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Who does not remember, with shivers of excitement, the iconic film version starring Charlton Heston as the Jewish prince, Judah Ben-Hur? It tells the story of Judah, a prince of the house of Hur, who falls in love with Esther, is unjustly charged with attempting to assassinate the Roman governor, and is banished to be a galley slave. Later, Jesus intervenes to save Judah from dying of thirst on a forced march to the galleys. They started to run; they ran with all their might; on horseback, and camels, and in chariots they ran, as well as on foot; but then, as if it were mad at them for what they had done, and had taken up the cause of the unoffending and friendless dead, the earthquake pursued them, and tossed them about, and flung them down, and terrified them yet more by the horrible noise of great rocks grinding and rending beneath them.

They beat their breasts and shrieked with fear. His blood was upon them! The home-bred and the foreign, priest and layman, beggar, Sadducee, Pharisee, were overtaken in the race, and tumbled about indiscriminately. If they called on the Lord, the outraged earth answered for him in fury, and dealt them all alike. It did not even know wherein the high-priest was better than his guilty brethren; overtaking him, it tripped him up also, and smirched the fringing of his robe, and filled the golden bells with sand, and his mouth with dust. He and his people were alike in the one thing at least — the blood of the Nazarene was upon them all!

He was aware of the sensitivity of the subject, and of the difficulties of an actor portraying Jesus. That particular problem was solved by depicting Jesus as a beam of white light. Then there was the chariot race, so powerful and so key to the story. Eight horses were trained to pull two chariots in the production, and are reported to have run at full gallop on a kind of conveyor belt, in front of moving scenery on a cyclorama. It was 15 minutes long, and shoddy. Hollywood stars are said to have flocked to the set, and Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Harry Lloyd, Myrna Loy, and Lillian Gish are said to have been among the many extras for the chariot race.

I almost got crazy reading the book because I had no idea how to put all the stuff into short pieces of suspense. And then to have them having a philosophical symposium in the midst of the desert, where they met guided by their spiritual leader. She had found a relief on the pulpit of a church in Pisa, and it is on this relief that the Magi and the nativity will be projected. Wallace devotes pages of the book to the crucifixion, equivalent to 30 minutes in a two-hour show where the chariot race is a climax.

Without the resurrection, the crucifixion would have been without sense. The director, Philip Wm. The religious, spiritual, and Christian attitude of the piece was clear to everybody from the beginning, he says, despite the fact that most of the team are not Christian in the conventional sense. There is virtual animation alongside the live action, and filmic interpretation. But the whole thing is a miracle. Church Army is a fast-growing, dynamic organisation which works predominantly with those on the margins; across UK and Ireland there are Church Army Evangelists in post, including in its Centres of Mission, hostels, and in projects such as those that work with young people struggling with issues resulting in self-harm.

We are a strong and vibrant community dedicated to serve and we have always sought to show the love of Christ unconditionally to all those who need us. Our church life is in the mainstream Anglican tradition. I agree that full strength purple power will probably take that stuff off. I'd put it on a rag so you don't spray it everywhere. Do small areas and rinse every 30 seconds or so. Easy Off oven cleaner in the yellow spray can. Wear gloves because it doesn't feel good.

How to Remove Heavy Brake Dust from Wheels | CarBibles

Spray on and let it work a bit before wiping it off, follow with a wash with soap. I couldn't get brake dust and chunks off the wheels from my MINI for the life of me. I tried it on a recommendation and figured it was a last resort. Worked like a champ and the wheels looked new. Try some of this stuff, you can get it at the dollar store.

I once used it to clean 20 years of brake dust off a junkyard steelie, it just rinsed off after a half hour soak. I forget what it is exactly but recall it containing some sort of strong industrial degreaser, it will etch glass, doesn't seem to bother paint. This goes without saying, but don't get any harsh chemicals on the tires. In the trucking industry the wheel cleaner of choice to remove brake gunk from aluminum wheels is as follows:. Spray on and allow to sit for 10 minutes, then scrub with a soft bristle brush and then rinse.

Part 1 of 3: Scrub the wheels clean

Repeat as needed. I've seen that trick work on wheels that were absolutely black from years of exposure to brake dust and road grunge. Before I learned it I had spent hours cleaning truck wheels, going so far as to sand the layer of crunge off and then polishing out the newly revealed metal surfaces. I bought some LTD "Turbine" wheels for my trailer, huge brake dust.

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Finished with Eagle One and several pre-owned tooth brushes. De-Solv-It mechanic's solvent is paint-safe and takes it right off, just wad up some paper towels, put some on and use the rough side. I've used it on my 'rollas rims before. I'd wash them with soap and water immediately afterwards just to be safe, but that's because I don't really trust things that claim to be paint-safe but strip off super-stubborn dirt like it's no big deal. Use a scotch brite pad as a scrubber. They work wonders. You probably won't notice the fine scratches or dulling, as wheels are usually low gloss.

If you have access to medical supplies, grab some Cavi-Wipes or Spray. Basically used for wiping down things around hospital labs, it cleans and kills bacteria, viruses, etc, etc, etc. That stuff can clean anything, but be careful because its a carcinogen! What I used to clean painted wheels of Phosphoric Acid. A common product taht contains it is "Lime Away".

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Mix it per the directions on the bottle and spray on. Scrub it a bit after it sits there for a few minutes. Then rinse off. I have found that if I clean the wheels on my race car after each race the dust comes off easy. The longer it stays on the wheel the harder it is to remove. On a steet car it's way harder to get the wheels really clean. I tried the Eagle One wheel cleaner that is good for clear coat and the brake dust laughed in its face.

Hitting it with a scotchbrite pad and the cleaner didn't make much of a difference. It only started to come off when I scratched at the brake dust with an old credit card. I'll have to try one of the tougher options. I've successfully used Comet the powder cleaner.

It's hard on the finish, but works great if you're careful. You'll need to log in to post. Log in. Login Digital Edition Buy a Subscription.

Dust in the Wheels Dust in the Wheels
Dust in the Wheels Dust in the Wheels
Dust in the Wheels Dust in the Wheels
Dust in the Wheels Dust in the Wheels
Dust in the Wheels Dust in the Wheels

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