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Power from Hell - Behind Convent Walls

They picked up a selection of titles from obscure European imprint Eurotica for distribution on this side of the pond a while back, including the best-known, and most infamous, collaboration between Noe and Barreiro, Convent of Hell. NBM quickly found that despite its built-in audience, Convent of Hell lacked something it needed: retail outlets. No one would stock the thing except porn shops.

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The Convent of Hell Comics from NBM

This isn't the highbrow prurience of Alan Moore or the hip, sexy erotics to be found in any number of Rachel Kramer Bussel-edited anthologies. Now that's porn, folks. If you're a horror movie fan, you've seen this plot a hundred times before, though probably not with these players; nun stumbles upon hidden doorway in basement of convent, other nuns decide to open it, evil comes out and corrupts everyone, the Church must drive the evil back through the door.

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, wait till you get a load of the Church's secret weapon against evil! Of course, the bulk of the book centers on what happens between the door opening and the Church cracking down, which means a good deal of sex. Sex with the devil, sex with other nuns, sex with visiting priests, sex with God's own emissaries, and in one final, if extraneous, jab at religion , sex with a newly-married couple who'd gotten lost in a storm.

While the double-standard depicted in that bit is so old it's been gathering frost for decades, you're so caught up in the porn that you won't notice it until an hour or so after you've finished reading. Unless you're a dyed-in-the-wool media critic like me. I hate to say that my enjoyment of porn is not at all what it was twenty years ago.

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In other words, like most porn, Convent of Hell is a tissue-thin plot that exists solely to hold together many lengthy sex scenes. Unlike most porn, however, Convent of Hell is quite liberal in its name-checking of the works of H. Lovecraft, which is always fun if it's done in a work of decent quality. Assuming, of course, you're of an age to do so. Never let it be said that I am encouraging the corruption of minors at least, not when I'm not directly involved.

May 07, Anya Leninjav rated it it was amazing. Trashy, sleazy, great art, pure porn with no time wasted on titilation or euphemism. I fucking love this book and paf'd to it incessantly when I was in college! Who doesn't want an enormous horse bone in their butthole?

St. Mary's Convent

It's even got an tentacle sex scene! This is displayed proudly on my rack of sadomasochistic porn comics. Three out of ten. CBR format. Jan 01, Duncan Howorth rated it liked it Shelves: erotica. Better than the piano tuner, and has its moments - some rather funny when the vatican shock troops are parachuted in to pour water on the flames so to speak. Aug 11, Jeff Cottrell rated it it was amazing. How could you not like this??? Chris Chambers rated it it was ok Aug 07, Barontis rated it did not like it Jul 08, Steven Traver rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Steven Runnells rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Adrianna Degenaro rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Sexual sin in Ireland, however, is pretty easy to commit.

Work hard, fly right The laundry becomes a place where the women can atone for their sin through hard physical labor, as St. Mary Magdalene did, working her way to heaven although there is no scriptural evidence that she was a prostitute as is supposed.

They scrub their hands raw and work themselves to near exhaustion in sweatshop-like conditions while being considered a danger to both themselves and the men who desire them. Their parents have abandoned them out of shame and leave them in the good hands of the sisters in hopes of getting not only their daughters into heaven, but also themselves. After all, what kind of parents could have a whore for a daughter?

Convent from Hell

Perhaps the Church, who knows best, can save the family soul. How do you plead? The mentality of a judging God winds its way throughout the film as chances for escape are often met with fear. The nuns run the laundry as tyrants as the residents live in terror while tending to their daily chores. Definitely sounds like a lottery.

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    Convent of HELL Convent of HELL
    Convent of HELL Convent of HELL
    Convent of HELL Convent of HELL
    Convent of HELL Convent of HELL
    Convent of HELL Convent of HELL
    Convent of HELL Convent of HELL

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