Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)

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The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church - New bibliographic items

But generally speaking, all females other than the female of humankind have more Published by Maney Publishing c International Medieval Sermon Studies Society virtues than their males. Wherefore, as the Philosopher said describing the nature of animals, all birds and animals which are wild and predatory are also females. All good and strong birds of prey are females: sparrowhawks, tercels, goshawks and gyrfalcons are all females, whereas kestrels, smaller sparrowhawks and similar bad birds are males. The Philosopher also writes of two animals: the lynx and the bear.

Of these two he says that the females are very ferocious and of great virtue, while males are cowardly. He adds that among animals it is generally the female who is more ferocious and powerful. However, this is not the case for human females, where the opposite is true because they are weaker, of lesser virtue and more humble. You can see for yourself that women are not assassins or killers as much as men are. But inasmuch as a woman is more noble and less intelligent, she should be praised much more if found to be virtuous and wise. A little virtue is considered very great in women; but men, who should abound in intellect and virtue, are put to great shame when they act with little virtue and sin.

It is also true than men are forgiven more easily because they are commissioned with graver things. In this case, more is required from women. Because nature has made them so defective, women are preserved from all the great, fierce, and dangerous battles of the world; therefore they are left with very little to overcome. Conse- quently, when a woman is overcome by temptations and falls into sin, in other words when she acts dishonestly, she should be more ashamed than a man.

This is because a woman is so removed from dangers, that when she falls, it is due to her own negligence. As I said before, men are put to graver battles and bear greater dangers; indeed they bear every danger. Fra Giordano said turning towards the women: you do not yet know well how danger- ous are battles of the body on account of all the sins committed there. These have to be endured by men and not by women — women are removed and relieved from such dan- gers. Equally you do not know about the sins that are committed in the courts by judges and lawyers, and why they commit such an endless number of sins — great sins.

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  5. From such dangers, again, are women saved. Likewise you do not know what kind of grave sins are committed by lords and rectors, by men who hold positions of dignity in governments and in bishoprics; here there are endless sins, and similarly women are preserved from these. But, if women are guilty, much will be asked of them, because men have more to their defence due to the great battles and temptations which they face in their proper duties.

    Il tesoro, la perla, la rete. La concretezza di Dio

    I said to you that women are of lesser virtue and intellect, but when more virtue is found in them this is of greater example and more commendable. And this brings great shame to men who are wicked sinners. What are the head and the heart? The head and the heart signify man, whereas woman is the rest of the body.

    As you know, the head and the heart are the two noblest members of the body. It is therefore reasonable that man should be the head and heart of woman: the head in order to lead, help, and guide the whole family; the heart in order to train, educate, and provide what they do not know. While those who should have the intellect have lost it and become mad, it is appropriate that they should be taught by the weakest members.

    So, today among the so-called men, is there one who can demonstrate his virtue? There is almost no single man who is anything other than sick and who cannot defend himself from temptations. Such is the case now, when all is turned upside down, and women are much better than men. Then Friar Giordano said: remember that men have many more sins, and these are more grave. Therefore, on account of their office, there is not one good man left, indeed it is often necessary for the man to be led and aided by the woman.

    Saint Catherine was of great virtue et cetera.

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    Truly the sun has many other significations in scriptures, where it can be understood in three ways. Sometimes it signifies the abundance of worldly things, whereby it is said of the rich man that his wealth is like the sun. These latter three suns screen out the first, because the sun of wisdom is not in accordance with these other three.

    These three suns are: the goods of fortune, which are useful goods such as riches; honest goods such as dignities, honours and dominions; and refulgent goods such as beauty. These three suns are very bad against the first; how blinded and obscured does the sun of wisdom become against these three! The sages say that the nature of light is cold like that of the emerald, which cannot suffer great heat, therefore one can be blinded by their blaze. The flame and heat of these suns is contrary to our nature, so that they blind the light of intellect and wisdom.

    You may see that all these suns were in the blessed Saint Catherine, because she had abundant riches, and she was queen in Greece, even if she later came to Alexandria. Equally in her body, she was most beautiful; and this beauty is of greater honour and glory when it is found in good women, because it is rare that such beauty would not lead the soul away from God. Of the other members he did not speak because he preached only a little. My thanks also go to the Arts and Humanities Research Council for its financial support, and to Marcus Pound for his help.

    Related Papers. By Cecilia Iannella. By Katherine Jansen. By Jonathan Adams and Jussi Hanska. By Eliana Corbari. As midnight approaches, each group draws closer to grotesque tragedy. I've seen 'quote whore critics' use it on the back of DVD cases. I hear the trailer voice-over guys use it all the time. I've never much cared for the phrase. I have never once, in any of my many reviews, used it to describe a film. Nope, I am not talking about "tour-de-force". I am not talking about "gay romp". I am definitely not talking about "truimph of the human spirit".

    Here is another first I watched this film in Italian with German subtitles. I don't understand much Italian and I definitely don't know how to read much German. Why was I doing this? Well, "L'Ultimo Capodanno" is a pretty damn obscure film and I had no choice. I wanted to see it as part of my mission to see every film that one of my favorite actresses, Monica Bellucci, has ever done -- and so this would have to do until I get my hands on an English-subtitled version.

    Frankly, I had fun trying to keep up. It was a great experiment in language recognition. Occasionally, I paused it and went back to see if I could catch something that went too fast. And for the most part I figured it out. I only ever had real trouble with a handful of lengthy conversations. The many stories take place on New Year's Eve. There is a dude dressed in a bird outfit hassling man driving a Jeep.

    There is a lost notebook. There is a suicide attempt. There are some hallucinating stoners with sticks of dynamite. There is an aging countess who entertains younger male escorts. There is a beautiful young woman who, while wearing only a bra, discovers her husband is cheating on her via the answering machine.

    There is a strangely happy family obsessing about a vintage car. There is a prostitute getting kinky with a married business man who is into assless leather chaps, high-heels and nipple-clamps. Come to think of it, this film has at least one of everything that your imagination can conjour up. Somehow, all the stories and characters intertwine. Every damn one of them is seemingly headed for disaster as the night winds down! Multiple story lines. A random hodgepodge of oddball characters.

    To watch it, you'd probably have to go out of your way to buy it -- but it is worth the effort. It was a surreal and tremendously enjoyable experience -- I can't wait to get the English-subbed version someday so I can catch up on all the details I missed this time around. You might question my reviewing this film. But you know what, even if I did understand all the dialogue, this film is so weird, wild and wacky that I still wouldn't understand half of what I was watching. It is a crazy flick with an absurdly over-the-top ending -- and I dug everything about it.

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    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)
    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)
    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)
    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)
    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)
    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)
    Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition) Eluana e lamore di Dio (Italian Edition)

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