, spoke publicly what was already making so many Americans uneasy:.

We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September What did this administration know and when did it know it Who else knew, and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered What do they have to hide? In the address, McKinney named the Carlyle Group as an example of the cronyism she was talking about.

McKinney was implying that the Bush administration knew the attacks were coming, allowed them to happen, and was now reaping the profits, both financial and political, through its connections to the Carlyle Group. The comments resonated with a growing group of cynics on the Internet and spread like wildfire across the Web.

For weeks there had been reports of an intelligence breakdown and foreknowledge of the attacks in the major news outlets. McKinney was simply giving a voice to what many already suspected. And she was absolutely lambasted for it. Carlyle spokesman Chris Ullman , in easily his most entertaining, not to mention effective, public statement in his six months on the job asked the press if McKinney had "said these things While standing on a grassy knoll in Roswell, New Mexico?

And the public lashing was on. Representative Johnny Isakson , a Republican from Georgia, said McKinney has "demonstrated in Washington a total lack of responsibility in her statements. Parker suggested the advent of a new award, the McKinney Award, "for people too stupid to serve in public office. McKinney offered to find appropriate charities for the Prince's money if he still wanted to donate it. He didn't. McKinney would eventually back off a little from her comments, issuing a statement saying,.

A complete investigation might reveal that to be the case. In the end, McKinney received vindication when it became clear that a complete investigation would indeed be necessary, as enough information had emerged that indicated Bush's prior knowledge of the attacks. But McKinney's over-the-top comments probably did more damage than good in the drive to address the truly important issues surrounding the Carlyle Group. Charles Lewis , executive director of the Center for Public Integrity , said the comments undermined the important work the center has been trying to complete in regards to Carlyle by making a "caricature of the issues that may make it easily dismissible.

McKinney was certainly an easy target to discredit. And by August her previously loyal constituents voted her out of office. But at least part of what she said in that interview was dead on: Persons close to the Bush administration were in fact in a position to gain financially from the September 11 attacks, as the United Defense IPO had already demonstrated.

But there were other ways the company was getting rich off the events of that day as well. Lots of ways. And September 11 was turning into an outright bonanza for the boys at Carlyle. Beyond Big Guns. But the deadly virus soon found a permanent place in the American terrorist lexicon when every day brought new cases of infection. Second Circ.

The footage, captured at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street in Brooklyn, shows that as Delrawn Small approaches officer Wayne Isaacs' car, small then staggers as the officer's car lurches and eventually Small collapses in the street. Small had been shot twice through the car wind Friday, July 22, Several contentious Fulton County runoffs will be decided Tuesday, as voters go to the polls to vote in races for sheriff, solicitor general and superior court judges. The winner will face Republican Ben Cowart 1. Friday 22 July Photo: Clementine Gallot How can we create safety collectively?

How can we challenge hate and police violence by using community-based strategies rather than relying on the police? Rene Long — , and the current coordinator Tasha Amezcua —present co-wrote this piece to share the lessons we've learned over the years. We also asked SOS members from the past 10 years about their reflections on our successes, struggles and our hopes for the future. We write these lessons for all the people seeking to address violence and envision safer communities.

Cultural work is a crucial organizing strategy. From its onset our members have included activists, organizers, artists and cultural workers i. However, it took us time to integrate people's passions, fully utilize each other's skills, and create a collective culture and value system that allowed us all to be seen and heard. We knew that cultural work was necessary to build community, create our vision of safety and make space for healing. Yet we struggled with the question of what our priorities were -- and where cultural work fit into those priorities.

SOS members who identified as artists and cultural workers refused to let organizers deprioritize art and healing, and consistently reminded us that cultural work is not a footnote or an addition to make an event more interesting. Instead, these members showed us all that art and cultural work can allow us to vision, strategize, educate, heal and organize with our full selves. Organizing that integrates cultural work transforms people's perspectives in a way that is often deeper and longer lasting than organizing alone.

After many meetings and challenging conversations we began to build cultural work into our organizing strategies, events and community-based curriculum. We created a step team to engage and excite new members as an outreach strategy. Our annual Bed-Stuy Pride includes visual artists, performers, healers and vendors to bring our full communities together. This conversation still continues today and not without tension, but we keep growing and learning new ways to communicate across our perspectives and passions.

Organizing for community safety must include an analysis of gentrification. Our campaign relied on small businesses agreeing to become safe spaces that would open their doors to people fleeing from violence, and uphold our principles of using transformative justice strategies to address and reduce violence. As the campaign progressed and built relationships with more community-based businesses, the neighborhood also changed in less subtle, more abrupt ways. Soon the question of gentrification took center stage in our campaign development as well as in our outreach and base building.

We met this strong socio-economic force with study and research, developing a timeline for the average lifespan of a small business and finding new ways to engage locally owned small businesses. We began to invest in longstanding institutions such as schools and churches and explored ways to engage them in the campaign. This work continues today. As a mixed collective of people born and raised in Bed-Stuy and transplants, we have honest conversations internally about how to support the local community together with our money, energy and time.

Our work exists within a legacy and we are just a small part. Over time we've noticed thatsafety exists in relationships. And wellness exists in culture. Blytheville, Ark. But shocking body cam footage of the exchange shows Sigman not telling Mitchell he was under arrest until he fired the Taser gun at the man's back, who was casually walking a 8.

Fox News- The FBI has refused for a second time in six months to answer key lawmakers' formal questions about the bureau's handling of the Hillary The Journal- The database is particularly important for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that query the database every day, several million times a year, in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office on July 22, at PM, updated July 22, at PM The attorneys for Jerman Neveaux, the year-old New Orleans man accused of fatally shooting Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Detective David Michel, have asked the court for medical exams and physical therapy to identify possible spinal and internal injuries they say he received during his arrest, according to court records Martin Regan and Adam Beckman filed a motion this week to have the Sheriff's Office obtain CT scans of Neveaux's brain, facial bones, abdomen and pelvis.

The attorneys also asked for a CT scan of Neveaux's spine to assess "spinal cord contusions associated with his abnormal gait" and loss of control of certain muscle, the motion says. Use of force questioned in arrest in deputy's death A witnesses recorded cellphone video of the suspect's arrest. Neveaux was hospitalized for three days following his arrest. Sheriff Newell Normand has said Neveaux suffered a fractured eye socket and oth Inverse- Today's data dump is part of a series revealing emails sent from Clinton's private email server, which has outraged voters at least partly because the FBI decided Many of the messages have news value, and journalists will surely find stories to write about how the Clinton campaign operates.

McCluskey told the Guardian he thought the truth would come out in 30 years, when classified government documents are released into the public domain. Do people believe for one second that the security forces are not involved in dark practices? And 30 years later it comes out that the chair of my union at that time was an MI5 informant.

Rape threats,. To the victor go the spoils. The first industry to globalize vertically was the illegal drug business. The discussion centers on the structure of the lawsuit itself, the current status of the suit as of the Fall of and the possible impact of the publication of Volume Two of the CIA Inspector General's report on the agency's involvement in the drug trade.

The main element connecting the disparate aspects of the lawsuit is the remarkable career of Albert Vincent Carone, who worked variously for the New York Police Department, the U. Army, the CIA and the Mafia. One item of information of particular interest and not included in the previous broadcasts on the subject is the allegation Carone made during a deathbed confession that he had paid money to Ruth Paine, one of the people who shepherded Lee Harvey Oswald around in the Dallas area.

World Politics Cop on trial for killing black teen said 'this is my second one' Thursday, July 28, , PM William Chapman, 18, was fatally shot by a Virginia police officer last year. WAVY A Virginia police officer said "this is my second one" after fatally shooting an unarmed black teen last year. The first-degree murder trial of former Officer Stephen Rankin in the death of year-old 7.

This is a press release from one of 13 conferences we organized in New England looking at crimes committed by FBI agents. It was held at Bates College for 11 years. The public is invited to attend free of charge. The conference, sponsored by Maine Citizens to Defend the Bill of Rights and the New World Coalition, a student organization at Bates, features a talk by Raymond Kohlman, an attorney who in December successfully represented the family of the Rev. The conference also features a talk by Hoppy Heidelberg, a member of the Oklahoma City bombing grand jury who believes the FBI was involved in the destruction of the Alfred P.

Murrah Federal Building. This is complete and all our radio shows on Rense Radio are available again. All our radio programs are there for your enjoyment. They swore it was true, they had the Polish Government convinced but we said at the time that this was going to be a fake bubble that would soon burst. Sure enough - the bubble did burst and the world realized that this was just a hoax. Now some people claim to have found another trail filled with gold and again we say - this is going to be another phony story that will quickly burst when they dig and find nothing.

Thanks for your patience. KTB - Will be sent to Members over this week-end. If you are a Member, make sure that you have cleared your emailbox to receive it. If you are not a Member - why waste time. Join now and get all the news as it happens as well as history you cannot find anywhere else.

We said at that time that this all smelled like another hoax like the scandal of the Hitler Diaries of many years ago. And so Hugh Trevor-Roper had egg on his face and looked really foolish. Remember too that he is the one who stated absolutely and definitely that Hitler killed himself in the Berlin Bunker and now we find that he was wrong on that as well. After our report a week or so ago, we have been flooded with emails about this topic and all of them were in agreement - all believe this is another hoax.

We shall see, but we believe this will by yet another fancy story with absolutely NO basis in fact The manuscript is in the final phase before we send it to the printing company but soon we will release full information on this book. US prisons 'Who could I tell? Clearly, the Presidency of the United States is not an entry-level position. However, the disassociation of the Republican establishment from reality and from respect for the most basic human rights of the American people has left many Republicans with no other choice but a brash outsider.

Anthrax Case Outlined

The George W. Why would we want more of that? The life expectancy of a woman my age without a high school degree has fallen by five years since Our children are being targeted by heavy vaccine schedules; current predictions are that 1 out of every 2 American children will be autistic by State efforts to ensure transparency regarding the quality of food we eat are overruled by Washington. NBC ran a perfectly serious news spot recently arguing that we should microchip our children, as if they were livestock. The homeownership rate is now at its lowest point since The employment statistics are completely cooked.

Our children are overwhelmed with student debt issued under conditions of entrapment and predatory lending approved and financed by Washington. Your profound disassociation from the pain within America is inexplicable. What you consider to be reasonable and respectable is psychopathy. There is no more cheap money to fund false realities and unproductive behavior — whether by the general population or the establishment. Breaking this trance of disassociation between reality and the official narrative is an essential first step to practical solutions.

Trump is the only person proposing to break the trance. If you want to provide an alternative to Donald Trump, you must break the trance — yours included. Lisa Woods said her so 7. While Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan and others acknowledge that other explosives may have been used, they refuse to explain what those could possibly be. Although their studies were based upon dust samples obtained from an apartment in the vicinity of Ground Zero, they deliberately ignore the far more extensive results of the U.

But the proof that no plane hit the Pentagon is overwhelming and compelling. The public was conned by resorting to a series of sophisticated fabrications, reinforced by the major media. This book demonstrates we have lost our way and are now no better than a third world, banana republic. A qualified pilot and co-designer of two experimental aircraft, he has been engaged in aviation for over four decades. Arguments that dispute the official account of a Boeing approaching the Pentagon at mph and taking out a series of lampposts are shown to be well-founded in their conclusion but in need to technical corrections to the explanations that have been advanced in their support, where a Boeing at mph could not have come closer than about feet of the ground.

His research on the Origins of the Global War on Terror became national news in Canada, when certain neoconservatives took issue with his chosen line of academic enquiry. He has published in GlobalResearch. He recently started blogging about Japanese History. Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly U.

Jim Fetzer earned his Ph. A former U. Marine Corps officer, he has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. Paul Wellstone. Don Fox has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices. Ed Ward and Dennis Cimino. Don Fox has been among the most successful in conveying the results of this complex and technical research in a fashion that makes it easily accessible to a wide audience.

Mark Hightower earned B. He has worked in the chemical industry, the space program and the environmental field. He recently retired after 25 years with NASA. Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, he has several dozen articles on the history of astronomy in academic journals. His book, Terror on the Tube 3rd edition, , establishes that the accused Islamic youth were innocent of the London bombings. Intelligence Asset and back-door channel on anti-terrorism from to Most notoriously, in the summer of , her team warned about a major terrorist attack involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center.

Lindauer also campaigned heavily against the War in Iraq, and developed a comprehensive peace framework through her back-channel in the run up to War. Mike Palecek lives in Saginaw, Minnesota, west of Duluth. A writer, he is a former federal prisoner for peace and the Iowa Democratic Party candidate for the U. House of Representatives, 5th District in the election, gaining 65, votes on an anti-war platform in a conservative district. A former award winning reporter, editor, publisher in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota.

Mike is the founder of Moon Rock Books and the co-editor of this volume. Jeff Prager, founder of an award winning magazine for senior citizens, set out in to prove that 19 Muslims had hijacked four airplanes and attacked us. What he found astonished even himself, because the evidence that the Twin Towers had been destroyed by a sophisticated arrangement of very small nuclear devices became simply overwhelming. Mike Sparks is a graduate of Liberty University with a B. His last assignment in the U. He leads Military Intelligence Group [00]7 aka MI7 focusing on how Commander Ian Fleming, creator of the fictional super-spy James Bond Agent , is actually warning us in code of real organized evil entities.

The NYPD declined to release the full video. The clip, recorded on May 4, s Given the very slow motion of the stacked low, these all-time records are conceivably within reach. A cooperative observer in Livingston, LA, reported Figure 1. Multi-sensor rainfall analysis for the period from am CDT Thursday, August 11, to am Friday shows a gyre-like pattern of torrential rains spinning around a low in southern Mississippi.

As the low edges westward over the next hours, the zone of heaviest rain potential will shift toward west Louisiana and east Texas, but southeast Louisiana will remain under the gun for more downpours at least into early Saturday. Figure 2. Enhanced infrared satellite image for the central Gulf Coast reveals the vast scope of the area of low pressure generating torrential rains in southeast Louisiana.

Severe flood threat for Baton Rouge area Both flash flooding and river flooding threats are looming large for southeast Louisiana, where flash flood warnings were in place on Friday afternoon. Major flooding has already occurred throughout the day Friday, and a flash flood emergency the most urgent type of flash flood warning was in effect Friday afternoon for parts of Feliciana, West Feliciana, St. Water rescues and evacuations were under way in this region, according to the NWS. Even if the rains ease during the weekend, the area faces a major flood threat.

A number of other rivers across southeast Louisiana are projected to reach all-time crests, including the Amite River, where record levels of flooding can be expected to inundate many homes and roadways on the eastern side of the Baton Rouge metro area for an extended period. Figure 3. Forecasts issued on Friday morning, August 12, , were calling for an all-time record flood crest of The forecast keeps waters above the previous record of These projections could be boosted further in light of the heavy rains persisting in the area on Friday.

The last major crest in this region was Tropical cyclone or not? Does it matter? Although this system does not qualify as a tropical cyclone--its center has remained just inland--the point is moot in terms of impact, as the torrential rains and flooding from this low could end up ranking among some of the more damaging tropical depressions and tropical storms on record. This is the second-highest amount of water measured in any sounding since records began in the New Orleans area in , and just 0. In Jackson, MS, only two other dates have seen more precipitable water than the 2.

These values may seem puzzlingly low compared to the amounts of rain occurring. This is because showers and thunderstorms can concentrate the amount of moisture present in the atmosphere throughout a region, so they can produce much higher local totals than the precipitable water values would suggest. Logan St. The event is free and open to all, Pratt said, and is designed to educate the public.

The documentary purports to highlight the dangers of communism, and expose its root in American government. To use its facilities, Neosho County Community College required Pratt to present the documentary through a non-profit organization, he said. Cleon Skousen. The film is produced by Curtis Bowers, one time Idaho congressman who gained state and national attention and criticism for a opinion column to the Idaho Press-Tribune.

FBI Octopus He will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of District Lambert, has brought a whistleblower suit in federal district court. He has alleged that the FBI is withholding a staggering amount of information that is exculpatory of the late scientist, Bruce Ivins. Dillon had requested all documents not yet produced relating to Dr. Bruce Ivins during the September-October time period. The FBI reasoned that Dr.

Ivins had no reason to be in the lab on particular dates. Dillon is an academic and publisher. He is a former intelligence analyst associated with the US State Department. Ivins had no reason to be in the lab, he has sought Lab Notebook which contains contemporaneous handwritten notes about one of the many experiments he was working on at pages See 1A GJ An FBI agent in an excel spreadsheet that has been produced explains that the notebook has entries from the time of the mailings. Specifically, there are notations from September 14, 15 and from September 18, , the date of the first mailing.

The Army has sought the return of the notebooks taken by Dr. Ivins for years — and has uploaded all those that it has and that eventually were returned by the FBI. Notebook , however, still has not been returned. I have forwarded them to Attorney Matt Hurd. Attorney Hurd, who has been very gracious, has expressed a willingness to have an attorney reconsider the denial.

To claim that the dog ate the lab pages in Dr. On this issue of the FBI blaming Dr. Bruce Ivins for the anthrax mailings,however, there is no justification for there not to be government in the sunshine. Oswald Conference Oct. Filter by location. When Judyth was 16, her abilities in science were first recognized when she invented a modified method for obtaining magnesium from seawater.

But her dream was to cure cancer after her beloved grandmother, Anna Whiting, died of breast cancer in Newspaper articles chronicled her work, which was investigated, then mentored, by three doctors noted for their crusade linking cancer to tobacco products: Dr. Alton Ochsner of Ochsner Clinic, Dr. These doctors, along with Nobel Prize winners Dr. Ochsner invited Judyth to work with noted cancer specialist Dr. Mary S. Sherman in New Orleans. Author Edward T. Haslam has linked a linear particle accelerator that Baker said was involved in the project to Drs.

Ochsner and Sherman, through a detailed study of Dr. Due to death threats as a whistler-blower, Judyth is forced to live overseas, though she returns periodically to continue her crusade. Kennedy, for Lee Oswald, and for those who suffer from cancer.


I want everybody to know that the government weaponized cancer back in , that the government has patented cures for cancer — but cancer treatment is such a profitable industry that a cure for cancer is always last in line for funding. She was then forced to leave the field altogether. Judyth says she and Oswald kept in touch after her return to Florida, and that they planned to divorce both had unhappy marriages , but first, Oswald had to deliver the material, after it was successfully tested, to a contact in Mexico City.

When the contact failed to show, Oswald suspected that he had been lured to Mexico City. Bitter over being banned from cancer research, and their plans to marry delayed when Oswald was ordered back to Dallas, Judyth was devastated when she saw Oswald shot on live TV. Over the next few years, all of the other segments of The Men Who Killed Kennedy filmed by Turner, aired for over a decade on the History Channel, were also removed. This happens to many brave souls who dare reveal the truth.

Judyth, who has lived mostly overseas since due to death threats, has been hosted by supporters in nation-wide book tours in , and She also composes music. Her oil and mixed-media paintings, logos and lithographs sell worldwide. Judyth was married to Robert A. I had to do it. Today, Judyth lives in various countries overseas. Question ruled out of order A question by Dave Slesinger to Richard Gage was ruled out of order by the chair because it did not address the topic Gage joined the teleconference to discuss.

Curtiss becomes co-facilitator Ken Freeland nominated Cheryl Curtiss as co-facilitator of the Teleconference, which was approved without objection. This was approved. After a very contentious exchange ensued about the events in question, a motion was approved to table this entire agenda item. Call began at 8 p. EST and adjourned at p. EST, 5 p. Please email agenda items for next call to facilitator Ken Freeland diogenesquest gmail.

The six s 4. Heat is Online 1. That record lasted for all of one month as global temperatures remained at record-high levels through August, resulting in a tie with July during a period when the Earth typically cools. Given natural variability, we might expect August to remain hot if an El Nino were forming in the Pacific, but at that time, with a weak La Nina struggling to fire off, the exact opposite was the case.

September 14, , p. The teenager whose allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of several police officers rocked the Bay Area law enforcement community will return to California to testify against them, her attorney said Wednesday. Jasmine Abuslin, 19, of Richmond, was freed from the Martin County Jail in Florida on Wednesday morning after accepting a plea deal to settle allegations that she bit a security guard during a violent clash at a drug rehabilitation facility last month.

Pamela Price, an Oakland civil rights attorney who is representing Abuslin, said Abuslin now plans to return home, where she will serve as the key witness in the prosecution of at least seven current and former East Bay law enforcement officers. Richard Kibbey, the defense attorney representing Abuslin in Florida, said the plea deal stipulated that Abuslin would serve no more jail time and plead no contest to the misdemeanor charge. The Times no 3. Techworm- FBI has arrested two men from North Carolina for supposedly participating in the Hack The Pentagon program to target high-ranked federal officials.

Tesla, an inventor and innovator considered at least decades ahead of his time, predicted and helped develop an early prototype of a smartphone, among many other things. Bye bye Twitter. Note we featured this theory last week, via American Conservative. God told him. IMHO, 1. So third party or write-in votes are valuable. From a few days ago, still germane.

Wells had quotas for subprime that also produced fraudulent conduct. Hoisting in full: Stumpf is lucky. A community bank CEO having presided over a fraud proportionally this large would already have his assets frozen, be awaiting prosecution, and have been personally fined a substantial amount of money, not to mention that he would be under an order barring him from ever working at a bank for the rest of his life. Stumpf gets to keep his hundreds of millions and worst case, resign and enjoy his several homes.

The super-Earth is only 16 light-years away and just the sort of world the Hawking-supported Breakthrough: Listen initiative hopes to scan for signs of alien signals using our most sensitive radio telescopes. Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems. The challenge is to silence the mind. We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and live in service to others and all life.

I believe that deeply. Phil named names, exposed CIA agents and Comey used to be their homie and he said "No, you don't know me. This is The San Diego Union-Tribune- Even if FBI agents discover classified information on a newly seized laptop, Hillary Clinton is unlikely to face criminal charges, according to legal experts and Trying to Throw the Election?

Vanity Fair- This explains in part the outrage on the left and by some on the right when F. According to NYPD sources, files found on Weiner's newly found laptop which he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, show evidence of a political pedophile ring operating within Washington, involving members of Congress as well as numerous top Clinton aides and insiders. According to reports, a folder on Weiner's laptop named "life insurance" contains explicit evidence that both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin helped run and cover-up a Washington pedophile sex ring. We have copies of everything.

We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said. The emails implicate other current and former members of Congress and one high-ranking Democratic Senator as having possibly engaged in criminal activity too, sources said.

Prosecutors in the office of US Attorney Preet Bharara have issued a subpoena for Weiner's cell phones and travel records, law enforcement sources confirmed. NYPD said it planned to order the same phone and travel records on Clinton and Abedin, however, the FBI said it was in the process of requesting the identical records. Law enforcement sources are particularly interested in cell phone activity and travel to the Bahamas, U.

Virgin Islands and other locations that sources would not divulge. The new emails contain travel documents and itineraries indicating Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Weiner and multiple members of Congress and other government officials accompanied convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing on multiple occasions to his private island in the U. S Virgin Islands, sources said. Epstein's island has also been dubbed Orgy Island or Sex Slave Island where Epstein allegedly pimps out underage girls and boys to international dignitaries.

Bill Clinton, it has been confirmed in media reports spanning recent years, that he too traveled with Epstein over 20 times to the island. This is compelling stuff. There are four to six paragraphs in the prologue that provide an overview for all crimes of the deep state that are simply some of the best material written on the topic. Every American ought to read this. Painting has become an expert in in the investigative research of author Seymour, herself a private investigator and journalist. The book is deeply and meticulously footnoted, there is a bibliography and a master document bibliography, and it is indexed.

There is already a very small number of errata listed at her web site and a note that these will be corrected in a forthcoming second edition. To purchase the book from Trine-Day, click here. Murrah Federal Building and the period after his arrest until his execution. All these stories are examined, compared, and tested in Aberration in the Heartland of the Real, making this book a much closer examination into the personality and life of Timothy McVeigh than has been provided by any other biographical work about him.

Painting, PhD, is a professor of U. Her extensive and seminal investigatory research into the Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh distinguishes her as a leading national expert on both subjects. She lives in Rochester, New York. Wednesday 2 November Neal Wagatsuma, warden of Kauai community correctional center, began testifying in Honolulu on Wednesday in a trial for a lawsuit that accuses him of retaliating against a former jail social worker who alleged he subjected female inmates to sexual humiliation and discrimination. The country faces a possible constitutional crisis should Hillary win the election.

With a federal criminal investigation of the possible president-elect underway, President Obama might well issue a preemptive presidential pardon on his way out the door. Imagine that. Pardoned before inaugurated. If the past portends the future, we should ponder that which came before. He ended up in a federal pen. He also oversaw the ubiquitous Craig Livingstone, the former bar bouncer personally chosen by the First Lady to head the Office of White House Security. I knew them all.

Of the four partners, only one is left standing. Ka llstrom Special section: TWA: Flight NOW Nov. Last updated p. I told my story originally to protect other young girls that might be a victim of online predators. Weiner's estranged wife, Huma Abedin, is a close adviser to the former secretary of state.

Ladonna Bravebull Allard The Bundy militia fought for their right to make money. Edgar Hoover as he did unto others. The PBS documentary series tonight peeps into the bedroom and other seamy aspects of the man who guided the FBI for almost a half-century. Two wrongs might not make a right, but they do make for an explosive and deliciously scandalous hour. Johnson, a Hoover ally. Anthony Summers, author of the Hoover biography Official and Confidential, said notorious mob figure Meyer Lansky was one of those who had pictures of Hoover and Tolson in a compromising situation.

Later that evening, she says she heard Tolson express a desire to dance with Hoover at the Cotton Club in Harlem. The irony is, Hoover was livid at the time because he saw an interracial couple on the dance floor, according to the woman. Later, two teen-aged boys arrived, according to Susan Rosenstiel, and Hoover, Roy Cohn and her husband went into the bedroom and had sex with them. He insisted organized crime was a local problem, which put it outside the jurisdiction of the FBI.

According to Mrs. If Hoover won, he got paid. He reportedly never picked up a check. Dowd also cites an incident his investigation uncovered that illustrates how petty Hoover c. On the night of Aug. Techdirt- The Intercept quotes a former FBI agent as saying this is a "boon" for law enforcement because the four-month retention period is longer than most service Dec 28, - Seese had pleaded guilty in August to criminal trespass, invasion of privacy and disorderly conduct for sneaking into a girl's bathroom during a Jul 11, - Ryan Seese received a prison term for sneaking into women's Seese left the FBI in after being convicted of another peeping Tom incident in May 25, - Seese was then taken to a holding area where police swabbed his hands for samples and made him take off his clothes, now evidence.


A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings
A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings
A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings
A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings
A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings
A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings
A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings A SPORE ON THE GRASSY KNOLL: An insider’s account of the 2001 anthrax mailings

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