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Ads by BravoSpots. Back First Last Next. Free Japanese Sex Videos Japanese porn is one of the craziest, most unbelievable things you'll ever see. There are some really weird things in here, like girls forced to do a TV show while guys are jerking off next to them and rubbing their pussies with vibrators, to put an example. The new album is inspired by the crazy days of the late 60s and the 70s, with a pinch of proto-punk and proto-metal feeling in the sound of this sophomore incredible album.

The vocals have both a vintage melodic touch and an aggressive punch.

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Fast and heavy songs get mixed with catchy and happy ones. From shorter and direct tunes to some with long and changing parts, the power trio gives the listener an easy yet rocking and Recorded in Los Angeles produced by James Childs, the group is on fire! Power trio-untypical arrangements and instruments like electric sitar, clavinet and harpsichord among others are accompanying especially some of the new psychedelia soaked tunes.

But of course you can expect plenty of good old fuzz guitar and Hammond organ driven material as well. Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano ex Fu Manchu has put together one of the most sonically aural music obliterations ever put down on tape.


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Along with Queens of the Stone Age and Eternal Elysium, Nebula were one of the most pleasant surprises in the stoner rock movement. To call them another stoner rock band is an injustice to their versatility and dynamism. Nebula experiments with different types of sounds, including the raga piece "Raga in the Bloodshot Pyramid. Nebula's first non-EP, full-length release, To the Center is another retro-psychedelic heavy rock platter, long on stripped-down riff muscle and surprisingly technically adept guitar jams.

The results sometimes meander, which probably isn't of much consequence if this brand of metal is your bag, since this is what you'd expect in this perception-expanding context. What matters more than tightly structured songs are riffs and atmosphere, and both of those are present in abundance. To the Center was released in on Sub Pop. Nebula is one of those bands that would have fit perfectly on a concert bill with Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, or the Stooges circa The power trio of Eddie Glass vocals, guitars , Ruben Romano drums , and Mark Abshire bass has quietly fused a somewhat modernized but highly distinctive '70s hard rock sound all its own.

Releasing Dos Eps is a smart move, combining the very limited Sun Creature EP and the Meteor City split with three additional songs that groove on raunchy guitar hooks, opaque slacker vocals, and bleed-heavy drumming. Of the unreleased material, "Long Day" pegs an infectious hard-luck guitar swagger against a catchy slippery rhythm, He plays bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and is a vocalist.

He is most widely known as a bassist with Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and Secrets of sound, hidden bases on the moon, trans humanism Heavymetal Mothership is at once incredibly heavy and totally far out psych! After 5 years of their debut album, something unreleased is coming!

The Heavy Stoner Desert Rock trio from Indio, California is ready to give you a unique new piece of music composed by 2 unreleased killer songs, 2 covers: one of Black Sabbath and one of Billy Squire plus a bunch of out takes and live songs for a running time of about 30 minutes of music.


The band ex-Unida repeat the success of the old formula, with Mike Cancino great drumming and the wall of guitar sound of Arthur Seay, that is also the producer of the album, Joe More finalize the job with his wonderful vocals a-la John Garcia. The album has been recorded at the Arthur Seay studio, Indio, California in the deep desert close to the Joshua Tree area who inspired so many artists.

The listener can feel the dust of the desert in his mouth, driving on an old Cadillac, on some desert highways surrounded by the howling of Coyotes. A hammered 4-stroke beat like a twin cylinder engine running on idle, a roaring guitar riff revving up the rpms of the iron-built motorcycle-inspired band, then the fresh and insisting breeze of a Farfisa organ whispering 'let's ride' and a heavy bass greasing up the reliable crank and rods of that authentic rock'n'roll machine, and there goes, ladies and gents, the mighty Lords Of Altamont combo!

Riding hard on backyard-built, loud pipes and rigid frame undestructible raw choppers, the band left their garage enlivened by the year of , right at the crossroads of the Summer of Love and the birth of punk rock. Hangar consists of 4 -5 Songs that fill all 4 sides of an double LP. Form - II. Windkanal - III. C2H6O - II. Torus - II. Kompression - III. Injektion - IV. These sounds are missing on the first self-titled release of Deadsmoke, so now the old tracks have been enriched and new ones have been composed providing a consistent psych-disturbed synthetized sound.

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Six brand new tracks featuring deep guitar fuzz and growling bass take the listener on a journey through the woods, alternating lightly groovy rhythms with sludge-doom cadences. The album has been recorded live by Fabio at NoLogo, a studio located Datio on bass, Doncalisto on drums and Pootchie already guitar player from "The Wisdoom" and "Beesus" are ready for introduce you tribute to the Fuzzy sounds from the "Proto-Punk" till the modern "Heavy Psych". The album is produced mixed and mastered in Murduck Productions studio based in Rome, recorded with the warm sound of an analog mixer from italian 80's tv shows, and mastered with a real tape analog support!

The songwriting it's a compromise between instrumental jammed songs and the "classic tune format". The artwork Features two ex Scorpion Child Nuclear Blast members.

Their sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, their tunes cut right to the bone with heavy, deep groove and blistering tone. Tough and Loud! Hard rock as it should be! It has a heaviness that will appeal to some, and the delicate touch that will appeal to others. New incredible artwork by Laura Giardino.

All the album was recorded analog on an old 4 tracks tape machine, then mixed digitaly. The record has this retro Lofi sound with a very loud master to reproduce their live sound. The record is 31 minutes, no new songs were added by the band so that the album would keep his personality and consistency.

Unreleased dope track for the Italian fuzzsters, 6 minutes of Doomy, Stoner, Sabbathty groove stuff, recorded specifically for the new HPS Sampler, Recorded during their last tour in a cool studio surrounded by white snow mountains in the north of Italy last January You can taste the change of direction for the band with a monolithic style, more dark, more heavy, more straight in your face!

Here the second chapter for the mighty Heavy Psych Sounds Records Sampler, this time you'll see songs taken from releases of the last part of and some unreleased gem from albums has to be released until May as Duel, Cachemira and The Sonic Dawn. The Sampler also feature two brand new unreleased tracks recorded specifically for the compilation! Black Rainbows and Killer Boogie new incredible tracks! Sex, drugs, the occult and buckets of blood.

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Growling desperate vocals and angry fuzzed out guitars telling tales of horror and hallucination. Hard Rock as it should be totally pure and unpretentious. Produced and engineered by lead guitarist Jeff Henson at his new studio Red Nova Ranch in the wastelands of Texas not far from the historic Texas Chainsaw Massacre house.

To achieve the dramatic changes of mood and feeling that The Sonic Dawn excel at, they mix a wide range of styles, from jazzy sitar pop to heavy acid rock. A pleasant-sounding analog production makes the album easy to approach, not to water it down, but rather to pull the unsuspecting listener into the deep. Cosmic space lords Farflung return with their new Ep 'Unwound Celluloid Frown' 33 minutes of lysergic grooves and slamming riffs Imagine, as if the bastard child of Amon Duul ii and Hawkwind arose from the ashes of America They have set their course for the farthest reaches of the universe Are you ready?

Are you ready to climb aboard their craft? Fasten your safety belts, engage your breathing apparatus Local Dogs is an explosive mixture of seventies heavy rock, New Wave of British Heavy Metal and obscure doomy sabbath-style stuff ready to take you back to the spirit of a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods give you the impression that the epic saga of the Seventies ended up in something different than a fleeting reflection of the past.

If you like the early Deep Purple groove, try to imagine it mixed with the bluesy Graveyard mood played by Cathedral jamming on Budgie's tunes in Witchfinder General's practice room: then you should be close to realize the spirit and the power of this record. In this contest the featuring of Bill Steer Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols on lead guitar just tastes like the cherry on top of a tempting cake. These songs perfectly capture the next chapter in our saga across this great planet and beyond.

Made up by former members of local punk, metal and alternative rock bands, the Clamps started to hit the road few months later for plenty of shows in Italy and Europe, where they shared the stage with bands such as The Sewergrooves, Nashville pussy, Pontiac, Valient Thorr ,Wild Eyes, Valley of the sun, Black Tusk, and more.

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Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)
Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition) Japanese Sexy Girl vol 20 (Japanese Edition)

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