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Synonyms and related words. To make something start to exist or happen: bring about , trigger , form Explore Thesaurus. To cause someone to remember: remind , come to , bring back More BuzzWords anecdata hyperlocal curate nonliner redact charticle twitchfork tole-rant hat tip BuzzWord archive.

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Open Dictionary Nordic walking a sport or leisure activity that involves walking across country with the aid of long poles resembling ski sticks add a word. More submissions mudlarking TTFN distractive slugabed inspo rosarian stop motion corpsing bubbletecture view entries.

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Each weapon grants unique skills and attributes to the wielder. Like all bundles, conjured weapons have their own weapon strength and do not provide attribute bonuses. Unlike most bundles, conjured weapons scale closely with weapons available to a player at a given level. At level 80, conjured weapons have a weapon strength of This value is close to the weapon strength of exotic one-handed weapons.

Weapon strength of conjured weapons is not displayed in the game, so a specific normalization has been chosen that gives a skill coefficient of 0.

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In addition, players will still benefit from attribute bonuses of their weapon set. This is on top of the conjure effect provided by the weapon itself.

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  5. As conjure weapons also have conjure effects that provide addition attribute bonuses, this can make conjure weapons a powerful alternative to a normal weapon set. Jump to: navigation , search.

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