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Tempor incididunt. All rights reserved. This is the fun way! Important Note Make sure you start with stories at your level , and go gradually up. This story is of more length than the others. It is divided into several chapters. Fluffy never eats anything that costs less than 50 dollars. He has a really expansive taste. One day Fluffy gets lost. Lisa looks for him everywhere, but she can't find him.


The Oxford Book of English Short Stories by A.S. Byatt

Poor Fluffy walks and walks. He is not sure where to turn, and it is already time for his 4 o'clock snack. Jul 28, Denloy rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Good for children. A stunning collection of superb short stories - in the main. Several I would have cheerfully omitted, and they bring the overall quality of the collection down. Many of them, though, have influenced me to read a novel by the authors as soon as I could.

The Kiss inspired me so much, I read Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop [] as soon as I bought it, and I got the full collection of her short stories, Burning Your Boats: Collected Short Stories [], reading several immediately, plus obtaining A stunning collection of superb short stories - in the main. I read another short story by Leonora Carrington - bizarre. I read McEwan's Atonement [] - outstanding - within a couple of weeks of his absurdly humorous Solid Geometry So many of these stories are - if you have never read anything by their authors - inspirational delights.

Some mere representative padding. Nov 20, Holmes rated it really liked it.

I like editor A. Byatt's selection criterion: "that both the writing and the story should be startling and satisfying, and if possible make the hairs on the neck prickle with excitement, aesthetic or narrative.

The plot is one of the most intrig I like editor A. The plot is one of the most intriguing I've ever seen! It reads like a thriller and a detective story, but the whole setting is rather hilarious, especially the ending. Lawrence's The Man who Loved Islands - I marvel at Lawrence's breathtaking descriptions of nature and weather, and how he intimately intertwines them with the character's struggles and feelings.

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Maybe it's because of the very cleverly constructed crime story in which the criminals prevail? White's The Troll - It's a surreal horror story, absurdly supernatural yet disturbingly believable.

100 Great Short Stories

The whole plot is so patently unrealistic, but White's storytelling is so convincing that you'll still have goosebumps all over. John Fuller's Telephone - It's an extremely short story that is nothing more than an internal monologue about the phone ringing. But it's a wonder how Fuller can make so much out of so little!

Rose Tremain's The Beauty of the Dawn Shift - As the editor so aptly comments, "The dreamy precise prose gives the hero's journey a fabulous quality, yet it is simultaneously sensuously solid. A very good mix of stories. Collection has clearly been well thought through. I like the fact that it's in chronological order as it's interesting to see the styles change, not only author to author but decade to decade. As with all short story collections, some are better than others.

A great variety here though. It was an interesting book but I have to admit I gave up. You really have to "read" this rather than having it as a bedtime read. That said some of the stories are really entertaining and light hearted. Jan 06, Brooks rated it did not like it. With a few exceptions, e. Dickens didn't like most of these stories. Although written by established authors I found them all a bit too well written - if that makes sense - but not enjoyable, or interesting, to read.

Maybe a worthy collection, but not for me. Jan 30, Avd. Byatt in her introduction to this great collection of stories. Jul 06, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. One of the most teachable anthologies out there. Wonderful scope. May 21, Ginny rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Lawrence - "The kiss" by Angela Carter. Jan 04, Martin Spinelli rated it liked it. Highlights for me were 'The Kiss' and 'Solid Geometries. This is an excellent collection of short stories by some famous and not quite so famous authors. I enjoyed all of them to some degree.

Olivia rated it really liked it Aug 12, Alfie Griffiths rated it liked it Feb 05, Elizabeth-Rose rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Ross Turner rated it liked it Feb 11, Sarah Milner rated it liked it Mar 13, Softwear rated it really liked it Jun 25, Brendan White rated it liked it Feb 29, Jeffrey rated it really liked it Oct 15, Leslie rated it really liked it Nov 09, The rest of his family had moved to live underneath a big house.

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They told him he was stupid to Listen, and I will tell you what happened. Then you can judge how healthy my mind is. You see, my body is strong. My hearing has become much stronger. I can hear sounds far and near.

English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories
English Short Stories English Short Stories

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