Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)

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It was suggested that the proposed 'Co-Chairs' should be re-labelled 'Vice-Chairs'. Developing the relationship between the Commission and the Future Earth programme and indeed the future of this programme needs to be considered more carefully. It was agreed that this new Commission can be approved following attention to the technical details and some modification. Zhou agreed to convey these views to the proposed Chair.

Portrait de l'académicien Dany Laferrière

Regarding the Arid Lands Commission, there has been contact with a possible a new chair a new chair is in any case necessary according to the statutes and steering committee members. It was suggested that the current chair be advised of the potential for re-launching the Arid Lands Commission under new leadership, seeking his cooperation and support. The issue of open access had been raised independently by two of the Commission chairs, noting the hegemony of the major publishing houses in relation to academic journals in the discipline.

An online, open access 'metajournal', facilitating links to published scholarly articles has been suggested but there is at this stage considerable doubt that the additional editorial effort required to produce this would be efficient given the prominence of other online sources including Google Scholar.

Many scientific organizations have their own journals e. INQUA ; IGU may, in due course, wish to consider the possibility of publishing its own journal on an open access basis but this would need considerable further planning, including the development of a business model, possible structure etc. Hay and dell'Agnese agreed to work together on this issue in time for the next EC meeting. There was a further suggestion around recruitment and that IGU should inform the community of geographers around the world of the benefits of being affiliated to an IGU Commission or Task Force, and the ease with which this can be accomplished.

There were several presentations that focused on the history of geography and of relevance to the work of the Task Force. Regarding its own activities, the main project of this Task Force is to publish two volumes on the history of the IGU, planned in time for the Extraordinary Congress with Springer as a possible publisher. Volume 1 will be devoted to the 'documentary approach' and volume 2 is intended to be a 'research-based' contribution. There is agreement that the volumes should not be too long, should represent both human and physical geography, illustrate balance in terms of the country of origin and gender of the contributors.

The Task Force believes that the balance can best be achieved if chapters are compiled by a physical and human geographer. The next Task Force meeting will take place in Leipzig in February Kolosov was advised to contact former IGU Secretary-General Ehlers to assist in tracing some of the material that appears to be missing from the archives for the period A request for funding to assist the Task Force further in developing the volumes was made and was approved subject to submission of the usual pro forma invoice to the secretariat Kolosov.

There have been many excellent activities in IYGU and more than different events have taken place globally during the course of the project. Meadows to inform Werlen. Serbia Olympiad Report. This had been a successful and joyful event with 42 teams represented. The problem of the team name for China-Taipei had surfaced at the meeting and a formal complaint had been received regarding the matter. ICSU convention of naming member countries and Olympiad teams representing those countries must be followed at all subsequent events of a similar nature.

IGU EC elections. The call for nominations will be made in mid-October, with a closing date of end-January ; the e-mail ballot of eligible member countries will take place thereafter up to 31st March Meadows will circulate the call and administer the election process with the assistance of an independent teller. IGU Website and social media. The IGU website continues, as usual, to be updated periodically. Both the Facebook and Twitter social media links continue to be used. There is a need to place information regarding the past-Presidents, Secretary-Generals and Congresses on the website Meadows.

IGU Journals Project. The database is occasionally updated as required.


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IGU Bulletin. Volume for the years and is still with the printers and will be ready within the next few weeks for distribution. A pdf of the volume will be posted on the IGU website as soon as it becomes available. IGU eNewsletter.

Champion, Edouard 1882-1938

The efforts of former Vice-President Bellezza were again acknowledged with much appreciation. The latest edition was published and circulated in July OurSus Droogleever-Fortuijn. Ton Dietz was reported to be still working on the potential of greater involvement of the Commission in OurSus activities. Partner publishing proposal. Hay reported on his correspondence with several publishers regarding the idea of promoting their products on the IGU website.

The contact for MIT press, who had initially indicated strong interest in the idea, has not been in contact for some time. There have been very positive responses from two other publishing houses, although alternative possible funding models are emerging. For example, Springer has suggested the establishment of an IGU student paper award, although there is uncertainty as to how this idea could be effected. Following considerable discussion, Hay agreed to communicate further with Springer and attempt to come back with an appropriate model that is mutually beneficial both to IGU and Springer at the next EC meeting.

Elgar has also indicated strong interest in sponsoring IGU via a website link once the technical details are agreed Meadows.


Elgar has further suggested publication of a new IGU book series, an idea for which there is in-principle agreement subsequent to further clarification of details Hay. IGU archives. Himiyama emphasized the importance of the IGU archives, highlighting the lack of knowledge in general regarding the IGU archives held in Leipzig. Commission and Task Force and National Committee chairs should be reminded about the importance of submitting all IGU materials publications meeting reports, photographs etc. Lemarchand reported that there will be a round table discussion, scheduled for 30th September , at the festival with contributions from representatives of various French geographical organizations; three key issues are being tabled: 'Geography is fun', 'Geography saves' and 'Geography gives fun' in the expectation that this will attract broad interest.

There was nothing to report on this matter. ICSU incl. Following its recent meeting in Potsdam on 5th September IGU was unable to be represented , the GeoUnions sent a letter to Heide Hackman as CEO of ICSU in which it was noted that the financial implications of the proposed merger have not yet been adequately explained and that some of the proposed actions arising from the Oslo meeting in October had yet to be implemented.

Himiyama and Meadows reported that they had concurred with the spirit of this letter and had therefore endorsed it on behalf of IGU. While it is the view of the EC that IGU should support the merger, it is argued that the proposed strategy does not adequately reflect the need to maintain fundamental strengths of the individual disciplines across both the natural and social sciences and that, if this is not achieved by the merged organization, any new interdisciplinary projects and initiatives will be less likely to succeed.

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Kolosov made the point that ISSC as the smaller partner representation on the governing committees of the new body needs to be protected beyond the initial transition period. One of the key themes was 'Borders and Migrations' and IGU hosted a session within that theme albeit with rather disappointing attendance. Kolosov agreed to develop some initial ideas as to how this can be done and circulate for comment.

There was agreement to cooperate in the field of education, including defining and disseminating what is best practice in teaching geography, both at school and at university, and in the preparation of a book on new ideas in teaching geography at universities different curricula, content, methods, etc. Two additional projects were proposed, viz. IGU National Committees and national geographic societies can play a key role in both initiatives. The event is scheduled for the third week of May, in association with the annual congress of the Irish Geographical Society in Galway, Ireland.

The next event will be in Ecuador during It was agreed that, if possible, an IGU Thematic Conference should be held in association with this major meeting. Dell'Agnese agreed to explore this opportunity further. Relations with other organizations e. Meadows will draft the tribute on behalf of IGU. The MoU is now ready for signatures in both English and French versions and was signed at the meeting. This proposal was approved.

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IGU Congress Istanbul. The dates are now confirmed at 17th to 21st August at the University of Istanbul. The proposed regular participant registration fee is Euro early bird. The Congress budget was presented based on the attendance of approximately to participants in total. Questions were raised about the viability of the event given the perceived security risk and the current political situation in the country. It was suggested that IGU Commission and Task Force chairs be consulted as to whether they will likely participate or not.

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It was decided, however, not to do so at this stage and to reconsider the situation at the next EC meeting. The new website design at www. Lemarchand reported briefly on progress and the scheduled meeting at the end of October at which bids from three potential commercial congress organizers will be presented; following this meeting, the local organizing committee will select the winning bid. IGU Congress Dublin There is nothing to report at this stage. Thematic conferences. Kolosov indicated that the organization of the June Thematic Conference is underway. The welcome party is scheduled to be held at the Moscow Club of Scholars, with scientific sessions at the Academy of Sciences.

Kolosov noted that the conference would represent an ideal opportunity to reestablish the suspended IGU Mountains Commission. Several post-conference field excursions are planned. Proposals for sessions are still being accepted. Other Business. The meeting adjourned at 17h35 on 8th September Droogleever-Fortuijn was congratulated and thanked warmly for her fine arrangements and warm hospitality in facilitating the meeting. Rapport financier de l'UGI et projection. Il y a un fort soutien pour l'approbation de cette nouvelle Commission. Meadows en informera Werlen.

Rapport sur les Olympiades de Serbie. Projet UGI Revues. Bulletin de l'UGI. UGI eNewsletter. Proposition de publication en partenariat. Archives de l'UGI. Relations avec les autres organisations et associations The Executive Director of the RGS is retiring at the end of and the IGU has been asked to contribute to the 'book of tribute'. The intention is to foster networking and develop teaching and research in all aspects of African geography. Further information may be obtained from Dr Innocent Moyo on: minnoxa yahoo. Since the formation of the IGU in Brussels, Belgium, in , it has grown in both scientific activity and the number of Commissions and Task forces.

Notable developments include the Latin American Commission which deals with the geographies of Latin America. The African continent in and of itself offers a plenitude of 'material' for geographical scholarship that would benefit the discipline and humanity. Against this background, it is strongly anticipated that the formation of an African Commission will not only undo the foregone loss to scholarship and humanity caused by the absence of a dedicated commission that looked into things African, but will also assist in promoting and elevating African geographies in the IGU fold of programmes and activities and the cause of science, in general.

Based on the above aim, the objectives of the proposed African Commission are to: 1. Provide a platform for academic and scientific debate for scholars in Africa and abroad on Africa-specific issues, challenges and problems; 2. Establish a channel for the international showcasing of geographical research and scholarship in Africa; 4. Achieve adequate representation of Africa in the IGU; 5. Grow, nature and expand IGU scientific and other activities in Africa.

Merci d'avance! Sbonke Senior Member France, French.

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Le repas de la nuit. This was a slang author who had a real talent in inventing new words of the kind… Your search will be fully rewarded, and you'll learn french as you never did before honest! This is fantastic!! Thanks everyone!! Would this translate to three piece set, as in dinner set, in English? Asset said:. I just thought of another one - very French: deux madeleines et une demi-baguette! Tan tan tan Alipeeps Senior Member UK. This is the funniest thread! Who knew that there were so many ways of saying "meat and two veg" in French?

Alipeeps said:. Don't touch my junk!

Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition) Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)
Le retour de lacadémicien (French Edition)

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