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Date of publication: October 31, reprint , October 1, original Amazon rating: 4. Personology refers to the characteristics influenced by the sun, sign, season and day. The book is based on the theory that life is cyclical, meaning that people that share the same birthday, have the same characteristics. Each day of the year is featured on a double-page spread with a personality description, health information, important numbers and tarot cards.

There are also extensive lists of people born on each day. If you are looking for a greater understanding of yourself and what commonalities you have with people born on the same day, check this book out! It also carries an entertainment value to share with friends. You can also read about your birthday on his website, here. Date of publication: November 13, updated version , November 1, original Amazon rating: 4. When ordered off Amazon, the book offers a downloadable software that creates your personalized chart in minutes.

The book provides readers with additional knowledge about moon signs, sun signs, planets and houses in various charts. Author Joanna Martine Woolfolk, horoscope columnist for Marie Claire and Redbook magazine, updated the original guide in , a year before she passed.

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The book was initially published twenty years ago, however, it has consistently been named one of the best astrology books to this date. Date of publication: April 22, Amazon rating: 5 stars Pages: Who this book is for: Singles looking for a compatible partner. Celebrity chef and food astrologer, Sabra Ricci, has written three books about astrology in the kitchen. This book discusses who to avoid, and who to go after, based on horoscopes. Date of publication: October 1, Amazon rating: 4. Jan Spiller, author of three books about spiritual astrology and a monthly column in the largest astrological publication in the world, Deli Horoscope Magazine, is a recognized leader in the field of astrology.

Astrology for the Soul reveals an in-depth insight to the position of the North Node of the Moon on your astrology chart and its implications to important elements of your life. These elements include your special talent, self-defeating tendencies, finding a successful partner and ways to strengthen yourself as a person.

In the Book of Runes, the first Rune is The Self; it is the starting point and it is also the destination. We are all unique individuals with our own special destiny yet we are all on the same quest; the search for the Self, the journey of becoming whole. Fiery Leo is associated with the Sun; it embodies creativity, self-expression, and individuality; in the theatre it would be the star. Intellectual Aquarius symbolizes group consciousness and requires teamwork and collaboration; it represents the stagehands that put the show together.

A production or a life requires both energies.

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Are you ready to step out from the chorus sing your solo? Are you prepared to do the work involved? This Full Moon puts you to the test. Get-real Saturn in intense Scorpio makes a challenging square to the Full Moon urging us to examine what is holding us back. A square demands change and compromise. Several months ago I listened to a recording of a talk that Caroline Myss gave.

What have you learned about your Scorpio issues your addictions, obsessions, and fears? Are you willing to take responsibility and create a new relationship with them? Saturn moving forward now is an opportunity to let go of an old pattern or story and begin a new chapter. Hold on tight. It feels as if time has sped up or collapsed altogether.

The stakes have been raised. No margin for error. No falling asleep at the wheel. Thankfully, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces join together in a supportive grand water trine for most of July to ease the process and give us some much needed faith for the journey ahead. The planet Jupiter entered Cancer on June 25 and will remain there until July 16, This combination can expand and deeper our understanding of the areas ruled by Cancer such as home, family, and the feminine.

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Ultimately Jupiter is about faith and belief. How much faith do you have in yourself to go for something you really want? Jupiter brings opportunities and opens doors but you must take some risks to receive his rewards. If Jupiter is strong for you this year then you need to dream big and make some bold moves. We all have the sign Cancer somewhere in our charts; that is the area where we can expect some grace and good will. On August 7 we have a New Moon in colorful and creative Leo. On August we have a second Aquarius Full Moon!

To find out more you can go to my website: www. I will post an overview of the New and Full Moon in both places. Summer Reading: Whether a trashy romance novel, a historical or political tome, a mystery or a memoir, nothing says summer like diving into a big book and actually having the luxury of time to finish it! The candles have all melted, the energy is soft and still and the sweet scent of night jasmine lingers in the air.

The old owl has appeared on the Alder tree outside the window reminding us that it is time to say goodbye.

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I am deeply grateful for our time together. Take pleasure in this beautiful season. Remember that Leo is the sign of joy, pleasure and forgiveness. What brings you joy, what makes your heart sing? Summer is the perfect time to experience that. We live in such a busy, high-paced world. Dare to slow down, be still, and give yourself time to rest and restore. You are worth it! Love yourself, feel good, and be grateful.

All is well, you are loved, Virginia. And then to do it again the next day?

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Mix 1 egg 1 cup of milk Mix dry ingredients with the wet. Pour the combined mixture into the baking pan with the butter. Add the fruit.

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  4. Bake at degrees for 40 minutes.

    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013
    The Big Book of Astrology 2013 The Big Book of Astrology 2013

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