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The word holiness can have a discouraging effect on people. Some immediately dismiss it, perhaps a bit sadly, since they believe that whatever it is, holiness is way beyond their reach. They think of their failures and sins, and figure that if they could only get rid of them, then they could start thinking about holiness. Others become frustrated since they have sincerely tried most of their lives to be holy and, in the end, see themselves as advancing nowhere near holiness. Though it is understandable to think that way, it draws a totally false conclusion because the initial premise is wrong.

First of all, people mistakenly link holiness with perfection. Saints would be the first ones to proclaim their failings and sins.

Ready for the answer? Holiness is union with God. Article Obeying God or Man? Sproul Sinclair Ferguson W. Sproul R. Sproul Books That Influenced R. Coram Deo In Christ we become friends of God John —15; James , but this is no casual friendship like we have with other human beings.

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Events Give The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Sanford, FL Directions to our office. Divorce has become acceptable if regrettable, but not subject to the same scrutiny as being used for homosexuality. I appreciate your thoughtful comments on this terribly contentious and complex issue.

I agree with your conclusions and hope to see more of your writings in this forum. I am hoping you would take a moment and address the issue of the NT holding regarding divorce and subsequent remarriage. By this reading, it seems that you support the idea that divorce must be much more restrictive within the UMC. How would you recommend addressing that topic?

Should the Book of Discipline be modified to address this issue directly? Your question about the sin of divorce is a good question, but I do not find it comparable to the sin of homosexual sex. There are multiple scenarios that would need to be played out theologically about divorce- whether the marriage sacrament ever occurred, whether divorce can undo the sacrament of marriage, whether the real sin would be in subsequent marriage, etc.

On top of this is the fact that scripture is consistent about homosexual sex, but tends to acknowledge that even though divorce does not measure up to the ideal of marriage, it is not sinful in given contexts. Divorce is also not a sexual act, and Christian teaching has been consistent that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a sin. This was at odds with the ancient pagan culture surrounding the early church; pagan society readily accepted and promoted homosexual sex even though it did not recognize homosexual marriage. I was probably amiss in my original question.

When I Look Into Your Holiness

You can Google it. Or, you can find his teaching on this on YouTube. David Pawson is the best Bible teacher I have ever read and listened. Dear JR, Any person, whether divorcee, homosexual, murderer, thief, lier, etc.


Biblical Concepts of Holiness

There are no exclusions. Collins, I notice that you did not mention Scripture in your essay. I find that odd, since it is the foundation of the Methodist faith and practice. The essay is richly informed by Scripture as the basic context, the grounding, of interpretation and reasoning. I have indeed assumed a Christian readership. Indeed the reader would be lost without this context in terms of a rich and deep understanding of holiness, holy love and repentance. Those terms have little meaning apart from Scripture. Just follow the old proverbial — two wrongs make a right.

Ken Collins says that the heterosexual and homosexual components of the church is in great need of repentance — a raw truth that far too many do not want to hear. God forgive us. Right now, that looks like a big long shot. Jesus was quite specific countermanding Moses , Paul added a deference to when there is abandonment from a non-believer. They seem quite parallel to me.

Holiness | Definition of Holiness by Merriam-Webster

I will grant you that mainline denominations have long given previously divorced couples the benefit of fairly improbable doubts, but that does not make the two situations the same. Even you say they are parallel, not the same. And yeah, to be fair, churches should be more discerning before approving or appearing to approve of any remarriage.

Dear JR,. Remarriage after divorce is a sin unless…….. If someone in a marriage committed adultery, then the spouse of that person can remarry without commiting adultery of course the offended spouse could not marry a previous divorcee, unless the same thing happened to that person.

The person who committed adultery can never marry again without commiting adultery. This is what Yeshua was saying. Otherwise, remarriage after divorce is continuous ploygamy. I know this is a very tough issue in the church.

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But there it is. I fully agree with Mr Collins that revisionists have not advanced a coherent argument that can make their case convincingly. I have made a case, from Scripture interpreted according to traditional methods, that God wills the Church marry homosexuals just as the Church marries heterosexuals.

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