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Batman isn't the kind of hero that other heroes enjoy being around. While Bruce Wayne is a handsome, affable billionaire, Batman is a bit of a jerk, known to punch out his fellow heroes as easily as he does supervillains. He's creepy, he's abrasive, and he's definitely insane, like that goth kid in the back of your French class. We get it, you like Rasputina. Since Batman's first appearance in , his messed up behavior has been no secret.

So, how messed up is he? Gotham City is the worst place in the world, populated by murderous villains and a police force that doesn't appreciate Batman's vigilantism. If you fall asleep in Gotham, your organs will be sold the the local deli, no questions asked. Bruce Wayne has the resources to relocate Wayne Enterprises anywhere in the world, leaving behind the mansion haunted by memories of his dead parents—but he won't, because he's an obsessive who enjoys torturing himself. Gotham isn't worth saving. Batman is just a normal guy who's in way better shape than everyone else, thanks to healthy diet, exercise, and probably a Shake Weight, but at one point, he began taking a drug called Venom.

A super-steroid that caused mega-rage and probably really bad pimples, it allowed Batman to break through his normal limitations and fight crime with greater ferocity. He became addicted to the drug, but he eventually forced himself to detox by locking himself in a room for a while, fighting off the toxin with sheer willpower. Batman is always a few steps ahead of everyone.

As the most unpredictable member of the Justice League, Batman assumed the worst of the rest of the League and planned countermeasures in case any of them became too dangerous, including everyone from Superman to the harmless Plastic Man. My suggestion, Find your old theme just previous version on your manual backup and restore it on theme directory, And check anything improve on your homepage. Thanks for your help tonight, Rajan! Sure helensapphire , You are welcome.

Skip to content WordPress. Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 of 14 total. Rajan V rajanit 1 year, 4 months ago. Do you have any backup? He is a good person cause he respects his grandma. Also, he learns faster than others. D went back to school. He met a lot of his old friends, such as the one girl that was fighting at the first day of school.

D said some of people change a lot. D didn't pay attention in class, when teacher asked him question,he didn't answer it. Teacher thinks that R. D is a bad kid. D metioned that he didn't pay any attention in the class, when teacjer told him to open the book. He did open the book, but he didn't really read it, he just looked at the pictures.

In the class, there is something that happened. The teacher with some argument with one of the student. But at the end, they slove the problem, and the student accept the teacher. D and his friend was standing in the fid cart line. The girls came streaming up to R. D's friend, Desiree. After that, that two girls weren't very nice to them. D was kinda worried about that two girls think that R.

D was going out with Desiree. In the evening, the rain stopped. D missed to bus to go home.

He didn'r have any change to call Earl. He decided to walk a couple blocks. When he at the city road, i used the beg money to call Earl to take him home. D grandpa dead, so he didn't know what should he do. My grandma dead when i was very little. She is a good person and always take good care of me. When she left, our whole family is very sad about it.

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D was remembering about how his grandma did good to him, when he was little, his grandma always give him cookies when he got hurts. Also, she tells him a lot of stories that make him feel more better. D misses his grandma so bad especally Earl was deaded. D was too lonely so he tried to drive Earl's car. But he was so scared that he will be pulled over or get found out. RD said he don't evn know how to get on the freeway.

May 06, Rori Christina Simmons rated it it was amazing. Such a great book!! I felt like I was in the story; if this book was a movie, I would go see it 10, times. Mar 01, Jacob Cushman marked it as to-read. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Feb 28, Gina Anne rated it really liked it. A great MS book and compelling for many readers I would imagine. It's related to some work we are doing at school and was recommended to me, and I can see how it is valuable to us as we learn more about the subject of incarceration, though that's a kind of minimal detail in this story.

It's a minimal detail but also, it actually drives the storyline. I liked the language and the main character, R. Feb 12, Kate McMurry rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-male-protagonist , ya-male-point-of-view , young-adult-social-drama , ya-social-drama , young-adult-male-protagonist , young-adult-male-point-of-view. An abandoned teen cares for himself R. His father abandoned him.

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His mother is in prison. His grandmother has recently deserted him. And to top it all off, his grandmother's longtime boyfriend, Earl, who has continued to care for R. To avoid being sent to a group home, R. I've read multiple young-adult novels with the premise of a teen pretending he or she has not been abandoned in order to avoid foster care, but what makes this story unique is R. He's a very strong and sympathetic protagonist.

It's clear he feels the harshness of his life deeply, but he never surrenders to despair. It's fascinating reading about how he learns how to take care of himself, and in the process gets a handle on how to deal with school and making himself into a person who has a chance to succeed in life, in spite of terrible odds in a world filled with gangs, drugs and violence. This book is written in a clear, uncluttered style that never intrudes on the moving story.

It's in first-person point of view, and R. He clearly wants to stand back from life and be an observer, to survive by staying uninvolved in the terrible situations around him, but his heart won't let him. This is vividly illustrated when he sees a small girl getting beat up by a much larger girl, and he can't refrain from stepping in and stopping the fight when he imagines in his mind, "the little girl's head cracked open, blood streaming over the sidewalk. It is always great to see a YA novel with a male protagonist, but especially welcome that this author has created a compelling hero so vividly alive he becomes a dear friend by the end of the book.

Mar 16, Daniel Gomez rated it really liked it. What would you do if your gardian died and you had no one to take care of you? You could find out what R. Mitchell did when his step grandfather died in the realistic fiction book "Messed Up". This book was really good. I couldn't stop reading it.

He lives with his grandparents in an old house in a dangerous neiboorhood. He even gets held back in the 8th grade.


When his grandmother abandones What would you do if your gardian died and you had no one to take care of you? When his grandmother abandones R. Earl starts getting sick. One day R. He calls and later lies to the police saying his grandmother will be home later. He lies to everyone saying his grandmother is at home with him. When actually he is alone. He even tries his hardest to behave in school for they won't call home. Things start getting worse for R. The story takes place in Tulare County in California.

It wasn't at all boring. Its also exciting because the main character R. I would compare this book to "The outsiders" because the greasers live by themselfs and do what ever they want almost like R. I could compare this to my life because when I was younger and I Would be home alone i felt like I could do what ever i wanted to do.


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Also another reason on why this book is really good is that it doesnt have any boring parts in my opinion. It was also iteresting how he needs to behave in order to keep his secret safe. I could relate this to my life because My brother and sister would always be bad in school. Overall this book was really good. I really enjoyed reading it.

I would rate this book a 9 because I didnt want to put the book down. I would recommand this book to kids my age because its really interesting. IT was really cool reading how a boys life was messed up. View 1 comment. Dec 04, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , read-by-other-reviewers. He was raised by his grandmother, but she up and left him with her boyfriend, Earl, so she could run off with a hairy truck driver.

Earl tries to keep R. Ever since R. Just a few short weeks into the school year, R. With no way to contact his grandmother and no one else to turn to, R. He deals with the funeral home people, handles the questions from nosy neighbors, and manages through trial and error to keep himself fed and the bills paid. Surprisingly, this forced independence turns R. Readers will learn right along with him as he deals with the everyday, practical aspects of survival.

He learns to shop for groceries and clothes and teaches himself how to cook and clean. For someone who pretty much let the world just happen around him, he takes on the challenge of making his own way and succeeds. Feb 20, Bryan rated it it was amazing. The book messed up got my attention since the main person in the book was a Mexican kid who had a rough time growing up his parents left him so he lives with his grandparents. The book first starts off with chick fight in the school and he was in trouble for taking a video of the fight. He was a "bad boy" in high school always gotten in trouble and gotten thrown out of school.

I could connect to that since in middle school I honestly did not car about anything and did anything I wanted. My paren The book messed up got my attention since the main person in the book was a Mexican kid who had a rough time growing up his parents left him so he lives with his grandparents. My parents didn't really care, so it was pretty fun 3 years of middle school.

The thing is he didn't really care about his grades so he was in the 8th grade for three years. I always gotten in trouble, but I still was on 3. When he got thrown out of school he went to get help cause the school said he was in trouble way to much. I never gotten help when I wasn't being good but still that's pretty bad.

He never gotten along with the consular, but he still had to go. Little in the book he was really close with his grandfather and in the middle of the book he dies on the toilet. He had a heart attack. He didn't tell anyone he died so he could live by him self. I really liked the book since he made sense to me. Like most books were reading I don't even understand whats going on romeo and Juliet but when i read this book messed up I could relate to it and I thought it was pretty cool cause its for adult teens.

The only thing I wish this story could of done is made the book longer than it is now and made this book into a series.

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The author left the story kinda dumb cause the book ends with him going to treatment, but i would love to see what happens to hm in the future and how he ends up living. If I could choose my favorite book it would this one cause I read this book millions of times and I never gotten bored of it.

I just love it so much. May 03, Wisteriouswoman rated it it was amazing.

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I thought it was a great book! So different from anything else I've read in teen fiction. So 'boy'. Teen boys' brains supposedly rewire and make them feel a bit lost. The book lets us see how lost R. He doesn't know why he does the things he does. You feel his confusion throughout the book. I'd especially recommend it to a boy. It shows that learning survival skills like shopping and cooking might be a good thing to do. Otherwise his potatoes might taste like dirt!

The writing style was fr I thought it was a great book! The writing style was fresh and the topic of living in gang country gave me a peek into what it might be like to be in a poor area where learning is inhibited by all the other life issues that are going on. It had an honest view of what it might be like to come upon a dead person--the muscles don't hold everything in any more. A detail most books ignore. And when R. So the book might be a bit too earthy and slang-ridden for many readers.

Personally, that was one of the things that kept me interested--it wasn't all glossed over like some of the romance teen novels are. No football players falling in love with cheerleaders in this one. He is surprised when she doesn't end up pregnant after she goes after another guy. In many ways the book has a deeply compassionate portrayal of someone trying to navigate life when so much is against him. He hasn't been nurtured or shown how to develop a moral compass. Aug 13, Asia Nkanang rated it it was amazing.

I think this book is very awesome!! I recommend this book to 13 years and older. It's just Realistic and it shows and tells you that people have a messed up life. D is the main character who just doesn't know how to get his life together. My favorite part of the book is when, R. D took Jeanette to the dance. Once they walked in Jeanette saw Sterling,her crush, dancing with his girlfriend. Jeanette was so upset she ran to the carpenter room. D ran after her to figure out what was wrong. When h I think this book is very awesome!!

When he caught up with her she told him why she was so upset. After that, R.

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