L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)

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In order to facilitate the transition, there needs to be a combination of supportive government policies, technological improvements that lead to cost reductions, as well as innovative finance and business models. Financial regulators are also brought to play an extremely important role, as they identify the barriers that financial regulation can present for climate finance. The point of view of regulators with regards to instruments, tools and mechanisms needed to unlock the potential of climate finance will be exposed during this panel.

More leadership is however needed to address the challenges and unlock investment opportunities. The public and private sectors are to work together in more proactive ways if we are to scale up climate finance solutions in time.

International Leaders Discuss Public Policy, Talent & Innovation

The point of view of actors with regards to instruments, tools and mechanisms needed to unlock the potential of climate finance will be exposed during this panel. Over 40 rising mid-career professionals selected from a pool of applicants, for their sense of commitment to their communities, and for their will to foster and strengthen ties across the Atlantic, upon a Call for Application that was published for a period of two months.

Changing mental maps and asserting an Atlantic vision can only be reinforced when the next generation of leaders are given a place at the table, to challenge the established perspectives and forward the conversations. To this end, the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders ADEL program fosters a unique network across generations, continents, and cultures, aimed at stimulating generational dialogue within the conference, and beyond by building a large interconnected community of rising professionals in their respective fields.

Salem is the program director of Value Sustainability, a leading provider of advisory services in sustainability, climate change, and community engagement. Prior to that, Salem has held numerous management and senior consultant roles in engineering and financial services firms, both in the United States and internationally. She started her career in market finance as an assistant in sales for BNP Paribas Arbitrage in Paris, where she worked on structured products for major European institutions.

Thereafter, she has joined Oliver Wyman, an international corporate strategy consulting firm where she had over five years of experience, mostly based in Paris. She has worked for several large-scale projects in various industries, among others waste and water management, consumer goods, transport and telecommunication, retail, and leisure industry. She has specialized in global transformation plans with a focus on value sourcing, organization redesign and operational optimization. She manages partnerships and development projects that aim at improving the ecosystem around smallholder farmers, particularly through offering a wider range of agro-services.

Jihane is currently based in Casablanca. Ahmed is an architect with academic and professional experience in urban development. He has worked on designing and implementing projects related to open space rehabilitation, sustainable urban systems, and urban governance. The initiative works in partnership with the ministry of antiquities and Cairo governorate and is currently operating in several areas in Cairo as well as partnering in projects in other Egyptian cities. As the regional manager for West and North Africa for EnergyNet, Valeria Aruffo currently works with governments across West and North Africa promoting investment into the energy, electricity, and infrastructure sectors with a clear focus on energy access and economic development in Africa through project implementation, climate finance, technology transfer, and capacity building.


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Cire Ba has over six years of experience in political consulting. His experience led him to work for nongovernmental organizations and governments.

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In order to acquire state of the art skills to cater to his clients, he took a professional development hiatus that led him to the Al Jazeera Training Center, Decker Communications, and Harvard University. Ba currently works as an advisor to numerous African statesmen and politicians on political strategy and public policy. He has managed over 20 victorious campaigns. She is currently working in resource management for the NATO Security Investment Program, reinforcing the delivery of common-funded Alliance capabilities. Prior to her position at NATO, Dana was working in community development for a Canadian public education institution managing an adult literacy program.

She supported various community initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as the integration of new Canadians through government and civil society partnerships. Her main areas of interest are public sector integrity and improving transparency and accountability through institutional capacity building. Agency for International Development.

Rukmani helped develop best practices from Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and West Africa on how to create and implement programs that seek to combat child sex trafficking. The orientation and education platform is dedicated to students and attracts millions of visitors every year. Currently, Bouhadma is the head of Education Media Company, a startup working on the editing of educational websites.

Bouhadma is also founder of anqabot, a tool used to audit any website, giving practical recommendations. Currently, he is a Ph. He has been a university lecturer and is often invited to social media workshops. Murrow Program for Journalists in the United States. He has participated in a dozen major cross-border transactions and ECM operations in Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa in the agribusiness, building materials and financial institutions sectors.

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He previously held the position of financial analyst with the Royal Bank of Scotland in London, where he was responsible for financing infrastructure investments on behalf of institutional clients. A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, he is an engineer of arts and manufactures. Karim also holds certificates in investments, issued by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment U.

He has visited and worked in 12 countries with various international organizations including the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, and the Organization of American States. Chireno has been actively involved in the global consultations of the UN Post Agenda, he was an active participant in the Open Working Group of Sustainable Development Goals of the Economic and Social Council bringing the perspective the Dominican society to the UN through a national consultation.

Julia Contrea is a development, programs, and events specialist in the nonprofit and cultural sectors. WIL is a platform for European women in senior management positions, aimed at leveraging their participation in leadership, by organizing high-level networking events that enable them to connect and exchange. Previously, she worked at the development department of the W.

She has an extensive background organizing high-level events in the public and private sectors. John M.

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Dionisio currently serves as a staff member on the United States Investment Advisory Council which was created by the U. Fitsum has been working at Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since Currently, he is working as a Foreign Service Officer in charge of the North African Countries in the office of the Directorate General of the African Affairs where he is in charge of managing and coordinating the bilateral relations of Ethiopia with North African countries. Prior to this, he was in charge of the West African Countries in the same office.

While working in both positions, among others, he prepared and took part in seven different official visits led by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia to different African countries. He occasionally publishes articles on different subjects in local newspapers. Fitsum is among the young, intelligent, and hardworking generation of Foreign Service Officers at the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who are expected to play crucial role in shaping and executing the foreign policy of this ancient key African State.

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He also took part in different seminars, conferences and attended different courses both at home and abroad. Fitsum lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Jessica Gottsleben is the first-ever elected ambassador of Running Start, a nonprofit organization that trains young women to run for elected office. She previously served as a UNESCO delegate on climate change, as a multimedia journalist and director, as a fellow on global peace and security, and most recently as a U. Congressional fellow on interdisciplinary policy and constitutional law.

Igue is the founder and president of the think tank Club AFRIQUE which innovates in the field of ideas for a sustainable economic and social development of African countries. He specializes in energy, industrial, and economic issues. Khaled works with African governments and institutions for the development of structural models for social and economic emergence of the continent.

Belgian Communication Adviser working for the Christian Democrats. Former Television producer for Panenka TV. Opinion leader, publicist, author, public speaker and public commentator. Author of books on multiculturalism in Europe and the Middle East. Paola is head of development and member of the management team at Bruegel, the leading European think tank specializing in economics, where she in charge of expanding the membership program and developing new funding channels.

She was previously development manager in the organization. Before joining Bruegel, she was secretary general of the European Association of Sugar Traders and Trade Policy Advisor for the associations representing international trade in flowers and European Union imports of processed agriculture and fishery products. In his professional experience, he has been special advisor to the Mexican attorney general, international senior advisor to the Mexican Customs Brokers Association and president of Poldesa, a consultancy firm for political affairs for the Western Hemisphere.

In his early years, he was president of Gente Nueva a group of young leaders that organize conferences promoting values and respect in society. The major achievement was to organize the visit of Edson Arantes Do Nascemento Pele to Nuevo Laredo that produce an important positive impact in young generations. His expertise topics are international politics, North American trade, education, and global affairs.

Based at the Mandela Institute for Development Studies, Mandisa is a professional in the development space, with over five years of experience in program strategy and policy advocacy. Mandisa holds degrees in both Philosophy and Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand. The cooperation between both institutions aims at a large spectrum of research including regional and cross-sectional thematics and is based on two pillars: the organization of conferences and the publication of policy-oriented papers.

She teaches Franco—German relations: between reconciliation, partnership, and crisis at Sciences Po Paris. Naakoshie Mills is the African Union and multilateral affairs officer, where she is the desk officer for the U. Fulbright Research Grantee. She is proficient in Spanish, Amharic, and French. His work specifically explores the role of culture in energy transitions away from conventional fossil fuel usage and how this relates to residential solar energy policies and technologies.

Augustine, and is also a student exchange alumni of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Mary-Jean is a freelance writer and was most recently the senior editor for the Harvard Africa Policy Journal. She has a keen interest in the intersection between law, the media, and economic development.

Soha is an Egyptian journalist who started her professional career nine years ago while she was studying at Faculty of Law French section. She started her career as a reporter in many local newspapers, and later started working in Gulf newspapers, where she gained experience and became specialized in writing political and cultural reports, as well as covering women and youth related issues.

She started working for Deutsche Welle Akademie in as a journalistic trainer and a supervisor for a project entitled Women Voices. The project aims to prepare recently graduated professionals for a career in media. Soha has completed various courses in journalism and politics through global news agencies and universities, such as Reuters, International Center of Journalism in Washington, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Peace in Costa Rica. Parfait Ouattara is a young Ivorian who is passionate about technology. He first attended the University of Cocody, where his studies led to a postgraduate degree in mathematics and computer science.

His first professional experience was with his own company. He has been working for some years on his application development company.

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This experience brought him to be recruited by the first audit and advisory firm in the world, the PWC, where he held the position of senior auditor IT. After four years of service as head of mission, he returned to his roots and his passion. Leonardo is a Colombian activist who is passionate about community empowerment and social justice. Leonardo and his team use art to transform marginalized neighborhoods into cultural hubs. He is also the co-founder of the Dialogue of the Curious, a global initiative to promote intercultural understanding and communication through the interaction of youth from different countries and life experiences.

Anand Reddi is a global health specialist at Gilead Sciences, Inc. At Gilead, Reddi focuses on catalyzing HIV and viral hepatitis health systems strengthening initiatives as well as innovative health financing for resource limited settings in Africa and Asia. His Fulbright research demonstrated the benefits of decentralized models of care on antiretroviral treatment outcomes despite the challenges of a healthcare limited setting.

Reddi has also been active in U. Clarissa is an experienced researcher and scientist with more than ten years of experience in conducting multilateral scientific projects and publishing scientific articles in the areas of biomedicine and molecular biology. She studied in Peru, Finland, and Sweden. She has recently finished her PhD in Australia.

Clarissa is also passionate about social development, her vision is to empower Latin students and promote the social and economic development of Latin-American countries through education, science, and technology. Hence, she is the founder and director of the nonprofit Ekpapalek, which offers opportunity for professional development for students from impoverished backgrounds. Obajide is a senior consultant at Deloitte Nigeria. He also currently serves on the Deloitte West Africa Strategy team.

He is a seasoned management consultant and a subject-matter expert in cybersecurity. Obajide has a B. Benjamin is currently a European energy security and science and technology policy advisor for the U. In his role at the State Department, Schmitt serves as the team lead for European energy security and diplomacy engagement in the Northern European region, drawing on his hard science and technology background, performed on all four continents of the Atlantic rim, to develop and implement novel policy strategies for the advancement of joint U.

Previously, Schmitt served as a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow while pursuing masters and doctoral-level research in physics and astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on experimental cosmology research. Schmitt has also previously served as a U.

His research interests and publications focus on regional security governance, South Atlantic geopolitics and capacity-building provision in. Nisrine Tahri is the founder X-large, a digital and communication agency based in Technopark Rabat. She is also the founder of a nongovernmental organization that aims to solve the educational problems in Morocco.

Tahri is also part of the startupyourlife initiative, a group of young Moroccan entrepreneurs who aim to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Morocco. Selassie is a young microfinance expert with over eight years work experience in the micro finance and nonprofit sector, mainly in management and leadership roles. He has worked to build a sanitation financing product, model, and channels to help poor households access finance to buy toilets.

He founded Tongu Youth Agenda for Development, a youth-led nongovernmental organization dedicated to developing and empowering youths and women economically through education, entrepreneurship, and microfinance. Through this organization, Selassie trained 20 young women in fashion design and tailoring, and dreams of establishing a community school of entrepreneurship that will train and resource the next generation of female entrepreneurs from the bottom up.

Through his work, he influences Government policy on energy and climate change and informs businesses around the UK of market and society trends. In his previous role within the company, he coordinated the development of major electricity transmission projects throughout the country as an Investment Delivery Engineer.


Previously, Huw co-founded sports nutrition company fuelit. Leonie Willenbrink is a candidate for a masters of science in development studies at the London School of Economics. As a Rotary Global Grant scholar she focuses on economic development policy and governance. She previously worked at the World Bank as an operations analyst consultant.

In this capacity, she worked in crime and violence prevention projects in Central America and peace building efforts in Colombia. She speaks fluent German, English, and Spanish. Stephen's College, Delhi University. Member countries will try in Warsaw to prevent a split in the alliance and to reconcile the interests of the Eastern and southern European member states to adapt to the changing security landscape and to be able to tackle different threats in a proactive and efficient manner. The holders of the scholarship — whose aim is to support the next generation of global industry leaders and executives — were granted a coveted place at the conference, which took place in London last October.

Please save the date! The detailed program and registration modalities will be available in November. Groupe PSA has created its "Factory Booster" to accelerate the deployment of factory-scale innovations. Strategic or geopolitical dimensions, international nature, economic and financial issues, technological adventures, challenges of sustainable development and digitalization: these are a few facets of the world of energy.

For the start of the new term, IFP School organized its Integration Week from 4th to 8th September to introduce the School and its environment to the new students. The traditional summer language courses began on Friday 4th August with the arrival of the very first students on the IFP School campus. Professor Dr.

The event was a great success with students being awarded medals by Philippe Pinchon, Dean of IFP School, symbolizing the end of their studies at the School. Sunny weather and an extremely good atmosphere during 4 days. It was the occasion for many students to discover both sailing and French Brittany!

During his visit, Dr. He provided an overview on real options solutions techniques, including how to model certain problems such as Markov decision processes. It will be the opportunity to present the passion of an IFP School artist, traveler or pioneer. Once again, David Hauser Powertrain Engineering has distinguished himself through his car racing performance.

With over participants from 40 countries, this conference brought together world experts to share research and experience in the field of scientific education. The ceremony took place on Wednesday 15th March in front of the entire Class of students, including all 11 students sponsored this year by TechnipFMC and who were personally introduced to the Honorary Patron upon arrival.

This is a first at IFP School: a student with 4 years of higher education under a double-degree agreement has taken part in a partner University exchange instead of the 3rd period courses taking place at IFP School, usually mostly devoted to the Professional Skills Module PSM. The French news channel M6 came to IFP School premises to film a news report and interview some students to exemplify concrete applications of virtual reality here. On Feb. This event gathered a broad audience of academics, students, industry experts, policy makers and consultants.

This module allows students to better apprehend the energy and transport sector as a whole and grasp how their careers match this sector, while professionally engaging in a multicultural environment. On November 10th, , Dr. This competition, gathering 20 of the best sailing teams, was run this year in the Mediterranean Lavandou area. The aim of setting up this Chair was to foster education and research in this change-driven sector.

To kick-start the admission of students to IFP School this year, the traditional Integration Week was organized to discover the School, the town of Rueil-Malmaison and the environment they will learn to become familiar with all through the year.

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The first gathering of its kind took place on 10th May. The group exchanged ideas and best practices about life as expatriates, their first arrival in Stuttgart as well as professional and personal experiences. In Wolsfeld on 17th May, D. Hauser renewed his performance in spite of a particularly difficult track.

Since IFP School has organised a ceremony for each graduating Class, sponsored by a leading figure from the world of energy and transportation. For its Class, Mr. The learners come from countries around the world, who despite the time differences were able to form a MOOCer community, strongly connected around the understanding of the oil and gas value chain. In a new paper to be published in Energy Policy, Dr. Throughout the week, the class of discovered the School and its surroundings. Three of our graduates were cited in an article in Usine Nouvelle on the French automotive industry.

The aim of this module is to give students the skills required to work in the corporate world and in within an intercultural context. Set the spinnaker! Prepare to tack! On Nov. The first week was given over to discovering the School and its surroundings. IFP School will organize an Integration Week from 1st to 5th of September to welcome its new students and introduce them to the School and its environment.

Organized by the Student Association, this event combines sports competitions, conviviality, team spirit and solidarity. Seven students from IFP School secured 3rd place in the 21st French Student Cup after the final regatta which took place on 29 and 30 March , with crews sailing from Granville to Jersey. Each year the, the new IFP School Class has the honor of having a prestigious personality as its patron.

Such patronage helps to consolidate the close ties that students may wish to build with our partner companies. In a recently published article, featured in the European Journal of Operational Research, Olivier Massol, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Energy and Markets program ENM at IFP School, presents a new approach to assess the efficiency of the gas-based industrialization policies conducted in gas-rich economies. On 22nd November , IFP School opened the doors of its Rueil-Malmaison campus to over students from French engineering schools and universities.

Students were invited to follow a discovery trail throughout the week of 2 to 6 September , giving them information on IFP School and the town of Rueil-Malmaison. On this occasion, the School will honor more than students of the class. Jeremy M. IFP School, the graduate school for energy and transportation professions, held on 20 and 21 March its 7th Partner Companies Event in its campus in Rueil-Malmaison.

For a period of three years, this chair will focus on teaching and research activities to develop knowledge on the impact of the use of biofuels in motor vehicles. The Yves Chauvin Thesis Prize was awarded to two laureates, Marie Savonnet and Ibrahim Abada, for their respective work on the synthesis of new catalysts based in MOFs and on the evolution of natural gas markets in Europe until

L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition) L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)
L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition) L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)
L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition) L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)
L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition) L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)
L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition) L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)
L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition) L’université en transition (Idées et innovation en développement international) (French Edition)

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