Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories

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The future is always super surprising (and a bit disappointing).

All the biggest brains say that time travel, at least as our favorite sci-fi characters experience it, is pretty much only possible with the help of wormholes.


Unwinding Time

Of course, the real hitch in that particular giddy-up is that as far as anyone knows, there are a grand total of zero actual wormholes in existence. Even then, according to the guy who invented the concept of wormholes some frizzy haired guy named Albert , even if we eventually found out how to create them, it would be impossible for wormholes to take us back in time any further than the moment they were created, so travelling back in time is a big no-no.

Time dilation is a very real scientific phenomenon that ended up being a major plot point in the movie Interstellar in which gravity and velocity makes time pass slower relative to a more stationary object. The good news is the fact that clocks move slower on space stations proves time dilation is a very real and actual thing. The wettest of all sci-fi nerd wet dreams, the Star Wars lightsaber is yet another bit of sci-fi tech the laws of science so cruelly deny us. What makes it all the more tragic is that scientists actually have a pretty good working theory on how to make a functioning lightsaber powerful enough to de-bone a Wampa: use magnetic fields to shape plasma into a concentrated beam.

Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, to generate the plasma and magnetic field needed to create an actual lightsaber, it would require roughly the same amount of energy needed to power the entire town of St. Augustine, FL. Of course, even if it were possible to produce that much energy with something the size of a lightsaber, there is no known substance durable enough to provide the insulation necessary to get close enough to hold it without disintegrating.

Also light speed can vary, so… nitpicking it… it is relatively easy to travel faster than light… speaking relative that is… last phrase copyright Rimmer from Red Dwarf. Fun fact: if a Tachyon existed in the real world, it would be carrying an infinite amount of kinetic energy, and would therefore be completely impossible to stop. It would also be doing any number of odd, insane things.

Healing a Bent Woman : Bible Stories

The laws of physics do not work very well when you start talking about wandering about faster than the speed-of-light-in-a-vacuum. In the real world, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, period. Your point about the speed of light lowering in a medium is well taken, tho: light does travel more slowly through a medium, and it is possible to beat a light-pulse through a medium, in certain scenarios. You just have to put some beta-emitting material into water.

Beta radiation consists of electrons of a certain high speed, which is higher than the speed of light trough water. Tachyons are a hypothetical particle predicted by super symmetry.

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This happens because, as you approach the speed of light, you increase in mass, your large mass gives you a powerful gravity field, and time slows down in powerful gravity fields. In this idea, it would actually be ftl traveling, as it is not supposed to warp the whole spacetime construct between you and your target point, but to move a bubble of spacetime at ftl speed. LOVE the Onion. Thanks for that! Is it just me or did anyone else read the title completely incorrectly due to the double negatives? Then I read closer.

Book Review: Time Travel and Warp Drives | How to Build a Time Machine - WSJ

Dunno about that. Any time you beat light-pulse somewhere through a vacuum , you will have traveled in time. What clever trick you used to beat the light pulse does not change the fact that you have traveled between two events faster than a pulse of light could, which is an entirely sufficient fact to establish that you have potentially traveled in time.

Some people would say you arrived a long time before you left, others might say you took your sweet time making the trip. One theorist calculated the amount of energy it would take to warp space time to the necessary extent to move the enterprise TOS. Then there was a follow up a few months later where another one proposed the concept of negative energy as a solution.

So you could warp space effectively if you only had such a thing as negative energy. So basically, the answer is a big maybe. First, to determine if you have faster than light travel, you must determine how to define that speed. Yes, we have a mph figure — but what about perspective? If I were to define this as propelling matter in space to FTL speeds, then no — it is not possible.

Another item which must be understood is time dilation. In the space-bubble scenario time is being moved with the space which contains the vessel — there would be no time dilation from any perspective. What prevents things from going to a lower energy state colder is that the eigenstates of the universe are bounded below with some absolute minimum. If that does not exist then things go a bit awry. Dyson pondered what would happen in QED if a charge were imaginary valued. Opposite charges would repel and by QED electron positron pairs would come gushing out of the vacuum. In a sense something similar happens.

In fact the naked singularity is repulsive and would produce a huge amount of radiation in a violent event far in excess of any supernova. The paper then showed an example. The example was a supermassive black hole with M? The parameter delta was taken? This can happen valid for a lunar mass? In this case, if that moon also has an energy bigger than Emin? The renormalized stress-energy tensor at the leading edge of the warp bubble has been shown to become exponentially unstable over time, rendering it unstable. This is the paper I was thinking of last night, when I was a bit too tired to research it up and get the authors, when I mentioned the demolition of this spacetime configuration by Hawking type of radiation.

The central region is separated from the exotic material by the particle horizon of this spacetime. This is similar to a Rindler wedge. Further, the horizon emits a thermal bath of radiation which grows enormously. These types of spacetimes are interesting in order to understand how quantum gravity gives rise to classical spacetimes which are not pathological. By some means quantum gravity probably removes these spacetimes as physically real. So what you need is some sort of superluminal diode to prevent the energy spike in the same way a conventional diode keeps an energy spike caused by the field collapse when a switch is thrown from damaging the switch itself.

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Then a sort of capacitor to store the energy so that it could be used to power the next hyperspace jump. There, see, simple. First get some distance with the impulse engines, THAN use warp. Here it is.. Small, short-burst warps could be induced along the way to expand the space-time between the ship and any accumulated particles. Next on Sci-fi warfare: Warp missiles that once arrive to the target planet liberate enough radiation to burn the upper atmosphere of it! A simple navigational rule requiring warp vessels to drop out of warp a safe distance from a star system and then proceed using sub-light propulsion would easily solve this problem.

It also eliminates the risk of driving a vessel into a planet, asteroid, or moon at while still at warp, which would be quite a disaster for the crew of the ship one would think. Since it is all theoretical, perhaps the build-up is negated by the particles being deflected to the side off the forward part of the bubble like water off of the prow of a boat. Then there would be no noticeable build-up.

Did they do calculations to that effect or just as if the front of the bubble is scooping everything up like the bucket on a front-end loader? Specially amongst all you guys. And I somehow got sucked into reading this story. And I must say… wow! That was quite fascinating! Much less the destructive effects of it! But very fascinating! We are so small minded. Talking about space time and bending it… think about the bubbles of energy surrounding everything within the Galaxy!

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The force that makes each creator spaced from another, and holds clouds of debris near the edge of gravity. The real atmospheres of Suns extend well beyond the planets A sun makes so much energy… interacting with other stars with planets. We have to ride it. Space travel was never meant to be sped up. But think of how quickly an electron jumps from one shell to the next by absorbing energy… [A vessel should be able to flash from one galaxy to the next. One you can spin and orient at will. The orb needs to be extremely dense material.

And you need to collect enough solar energy concentrated upon this orb. This makes the ship shallow. Very big diameter, not very tall. As few impediments on the energy as possible means straight path. This vessel cannot land on planets or even be built on one. Simple repulsion and attraction. Spinning of dense energetic material is very important to gravity generation. Pressure can compensate for density. This would make plasma states likely. The sun constantly bombarding half of the Earth with energy. But having started hot, the Sun likely slows Earth-core-entropy greatly.

The question is, will the sun explode before entropy cools the Earth too much that the Ocean cycles die slowly disintegrating a complex system called Life? Are we even monitoring conditions at the bottom of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans? The simple truth is: We are short lived for space travel. Maybe even more. We would have to really raise our children right, and get ethics under control… to really sustain life for the trip that takes generations. Stasis is viable too. The real magic comes when you start imagining the source of existence. The thing that all matter is connected with and how it is capable of reintegrating your consciousness on a grand scale, with a collective of sorts that sits far beyond the reaches of this tiny universe.

We take it for granted and are wrought with sin. God is connected with that of which God is made. Accessible to any who would align their self with the source where all knowledge may be found. I think it would be easier to hack into the programming code of the Universe and just modify your present location. Just make sure it has the right temperature and pressure, unless you could mod yourself?? Or call Keanu Reeves.. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing.

I will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business dealings! Fully agree. Space travel is not within the current realm of possibility. Assuming we even had the technology in present day to start the exploration, it would take hundreds, even thousands of years to perfect it as the unknowns are far too great for our measly human minds to comprehend.

A lot of space travelers would die, and shortly thereafter, it would basically be a Banzai mission just to retrieve very minimal amounts of information on each trek. Unfortunate, but reality. Humans today are just not mentally ready for space travel. Our priorities are also our restrictions. Everyone knows that real super-luminal space drives cannot be used in the vicinity of a gravity well.

We're ahead of schedule to turn Star Trek tech into reality

Abstract: Electromagnetic metamaterials are capable of emulating many exotic space-time geometries, such as black holes, rotating cosmic strings, and the big bang singularity. Here we present a metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive, and study its limitations due to available range of material parameters. Hold on a minute, emulating a black hole does not mean that it IS a balck hole.

Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories
Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories Warped Drive: Seriously Bent Stories

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