The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel

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Since then, his pioneering contributions in ModBap have nurtured a movement in experimental modular synth based hiphop production. He is equipped with a diverse skill set ranging from branding to expert level post production solutions, Aaron can deliver ideas from concept to completion in just about any form of media. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of, 'Afrorack', a community outreach program that teaches modular synthesis to Chicago's African American youth. Eventually, his passions spilled into modular synthesis with the marriage of hip-hop production and synthesis.

ModBap panel will take you through the full spectrum of the growing ModBap scene, and they will show you production techniques and discuss the usage of modular synthesizers in this hiphop genre. Automatic Gainsay was one of the first synthesizer demo channels, and today viewership exceeds 10 million. With this experience, Marc became an true expert in the history of Bob Moog and the Moog synthesizers. An exploration of the fascinating history of Don Buchla, and how he worked to create musical instruments for the expressive performance of Electronic Music.

Guy Moon is a Los Angeles based composer. Kim lectures, write and give regular talks and workshops on the topics of musical interface design and electronic music instruments. Based in Copenhagen, he runs his boutique publishing company Bjooks while traveling all over the world, as he loves to meet artists, makers, and readers and experience diverse musical creative cultures.

For nearly ten years, she taught at the Colburn School for Performing Arts, and also recruited the largest studio within the Winds, Brass, and Percussion Department. She has former horn students in almost every major conservatory across the country. Previously holding the title of Colburn School Director of Wellness, Annie travels around the world lecturing about wellness for musicians. Bosler co-wrote "How to practice effectively…for just about anything. Bosler recently co-wrote the book "College Prep for Musicians. Henry Diltz is a true rock and roll legend who has taken some of the most iconic photos of our times.

Henry Diltz is the official show photographer for Synthplex , and he will be presenting a slideshow presentation of some of his most iconic photos on Saturday afternoon. He will also be on the scene on Saturday afternoon and all evening and he will be shooting photos all over the expo floor and he will be photographing our artists as well. Be sure to say hello and get your picture taken with Henry!

He has been deeply involved in creating software tools for music makers and creatives for some time though. Having spent his entire conscious life in front of computers there is pretty much no technology he is not interested in. He got a hardcore physics degree but recognizes that Synthplex is not about quantum mechanics nor anything nuclear and will therefore abstain from talking about these topics. Do ask him about any tech related to Reason and audio though and he will probably tell you more than you asked for.

Building synthesizers and effects for hardware, phones and tablets, computers and web has in the past required vastly different skillsets and talents. We now see these technologies converging and are actively seeking new ways to improve both user and developer experiences. By exploring platform differences and similarities, we try to predict what the future could look like.

Abe Duque's career started in the early days of house at the notorious Limelight in New York, he has been at the head of the acid house and underground techno table since his earliest releases way back in Fast forward and 8 years of instructing music production at the NY based electronic music and DJ school Dubspot, Abe meets Marco Di Prima and they immediately realize their shared energy and obsession with modular synth and live techno. Abe and Marco will take you through their methods of producing techno tracks in Ableton Live and show you how to create a hybrid setup with modular synthesizers for performing live.

As a teenager in the s, Chris Meyer took lessons on piano, bass After a few-decade detour in the video and film industry, he has returned to modular synthesis, creating videos, courses, and articles under the name Learning Modular. In addition to his own LearningModular. Take a humorous, insightful, and occasionally controversial trip through time, learning what early developments shaped the instruments we play today — and which good ideas we seem to have forgotten.

Hear how Vector Synthesis came to be, including the inside story of how the Prophet VS was developed — the good, the bad, and the regrets. Raffi will give an overview of the incredible work they do using music therapy in medicine and he will share the increduble mission of Children's Music Fund, which is our Synthplex charity organization for this year. Raised between his native Mexico City and Europe, he has developed a unique sound by fusing latin, electronic and cinematic music in very effective ways. An in depth look at the power of Ableton Live for creating sound effects, synth soundesign, and soundscapes for visual media.

Fletcher Beasley is a composer who writes music for film, television, commercials, video games, and interactive exhibits. Parnassus, and the Emmy award winning mini-series World Without End. A pioneering video game composer, Fletcher started his career writing music for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. He has released two albums of cinematic electronic music which are available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon and other music streaming services. Modern DAWs are powerful instruments for making music.

But their complexities can derail the creative process and impede artistic flow. This talk provides specific techniques for keeping you productive. Producer and educator Lawrence Grey founded Young Producers Group in to bring music technology into K schools and bring disparate communities together in the process. After working at an alternatives to incarceration center in Brooklyn called the Center for Community Alternatives, Lawrence saw how different socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences can bring people together when they're working on a piece of music.

With electronic music already serving as connective tissue between the youth in all corners of the world, Lawrence saw an opportunity to make this connection tangible and productive with YPG. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in music from NYU with a focus on electronic music composition, he went to UCLA and got a masters degree in education.

Today, Lawrence works with his team to bring music tech programs to 11 schools and 5 nonprofits across Los Angeles with several new programs in the works. Lawrence also puts out records and regularly DJs around Los Angeles. Whether it's through techno or setting up programs in schools, Lawrence's focus is always around using music to fight ignorance, bring people together, and revel in the infinite beauty of music production.

She creates music for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations, and the concert stage. She performs internationally and is also an accomplished visual artist and author. Javad Butah is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer, producer, and educator.

Sound wave

Javad has toured for over 20 years, performing as a solo artist as well as accompanying world-renowned musicians in distinguished venues domestically as well as abroad. The Los Angeles Times has called Javad "…a young, flashy, spectacular tabla player As an educator, Javad has built successful music programs based on not only teaching the practical applications of music production using the latest technology, but also integrating music theory, which he believes broadens their knowledge of the creative process.

Javad uses Ableton Live to create a blend of music that borrows from his love of both classical world music as well as contemporary sounds and techniques. As a brand manager for Ableton, Javad tours the United States giving lectures and demonstrations. Chuck's exotic adventures have taken him to the furthest reaches of primitive worlds, he is referred to as an "ethnomusicianthropologist".

Chuck travels around the world in search of adventures among the world's most isolated tribal groups. Chuck is the owner of the independent record Label Sonic Safari Music. He has produced and published over CD's of exotic music as well as producing several TV shows and documentaries and he is an active member of the Los Angeles "Adventurer's Club. Chuck recently composed 5 hours of original music for Disneyland, Shanghai's "Adventure Island". Explore new concepts of rhythmic composition by examining tribal traditions. These bands opened opened for national touring acts such as:The Who, and Cream.

Howarth's original bands in Cleveland were Braino and Pi Corp. He was a founding partner in Pi Keyboards and Audio, a pioneering synthesizer and pro audio shop. He also provided keyboard synthesizer tour support for Joseph Zawinul of the fusion jazz band, Weather Report, beginning in , which relocated him to LA.

The major breakthrough for Alan was in , when he met the sound effects team for Star Trek-The Motion Picture, launching him as a sound designer for the following 6 Star Trek feature films. He was the sound designer for an innovative Firmly established as a producer, film composer, and sound designer, he continues to be a sonic visionary today researching and creating patents for Natural Frequency Resonance Music wellness sound applications and cutting-edge immersive spatial audio designs for Virtual and Mixed Reality content.

Alan Howarth shares his 25 year research into the Natural Frequencies of Nature and Ancient Architecture as it relates to music and sound designs that resonate to the mind, body and spirit. Both founders are technology and innovations leaders in the Pacific Northwest, and both also have a deep love for music and audio expression using electronics. Cindy Reichel, a musician and a biotechnologist, is a frequent live performer throughout the Northwest, utilizing an improvisational approach to composition with both modular and traditional hardware synthesizers.

She enjoys teaching and conducting workshops for a variety of audiences of all skill levels. Tom prides himself in sharing his skills and knowledge with others, inspiring everyone to express themselves however they see fit. Patchwerks KidsPlex is an opportunity for hands-on learning and play for young synthesizer enthusiasts, presented by Patchwerks. Multiple stations will be available featuring kid-friendly keyboards, electronic percussion and modular gear catering specifically to youth.

Most of his work time is spent mixing classic catalog items for Warner Bros Records, He is best-known for his book "Recording the Beatles" but has become noted for his work in synthesizer history. For the last 18 years, he works as a technician for The Who when they tour. Explore the best of Brian's archive of thousands of Electronic Music papers; the good, the bad, the funny.

Come learn, laugh, and explore the hidden corners of our history.

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  • Indian Summer: Raine Sky Spiritual Journey (Raine Sky Journey Book 1)!

Louis, and Baltimore. James Cleveland. His film scores are released on Back Lot Records. Abels is co-founder and current Executive Director of the Composers Diversity Collective, an organization promoting diversity and inclusion in music for media. He will share ideas and give you insight on how the whole process works from beginning to end. Rob Papen was born on Ocotober 8th, On these machines, he learned how to program synthesizers and they inspired him to compose music. Through groups like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and artist like J.

Jarre, Georgio Morroder, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze he started making electronic music, also at the age of He became a well-known sound designer because of his work for Waldorf Microwave-1, Access Virus, Emu and Ensoniq brands. In recent decades Rob started developing together with top-notch programmers an own line of virtual synthesizers and effects for PC and Mac. These products are loved by many musician and producers and do appear on countless music tracks worldwide.

Rob will talk about his latest products and Rob will share his vision on synthesizers, sound creation and discuss in depth todays computer based music technology. Since then, Gerd has further developed his COTK synthesizer systems which now include nearly different modules and Gerd is a pioneer and a bit of a legend in the 5U world and he embodies the true spirit of being an analogue sound creator. Their vocoder design is the same as the legendary Bode Vocoder, except with some additional controls on the front panel that make this vocoder even more useful and functional.

Kazike will share his vast knowledge on the full use of an analog vocoder and he will explain all that went into the development of this new vocoder. Kazike will also explain the historical significance and famous uses of these type of Analog Vocoders. Daniel Fisher has been programming synths since Fisher then was an Associate Professor of Music Synthesis at Berklee for five years before, once again, being recruited by Chuck at Sweetwater to create synthesizer soundware and videos. Daniel reveals his never-fail synth programming tricks for quickly building the presets of your dreams by starting from an initialized preset.

Tricks include the best ways to set your modulation parameters, some preset name and file name tricks to make everything findable, and effects tricks to create huge stereo ambiances. As a filmmaker he directed and produced Deconstructing Dad, his award-winning documentary about his father. More recently he co-produced Scottworks - The Raymond Scott Festival which showcased his father's life and works. Darren Davison is an engineer with extensive technical knowledge of the Electronium from his multi-year restoration effort. Darren has unique knowledge of the Electronium technical components.

Brian lives and works in Los Angeles and is best known as co-author of the Recording the Beatles book. He is currently in the planning stages of a new Electronium restoration effort. A comprehensive overview of Scott's Electronium and the concepts and precursor inventions that resulted in this ground breaking generative instrument which, in Scott's words, "composes and performs music at the same time.

Acoustical Designer Bruce Black has worked in live and theatrical sound, broadcast sound, live recording, and hardware sales. He has also spent 25 years in motion picture and television post production sound engineering, working for Skywalker Sound, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Sony Picture Entertainment, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, among others. Black strives to dispel myths and misunderstandings regarding acoustics by creating high performance acoustical spaces, publishing articles and presenting papers.

Black is also an associate member of the American Institute of Architects. Black presents the nine components for creating truly high performance music recording and mixing spaces consistently and reliably. Despite all the available information provided by organizations involved with the collection and distribution of intellectual property rights, there is more confusion, doubt and neglect of royalties than ever before.

When music is streamed, downloaded, broadcast on radio, or played live, there are royalties to be collected. Those include royalties for songwriters and publishers as well as royalties due for the actual performance in a sound recording payable to copyright owners and performers. There are also billions in unclaimed worldwide royalties from all these sources. A substantial number of music creators have little to no information about royalties that may be due to them, and they lack access to valuable comprehensive data about how and where people are listening to their music, and they are not familiar with how royalty payments are calculated.

TEG effectively tracks, collects, consolidates, and administers worldwide digital performance, audio-visual, private copy, and exclusive license royalties on behalf of recording artists, master rights owners, songwriters, publishers, independent artists, and artists who own their own master recordings. Congress House Sub-committee on Intellectual Properties and worked with Congress in support of numerous intellectual property issues.

Name That Book cont. Part II

A recognized expert in entertainment and intellectual property rights matters, Dreith is a frequent university lecturer and panelist at entertainment industry events. Hoffman is a prolific advisor and artist advocate who strives to ensure that performers have the proper education and tools to flourish. Since Hoffman has been actively involved with the Recording Academy in their legislative initiatives to enact the Music Modernization Act.

Bruce Waynne oversees client relationships and manages the creative process. It is currently the number one urban music library in the industry, providing opportunities for rising stars. Roger Linn is an industry legend and the creator of electronic music products, starting with the LM-1 Drum Computer, the first sample-based drum machine. Judd Miller is arguably the top EVI player in the world. His expertise on the EVI and his superlative sound design from his enormous self-created sound design library has him as a first call studio musician and one of the most popular musicians for top run movie scores.

On this panel various controllers will be reviewed. There are many choices when it comes to alternatives for MIDI controllers and this panel of experts will educate you on the options. Audio Perception is an audio technology, consulting, design, support and sales company based in Los Angeles, California. They service a wide range of clients including TV and film composers, musicians, songwriters, producers, studio owners, and the audio post industry. The founders of AP each have over 35 years of experience that has accumulated in a broad knowledge of all things audio including a deep understanding of computers, music, electronics, audio engineering, software, and audio post.

They specialize in studio design, construction, acoustics and consultation services, to all types of tech support including, wiring, patch bays, computers, software and instruction. Lastly, they carry a full line of audio equipment and more. This complete support model ensures clients receive thorough and reliable technical service. His audio experience includes front of house duties, as well as freelance studio engineering. Alex spent 10 years teaching at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences training students on audio fundamentals as well as Pro Tools workstations.

Also a musician and electrician, his broad skill set allows him to approach every project with a thorough understanding of the technical as well as creative requirements. We will discuss the common acoustic issues found in workspaces and give you real ways of fixing issues using site selection, speaker placement, and the proper use of items you can make or purchase and even install yourself. In Los Angeles, Kevin E. And…he actually played his Synclavier at his own wedding reception in His live performances include musical theater, choral accompanying, jazz trios, fusion jazz ensembles, rock bands, and solo piano.

Kevin records and produces music for his company Escape Artist Productions at his El Segundo studio, and gives private piano instruction. Creativity is no longer confined to the studio. Kevin Maloney shows us step-by-step how to configure, explore, and design Timbres using an iPad and the Synclavier Go!

FM and additive synthesizer app. Roy Elkins is a visionary entrepreneur and a technology geek. In , he founded Broadjam. Prior to Broadjam, Elkins was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Sonic Foundry and responsible for the launch of several products, including the groundbreaking Acid product line.


The Ensoniq School, which he founded, is still regarded as one of the best training programs in the instrument business. Elkins is passionate about keyboard and software technology and has a thorough understanding of its foundations. Recently he launched the Between the Waves Conference and Festival in Madison, WI which provides musicians the knowledge to make a living making music. Successfully create marketable music by examining data and placement characteristics. Topics include writing methods, genre exploration, overcoming blocks and how to increase your odds.

This session discusses your development, marketing, sales and financial focus and specifically how to make money in your local market. Many strategies are discussed in this eye-opening review. Practical advice that you can put to work immediately after the presentation. Orchestral musician, electronic music programmer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Dark Angels

She creates music and songs that reflect her extensive training as an orchestral musician, an electronic music programmer, and a multi-instrumentalist. Her latest score for Little, a comedy for Universal Pictures, will arrive in theaters April 12, The score features an all star rhythm section, live orchestra, electronica, and choir conducted and contracted by Edie Lehmann Boddicker. Franco was one of three female composers to score a major studio project last year.

Franco will discuss the key to finding the true tone for a score, and how to balance electronica and live elements in a score mix, how to create a writing template. Hannah Parrott is an American composer, arranger, and vocalist. Born in Los Angeles, Parrott earned her B. I played this at my late husbands funeral 5 months ago and every body cried Its a beautiful song. Clearly at least to this brain it was a suicide song…. I found this website extremely helpful during this stressful time.

Thank you very much for sharing this information. We were totally at a loss prior to reading your suggestions. Knocking on Heavens Door — Guns and Roses was played at my nephews funeral. He was an avid hunter and most people came dressed in camo. In the song it says Mama take away my guns, I cant use them anymore……. Most beautiful funeral I have ever been to and I have been to a lot of them…. You sheltered me from harm Kept me warm, kept me warm You gave my life to me Set me free, set me free. You taught me how to love What a time, what a time You never said too much, But still you showed the way.

Is there someone you know, Your loving them so, But taking them all for granted? This was the actual day of her death. The girl was still alive in hospital,and the medics told her parents there was no hope of survival. I had only met my wife 9 months before We had just moved into our first home I,Had never met the parents. She was There was much repressed guilt from both parents,and I felt their sadness and the finality of kind words left forever unsaid. I was living in New Zealand at the time My ex wife is a Kiwi and they tend to be emotionally uptight like the English Stiff upper lip sort of crap The police came and collected my wife to take her to Auckland Hospital a couple of days later,to officially identify her sister.

Came upon this website seeking songs for funeral. Just wanted to say I found a couple of lovely songs I plan to play at my funeral in time to come. Thank you for sharing them with the Public…God Bless. Wow, I live in a world of my own basically and about the only song I knew was Amazing Grace.

These songs are amazing!!!! So apt. Listen to the lyrics! Thanks to all for your posts and suggestions. I have not listened to much music in last few years and relived my younger days while reading some of the recommendations. Your 16 songs are a perfect place for agnostics, atheist, nonbelievers and those who self-identify as Spiritual but not religious.

Not a dry eye in the room. Stairway to Heaven is a classic …. I had it played at my daughters funeral. I will see you again.. The most fitting song that I have heard was for my fun loving and crazy Aunty. I really need uplifting hyms, for people to hear I do not want any sad hymns can you please suggest some, perhaps 6 , thank you so much. I am trying to find some but not having much luck, most are to sad, I have grandchildren and want the best.

Hello Heather. I would definitely check out the songs listed above you can listen to most on YouTube for free. Your funeral director is also a great source of information for these kinds of questions, so we recommend reaching out to them during the pre-planning process to help!

Wising you all the best. It looks like you can get it in any name. I also like the patty cake song. Sam Tsui.. Hello Sally! If you are holding a funeral that is a public event, you may need to look into obtaining a license. We recommend speaking to a licensing agency if you have further questions.

It fits her perfectly. It is beautifully written and the melody gets so emotional. He wrote this song following the death of his songwriting partner, John Lennon. Beautiful acoustical guitar. Shine on you crazy diamond. I think the song Into the west by Annie Lennox would be a great Funeral song. Really hard song to listen to and not cry though. On November 14th, we will honor her request…. I wrote this song for a co-worker and friend who died after 18 years working together.

I adapted it for almost names and familial titles e. I would appreciate your listening to it and sharing it with your friends if you deem appropriate. Thank you. Wish I could be with her to take care of her. I miss her every second of every day and night. Roll on my life lets get it over with quickly, then I can be with her again. The first two were played at my grandpas funeral. American trilogy is by far my favorite R. P poppers. Love you. My husband over the years has had a drink problem and life has not been easy but I stayed with him.

My daughter is angree as he ruined her childhood. I need some songs please can you help. I understand there were copy-write concerns, however perhaps an alternative link might work. By: Faith Hill.. And whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of her.. I miss her.. Hmm, well, yeah… a fair beginning list of songs for a funeral. Though, a little umm..

Q’s and A’s on the Guardian Angels | mystical | Angel quotes, Angel cards, Angel prayers

Here are my suggestions. The best version is, of course, play by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. This song is really not about you or your group of friends getting up for your last chance to dance. It is about asking the dearly departed, the corpse being carried around in that casket, to break out of their final place of confinement in order to experience a last chance to dance. Irreverently appropriate, I believe, for any list of funeral songs.

And, you can dance to it. The lovers of Jazz do so at every Jazz Funeral! Of course, the casket must be conveniently placed under the refreshments table so that the corpse can help keep the booze cold. Billy Bragg was one of those recipients. This song is his tribute to Woody. In this one of many possible worlds, All for the best or some bizarre test?

It is what it is and whatever, Time is still the infinite jest. The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect, So hard to earn so easily burned The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect, So hard to earn so easily burned. The treasure of a life is a measure of love and respect, The way you live, the gifts that you give. The future disappears into memory With only a moment between. Forever dwells in that moment, Hope is what remains to be seen. My best friend, confidant, mentor and role model, just passed on to a much more beautiful place.

Her step family, mine too, I guess, kept me at bay, deceiving and lying to me about incidents that happened to her. I was not part of any funeral arrangements, except for buying her clothes, picking out a few photos and I got to request one song. It was one of the most triumphal moments of the day. What a beautiful song to be played for my beautiful mother.

Thank you Led Zeppelin. Appropriately respectful and uplifting at the same time. Knockin On Heavens Door is also a great song! Here comes the sun george harrison a celebration that all is ok now the sadness is over and its time to embrace the sunshine of life! Love all the comments and different choices of music chosen by your readers ,like most of them they twing the heart strings in many ways ,nice to see people sharing their special music. Sometimes sadness comes back as we put on a special track of which our loved one listened to and yet to there are are happy memories to as we unfold memory times with our favourite music of which meant so much ,everyone choices are different it is what is meant by words either sang or spoken.

Woody Guthrie. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. It always bothers me how some of the best music about death is nearly always is overlooked. But the greatest music about death ever written, hands down, comes from the classical genre. It saddens me that so many people believe that pop music is the only music, and never look beyond it for inspiration. Makes me cry every time I hear it. I hope they play it at my funeral. I find all the old timey songs comforting. I think funeral songs should not be a time to heckle the dead.

Try and find something beautiful to help that soul find its way to the light. If you are pissed, have unfinished business find some other time to work out those frustrations. Dance on their grave and spit on it if you need to. But a funeral is a time to show respect. Be that kind of person in life. Angels Among Us is the big one for me, because in , I lost a very, very close friend her name was Stevie who in June of that year suffered fatal injuries, having been ejected in a car crash and died the next morning at the hospital.

It is a much requested and appreciated song that connects the listener to their passing friend. Here is the link to a youtube video. Bob Marier. I am so so incredibly sorry for your loss. Sending prayers of peace. We have used this song for three funerals. I should know, because in , I personally met someone whom I believed though I never had a chance to tell her this that she was my angel here on Earth, though now I personally believe that Stevie the person in question is now an angel who, 16 years after her passing, was the person sent from Heaven to watch over me in life, and now continues watching over me as an angel in Heaven and will for as long as I live.

These are wonderful suggestions… I am not religious, but for sure know there is a higher power out there…. Best closing song ever! Talking Old Soldiers — Elton John An old man in a bar telling a patron about missing departed friends and how memories will live on after we pass. My family knows that this is the song for my funeral. It makes me tear up knowing I will be remembered. I have picked out my funeral music just not sure on the order I keep changing my mind. Get our latest articles delivered to your email inbox! Visit funeralOne. Funeral Innovation, Technology, Marketing, Healing, and much more You can do better.

Ila - July 5th, at pm I see a lot of interesting content on your blog.

The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel
The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel
The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel
The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel
The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel The Donna Sisters Classic Part 2: Heaven and Angel

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