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Stockton coll ed Richard Gid Powers are fantasies. Stockton 23 vols is definitive Stockton coll ! The Stories of the Three Burglars is presented as a novel but contains three interpolated tales, one of which is fantasy. The Great Show in Kobol-Land chap is an interesting novella for children — it is reprinted in The Clocks of Rondaine and Other Stories — whose hero and heroine ultimately reject the gift of the Cosmic Bean the ultimate foodstuff because they do not wish to be rulers of Lazyland.

It is provided as a reference and resource for users of the SF Encyclopedia , but apart from possible small corrections has not been updated. Did not the accused person have the whole matter in his own hands? The king had a beautiful daughter who was like him in many ways. He loved her above all humanity. The princess secretly loved a young man who was the best-looking and bravest in the land. But he was a commoner, not part of an important family. One day, the king discovered the relationship between his daughter and the young man. The man was immediately put in prison. This, of course, was an especially important event.

Never before had a common subject been brave enough to love the daughter of the king. The king knew that the young man would be punished, even if he opened the right door. And the king would take pleasure in watching the series of events, which would judge whether or not the man had done wrong in loving the princess. The day of the trial arrived.

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From far and near the people gathered in the arena and outside its walls. The king and his advisers were in their places, opposite the two doors. All was ready. The sign was given. The door under the king opened and the lover of the princess entered the arena. Tall, beautiful and fair, his appearance was met with a sound of approval and tension. Half the people had not known so perfect a young man lived among them. No wonder the princess loved him!

What a terrible thing for him to be there! As the young man entered the public arena, he turned to bend to the king.

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But he did not at all think of the great ruler. From the day it was decided that the sentence of her lover should be decided in the arena, she had thought of nothing but this event.


The princess had more power, influence and force of character than anyone who had ever before been interested in such a case. She had done what no other person had done. She had possessed herself of the secret of the doors. She knew behind which door stood the tiger, and behind which waited the lady.

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She also knew who the lady was. The lady was one of the loveliest in the kingdom. Now and then the princess had seen her looking at and talking to the young man. The princess hated the woman behind that silent door. She hated her with all the intensity of the blood passed to her through long lines of cruel ancestors. Her lover turned to look at the princess.

Frank Stockton: Biography, Quotes & Facts

His eye met hers as she sat there, paler and whiter than anyone in the large ocean of tense faces around her. He saw that she knew behind which door waited the tiger, and behind which stood the lady. He had expected her to know it. The only hope for the young man was based on the success of the princess in discovering this mystery. When he looked at her, he saw that she had been successful, as he knew she would succeed. There was not time to be lost. The princess raised her hand, and made a short, quick movement toward the right. No one but her lover saw it. Every eye but his was fixed on the man in the arena.

He turned, and with a firm and quick step he walked across the empty space. Every heart stopped beating. Every breath was held. Every eye was fixed upon that man. He went to the door on the right and opened it.

Now, the point of the story is this: Did the tiger come out of that door, or did the lady? The more we think about this question, the harder it is to answer. It involves a study of the human heart. Think of it not as if the decision of the question depended upon yourself. But as if it depended upon that hot-blooded princess, her soul at a white heat under the fires of sadness and jealousy.

She had lost him, but who should have him? How often, in her waking hours and in her dreams, had she started in wild terror, and covered her face with her hands?

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She thought of her lover opening the door on the other side of which waited the sharp teeth of the tiger! But how much oftener had she seen him open the other door? How had she ground her teeth, and torn her hair, when she had seen his happy face as he opened the door of the lady!

How her soul had burned in pain when she had seen him run to meet that woman, with her look of victory. When she had seen the two of them get married. And when she had seen them walk away together upon their path of flowers, followed by the happy shouts of the crowd, in which her one sad cry was lost!

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Would it not be better for him to die quickly, and go to wait for her in that blessed place of the future? And yet, that tiger, those cries, that blood! Her decision had been shown quickly.

Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton Works of Frank Richard Stockton
Works of Frank Richard Stockton

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