Imelda and the Carabao

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Nothing can approximate a leche flan in a llanera made from: duck egg yolk, carabao milk, sasa nipa sugar or panocha flavored with vanilla extract and grated dayap or lemon rind.

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With an instant mixture it is possible to concoct a leche flan substitute that tastes like, but can never match, the richness made possible by real eggs. Some traditional recipes call for at least 36 egg yolks in one leche flan! If you truly want a sugar-and-cholesterol fix, the one-bite mini leche flan better known as tocino del cielo should have at least one egg in each gulp. Slow cooking over a wood fire is now almost obsolete because in these economically challenged times we think twice about hours of simmering nilaga or sinigang on our gas or electric machines.

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Nobody cooks with clay pots anymore and if you see a palayok on a table today, it is merely ornamental. Why go through the trouble of roasting beef or chicken bones to give them smoked flavor in the stock pot when beef or chicken broth can be bought off grocery shelves in cans or tetra pak? Why bother with slow cooking when a bouillon cube plus the addictive MSG in it can approximate real broth? Some substitutes are unavoidable because the real ingredients are disappearing.

a little thing called RAGSAK

Certain vegetables like tangle and zapote are not known to the present generation. Alubebe is a small fish used to make bagoong. Talangka used to be abundant in August, but pesticides and other reasons have made it scarce.

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The fat is squeezed out of these crablets, sauteed with garlic and flavored with dayap. The taba ng talangka on store shelves today are mostly extender and good coloring. Preserved meats like tocino sweet cured pork , tapa dried cured beef or longganisa ground pork sausages in intestine will not keep very long without refrigeration because of the change in preparation.

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Tocino took at least a day to prepare in the old days because it had to be dried and given its coloring with the bark of a certain tree called ange, which is bought from the Chinese. Today the red color is artificial coloring and salitre. Tocino and tapa are no longer dried because when they are made in the morning they can be sold a few minutes later. Besides, who needs preserved meat when preservation comes easily with a refrigerator or freezer? The aesthetic and taste are simulated but the original reason for curing meat—preservation—is lost.

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Texture obviously changes. Tocino is often pan-fried but in Pampango homes tocino is very sticky and very red because it is cooked in its own lard, caramelized in its own sugar.

One can go on and on about food and how its preparation and taste have changed over time. We all carry the tastes of childhood food on our palate and associate these with memories that provide our personal history. Print Journalism Award. A comprehensive information booklet for Filipino migrants in New Zealand, it provides relevant and concise information ranging from pre-departure, immigration policies to attaining permanent residency in New Zealand.

A radio program dedicated to the concerns and issues of migrants in South Korea, it aims to help Filipino workers, spouses of Koreans and students on their daily lives in South Korea.

2011 Migration Advocacy and Media Awards Winners

Hosted by Atty. Michael Gurfinkel, the TV program specializes on helping the Filipino community deal with immigration issues and problems in North America. Television Journalism Award Episodic. Film Media Award Documentary. A documentary on women empowerment and the harsh realities faced by Filipinas, especially in the Middle East countries. Interactive Media Award. The feature article traces the history and discusses issues and problems of Filipino labour migration since the world oil crisis in late 70s pushed thousands of Filipinos abroad.


Advertisement Award. The advertisement shows tips for potential OFWs on how to avoid illegal recruitment.

Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao
Imelda and the Carabao Imelda and the Carabao

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