Total Healing (Part 1)

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This is a two-part essay about Quran and healing. Allah has proven the authenticity of the Quran through various platforms; One which is the medical field.


We will address within this article several ways that the Quran promotes healing and a balanced society. This Supreme Being known as Allah, among other names, revealed a final revelation to mankind called the Quran. The Quran is the final book in a long progression of revelations beginning with the earliest Prophets such as Noah continuing to Abraham, up to Moses and the Prophets of Israel. The Quran is the seal of the revelations. Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the Messengers. In this revelation, there is wisdom and benefit for the human soul: some of these are consciously observable and some are not, but yet it is beneficial and the benefit is realised by many Believers.

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The Quran is written in the classical Arabic language. It is very similar to Hebrew. This Holy Book is written in a codified language. It also has a built-in numerical structure. This is especially interesting for those who are involved in numerology. The Quran is recited in a way that is melodious and soothing to the human psyche. When the Quran is heard, it lulls the listener into a deep relaxation.

If a person is able to understand what the Quran is saying and believes in the Most High, then it may even strike them emotionally. The Quran boasts of its ability to not only move the soul but to heal it. The Quran much like other previous books revealed covers dietary laws, metaphysical healing and judicial rulings.

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All of these combined to heal mankind. The human being is more than just flesh and blood.

Total Healing - Powerful Mind / Body Balance - Binaural Beats - Meditation Music

The human being is a spiritual entity as well. Humans are comprised of a physical, mental, and spiritual structure. Each one of these areas coupled completes the human.

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These areas comprise the human consciousness. The mannerism of the human being is a culmination of these three things.

The body as ecosystem

There are many areas of our existence that we ignore and some we focus on; namely the physical attributes. When we get sick we go to the doctor. He checks the blood and the body. He then makes an analysis and determines the diagnosis. After the diagnosis the doctor offers treatment but the source of the pain is usually not addressed. Mainly, the symptoms of ailments in western medicine are treated. This is unfortunate because most diseases are caused by a poor diet. Metrics : When you simulate a healer, you need some outputs to determine which talent or item has potential to do more healing.

Meanwhile, if you think something is missing or have questions or ideas, head over to the forums to discuss these articles.

Inner Healing – Part 1 - Jimmy Evans - (J1470)

Healers , Simulation. We provide World of Warcraft players with data-driven, actionable advice.

The God Who Heals

We spend our time doing research outside the game, so you can spend more time having fun in game. Robot's Blog. Use the tools on AskMrRobot. This is where we answer the BIG question: how do you sim healers? Tank damage, including auto attacks from the boss, raid-wide damage, and spike damage Player damage, including random-target boss mechanics and standing in fire Raid damage, including raid-wide AoE damage Boss fight mechanics and phases: this is important so the simulator can plan ahead just like you would in a real fight.

Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)
Total Healing  (Part 1) Total Healing (Part 1)

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