Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)

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avec une intervention de Stéphanie Rosianu

Award for high quality applied research. In collaboration with Prof O. Wide-angle vision for outdoor robotics. Mobile vision and teleoperation. Research program funded by the French Ministry of Research. Visual Control of Displacement, Visualization of continuous processes. Locomotion and motion vision in Parkinson's disease.

Collaboration with Dr O.

Award in from the France-parkinson Association. Research program funded by the French Ministry of transportation. Analysis of optical flow velocities during the control of a trajectory. Detection of a mobile trajectory during self-motion. Definition of an on-board visual aid for the control of a trajectory: application to harbor navigation. Organization of Scientific Meetings Marseille 70 participants from 10 European countries. Editorial activities, Reviewing, Expertise Since Member of hiring committee for professorship virtual reality, Human-Computer interaction Since Hermes, Paris.

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 33, Miles, H. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, , 98— How do visual and postural cues combine for self-tilt perception during slow pitch rotations? Acta Psychologica in press Besson, P. Mestre, D. Daurat, A.

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Spatial localization investigated by continuous pointing during visual and gravitoinertial changes. Experimental Brain Research, , Complete list chronological 1. Mestre, DR. Le Travail Humain, 50, 1, Stability and position in the visual control of displacement. Visual control of displacement at slow speeds. Human Factors, 30, 6, Le Travail Humain, 51, 3, Berthelon, C.

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Perception of circular heading from optical flow. Ceccaldi, M, Mestre, DR. Revue Neurologique, , Contrast sensitivity is increased in a case of non parkinsonian freezing gait. Neurology, 42, Perception of optical flow in cortical blindness A case report. Neuropsychologia, 30, Curvilinear approach to an intersection and visual detection of a collision.

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Catching a ball: How to get the hand to the right place at the right time. Le Travail Humain, 58, Gepner, B, Mestre, DR. Postural effects of motion vision in young autistic children. Neuroreport, 6, Effects of the spatio-temporal structure of the optical flow on postural readjustments in man. Effects of stationary and moving backgrounds on the visuo-oculo- manual tracking in man. Vision Research, 35, Paut, O. Evaluation of saccadic eye movements as an objective test of recovery from anaesthesia.

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AMSE, vol. Berger-Vachon, C. Virtual Reality and disability. Technology and Disability. Vol 18, 4, Designing a navigation aid for a smart wheelchair. Gobron, S. Information visualization of multi-dimensional cellular automata using GPU programming. GPU accelerated computation and visualization of hexagonal cellular automata. Lectures Notes in Computer Science, , Malbos, E. Klinger, E. JESA, 43, 3, Bringoux ; L. Interaction between reference frames during subjective vertical estimates in tilted virtual environments. Perception , 38, Lepecq, J. Afforded actions as a behavioral assessment of physical presence in virtual environments.

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Ayoubi, Charles, M. Sormani, E. Baaken, T. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kuschminder, Katherine, Jul , A spurious relationship? Soete, Luc, , Destructive creation. It also presents tools and methodologies available at the JRC to support an innovation agenda for economic transformation and inspired by Smart Specialisation. Each challenge is supported by a concrete implementation example, More information. Bierbaum, Mira, Jun , Professional judgements at work? Bierbaum, Mira, Jun , Lost agency? Lived experiences of social assistance recipients in an activating welfare state, International Conference on Welfare Conditionality, York University, United Kingdom, June Robertson, , Applying configurational thinking to identify recipes for producing service innovations in the service sector, International Journal of Innovation Management , 22 6 , DOI: Andrade, M.

Jayaprakash, S. Leuven, Belgium, More information. Arestis, P. It then lays out the potential of social protection, most notably in terms of building resilence and fostering development, More information.

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Francophone Perspectives of Learning Through Work

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Haxeltine, Alex, P. Leerkes, Arjen, R. McDermott, G. Leyens, Lada, Matthias Reumann, N.

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Philipsen, , Network structure of scientific collaborations between China and the EU member states, Scientometrics , 2 : , More information. The GMF Scenario Methodology integrates insights from migration theory with techniques from the Intuitive Logics School of scenario planning to enable the simultaneous and systematic examination of relatively certain and uncertain migration determinants, their future evolution as well as their implications for population mobility. In addition, this paper discusses the key insights gained through the application of the GMF Scenario Methodology in different world regions as well as its main limitations, More information.

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Learning about systemic relations and strategies for transformative change , This 4th TRANSIT brief offers insights into the following questions: what is social learning, what does it consist of in the case of SI initiatives, and why is social learning important — even foundational — for SI initiatives as well as wider society?

Also, the brief provides insight into the role of networks in social learning for social innovation. Torugsa, A. Kool, Tamara A. Edsand, Hans-Erik ed. Nicholas Ozor and Prof. Samia Nour prepared the various chapters of the report. Ozor is the author of chapters 2, 4 and 6 and Prof. Nour is the author of chapters 1, 3 and 5. The report was also launched in nine other cities in Africa and in Stockholm, Sweden, , More information.

February 2, , London. Gault, Fred, Feb 13, , Why broaden the definition of innovation? Mohnen, Pierre, A. Zimmermann, , Demographic dynamics and long-run development: insights for the secular stagnation debate, Journal of Population Economics , 30 2 : , DOI: A Conference in the Critical Tradition of W. Du Bois, More information. Zimmermann, , Three decades of publishing research in population economics, Journal of Population Economics , 30 1 : , DOI: Zimmermann, , Left behind but doing good?

Krebs, Lutz, , Tilting at windmills or whipping up a storm? Corruption, innovation and firm growth: firm-level evidence from Egypt and Tunisia. Zimmermann, , Home sweet home? Pietrobelli, Carlo ed. This Study analyses the socio-legal status of the Mail-Order Bride industry in the EU, in terms of regulation, protection of rights, and the consequences of Mail-Order Bride relationships for women, men and children involved.

The report uses a combination of sociological and legal research methods including desk research, expert interviews and a mapping of International Marriage Broker IMB websites. It finds that it is difficult to distinguish between MOB and other groups of female marriage migrants.

The report identifies three main legal gaps, namely the lack of regulation of IMB activities, the lack of a harmonized regime for family reunification, and the lack of harmonized protective measures for women in case of relationship break up. There is a need for additional prevention and protection measures, since female marriage migrants are considered particularly vulnerable to domestic violence, More information.

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Nillesen, Eleonora, G. Evidence from rural Liberia. Nillesen, Eleonora, , Empty cups?

ILO-CIS Bulletin 2003/01

Assessing the impact of civil war violence on coffee farming in Burundi, African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics , 11 1 : Haxeltine, A, M. Avelino, T. Bauler, I Lema-Blanco, J. Chilvers, C. Cipolla, J. Dorland, M. Elle, S. Longhurst, G. Pataki, S. Rach, J. Haxeltine, A, F. Longhurst, J. Chilvers, M. Jorgensen, Julia Wittmayer, G. Seyfang, I Kunze, J. Dijk, M. Vasseur , V. Towards a theory of transformative social innovation , In this brief we present a summary of our current understanding of transformative social innovation, and finally we share seven insights about the practice of transformative social innovation that follow from this understanding.

However, changing current patterns of resource use is a complex task. Beemsterboer, S. Heinrichs, P. Martens, G. Michelsen, A. Wiek eds , Sustainability Science. An Introduction , Springer, London. Schepelman, P. Konte, Maty, , How do remittances affect democracy in Africa? Konte, Maty, , Women support democracy less than men in parts of Africa — why?

The project consortium consists of twelve European research institutions and is led by the Institute for Work and Technology of the Westphalian University Gelsenkirchen in Germany, More information. Arundel, Anthony, C.

Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)
Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition) Psychologie de linteraction, N° 23-24 : Dialogue, activité, développement (French Edition)

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