Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)

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Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)

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In the Grand Canal Company was established by a group of noblemen and merchants, including public subscription, to ensure the future of the canal and to tackle the biggest barrier to the canal, the Bog of Allen; this was a new venture for canals. The company invited John Smeaton and his assistant William Jessop to Ireland for two weeks to advise them. Smeaton made a recommendation to skirt round the bog but to build the canal at the full height, in contrast to Omer's efforts which attempted to drain parts of the bog and build at a lower level.

This was to prove an expensive mistake, although he advised reducing the generous locks that Omer had built to 18m by 4m, which would bring about considerable savings in the total cost of the canal. The canal from Sallins was opened to traffic in and a twice-weekly passenger service from Sallins to Dublin started in ; the canal was extended to Robertstown in , including the Leinster Aqueduct across the Liffey, constructed by Richard Evans , to a junction with the River Barrow at Athy by The circular line through Dublin from Portobello to Ringsend, where large docks adjacent to the Liffey were constructed, was started in and opened in ; the company had by turned its attention to completing the link with the Shannon.

Getting across the Bog of Allen took more than five years of struggle under the guidance of Jessop, who attempted to use walls of clay to support the walls of the canal. Though the canal was opened to Daingean in , serious breaches occurred and Jessop was forced to abandon this method. The continuation to the Shannon continued under the leadership of John Killaly , who succeeded in crossing another bog by carrying out drainage works for several years before construction. The work was completed in , but because of leakages and a dry summer the official opening had to be delayed until April ; the canal had taken 47 years to build.

Trade increased from , tons in to double that in Apart from the breaches during construction, there were breaches on a branch of the canal in , due to which one child drowned, another in In the main canal breached at the same location as in In again yards of canal was displaced. The last breach was between the Blundell Aqueduct and Downshire bridge. This section, known as the Circular Line , has seven locks; the path of the original main line, which serviced the Grand Canal Harbour, the City Basin and Guinness brewery, can be seen at Inchicore.

Most of the route of this line now runs alongside the Red Luas Line.

People from Tipton

From Suir Road Bridge, the lock numbering starts again at 1 as the canal heads west through the suburbs of Dublin West and into Kildare. Just outside Sallins. Republic of Ireland national football team The Republic of Ireland national football team represents Ireland in association football. It is governed by the Football Association of Ireland and stages its home fixtures at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin ; the team made their debut at the Summer Olympics.

The team reached the quarter-final stage of the European Nations' Cup, where they lost to the eventual winners Spain. Charlton's successor Mick McCarthy lost out on the next two major tournaments but qualified for the World Cup, making it to the last Under Giovanni Trapattoni , the team narrowly lost out on qualification for the World Cup during a controversial play-off, but went on to qualify for Euro ; the team failed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil , marking the end of Trapattoni's tenure as manager. For the next Euro qualifying campaign under manager Martin O'Neill , the Republic of Ireland finished third behind Germany and Poland , but went on to qualify for Euro after a 3—1 aggregate win over Bosnia and Herzegovina in the play-offs.

The Boys in Green reached the Round of 16 stage at that tournament and were knocked out by the hosts and eventual runners-up France after losing 2—1. Between and , Ireland was represented by a single national football team organised by the Belfast-based Irish Football Association. In , Ireland was partitioned into Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State Following the initial political upheavals surrounding Partition, a Dublin-based organisation calling itself the Football Association of the Irish Free State split from the IFA in and began organising its own league and national football team.

On 28 May, at the Stade Olympique , they beat Bulgaria 1—0, with Paddy Duncan scoring the team's first goal; as a result, they qualified for the quarter-finals. On 14 June , the Irish Free State made their home debut against the United States , who had embarked on a brief European tour after competing in the same Summer Olympics. Ed Brookes scored a hat-trick in a 3—1 home win at Dalymount Park. The Irish Free State did not play their next game until 21 March , an away game against Italy lost 3—0.

In subsequent years, the status of the Olympic Games football competition was downgraded and as a result, this game is regarded as the Irish Free State's first official game. Paddy Moore scored all four of the Free State's goals and became the first player to score four goals in a World Cup game.

During this entire period, there were two Irish international football teams, chosen by two rival Associations. At least 38 dual internationals were selected to represent both teams, however the overwhelming majority of these were Southerners who agreed to play for the IFA team, with only a bare handful "crossing the border" in the other direction. FIFA intervened when both teams entered World Cup qualification , the first time they had entered the same competition. FIFA's response was to restrict the eligibility of players on the basis of the border, further ruling in that ne.

Dublin Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland.

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It is on the east coast of Ireland, in the province of Leinster , at the mouth of the River Liffey , is bordered on the south by the Wicklow Mountains , it has an urban area population of 1,,, while the population of the Dublin Region , as of , was 1,,, the population of the Greater Dublin area was 1,, There is archaeological debate regarding where Dublin was established by the Gaels in or before the 7th century AD.

Expanded as a Viking settlement, the Kingdom of Dublin , the city became Ireland's principal settlement following the Norman invasion; the city expanded from the 17th century and was the second largest city in the British Empire before the Acts of Union in This tidal pool was located where the River Poddle entered the Liffey, on the site of the castle gardens at the rear of Dublin Castle. Other localities in Ireland bear the name Duibhlinn, variously anglicized as Devlin and Difflin.

It is now thought that the Viking settlement was preceded by a Christian ecclesiastical settlement known as Duibhlinn, from which Dyflin took its name. He called it Eblana polis. Dublin celebrated its'official' millennium in , meaning the Irish government recognised as the year in which the city was settled and that this first settlement would become the city of Dublin, it is now thought the Viking settlement of about was preceded by a Christian ecclesiastical settlement known as Duibhlinn, from which Dyflin took its name.

Beginning in the 9th and 10th century, there were two settlements which became the modern Dublin ; the subsequent Scandinavian settlement centred on the River Poddle, a tributary of the Liffey in an area now known as Wood Quay. The Dubhlinn was a pool on the lowest stretch of the Poddle, used to moor ships; this pool was fully infilled during the early 18th century, as the city grew.

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Dublin was established as a Viking settlement in the 10th century and, despite a number of attacks by the native Irish, it remained under Viking control until the Norman invasion of Ireland was launched from Wales in According to some historians, part of the city's early economic growth is attributed to a trade in slaves.

Slavery in Ireland and Dublin reached its pinnacle in the 10th centuries. Prisoners from slave raids and kidnappings, which captured men and children, brought revenue to the Gaelic Irish Sea raiders, as well as to the Vikings who had initiated the practice; the victims came from Wales, England and beyond.

Following Mac Murrough's death, Strongbow declared himself King of Leinster after gaining control of the city. Shelbourne F. Shelbourne were founded in Dublin in In the club joined the Irish Football League , an all Ireland competition, before becoming founding members of the League of Ireland in The club colours are red and white, with home jerseys being predominantly red.

The club lost their Premier Division licence for the season due to the club's debt situation.

Division: The Irish Soccer Split

Although the club was saved, since Shelbourne have played in the second tier of the League of Ireland. Shelbourne Football Club was formed in in the Ringsend area of Dublin by a group of men led by Mr.

James Rowan; the club took its name from the nearby Shelbourne Road. The club's first pitch was at Havelock Square just behind the north stand at the present day Aviva Stadium. Shelbourne's second season was their first in competitive competition. Shelbourne played 28 matches, won 25, drew 2 and lost only 1, their goal tally was for and 15 against.

Shelbourne won the Leinster Junior Cup and League Championship; the club decided to enter the senior ranks for the —98 Season and reached the Leinster Senior Cup Final at their first attempt, only to lose to Bohemians. The club were beaten by Distillery ; the following year Shelbourne defeated Belfast Celtic in the Cup Final 2—0 and became the first Southern club to win the IFA Cup, according to a Dublin newspaper "Tar Barrels and bonfires were blazing across Ringsend and Sandymount that night as the Irish Cup was paraded around the district".

In Shelbourne player Val Harris became the club's first player to line out for Ireland. In Shelbourne won their fourth Leinster Senior Cup, the club played in a charity match against Bohemians in and raised more than pounds to build a Roman Catholic Church in Ringsend. Shelbourne reached the IFA Cup Final again in and but were beaten on both occasion in replay's against Cliftonville and Bohemians.

Shelbourne won the Leinster Senior Cup again in and Shelbourne were Gold Cup runners-up, winners in Shelbourne were Leinster Senior Cup winners again in and Shelbourne won the IFA Cup once more, in after the other semi-final was declared void as both of the teams involved were ejected from the competition, before Shelbourne's association with the Irish Football Association was to come to an end.

The immediate cause of the split lay in a bitter dispute over the venue for the replay of an Irish Cup match in involving Glentoran of Belfast and Shelbourne ; when the first cup match was drawn in Belfast, because of the Irish war of independence , the IFA reneged on a promise to play the replay in Dublin and scheduled the rematch again for Belfast.

Shelbourne refused to forfeited the Cup; such was the anger over the issue that the Leinster FA broke away from the IFA and formed its own national association, the present day Football Association of Ireland. Shelbourne finished runners-up the following two seasons and won the Leinster Senior Cup, the reds finished third in the league again in the —25 season before winning the league for their first time the following season in — They finished runners-up the following two years before winning the —29 Championship.

Additional reading: Reds UnitedHaving failed to retain the title in , Shels won their third league title in and were Leinster Senior Cup winners. In the club got into a dispute with the Free State F. In the row that followed, Shels resigned from the League and were suspended from football for a year by the FAI; the club played no football during the —35 season and spent the —36 season in the Athletic Union League before being re-admitted to the League of Ireland for the start of the —37 season. During the —36 season a team called Reds United , made up of a number of Shels players and backed by Shels personnel, compete.

Inchicore Inchicore is a residential suburb of Dublin , the capital of Ireland , is the site of Ireland's main railroad service yards. Located 5 kilometres due west of the city centre, Inchicore lies across the course of the River Camac , south of the River Liffey , west of Kilmainham , north of Drimnagh and east of Ballyfermot ; the majority of Inchicore is in the Dublin 8 postal district, while portions of the area extend into Dublin 10 and Dublin James, in the Barony of Uppercross.

Inchicore is served by a range of Dublin Bus services.

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Although the site of Ireland's main railway service yards, it has no mainline rail service, but it is served by the Luas tramway system, which runs along its filled-in permanent way, serves the area from Blackhorse to Suir Bridge. Inchicore is passed on its southern edge by the Grand Canal , developed by economic progressives of the day and that was, at its peak, the major passenger and commercial trading route through central Ireland, running through the lush productive farmlands and peat bogs of the Irish midlands.

While it carried significant traffic in the great boom of the eighteenth century, it is now a recreational waterway.

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  • Modern Inchicore grew from a small village near a marsh on the River Camac, at Inse Chaoire where sheep were herded and watered outside Dublin city prior to market; the village developed into a significant industrial and residential suburb in the late nineteenth century, due to its engineering works and the west city tramway terminus. It was incorporated by the expanding city more than a century ago; the first railway line in Ireland was established in and was located between Dublin and Kingstown , this affected the town of Inchicore.

    Between the years and several houses and a Workmans Dining Hall was built on Inchicore Road; the building of houses increased. Employment in Inchicore at this time evolved around the railway station. The village is served by several pubs, including the ancient Black Lion Inn, several restaurants and take-aways including an Italian Restaurant called O'Liva. A brewery has opened in the area. Inchicore has a strong association with the national transportation system. A large tramyard terminus and coachworks and one of the major engineering works of the Irish railway network are located here, they are still a major employer among national distribution depots.

    Inchicore is undergoing considerable public and funded development, it is experiencing strong growth in the diversity of its population. Much of its course is now covered by buildings. During the eighteenth century small industries paper and textiles, developed along the Camac, which at the time was characterised by water mills, water wheels and weirs. In the 18th century, mills at Goldenbridge were producing flour. Much of the industrial archaeology has disappeared but remnants still exist in the area.

    Kilmainham mill still exists and much of the machinery is still in place. Although derelict a new committee has been set up with a view to securing its preservation. Other watercourses in the area include the Creosote Stream, which passes through the railworks , comes to the Liffey at the western end of the War Memorial Gardens; the Irish National War Memorial Gardens , containing a monument designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens , lies just to the north of Inchicore.

    It commemorates the fallen Irish of the Great War. Official record books held in museum buildings there are inscribed with the names those who gave their lives; the gardens are accessible from the South Circular Road , en route toward Phoenix Park can be accessed by crossing over Islandbridge. The U. Parliament since Goldenbridge is the final resting place of modern Ireland's first head of government, President of the Executive Council W. Cosgrave who died in Nearby Kilmainham Jail , now a national museum, was the scene of the execution of leaders of Easter Rising of Michael's National School is built on the site of the former Richmond Barracks.

    Prisoners were taken there for processing after the surrender of the insurgents in In local government elections Inchicore is in the jurisdiction of Dublin City Council and for council elections, forms part of the Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Ward. Republic of Ireland Ireland known as the Republic of Ireland , is a country in north-western Europe occupying 26 of 32 counties of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin , located on the eastern part of the island, whose metropolitan area is home to around a third of the country's over 4.

    The sovereign state shares its only land border with a part of the United Kingdom , it is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean , with the Celtic Sea to the south, St George's Channel to the south-east, the Irish Sea to the east. It had the status of Dominion until when a new constitution was adopted, in which the state was named "Ireland" and became a republic, with an elected non-executive president as head of state. It was declared a republic in , following the Republic of Ireland Act Ireland became a member of the United Nations in December , it joined the European Economic Community , the predecessor of the European Union , in The state had no formal relations with Northern Ireland for most of the twentieth century, but during the s and s the British and Irish governments worked with the Northern Ireland parties towards a resolution to "the Troubles".

    Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in , the Irish government and Northern Ireland Executive have co-operated on a number of policy areas under the North-South Ministerial Council created by the Agreement. Ireland ranks among the top twenty-five wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita, as the tenth most prosperous country in the world according to The Legatum Prosperity Index After joining the EEC, Ireland enacted a series of liberal economic policies that resulted in rapid economic growth.

    The country achieved considerable prosperity between the years of and , which became known as the Celtic Tiger period. This was halted by an unprecedented financial crisis that began in , in conjunction with the concurrent global economic crash. However, as the Irish economy was the fastest growing in the EU in , Ireland is again ascending league tables comparing wealth and prosperity internationally.

    For example, in , Ireland was ranked as the joint sixth most developed country in the world by the United Nations Human Development Index , it performs well in several national performance metrics, including freedom of the press , economic freedom and civil liberties. The state, comprising 26 of the 32 counties of Ireland, was "styled and known as the Irish Free State".

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    Section 2 of the Republic of Ireland Act states, "It is hereby declared that the description of the State shall be the Republic of Ireland. In an Irish republican context it is referred to as "the Free State " or "the 26 Counties". This set the pattern of emigration for the century to come, resulting in constant population decline up to the s. From , under Charles Stewart Parnell from , the Irish Parliamentary Party gained prominence; this was firstly through widespread agrarian agitation via the Irish Land League , that won land reforms for tenants in the form of the Irish Land Acts , secondly through its attempts to achieve Home Rule , via two unsuccessful bills which would have granted Ireland limited national autonomy.

    These led to "grass-roots" control of national affairs, under the Local Government Act , in the hands of landlord-dominated grand juries of the Protestant Ascendancy. However, the Unionist movement had been growing since among Irish Protestants after the introduction of the first home rule bill , fearing discrimination and loss of economic and social privileges if Irish Catholics achieved real political power. It was an escalation of the Irish revolutionary period into warfare.

    Although it was crushed after a week of fighting, the Easter Rising and the British response led to greater popular support for Irish independence. On 21 January they declared Irish independence; that day, two RIC officers were shot dead in the Soloheadbeg ambush by IRA volunteers acting on their own initiative.

    Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories) Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)
    Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories) Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)
    Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories) Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)
    Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories) Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)
    Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories) Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)
    Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories) Freestaters: The Republic of Ireland Soccer Team 1921-1939 (Desert Island Football Histories)

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