Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series)

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After Tarsis killed an innocent woman with random gun fire, Duncan pursued the duo. After finding them in a brothel that night, he challenged Tarsis. It didn't take long for Duncan to take Tarsis's head. Duncan allowed Kagan to live, because it was only Tarsis that had taken a life. In , Duncan became an agent for the British in Germany.

While in Berlin, he met Ingrid Henning with whom he discussed Hitler and his growing influence. Two brown shirts beat their young Jewish friend, David, and beat them, but Ingrid reminded Mac that he has accomplished nothing; there were always more. A year later, Duncan wass approached by Amanda, asking for his aide in her escape from the Reich. At first, Duncan refused as he was smuggling a scientist out of the country, but Amanda won't take no for an answer, flying off with the scientist and leaving Duncan to hold off the German Army.

In , Duncan headed to London where he became involved with American radio personality and reporter, Diane Terrin. One evening during an attack on London by Nazi aircraft, Diane, rather than seeking shelter, insisted on going to the roof to broadcast what she saw. Fearful of what might happen Duncan accompanied her, Diane gave a riveting report until the all-clear was given. Despite her protests in wanting to stay, Duncan persuaded Diane to go with him to shelter.

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In the Underground, a bomb exploded, trapping them both. As the two talked, Diane told him she had hoped that they could have eventually gotten married and had children. Knowing he could do nothing but wait until suffocation, Duncan held her in his arms as she died. Sometime later, Duncan was rescued, cradling Diane's body.

Mac was then inserted in to France where he worked with the French Resistance. During one operation, the boy Bernard, saw him killed and then revive. Mac swore him to secrecy. The failure of the plot led Ingrid down a path MacLeod could never approve, even if he could understand. After the end of the war, Duncan encountered the Irish terrorists Liam O'Rourke and his girlfriend, Tara Fitzgerald , who wonder how he could have helped the British in the late war. They planted a bomb in the pub they been in, that killed everyone inside in addition to the military target they had targeted.

Mac stopped them from escaping, and they were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to life. Which Tara served, Liam escaped after her death. Duncan then traveled back to America this time in Seacouver where he meet petty lowlife Immortal, Benny Carbassa and fell under the spell of singer, Peggy McCall , at the Coconut Lounge. But Peggy danced with Mac to make Joey jealous. Sid wanted Peggy, so he shot and killed both MacLeod and his own brother. He then told Peggy that the two men shot each other. Soon after, Duncan met photographer, Linda Plager , with whom he had an affair, and influenced her art.

Amanda was arrested for treason and made a deal, turning over Fitz. Mac managed to finagle a pardon from Sir Winston Churchill, and returned a copy of the stone to the abbey while hiding the real stone at the Royal Highlands Golf Club in Scotland. The two go to a diner to have something to eat but the owner refused to serve Carl.

Disgusted, Duncan and Carl left, but later that day, Duncan showed a visibly upset Carl a newspaper article showing that Segregation has been declared unconstitutional. As Bryce walked out to fight Duncan, he was instead met and killed by Coltec , who showed the first signs of the evil consuming him. Reinhardt escaped by jumping off a rooftop, allowing Duncan to take his sword. Just seconds later, Duncan was able to join with Tessa to celebrate the beginning of After another training session with Connor, Tessa told them that Quince had called to challenge Duncan. After a talk, Connor punched Duncan out, and went to meet Quince.

After coming to, Duncan went to the designated meeting, telling Tessa that, for her own safety, he would not return.

Biography - Sandra Principe

Arriving at the meet, Duncan saw his kinsman fall from the bridge, and Duncan went after Quince. Despite Quince's size and strength, MacLeod's skills proved superior, allowing him to take his head. After receiving the quickening, Duncan saw that Richie had been witness to the events. Duncan then jumped into the river and pulled the reviving Connor to the shore. Connor told Duncan Richie needed watching, and Duncan promised to do so. Tessa still wanted to stay with him despite the dangers. Connor soon walked off, letting the couple be alone. Richie began a search for his parents, never having known them.

After bailing Richie out of jail, for stealing a file from his old orphanage, Duncan told him he was unlikely to find what he sought. Richie told them about what little of his childhood he could remember, including seeing his mother die before his eyes.

Gadsden, Mary Louisa

Later, Richie found a man who claimed to be his father. Duncan soon began questioning Jack's identity and went to Jack's apartment building where he met a man, Clinch , an obvious thug, who was also searching for the man. Duncan soon met Richie and Jack, Duncan making it clear that he didn't trust Jack. He then went to confront Clinch and his boss, Mrs. Gustavson told him Jack's real name, Joe Scanlon , and he owed her a large amount of money.

Duncan then explained what he'd learned to Richie, who was understandably angry. Duncan confronted Gustavson and Clinch, who were holding Richie to force Scanlon to pay their debt. Duncan easily defeated Clinch and Scanlon returned the golden mask. Richie then learned that the mother he remembered had actually been his foster mother. Duncan told Richie that, despite not knowing his real parents, he could now decide for himself who he was. A young woman named Felicia Martins walked into the antique store in a very distracted state, she spoke to Richie, took a business card and disappeared.

She then jumped from a high rise downtown, and the business card led the police to MacLeod. MacLeod assumed she was a new Immortal and made an effort to find her and explain her Immortality. He gave her a blade and started to train her. In fact, her real name was Felice Martens and she was at least years old.

She had duped many immortals in the past, winning their trust and then destroying what they loved to break them before taking their heads.

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MacLeod discovered who she was and confronted her, before she can kill Richie, who was besotted with her. Duncan challenged Felice and defeated her but let her live, he warned her to stay away from his friends. Tessa had gone to the hills to copy some old petroglyphs, and had not returned. MacLeod went to look for her, and discovered that she had been kidnapped by backwoodsmen. Duncan went after them. Caught by two of the three men, Duncan jumped off a cliff, to certain death. Mac pursued them and, having caught one man, and killed the other, Duncan, using an axe, challenged the third kidnapper, Immortal, Caleb Cole , who fought with MacLeod's katana.

In the end, Duncan beheaded Caleb. Duncan was returning to the barge one morning when he saw a mime kill an elderly man, "For Evil's Sake". Helping the police, he toldthem that he could identify the man. The police inspector, Raymond LeBrun , was convinced he had seen Duncan before. Later, mysterious men with guns staked out the barge and, when Duncan felled one, he found that he was a policeman. LeBrun had remembered Duncan - when he was a young gendarme, they were chasing the assassin Kuyler, and he saw Duncan then.

It turned out that LeBrun's assistant was in Kuyler's pay, but Duncan silenced the mime forever and LeBrun arrested his assistant. Days later Duncan was with Darius playing chess and noticed that he seemed to be thinking about something troubling. Then they were disturbed by Inspector LeBrun, who was investigating a robbery in a nearby jewelery store. Surprised to find MacLeod in the company of a priest, he told the two Immortals that the thief gassed everyone in the store, then got up and walked out. He was seen entering the church. Darius confirmed that he knew who it was, but as the man made his confession, he cannot help LeBrun.

Outraged, LeBrun left. Duncan asked if it was Xavier St Cloud. Darius' nod was his answer. Duncan then went in search of an old compatriot, Georges Dalou , for information about Xavier. Convincing Dalou that he was the son of the MacLeod that Dalou knew in the war, he fiound out about Xavier's accomplice, Francois Bertrand , who was killed in the robbery. The following morning, Francois was buried, with a service in Darius' church paid for by MacLeod.

Dalou was gratified by Duncan's gesture and introduced him to the dead man's mother, who told him where her son met Xavier. Later during an exhibition of West African art hosted by Tessa, LeBrun arrived and asked Duncan to come downtown to answer a few questions. As they traveled, the policeman told MacLeod that their prime suspect was Xavier St Cloud, who was wanted in West Africa for the murder of a drug lord and the theft of millions in cash and a priceless collection of 17th century West African sculpture.

Duncan leaped from the car and raced back to the gallery on foot. With only seconds to spare, Duncan arrive in time to disarm the concealed gas bomb. Later, the frustrated Xavier arrived at the barge, where MacLeod was waiting for him. The two clashed, Xavier tried to distract Duncan with a grenade, but his extended arm was a ready target ,and the Highlander cut off Xavier's hand. Screaming, Xavier dove into the Seine, pursued by Duncan. The next morning, Duncan returned to the barge, having scoured the riverbanks.

Xavier was nowhere to be found. But their game comes to an unexpected end with the arrival of Grace Chandel, disheveled and tired. Grace, an Immortal known to both Duncan and Darius, told them that her mortal husband had been murdered, and their laboratory burnt. Duncan decided to let her stay in his barge.

The police found the gun used to kill Grace's husband, Paul Warren , in her apartment, after an anonymous tip. Duncan distracted LeBurn while Tessa helped Grace escape. Carlo admitted that he murdered Paul Warren, planted the gun, and tipped off the police. Duncan then arranged for a new identity for Grace, so that she can leave France. When he returned, Tessa informs him that Grace is with Sendaro. Duncan offered to take her to the airport but she refused and went to say her final goodbyes to Darius. Sendaro fled on foot with Grace, pursued by Duncan. Duncan caught them up and fought Sendaro.

Sendaro's sword touched the third rail and he was electrocuted, but before he could recover, a passing train decapitated him. After the Quickening, Duncan and Grace made their escape. Duncan received tickets to a circus from none other than Amanda. After a performance, Tess, Richie, and MacLeod met with her. Tessa seemed to not to like her, and sensing the ice beneath his feet thinning, Duncan made his goodbyes and left, ready to make his peace with Tessa. Amanda showed up the following day at the barge, Duncan returned to find Amanda waiting for him.

Duncan was convinced there never was any mysterious Immortal and that he was again being played by Amanda. Back at the barge, Duncan tried to find out more about his attacker and, remembering something on the news, found that the man was Zachary Blaine , recently escaped from a maximum security prison. Duncan made his getaway and followed Amanda and Blaine to the museum, it didn't take him long to find the wire they used to walk in. He followed in time to see Amanda suspended above a book in its cabinet, about to disarm the alarm. Their plan in tatters, Amanda and Blaine grabbed the book and fled, followed by Duncan.

Blaine challenged MacLeod and they fought, Duncan managed to separate him from his sword. After the fury subsides, Amanda makes one last attempt to get Duncan to leave with her but he is committed to Tessa. He followed a clue to a bookstore, where the manager, Joe Dawson , denied knowing anything about the book, but offered to buy for his own collection. MacLeod then chased down two men watching from across the street, Dawson followed and thinking it necessary to out the Watchers, a secret society of mortals who observe and record the history of the Immortals, but never interfere, so that MacLeod would not see them as a threat.

He refused to believe MacLeod's claim that Darius was murdered by men sporting the Watcher emblem, but was forced to when the leader of the Hunters was revealed to be his own brother-in-law, James Horton. Believing Horton dead, and now aware of the Watchers, MacLeod carried on with his life and tried to help two old friends, but with differing results. Gregor Powers had been a physician but become a photographer losing touch with his humanity over the years, pushing his feelings for others away to avoid recurring pain of loss, "Studies In Light".

Duncan helped him to learn to value his life and the gift of his Immortality, whilst witnessing his own former lover, Linda Plager , a mortal, die of old age and infirmity. Soon after, another Immortal friend, Michael Moore , came back into Mac's life looking for his help in hunting down an Immortal killer, Quentin Barnes, Michael's long time enemy. Also reappearing was Joe Dawson, who tried to enlist Duncan's help against Barnes as well.

Barnes appeared to be hunting down and killing the men who tried and executed him years before. Barnes was buried at the prison he died in and had only recently been disinterred. An uneasy peace was struck between Watcher and Immortal, and together, they discovered the terrible truth - Michael is Quentin Barnes, the two sides of his personality fragmented into a schizophrenic existence. As Quentin slowly takes control, Michael begged Duncan to end it, and MacLeod killed his friend as a mercy.

The reopening of the antique shop was getting nearer. An eerie encounter with a palm reader reminded Mac of a gypsy warning that he would never marry; he tempted fate by asking Tessa to marry him. Overjoyed, she accepted and, as they plan the wedding, Mac was lured from the shop by a group of Watchers, whose leader, Pallin Wolf , stunned Richie and kidnapped Tessa. Using her as bait, he enticed MacLeod to his home, where he has a sealed room in which he hunts and kills Immortals in complete darkness using a night scope.

Fate smiled on Mac by allowing him to defeat Wolf and rescue Tessa despite "The Darkness" , and then he sent Richie and Tessa outside, while he remained to rifle the man's files. On the street, the pair were confronted by a gun wielding junkie who shot them to death. MacLeod, hearing the shot, ran to the rescue, but too late, they were both dead in the street. He cradled Tessa for a long time. Days later he took a goodbye tour of the shop.

Upon leaving he dropped the keys in Richie's hand, a newborn Immortal, and told him to sell it all. One morning, when out for a run at an closed funfair, MacLeod was attacked by Immortal, Anthony Gallen. Before they could finish their fight, Galen fled, but not before running down and killing a young man who had just arrived. The dead man, Tommy Bannon , appeared to be an investigative reporter for a local newspaper magnate, Michael Honniger , but when Mac and Richie investigate further, no one at the paper knew Tommy, but he was receiving paychecks from Honniger.

It turned out that Honniger's daughter, Suzanne , had hired Gallen to kill her father and Tommy had been hired to discover the truth of her duplicity. Gallen carried out the assassination of Honniger, but Suzanne foolishly double crossed him, and he killed her.

Duncan later confronted Gallen at the amusement park, and killed the evil Immortal. Days later, in "The Fighter" , Immortal Tommy Sullivan arrived in town, trying to get support for the next potential champion. Sullivan had been on the fringes of boxing and bareknuckle fighting for years, but as the dead bodies began to mount, MacLeod was forced to conclude that his old friend cannot distinguish between fighting Immortals and murdering mortals who cross him.

Reluctantly, Duncan confronted Sully, who refused to back down and lost his head over it. Richie arrived at the loft one night with a girl he had rescued. From the description, Duncan recognized the Immortal, Mako, an eternal lawman. Questioned, the girl was evasive, but with Joe's help, Mac learned that she was on the run for murdering her husband, who abused her, but she feared that she would be killed if she went back, as her husband's father was a very powerful man. Mako didn't care — only the letter of the law mattered.

Richie refused to stand by and helped her to flee, but when Mako killed the girl, Richie was enraged, and challenged Mako. After a long fight , the older Immortal, stumbled in a broken floor, and Richie took his first head, feeling the power of a Quickening. Mac then told him that he was now on his own and must leave to make his own path. Cloud returned, and walked into the dojo, accompanied by two mortal gunmen who tried to kill Mac and Charlie. Xavier, sporting a prosthetic hand to replace the one Duncan cut off in "For Tomorrow We Die" , has a new way of surviving in the Game, and an unexpected friend.

Duncan discovered that they are not the only ones interested in Xavier, as Army Intelligence are after the mercenaries and he found an unlikely ally in Special Agent Renee Delaney. Tracking the mercenaries to a warehouse, Duncan confronted Xavier, but then James Horton appeared and shot both Duncan and Charlie. Xavier was unable to kill MacLeod, who escaped as Delaney and the police arrived.

At the hospital, Duncan saw Dawson and confronted him about Horton. Dawson denied Horton was alive, but Duncan broke open Horton's tomb, and found it empty. Horton was waiting at the tomb, safe on Holy Ground, and taunted Duncan, calling himself the man MacLeod could not kill. Mac followed Dawson to a waterfront rendezvous, where he saw him meet Horton. When Dawson returned home, he found an angry MacLeod waiting for him. Duncan promised him that the next time they met, it would be the last. A critically injured Charlie could not understand how MacLeod, who he saw shot, was alive and walking around.

Mac promised to tell Charlie the truth someday, before he died.

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Whilst MacLeod and Delaney tried to work out their next move, Dawson surprised everyone by turning up at the dojo with the address of Horton's hideout, a waterfront warehouse. He swore that he did not know what Horton was up to and told MacLeod that, after Duncan stabbed him in "The Watchers" , Horton was thrown out of the Watchers, and sent abroad to recuperate and live in exile. Duncan went to the warehouse and, when Xavier sensed his approach, he escaped with Horton in a helicopter, but Duncan tracked them to Paris. Leaving Charlie to recover, MacLeod went after them.

Arriving in France, Duncan was amazed to find Renee Delaney waiting for him at the airport. She used the US Air Force to race him across the Atlantic and threatened to have his passport revoked if he did not help her. She dropped Mac at the barge where he was haunted by memories of Tessa, Mac reluctantly goes on board, only to find a middle aged Frenchman in residence.

Maurice Lalonde , from the boat next door, was an inveterate scrounger, but would become a friend and ally for MacLeod. After evicting Maurice, Duncan met Delaney to plan their next move, only to find it planned for them. A mercenary hired by Horton tried to kill them, but was shot by Delaney. Learning that the dead man was a member of an influential family, Delaney was at a loss how to proceed, but they learned that the family had a stables.

They called at the stables, interrupting Horton and Xavier, who were planning a raid on the barge. Xavier escaped, but Horton was shot by the mysteriously well-informed Joe Dawson, who appeared in the nick of time. Using his contacts from his days as a chef, Maurice helped MacLeod to locate Xavier, by tracking the source of his favorite golden caviar.

In Pharaoh's Daughter, Duncan was walking when he sensed an Immortal close by only to see a truck passing. He followed the truck to a warehouse where he found a sarcophagus which appeared to hold the sensed Immortal. When he opened it, he found a woman inside, Nefertiri, an Egyptian handmaiden to Cleopatra,. Duncan tried to help Nefertiri to come to terms with nearly 2, years of change.

While showing her the past of the world at a museum, they sensed an Immortal, Marcus Constantine, whom Nefertiri seemed to know. She told Duncan that she wanted to leave, but as Duncan tried to talk with Marcus, he was forced to stop when Angela Constantine arrived. Nefetiri told Duncan who Marcus was to her.

The pair had dinner with Marcus and his wife, but Neferitri killed Angela in a cold blooded attempt to bring Marcus pain. Disgusted and furious, Duncan threw her out of his home, Nefertiri took that as a betrayal. Days later, Duncan went to see Marcus at his wife's grave, Marcus told him that it was he who brought Nefertiti to Paris, hoping that he could help her. As the two men left, Nefertiti arrived, demanding that Marcus fight her, but he refused and as he turned to walk away, she tried for his head but Duncan blocked her. The battle joined, Nefertiri managed to stab Duncan he took her head and her quickening.

Duncan received a visit from Amanda, who told him of Rebecca's death, her killer unknown. Duncan accompanied Amanda to the funeral, where they met John Bowers , Rebecca's mortal husband. As they mourned their friend, Duncan sensed another Immortal close by, only for Amanda to deny sensing anyone. To distract Amanda from her grief, Duncan took her to a jewelry exhibition that evening.

A robbery took place at the exhibition, with the thieves stealing Amanda's crystal which Rebecca had given her. Duncan and Amanda met with John, who told Duncan that Rebecca had been killed by Luther , a former student of hers. He also told them that only one student, other than Amanda and Luther, was around: Henri Valjean. After learning that the housekeeper had given it to her son, they went to him only to be lured outside by the presence of an Immortal.

They then saw two thugs stealing the crystal, gave chase, and successfully recovered the crystal. Unbeknownst to Amanda, Duncan arranged a meeting with Luther. Duncan confronted Luther, who believed that all the crystals could form a talisman that would give him ten times the power of an ordinary Immortal.

Learning that Duncan didn't have the crystal, Luther quickly vanished. The following morning, Amanda confronted Luther. Able to guess the location of Amanda's whereabouts, Duncan was able to stop Luther before he could behead Amanda. Duncan and Luther fought. After a battle, Duncan was able to take Luther's head. Amanda was furious about Duncan being the one to avenge Rebecca but quickly forgave him when he gave her Valjean's crystal as a permanent keepsake of Rebecca. Apparently wanted for a series of murders across Europe.

Richie told his mentor that there had been an Immortal following him, but he would not show himself. Duncan realized that the Immortal was Martin Hyde who had a long established technique of harassing young Immortals, to make them run back to their teachers, who Hyde then kills. Mac managed to track down Hyde at a hotel and left a note for him, telling him to meet him on the roof top of the hotel.

Hyde arrived, sword in hand, and faced an unarmed MacLeod. When Martin revived and faced Duncan, he lost. Lisa Halle was kidnapped from a prison transport and given extensive plastic surgery. She is launched at MacLeod wearing Twessa's face by Horton. After basking in illusion for a time, MacLeod realized that what was too good to be true was exactly that, and Lisa was revealed to be an unrepentant murderer in her own right. Hearing a gunshot and believing that Lisa has shot Duncan, Horton emerged from cover to cut off his head, only to find MacLeod waiting for him.

His plan turned back on himself, Horton fled, after killing Lisa. Mac caught him off Holy Ground and proved that, unlike his taunt in "Unholy Alliance" , Horton was not a man he could not kill. When a peace negotiator, Father Stefan, was wounded in an assassination attempt that Duncan was able to partially foil, MacLeod came face to face with an old comrade, Paul Karros.

At the hospital where Karros speaks to the press about Father Stefan's sacrifice, Mac happened to meet an emergency room doctor who interested him greatly: Anne Lindsey. Duncan learned that Karros was trying to stop the peace negations and continue the war. Mac was able to save Karros' aide, Mara Leonin , and kill Karros in battle at a dockyard. Days later, Duncan and Amanda went to see Dawson who was practically giddy over his new lady love whom he was heading out to meet.

When Joe arrived at the home of Lauren Gale, he was just in time to watch helplessly outside while an intruder killed her and escaped. Asking for Mac's help to find the man, it turned out, the killer was a reclusive immortal, John Durgan , whom even watchers had recorded as dead a century before. With Joe and Amanda's help, the recluse was lured off holy ground and Duncan took her killer's, head.

Duncan took Anne to a choral concert given by the members of a monastery, one of whom, Paul , was an Immortal. An unseen impresario, who organized the concert, was Kalas, an Immortal with scores to settle with both Duncan and Paul. Kalas killed Paul and then set about destroying MacLeod, first by framing Joe for dealing drugs, then by killing two of Anne's patients and fabricating hospital records to make it look like she was responsible. Duncan realized that Kalas was behind everything, and, having cleared Joe and Anne, confronted his enemy. As they fought, Anne and Richie arrived in time to see Duncan fall to his death.

Richie gets the hysterical Anne away before Duncan revived, and Duncan left to begin again back in Paris. Arriving in Paris, he was met by Hugh Fritzcairn , who was teaching cookery at the Cordon Bleu, and had a new girlfriend, Naomi. However, the vengeful Kalas was back, and framed Fitzcairn for the murder of Naomi's jealous ex-boyfriend. Fitz furiously engaged Kalas in combat, but ultimately Kalas defeated and killed him. Methos was seemingly unconcerned about Kalas, even though he hasn't faced another Immortal for years.

He refused to let Duncan fight his battle for him and left the Highlander in pensive mood. That night, while returning to the barge, Duncan was surprised by a disheveled Methos, who attacked him, but is defeated - by his own design or MacLeod's skill is unclear. Methos told Duncan that Kalas was waiting for him, and he could not beat him. He offered his head to Duncan so that he will be powerful enough to defeat Kalas, but Duncan refused.

The following day, Duncan went to Methos' apartment, where he found Kalas waiting. Kalas readily jumped to the conclusion that MacLeod had been after Methos, as well, and has taken his head. The two Immortals fought, but the police arrive inturrpting the battle, and arrest Kalas for murder. Methos appeared and told MacLeod that he wasn't prepared to take the chance on Kalas winning.

When MacLeod returned to the ancient's apartment, he found that Methos had vanished, taking the Chronicles with him. He rang an understandably frustrated Dawson, who could not believe that Methos fooled them all. Father Bernard had then learned Duncan's secret, but kept it all his life. Now, however, he needed Duncan's help - the Nazi Major whom Bernard had killed was back, and not one day older. MacLeod spoke to Daimler, who claimed he just wanted peace.

Daimler ha started killing the surviving Resistance group members who left him at the bottom of the Seine wrapped in chains for forty years. Knowing what life with him would be like and unable to accept that she must want people to die for him to survive, Anne left him and went back to the States. Kalas again reared his head, and Don Salzer's widow, and a newspaper editor, both died. Amanda and MacLeod returned to the barge to find Methos, who informed them that Christine was dead and the disk gone.

Kalas then threatened to expose the secret of Immortality unless MacLeod agreed to lose his head to him. Both Amanda and Methos, however, encouraged Mac to fight his best fight. Duncan arranged to fight Kalas at the Eiffel Tower. With both men wounded, Kalas' sword broke. That's the fat lady singing. Duncan hesitated, "The Eiffel Tower. The world's biggest lightning rod. The quickening of such and old and powerful Immortal enhanced by an incoming storm, shorted out electronics all over Paris, one strike overloaded the system in Kalas's hideout, and his computer went up in a shower of sparks.

Amanda ran to meet Duncan, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. The foursome walked off together, Duncan saying, "That was a big one, wasn't it? Duncan offered a toast to Fitz and Paul; to old friends and new ones. Returning to Seacouver with Joe, Duncan sensed an Immortal. Andrew Cord was also at the airport, but before the men could talk, Cord was shot by a sniper. Mac caught and unmasked the sniper to find Charlie DeSalvo.

Charlie claimed that Cord was a murderer, and had to be stopped. He had no regret about killing him; Cord was a murderer, a gunrunner, a liar, and he had killed Mara. Meanwhile Cord was reuinited with Joe, who had been in his platoon in Vietnam where Cord had saved his life. Duncan defeated Cord and told him to leave Charlie be. Cord agreed, but he proved himself the lyer Charlie called him when he later confronted Charlie and mortally wounded him.

Duncan found Charlie and revealed his immortality as promised before he died. Angry, Duncan found Cord and challenged him, defeating him. His friendship with Joe, severely damaged. Richie returned to the dojo with an Immortal in tow, Mikey Bellow , a child in the body of an adult. He was alone in the world except for the man hunting him; another Immortal, Tyler King. Duncan and Richie tried to look after him, but eventually decided that he had to be taken to sanctuary on Holy Ground.

Before they could get there, the were stopped by police and Mikey in a panic killed one and ran. Duncan dealt with Tyler, while Richie was forced to face the prospect of Mikey being imprisoned. The two friends realized that Mikey was too dangerous to himself, Immortals and mortal to be allowed his freedom, that one of them must kill him. Richie decided that it was his responsibility, but in a lucid moment Mikey commits suicide by lying on a train track and allowing the train to take his head and Richie received his Quickening. Duncan helped out a friend by taking a position as a guest lecturer at a local university.

His first day as a teacher is spoilt by the arrival of Peter Kanis , who had a score to settle with Duncan. Kanis saw himself as "Leader Of The Pack" and was infuriated anew by Duncan killing one of his dogs when they attacked him. After Duncan frustrated his attempts to find a bitch to breed his next generation of dogs, Kanis came for Duncan, but Duncan had a distraction prepared for the dogs and, with them out of the way, took Kanis' head.

Meanwhile, Richie was arrested when he attacked a man, Mark Roszca , who was the mugger who shot both he and Tessa two years previously. Duncan was furious when he found out who the man was but was helpless when the police refused to press charges. He went to confront him at his flat but decided he could not kill the man. When Amanda also hit town, Duncan was driven to distraction trying to keep the two of them apart. Only when he proved to Amanda that Kit didn't burn the saloon were the two of them prepared to call it quits.

When Anne Lindsay reappeared in Duncan's life, it was to tell him that his 'cousin' was in her E. It was Kenny , on the run from Terence Kincaid , who has his own reasons for wanting Duncan dead, but Duncan agrees to help Anne and take Kenny off her hands. When he took him back to the dojo, Kenny sensed Amanda and accused Duncan of double-crossing him, but they were both in for a surprise. When Amanda saw Kenny, she was overjoyed at their "Reunion" , as it was her who found Kenny shortly after his first death, and taught him to survive as an Immortal.

Kenny, however, betrayed her and joined forces with Kincaid in an effort to kill MacLeod. Duncan was able to overcome Kincaid, but Kenny was only stopped from taking his head by Amanda. While his friendship with Dawson was still struggling, MacLeod was captured by a former WW1 Colonel, Simon Killian, whom he had been instrumental in seeing imprisoned 70 years previously, after the colonel lead his troops in a charge after an armistace had been declared, hundreds of British and German were soldiers.

Killian wanted to return the favour for what Duncan had done to him and locked him in a cell in an abandoned military base. Duncan's imprisonment was short-lived, though. Amanda was able to free him with help from Dawson, whom the latter would break his oath of non-interference in doing so. There he challenged Killian and overpowered him and took the colonel's head. After leaving a cinema, Duncan and Richie witnessed a shooting at a small grocery, saving the target from death.

They sensed an immortal was the shooter, and took off after him. They cornered him and blades were drawn. Mac knew him, Paul Kinman , and had been waiting for centuries to pay him back for killing a mortal friend at the court of Queen Anne. Authorities arrived, and while Mac and Richie stayed out of sight, Kinman was arrested for murder. The police do not understand why the two will not testify, nor does the store owner, David Markum , who was grieving because his wife, Alice, was dead instead of him.

When Kinman escaped from FBI custody, MacLeod took the opportunity to hunt him down and located him at a warehouse where Kinman killed the mobster, Vince Petrovic , who had hired him in the first place. Kinman then fought Duncan who beat him, and took his head. The next day, Duncan visited the store owner whom he assured that although Kinman vanished, he did not get away. The University where Duncan worked as a guest lecturer had purchased a fine example of Indian statuary. The statue, of the goddess Kali, was on display at the University, but the Immortal, Kamir, a priest of Kali, wanted it back.

Whilst Kamir entranced Richie, Duncan persuaded the University to let him repatriate the statue. But when Kamir judged the head of the History Department was a traitor to her heritage and decided to kill her, he and MacLeod confronted each other, Duncan defended his friend by taking Kamir's head. MacLeod knew that Claudia was a latent Immortal, and when she came to town, he discovered that someone wanted her dead. The would-be killer was immortal, Walter Graham , who wanted to preserve Claudia at the height of her youth and talent.

Walter had nurtured artists for centuries, but was horrified that when he triggered Claudia's Immortality, her talent had deserted her. Distraught, she fled from him, but found that her fear of dying restored a measure of her talent. Duncan told Claudia that he would start training her, but she refused, preferring to live with her knowledge of mortality so as to draw inspiration to make music.

Duncan asked Joe to find her a watcher and he assured Duncan that he would soon. While making their final touches to the house MacLeod was restoring, Duncan and Richie heard of a subway explosion. They then heard that Anne and a medical team had become trapped when a gas man exploded. The two to raced to the scene, and after being denied entry by the firemen, Duncan and Richie slipped in anyway. When Duncan found Anne, she was already going into labor.

Duncan stayed with Anne, while Richie lead a fire crew to the rescue. Anne successfully gave birth to a girl, and told Duncan that she was going to name her daughter Mary, after Duncan's mother. Some time later, Duncan gave the house, fully furnished, to Anne and Mary. As they left the cemetery, they felt another Immortal close by, who Duncan discovered to be Warren Cochrane.

Cochrane had lost his memory, and was suffering from severe paranoia. After calming him down, Duncan learned from Cochrane's wife that he had left a few days ago to do research in Normandy. After coaxing Methos to dig into Cochrane's Watcher file for more information, Duncan talked to Cochrane and explained what he actually was. Cochrane had flashes of memory, but not altogether accurate memories, he incorrectly remembered Prince Charles Edward as being noble in his exile, when he was nothing more than a drunk.

Mac confronted Cochrane about it, who eventually remembered that he had killed Donelly in a fit of rage. Taken over by the guilt, Cochrane's mind into a protective amnesia. With his memories back, Cochrane asked Duncan to kill him. Duncan refused, only for Cochrane to start fighting him. Duncan defeated him but could not find it in him to take Cochrane's head. Cochrane was forced to live with the death of Andrew and fled, a fugitive. Duncan talked to Methos about whether or not his decision to help Cochrane was right. Methos then said that, if it was him, he would never want to lose his memories because then who would remember Alexa.

Duncan returned to Seacouver there, he found the Immortal, Cassandra, waiting for him. She was being hunted by Roland Kantos , one of her former students, and she told Duncan of a prophecy that said that he would defeat a great evil. Kantos relied on the hypnotic power of his voice to defeat his opponents, but Duncan, after nearly losing his head to Kantos' tricks, defeatd the mesmerist by plugging his ears. Days later, Jennifer Hill arrived in Seacouver with some bad news, her husband, Alec Hill , had been killed by his long time enemy, Gerard Kragen , whom Hill had managed to locate in San Francisco.

Duncan, who had promised Alec that should he fall before Kragen was dead, Mac would kill him, headed to San Francisco, where he located Kragen at a movie studio. Duncan and Kragen fought, and Duncan took his head and his quickening. Duncan returned to Seacouver and headed home but found Richie waiting: Richie : "Uh, you see.

Kragen didn't kill Alec Hill. He was less forgiving about the brief affair Richie had had with Jennifer. When she returned to Richie, he confessed to her, and Jennifer confronted Duncan demanding he kill Richie, but Duncan refused, saying that he promised only to kill Kragen. Jennifer left angry, and went immediately to Richie's where she shot him dead.

Mac arrived to find Jennifer standing over Richie, holding his sword at his neck. Duncan tried to convince her that killing Richie would not bring her peace. She decided to let him live, to let him live with the guilt. When Richie revived, Duncan told him that Jennifer had gone.

He told him he understood that Richie was sorry, and that he would always worry about him. Meanwhile, Methos had confronted the Messenger, and thought the man delusional. He and Joe also told Mac that the Messenger left a trail of bodies — those that believed his message were almost immediately killed by those who did not. Duncan spoke to Richie about his decisions, and was himself double teamed by Joe and Methos about leaving Richie on his own. Duncan took Richie's abandoned sword and went to meet him at the Messenger's garden, where he found Culbraith trying to kill him.

Duncan tossed the blade to his pupil, who took it up and defeated Culbraith, taking his head. While leaving a TV studio with Methos, bot men sensed another Immortal. As Methos left, Duncan went to investigate. He glimpsed the other Immortal, but it was enough to recognize Melvin Koren , who MacLeod knew as a vicious killer of the 19th century. He chased Koren, but found Cassandra.

With Koren vanished, they return to the loft, where Cassandra told him that she knew Koren by another name — Kronos. At the loft, Duncan and Joe tried to make sense of it, until a phone call tipped Joe as to Kronos' location. Duncan was surprised - Kronos did not have a Watcher - but Joe pointed out that Cassandra did. As Duncan raced to Kronos' hideout, Cassandra confronted the Horseman, but she was no match for his swordsmanship. Disarmed, she fled, only to run into Methos, who knocked her out and dropped her off a bridge to get her out of play. Inside, Duncan found Kronos, and the two of them fought, when the building burst into flames about them, thanks to an unexpected display of pyromania from Methos, they were forced to separate.

Kronos escaped and Duncan went back to the loft, where Cassandra was waiting. Duncan and Cassandra went to Joe for help in looking for the rest of the horseman. Eventually they find Evan Caspari, whom Cassandra recognized as Caspian. According the record, he was in Romania, in an asylum for the criminally insane. Cassandra and Duncan left to find him, but arrived too late: Caspian was gone. Once in Bordeaux, a telephone call for Duncan turned out to be Methos, who wanted him to meet him on holy ground.

Upon arrival, he asked Methos why he never told him about his past, and Methos pointed out that he knew how MacLeod would react. It's not in your nature. But will you accept it? They showed the beginnings of an attachment, but Kronos saw her as a growing threat, and decided that it was time to share. He took Cassandra and Methos let him. Cassandra was stunned at his betrayal, but refused to submit to Kronos, instead seized a knife and stabbing him.

As Kronos lay dying, she fled across the desert watched by Methos, who did nothing to stop her, believing that the wilderness was a better fate than life with the Horsemen. Then he told Mac why he had called; Kronos intended to destroy the world, and has been experimenting on monkeys to develop a virus with which he would blackmail countries into submission. His first test would be that night - a bomb in a fountain. Methos told Duncan where the bomb was and how to disarm it, but refused to go with him. Crossing Kronos openly was not yet on his agenda. Duncan raced to the Place Des Quinconces and arrives just in time to disarm it.

Duncan backed away, then ran with both of them in pursuit. They split up to catch him, and Caspian confronted him alone on a bridge. Duncan and Caspian trade a flurry of blows, both of them using sword and dagger, but after a long engagement the final exchange ends with Duncan taking Caspian's head. He stared at Silas, who was waiting for a winner, and then made for the edge of the bridge as the Quickening hit him. Duncan fell over the edge into the water, the lightning still lashing around him, avoiding Silas killing blow.

Silas watched until the last of the Quickening was gone, then picked up Caspian's sword and stalked away. Duncan tracked the Horsemen to Kronos' lair and confronted Kronos and Methos. Kronos offered Duncan a choice, if he doesn't fight, Cassandra lives, but if he fights, win or lose, she'll die.

Kronos then ordered Methos to tell Silas to kill her. As Methos ran off, Duncan and Kronos fight. Duncan also realized that Methos manipulated events in hopes he could kill Kronos for him. They walk out of the cemetery, and Duncan stopped Methos, and asks him about Cassandra. One of a thousand regrets. Duncan was surprised to find that Richie had come back to France, even using the pseudonym of Richard Redstone. Marina was desperate to prevent her family chateau from falling into the hands of her grandfather's former associate, Carlo Capodimonte and kidnapped Richie, believing him to be an American millionaire.

Having been told the truth, however, she prepared to marry Carlo. Duncan, meanwhile, realized that it was Carlo who robbed him at gunpoint 25 years previously, and he and Richie set the thief up for Duncan's murder. As Carlo became caught in their sting, Richie forced him into signing the chateau over to Marina, and returning the watch he'd stolen from mac a quarter of a century ago. Duncan later discovered a fortune in vintage wine hidden in the cellar, assuring the family of the wealth they needed to restore their ancestral home.

While returning home one night, Duncan was confronted by Jason Landry , who had come to warn him about a prophesy that said that he had been chosen to face an ancient evil, but before they could speak further, Duncan saw a familiar figure watching: James Horton. Horton vanished and the old man lay dead on the quay. The next day, he found Horton's grave opened, and he was then told by the cemetery official that Joe Dawson had the body exhumed. Duncan tracked down Joe at the airport where Joe told him that he was transferring the body to Chicago at his niece's request.

Duncan then opened the casket by force, only to find a decayed body of his old enemy inside. Upon consulting Allison Landry , they found Duncan was named in Landry's papers as the champion who will fight and vanquish the demon Ahriman , who walked the Earth every thousand years. Unwilling to be cast in the role of the Champion who must face the "Archangel" , MacLeod was taunted by Ahriman , who appeared to him as Kronos and Horton.

Duncan later saw an illusion of Allison who tried to seduce him, only for the illusion to vanish, as had the others. Joe and Methos went and see Duncan, concerned, thinking he was delusional. Duncan insisted that he is not insane, but a call from Richie ended further discussion. Richie told Duncan that he had seen Horton and he had Joe as a hostage. Duncan looks at Joe, standing not five feet away: "That's impossible. He arrived at the racetrack, and once inside, Duncan heard the sound of an escalator running, He saw Richie coming down, sitting on the steps, his head bowed to his hands.

Richie, it's me. It attacked Duncan, and they fought. His opponant ran through the forms of Richie, Kronos. Frightened, confused, and hurt, Duncan was soon kneeling among his enemies, all he could see were the faces of Richie, Kronos and Horton, all of them laughing at him. He lashed out, and he was suddenly alone, sparring with empty air. He whirled, crouching, searching. Dhe slashed at Kronos, then at Richie, then Kronos again. They run past him, too fast for him to do any more than swing wildly at them.

Then he turned, and saw Richie, and rushed him, and took his head in one blow. Duncan suddenly realized that he had killed the real Richie. Behind him, Joe and Methos arrived to witness the aftermath. Realizing what he had done,. A year passed after the death of Richie Ryan before Duncan MacLeod was ready to face the evil that had come into his life. After isolation in a monastery he eventually deemed himself ready to face Ahriman. He returned to Paris and sought out Joe Dawson for help, but was forced to face the anger that Joe at being abandoned, left alone to bury Richie.

Joe eventually agreed to help, but was still not certain that the demon was real and was worried when Duncan would not take back his sword. But Duncan and Sophie met within hours of his return to Paris, when he rescued her from the river. Ahriman has a simple temptation for the "Avatar" - if Duncan surrendered to him, he would bring back anyone from the dead, just like Sophie - even Tessa. When Duncan refused, Ahriman told Sophie had to kill Duncan to maintain her resurrected life, but she recognized Duncan as the Champion and killed herself to protect him.

Duncan and Joe found an ancient symbol, common to all cultures and start to explore it as a possible key to defeating Ahriman. Searching for the symbol, Duncanwent to Robert Beaufort , the archivist of Darius' order, who was grieving for his brother, Jackie Beaufort , who had committed suicide. Ahriman appeared to Joe Dawson as James Horton, determined to separate Duncan from all those who care for him and might help him.

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Despite tempting Joe with by offering to give him legs, Joe refused to abandon Duncan and the stage was set for "Armageddon". Joe gave Duncan a Tibetan Singing Bowl, which had the mysterious symbol on it, and Duncan used it to embark on a vision quest. He confronted Ahriman before Joe brought him back to reality. He realized that Ahriman was trying to get Robert to commit suicide and confronted it in Darius' church.

With Robert safe, Duncan faced Ahriman in his dream world and refused to fight him, instead accepting his darkness as a part of himself. With no power over Duncan, Ahriman was defeated and banished. Joe decided to leave Paris, but persuaded Duncan to take back his sword before he left. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Murder at Galena Cafe , please sign up.

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Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series) Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series)
Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series) Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series)
Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series) Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series)
Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series) Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series)
Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series) Murder at Galena Cafe (Galena Mystery Series)

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