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Titel: 3 days dogsledge expedition,max 5 guests,January-May. Intro text: This three day expedition will give you a uniquely Arctic experience; travelling through the endless white in total silence. We will stay in 2 different cabins and visit the icecave in the Scott Turner glacier! Titel: Dogs and the Ocean,3 hours,max 6 guests,Juli-October. Intro text: Enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape with sled dogs along "Vestpynten", in a wagon with a team,driven by the guide.

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Titel: Dogsledding and cabin tour in Foxdalen,2 days,max 5 guests,February-May. Titel: Dogsledding in Bolterdalen,4 hours,February-May.

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Intro text: Experience the amazing teamwork between man and dog in the Arctic wilderness and enjoy the sensation of gliding over the snow, surrounded by silence and the fantastic local landscape. Max 8 guests pr guide!

Fine Tuning Shafts and Point of Attachment in Dog Carting

Titel: Dogsledding on wheels, app 4 hrs,June-October. The Steward would then tell the handler to leave the dog and fetch the harness, put the harness on the dog, and then either take the dog to the cart or bring the cart to the dog and hitch up.

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The dog then must stand for inspection and be steady. This exercise is worth 5 points. Basic Handling - Handler, dog and cart must do a normal pace, a fast pace, a slow pace, an about turn and halt and a backup, all without load. This exercise is to make sure the dog can cope with all the exercises without being skittish.

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It also gives the Judge a chance to have a good look at how the cart travels and how the dog is. This exercise is worth 20 points. This is worth 65 points.

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    Drafting dog

    Late November: Debbie and I get together to practice when we can. When our girls are comfortable with the toboggan scraping along behind them we add a few pieces of firewood for a little weight. My goal is to get Zuzu trained enough so we can deliver Christmas cookies to our neighbors via dog-drawn sleigh. On December 20th we make the cookie rounds to our three neighbors. Winter: Nearly every day I hitch Zuzu to the sled and we go out to the wood pile for firewood. What would have taken me three trips on my own only takes one with Zuzu and her sled.

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    4. Thank heavens! I might still be agonizing over what to get! I am so smitten with my new cart, an easily maneuvered competition style with two wheels, that I keep it in the kitchen for the first two weeks so I can look at it. I begin training with the cart by leading Zuzu while Debbie pulls the cart along behind. Debbie and I have an incentive to practice daily because a Maine dog club is offering draft dog classes at an upcoming match, giving us the opportunity to get our feet wet. Our girls make us proud.

      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting
      Introduction To Dogcarting Introduction To Dogcarting

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