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Yet, the more I looked around, the more I realized that it was a fascinating and important place, with its old stove and its batterie de cuisine , with what looked like thousands of glistening cooking implements close at hand. It was a very comfortable and welcoming workroom full of carefully chosen tools and fixtures.

Here are some of the most important things I noticed that day. As we began the interview, Julia invited me to sit down at the table and offered me a perfect cup of French coffee, with cream and sugar. At times we walked around, examining a cooking gadget or something on the counter while I made notes. Mostly though we sat at her comfortable table, which was covered with a very practical oilcloth. The table was her supplementary work area. At one point during the photo shoot, Julia sat down and began peeling asparagus. So many of our modern kitchens require us to stand all the time or, at best, to perch on a barstool if we need to sit.

But Julia could sit down comfortably to complete a task—without leaving the kitchen.

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As we will see, that same table also provide the setting for thousands of meals with friends and family. Glistening ladles, pans, and strainers framed the doorway. In the distance were gleaming copper pans, carefully arrayed and cleaned weekly by an Irish lady, Mrs. Paul and Julia had fine-tuned these arrangements to be as practical and as aesthetic as possible.

Most of the implements were mounted on pegboard, on which Paul had painted outlines of the pans so that they could be replaced in their proper positions. To avoid mistakes involving items of the same shape but different colors, little Polaroid pictures were attached to the pegboard as well. After all, this kitchen was used not only by Julia but also by her many assistants, who experimented with dishes and prepped food for various TV shows. Julia liked the fact that the burners came apart for easy cleaning.

The stove also contained a salamander for quick broiling. To the right of the burners was a grill top. She rarely used it, and kept it covered with a specially made cover that was like a bench top.

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Immediately below that grill top was the salamander. Garland does not recommend these ranges for home use today. A true restaurant range produces more heat than the typical homeowner needs, and must be vented with a powerful hood. Additionally, the unit itself can become quite hot, so the surface to which it backs must be able to withstand high temperatures. Wolf and a number of other companies make commercial-style ranges for home use. In several of the color photos, you can see that Julia kept many implements, such as whisks, strainers, and ladles, near the stove.

The copper lids were particularly useful for a quick cover. In fact, she mentioned it to me on the phone when I initially called to make my appointment. Interestingly, the overhangs in her kitchen appeared to be the standard 1 inch.

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They were obviously well used, with visible incision marks. Major cutting or chopping, however, was done on separate cutting boards, or on the big chopping block near the double ovens. Julia said she cleaned the countertops with an abrasive cleanser; when they dried, she seasoned them with olive oil.

Butcher-block manufacturers recommend other approaches. According to Nancy, the counters would sometimes be cleaned with a cut lemon. The counter height was 38 inches the standard height is 36 inches. Because Julia stood over 6 feet tall, this extra height was a necessity for her. I only need this much. Rather unusually for the time, she had an undercounter freezer in the pantry. Mostly for food preparation and some for cocktails. Paul painted the main refrigerator black. In the days before both paneled and counter-depth refrigerators, painting the white bulky object black helped make it less intrusive.

Unfortunately it had a loud hum. When TV shows were shot in the kitchen, the refrigerator had to be unplugged.


The cameramen would store their extra gear in the freezer so that they would remember to plug the refrigerator back in. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I see a PR. It's also failing to build on Linux Mint 19 under JuliaPro However the error message is a little different. Fixed by Nothing has changed for me under Julia version 1.

In Linux Mint OK thanks KristofferC. It compiles now without error, though I have not tested functionality. I'm afraid I didn't fully understand the nuance of the master syntax. When I see , I think comment field. Presumably if this is the master branch of the code base it will eventually get grandfathered into a release? Skip to content.

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