The George Beckford Papers

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George Beckford Papers

Signature 'William T.

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Beckford' p. The work was printed as The vision , ed. The contemporary foliation omits '53', but there is no gap in the text. Contains a collection of 'the beautiful ideas scattered thro' the Greek and Latin classics on the subject of the setting sun ' fol. With many alterations, and fols. The papers are arranged in the same order as given by Parreaux, op. The story of Darianoc is discussed by Parreaux, pp. Mainly with an Oriental or Arabic setting. Some of the drafts and fragments are continuations of 'The long story' see Parreaux, op.

They include:. Fair copy in the hand of an amanuensis the same hand as in d. Fair copy in the hand of Mme de Starck, with many alterations by Beckford. Fair copies in the hand of Denis Macquin, paper watermarked and , the first part containing many alterations by Beckford, the second part containing a few, including. Fair copy of parts 1 and 2 by Beckford, in a notebook, paper watermarked and , incorporating the alterations in d. Fair copy in the same hand as d. A scurrilous account of the antecedents of certain noble families.

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The manuscript contains:. III MS. From Wortley Montagu MS. VI MS. VII MS. They are neatly written, mainly in the hand of Mme de Starck, partly d. Occasionally a word or phrase in Arabic is written above the line e. For Al Raoui , see above, MS. The catalogue is arranged in fourteen subject divisions, including 'Books of prints', and by size within each division.

It gives author, title, place and date of publication, binding and sometimes details of provenance and price. There are a number of marginal notes, e. Incomplete, arranged by room, bookcase and shelf, giving author, title, size and usually binding, and place and date of publication, with front pastedown pencil architectural sketch, and fol.

The manuscript includes. The second copy fols. Mainly furniture and paintings, including fols. Gives detailed descriptions of the objets d'art , but only lists of the books and manuscripts. Partly in Beckford's hand, partly in the hand of an amanuensis, words by Elizabeth Lady Craven, music by Beckford and fols. There is another copy fols. The pastoral was performed in London on 13 April Probably printed during one of Beckford's visits to Paris in and For soprano, 2 horns and strings, with Beckford's pencil note fol.

For soprano, 2 oboes, 2 horns and strings. Beckford has noted on the wrapper MS. The cuttings, dated between and , were for the most part collected by Beckford, and folded into packets inside wrappers. A list of the contents by Beckford on the front of each wrapper gives the subject of each cutting sometimes within a pen-and-ink frame or border , the name and date of the newspaper, and occasionally a comment. Many of the cuttings were made in ; many of the earlier ones were evidently arranged, or re-arranged, years after their dates - for example, a cutting of is enclosed in wrappers watermarked MS.

A few of the earlier wrappers have subject headings by Beckford 'Fonthill Abbey', or 'Miscellaneous'.

The George Beckford Papers: Selected and Introduced by Kari Levitt

Some of the principal subjects covered are: theatre and opera; books - mainly travel, biography and novels; royalty - especially the travels of Queen Victoria in ; obituaries - especially of aristocrats and collectors; Napoleon; Portugal; Spain; some politics; examples of intolerance; oddities; dukes and duchesses; and some crime. There are a few small sketches by Beckford on some wrappers, including c. A few letters and papers found amongst the cuttings have been removed and placed with other manuscripts; drawings by Beckford on scraps of newspapers, and printed items found here are now MS.

Without wrappers, mainly collected by Susan Lady Hamilton, fol. Beckford b. Mainly , without wrappers; cuttings of transferred to MS. One wrapper for the whole bundle, inscribed fol. The first wrapper fol. Mainly , many of them sorted and put into extensively annotated wrappers in , with. The first three wrappers inscribed by Beckford 'Exd. Mainly , several with Beckford's wrappers, or with notes written on the cuttings by him, including.

Some pages in the hand of an amanuensis, with c. A different version of the memoir was published anonymously, as Memoirs of William Beckford of Fonthill , 2 vols. Skeet, Two letters to and from Redding and Beckford formerly enclosed with this manuscript are now MS. On parchment, with emblazoned coats of arms, and fols. The memoirs break off in mid-sentence on fol. A loosely-inserted letter from Sir William Jones to Mme de Starck, , has been transferred from fol. Inscribed in an 18th-cent.

With fol. Booklabel of E. Utterson; inscribed [by Utterson? Francesco Angeloni, Historia di Terni Rome, Jenks [pseud. William Beckford], Azemia, a novel , 2 vols. Contains an 'address', pp. Beckford no. Morris Birkbeck, Notes on a journey through France Two leaves inserted, containing notes by Beckford, including remarks, pp. The two Foscari, a tragedy. Cain, a mystery. London, Clements; Sotheby's, 4 July Clements sale , lot Conrad Gesner, Historia plantarum et vires ex Dioscoride Paris, Inscribed inside upper cover 'Vett.

William Godwin, St. Leon: a tale of the sixteenth century , 4 vols. One note by Beckford, flyleaf of vol. Golovnin, Recollections of Japan London, One leaf inserted, containing notes by Beckford, including, p. Laurens van Haecht Goidtsenhoven, [Greek] Mikrokosmos. A2, A3 only of edition published at Anvers, , inserted at the front of the volume. Numbered in ink in a 19th-cent?

Sir Francis Bond Head, Bart. Four leaves inserted 2nd leaf bound in back to front , containing notes by Beckford, including remarks, pp. Ebenezer Henderson, Biblical researches and travels in Russia London, Four leaves inserted, containing notes by Beckford, including remarks, pp. Duppa London, Athanasius Kircher, La Chine Amsterdam, Clements; Sotheby's, 4 July Clements sale lot August F. One leaf inserted, containing notes by Beckford, including remarks, pp. Lady Caroline Lamb, Glenarvon 2nd ed. Le Sueur HP II, part of lot ; item 52 in a bookseller's catalogue cutting on end pastedown ; bookplate of H.

Tyssot de Patot] Bourdeaux, Mawman, London, One leaf inserted, containing notes by Beckford, including remarks, p. A copy in Fonthill sale Phillips, 23 Sept. One leaf inserted in each vol. Various pencillings erased from flyleaf of vol. Two leaves inserted in each volume, containing notes by Beckford, including remarks, vol. Note of acquisition by Beckford on flyleaf 'Hanr[? Hanrott sale , lot ; HP I, lot ; bookplate of H.

Conspectus of entry numbers for Beckford's manuscripts 'BeW' in the Index of English literary manuscripts, vol. Smith Mansell, , and Bodleian shelfmarks. Numbers omitted here refer to items in other locations. The HP numbers are often cited in Roman figures eg. When an item is noted as 'dispersed', the contents can usually be found in MS. Beckford, , n. Beckford concerning, c. Letter to W. Beckford a.

Courtenay, n. Beckford, n. Beckford, with some bills, , n. Beckford's library, c. CAVE T. Letters to and from W. Beckford, and bills, , n. Beckford concerning China and Japan, c. Beckford, and bills, , , n. Engraved Ouverture du ballet de Phaeton , n. Beckford, [? Beckford probably to, n. HALL E. Longbourne, n. Letters to W. Edward b. Beckford, ? Beckford g.

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HOME Mrs. Burnens, c. Wildman, , see Introduction under 'Related Material', items Beckford concerning sale of illuminated Indian MS. Letter from E. Hall, n. Beckford of Mazarin's bed, n. NOYA - Duc de? Monckton, Lady Cork, ? Beckford Arch. Beckford, c. Zamoyski' to W. Shelfmark: MS. Letters from Franchi to Beckford, in Portuguese, , n. Drafts and copies of letters from Beckford, Shelfmark: MS.

Two files of papers, in Beckford's wrappers, , Shelfmark: MS. The file includes fols. The second file fols. Letter-book, Shelfmark: MS. Letters from Louisa Beckford, [? Notebook containing drafts and copies by Beckford of letters to Louisa Beckford, c. About 20 leaves have been cut out between fols. Palazzo Courtenay 12 Feb. Ly Craven's pastoral April 5th ' see MS. Letters from G.

Letters, mainly in French, Shelfmark: MS. Letters from Robert Hume, Beckford's agent in London, , n. Letters to Beckford, Shelfmark: MS. Letters from Frederick Scholl, in French, , n. Aboyne - Boulainvilliers Shelfmark: MS. Brandoin - Christie Shelfmark: MS.

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Clarke - Cozens Shelfmark: MS. Craven - Ehrhart Shelfmark: MS. Ellacombe - Greville Shelfmark: MS. English and Edmund English, mainly about paintings, fols. Halbach - Hankeys Shelfmark: MS. Harcourt - Hume Shelfmark: MS. Beltz and signed by Heard fols. Hervey [blank] clever and entertaining' fols. Isaacs - Orde Shelfmark: MS. Cochrane-Johnstone, , mainly concerning Beckford's Jamaican estates and finances, with some English political news fols. Pacchiarotti - Rundell Shelfmark: MS. Sartorious - Stuart Shelfmark: MS.

Thornton - White Shelfmark: MS. Wildman - Zamoyski Shelfmark: MS. Letters from Susan, Lady Hamilton, to her husband, in French, , n. Scope and Content: Mainly concerns Beckford's business affairs, including fols. Notebook containing notes and journal entries of travels, Shelfmark: MS. Scope and Content: pp. Boyd Alexander , pp.

The George Beckford papers

Journals, Shelfmark: MS. Notebook 'No.

Draft, with many alterations, of a large part of Dreams, waking thoughts, and incidents Shelfmark: MS. An uncut copy of the suppressed edition of Dreams, waking thoughts, and incidents Shelfmark: MS. Bruno Scope and Content: Contains a number of alterations in Beckford's hand to words and phrases, many of them not entered in the second copy MS. Related Material: Another copy, containing the two engravings missing from the Beckford copies, was bequeathed to the Bodleian by John Hodgkin in [pr. A large paper, uncut, copy of the suppressed edition of Dreams, waking thoughts, and incidents Shelfmark: MS.

Bruno Scope and Content: Contains extensive alterations by Beckford, with passages and whole pages deleted and numerous drafts of altered passages, for inclusion in Italy Journal entries, , and drafts, , of 'Saleve' printed in Italy , i, pp. Fair copy, with some variants, of most of the journal in Portugal and Spain MS. Drafts of letters in Sketches of Spain and Portugal vol.

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The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers
The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers
The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers
The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers
The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers
The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers
The George Beckford Papers The George Beckford Papers

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