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In asking an engineer this question, I offer the following answers that only an engineer would. Transformers might be good and they might not. Approach at your own risk. In two weeks, the original Pony Express could have delivered a piece of mail from the base in St.

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Joseph, Missouri, to the terminus in Sacramento, California. In two weeks, an original Apollo mission could have gone to the moon and back…twice.

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In two weeks, a turtle averaging a speed of 3 miles per hour could have walked from New York City to Cincinnati, Ohio and still have time to stop and eat and sleep. In two weeks, 1. Working from home in the morning, during the hours when my daily tasks are most conducive to digesting podcasts, I felt the weight of unwanted quiet suffusing the air with stillness, a great auditory absence. Every minor rustle from the courtyard outside my window was an event. What could it be? Probably nothing!


I quickly found myself talking to my cats more so than usual , just to put the noise of words into the room. I soaked in the sounds of the city—snatches of stoop-side conversation, the mechanical belch of busses lurching to a stop, unseen mystery birds competing with car radio Cardi B. Sometimes the sound in my head would be a recently heard tune caught in my mental mousetrap, doomed to an indefinite recursive loop. But more often than not, I found that walking around without other voices in my head left me tuned into the main feed of my psyche: worries.

As it turns out, I worry a lot. About everything! And while I have always known this is the case, I was shocked at how much of my commute time was spent dredging up fresh worries that burbled toward the surface. None of these topics were new, but they came at me with a new ferocity, demanding scrutiny. Had I intentionally given my worries an ever-present cognitive hurdle to overcome?

I mean, occasionally some of those things squeaked through.

Ariana Grande Made ‘Thank U, Next’ In Just Two Weeks – Rolling Stone

I was just as likely to walk around thinking about absolutely nothing as I was to land upon any revelation. About a week in, I tried to trick myself into approximating a podcast. While going through my morning work routine, I put on my headphones and played the late-night talk show Desus and Mero , listening without watching.

It took only a few minutes before I had to admit I was insulating myself in a podcast-y comfort zone by finding a way to hear familiar voices talk current events while I did other stuff. I exhaled deeply, turned off the show, and sat in resigned concentration with the headphones still in.

It Only Took Two Weeks

The absence of passive cultural absorption was nagging at me. It felt like I was stuck in between podcasts all the time, which is how it feels to kick any addiction.

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Other Employee Reviews. I have been working at Pilot Flying J full-time Pros Great people, great team atmosphere, takes care of employees.

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Current Employee - Cashier. Pros You get to meet some interesting people. Cons Horrible treatment by management. Show More. Advice to Management Try being decent human beings!!!!

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It Only Took Two Weeks It Only Took Two Weeks
It Only Took Two Weeks It Only Took Two Weeks
It Only Took Two Weeks It Only Took Two Weeks
It Only Took Two Weeks It Only Took Two Weeks
It Only Took Two Weeks It Only Took Two Weeks
It Only Took Two Weeks It Only Took Two Weeks

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