The Taste of Miracles

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Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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About Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an award-winning mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy writer. She has written many novels under various names, including Kristine Grayson for romance, and Kris Nelscott for mystery. Her novels have made the bestseller lists —even in London— and have been published in 14 countries and 13 different languages. The juice provides a refreshing lift to the drink. Home Products Latest buzz About us Contact. Cherry Peach Orange Baobab Pomegranate. Although white tea practically has been known in the Far East since the Ming Dynasty, the tea is relatively new to many people.

Green, Black and White tea all derives from the same plant. The buds selected for the white tea are however harvested at a far more immature stage. After the harvest, the buds chosen for white tea are gently processed in order to prevent oxidation or further fermentation, the purpose of this light processing is in order to retain the delicate taste and natural benefits.

The tea base in this Little Miracle is made on black tea leaves grown on the sunny mountain sides in Sri Lanka, where they are well known for their high quality tea leaves. Black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white varieties, and thus is thought to carry a lower level of natural antioxidants whilst having a higher level of natural caffeine. The lemongrass used provides a mild citrus taste.

Being a native herb of Mexico, lemongrass is a cornerstone in the old Mexican folk medicine where it is said to provide a wide range of benefits including aiding digestion and treatment of high blood pressure. Choosing only the best, freshest and perfectly ripe orange, the juice provides an absolutely delicious taste.

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And finally blended with aromatic and spicy, ginger which adds a special taste and zest.

The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles The Taste of Miracles
The Taste of Miracles

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