Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover

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Se la luna piena poi diviene perch il bambino dorme bene, ma se sta piangendo lei se lo trastulla, cala e poi si fa culla, ma se sta piangendo lei se lo trastulla, cala e poi si fa culla. An Illusion When you fall asleep with me When I fell your breath on me When you hold me when I'm scared Never go away from me 'cause this life remains the same An illusion Tries to change you When the snow falls down on me 'cause I know you are the one I fell this cold on my skin I will stay with you forever When you embrace me when I'm sad 'cause the light will fade away Never leave me alone Leave me alone forever 'cause this life remains the same All my tears are falling down An illusion trying to change you 'cause this life can hurts me more For the pain you feel around you I won't see the light again Trying to blind you for these lies 8.

Black Madonna, Magdalene. Le Grand Guignol Welcome to this theatre Theatre of your life No one here gets out alive When the red curtain rises And the macabre play begins Waiting for the life parade Where clowns, whores, and liars win In This grievous masquerade Death! Welcome to this theatre Theatre of the Absurd Where luxury and hunger Are never satisfied No one seems to be alive Waiting for the Freaks parade And no-one here, will survive Lookin' for what the man as made Until we lose all what we won, What have we done?

We can't return. We just destroy what we begun What have we done? Welcome to this theatre Theatre of harlots Flesh and soul are sold When the curtains falls And the macabre play begin Waiting for the life parade Where clowns, whores, and liars win In This grievous masquerade Obsession I can't think, I can't talk I am devoured by this hungry void Burning each thought I have To keep me in chains spiders of glass graze Over and over It turns me in a spiral of death There's something I can't see It's pulsing in me, I'm out of breath, I need to kill A nightmare drives me out It's the day of gloom, a devi-hate addiction Stops the heart beat, a baneful obsession It just eats and eats Another life is gone Kissed by the poison of time When they come We can't stay one day All the thoughts ,all the pain, All the joys must fade away The secrets gates of hades Welcome where hearts are fading And dreams are lost and far away Call me daughter, sister, queen or even God With my silent sight I turn to stone the human flesh Framed by Light and snake But the glare It stop the blood She picks the sponge up and holds it against his cheek.

I love it Alfred: Yes. Thank you very much. Can I give you something as well? Sarah: Can I ask for something? Alfred: Yes. Alfred confused : You Alfred: But your Daddy Lighting change. Sarah takes her housecoat off and steps into the foam-filled bathtub. Alfred battles with the temptation to peek through the keyhole.

Suddenly, the music dramatically changes its character. Count von Krolock appears on the roof of the inn and looks down at Sarah through an open skylight. She is paralysed with fear. Count von Krolock glides from the roof into the bathroom. Sarah is visibly fascinated. Von Krolock: Or would you rather That everything stays as it is? Do you believe that will be enough?

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I know it will never be enough. Would you rather pray Until you are grey and bitter? Count von Krolock climbs onto the edge of the bath and comes dangerously close to Sarah. A journey on the wings of the night In the true reality In the intoxication of darkness Make your heart ready! I invite you to the midnight ball. A journey on the wings of the night So you can escape mundanity In the intoxication of fantasy It will soon be ready I invite you to the midnight ball!

Alfred hysterically : Professor! Abronsius: Who? Professor Abronsius jumps to his feet and flings open the bathroom door. Count von Krolock has vanished without trace. Sarah washes her arm innocently, as if nothing had happened. Abronsius to Alfred : What nonsense are you talking, boy? Professer Abronsius sees a snowflake float through the room and closes the open skylight. The immediately understand what has happened. Alfred: He was there. I swear Abronsius: Are you fantasising or what?

Did he? Rebecca: Oh, oh!! Sarah defiantly : I wanted to have a bath. Chagal throws a hand towel at Sarah and carries her across the corridor to her room. Rebecca runs after them. Abronsius: Can you smell that? The smell of decay! Abronsius: He wants to seduce her, the bastard! Meanwhile Chagal is with Sarah in her room. He closes the door from the inside.

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Rebecca stays in the corridor. Professor Abronsius continues his examination. Do you want to drive me crazy? Sarah: No! Chagal: Oh! Rebecca behind the door, in the corridor : What are you doing, Yoine? Chagal: Now will you be a good girl? Sarah: Yes Daddy. The same night, several hours later. Koukol creeps towards the inn. Sarah comes to the window and sees him. Sarah disappears from the window. She leaves her room and comes out of the front door to see what Koukol has brought her. Sarah has just picked up the bundle when Alfred comes out of the house. The music becomes romantic. Alfred is completely lost in his thoughts about Sarah.

He looks longingly up at her window, without realising that she is standing behind him. Alfred: Under this roof Lives the loveliest person in the world Can it be chance That we met here? Sarah, are you awake? Please come to the window! Sarah: Not so loud! Alfred: I wanted to see you! Sarah: I feel suffocated in here. Alfred: Where do you want to go? Sarah and Alfred: Freedom is out there There, where the horizon begins There is a land In which all miracles are possible. Sarah and Alfred I can go to the stars See into the future. Freedom is out there A happiness that knows no limits Freedom is out there Far away from anything that separates us What they call life begins.

Sarah: Be a darling, please go up and get it for me! Alfred: You mean I should Sarah: My sponge. Alfred goes into the house. Sarah opens the bundle. It contains a pair of red boots. She holds them high admiringly. She takes off her old slippers and slips her feet into the boots. The music takes on a waltz rhythm. Sarah closes her eyes dreamily while she spins in a circle with her arms outstretched.

More Count von Krolocks surround her and dance alternately with her. On the top floor of the inn a window is opened; Alfred appears at it a moment later. Alfred: Sarah! She hesitates for just a moment, then runs away. Alfred comes away from the window and out of the inn. He runs a short way in the direction in which Sarah went. Both are wearing nightshirts. Chagal: What is it? Where is she? Alfred: I He lifts them up and shows them to Rebecca.

Chagal: Her shoes! Rebecca: Oh! My poor child! Rebecca: You want to go to the castle? He bites into it and finally sets off on his way. The afternoon of the next day. The usual guests are sitting at the tables, depressed. Magda is sweeping the floor. A little later, Professor Abronsius and Alfred come down the stairs, armed for an excursion.

Guests: Garlic! Believe in its powers! Without garlic Everything would be bleak. All: Wuscha-Buscha In soup and in cream cheese Garlic! Goes from the stomach right to the bone marrow. The days are arduous And the nights are dangerous Garlic makes us strong Garlic makes us brave Garlic helps us Garlic helps us Garlic makes us brave. Abronsius: What is the matter with them? Alfred: They are depressed Abronsius: Nothing becomes of the troubled! Holy Strawsack! Stop the moaning! All: What is he rambling about?

Suddenly the door opens. Alfred to Magda : Hot water! The lifeless Chagal is placed on a table. Professor Abronsius bends over him and discovers small bite wounds on the throat and ankles. He is dead Rebecca: Ohhh! Abronsius to Alfred : There! Nice little holes Well I never! They sucked him dry very quickly. And even worse will happen! No one can irritate me Because I only trust precision I seek truth And truth will lead to clarity.

My theory fits the truth! Alfred: Just a moment! You still have to tell us: Where was he going? Who was he looking for? Abronsius: Stay here! There are still questions! Alfred and Abronsius: How and what and who and where and when?

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How and what and who and where and when? The last guest, the village idiot, leaves the lounge. Professor Abronsius turns back to Chagal. Abronsius: We have to hurry! If we lose him, he will become Then Rebecca understands and begins to shriek. Rebecca: Ohhh! Abronsius to Rebecca : Courage, Madam Chagal!

Rebecca: Stabbing? What do you want to stab? Abronsius demonstrating what he wants to do : His heart. With a blow Like this: Smack! Rebecca attacking Professor Abronsius : Drive this stick into his heart? Are you insane, you old billy goat? Rebecca more shrieked than sung : Get out!

Rebecca: Oh Yoine No, nobody can impale your heart Even when it broke hearts like you did My poor thing, I have lost you But now, finally, you can rest. Carrying a crucifix before her, Magda comes down from her chamber. She goes cautiously towards the table on which the corpse lies, pulls back the cloth and bends over Chagal.

Magda: Glassy eyes Hands like ice He is so cold now But he used to be so warm Death is such an odd thing Yesterday so noisy Today so still Yesterday still splendid Today already rubbish Death is such an odd thing Death is such an odd thing. Those pinches and his stare When he lived made you sick But as a corpse, he now seems Quite well-behaved and sedate.

When he came to me He got me Now I come to him And he is defenceless Death is such an odd thing Death is such an odd thing. While the background music continues to play, Magda lights a candle. Chagal moves. Magda hears something. She looks around to make sure that there is nobody else in the room. Chagal remains quiet. Magda: Death is such an odd thing Death is such an odd thing.

His chatter and his behaviour When he lived, was shameful But as a corpse he only smells Otherwise he remains faultless. Chagal sits up. Magda has realized that Chagal is sitting up. Horrified, she seizes the crucifix and holds it in front of Chagal. Chagal giggling : What?! Chagal grabs hold of Magda, who is too frightened to move.

He bites her throat. Afterwards, he utters a wolf-like howl and wipes the blood from his mouth with relish. Startled, he makes sure that Magda is dead. He hears footsteps. To hide his crime, he carries the body to the table which he himself had lain on. He covers Magda with the cloth. At that moment, Professor Abronsius and Alfred enter the lounge. Chagal hides under the table. Alfred nervously opens the bag they have brought with them and Abronsius takes out a hammer and a sharp wooden stake. Professor Abronsius hands Alfred the hammer. Abronsius to Alfred : So, when will you strike it?

Alfred: After three Abronsius: Good. And where is the heart? Alfred: Between the sixth and seventh Alfred: Ribs! Abronsius: Right! Come on! Professor Abronsius bends over the covered figure on the table and feels for the right place. To his astonishment, he feels a soft bosom. He looks at Alfred, surprised. With his first look, he sees the small holes on her neck from the vampire bite. Abronsius: Bitten!

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That was Chagal! I was right, we should have driven the stake through his heart right away. Seized by panic, Chagal leaves his hiding place and tries to flee. Alfred and Professor Abronsius chase him. Alfred trips Chagal up. Chagal falls to the floor. Professor Abronsius and Alfred bend over Chagal, who is lying on his back. With a look, he asks Alfred to hit the stake with the hammer. But Alfred seems paralysed. Chagal: Please wait! Alfred: Professor Maybe he can show us the way to her Abronsius: Which way to who? Alfred: To his daughter Chagal zealously taking up the suggestion : Good.

You can follow me. Chagal: Oh good! Chagal scurries through the snowy wilderness, followed at some distance by Professor Abronsius and Alfred. Suddenly Chagal disappears without trace. Professor Abronsius and Alfred look for him, but in vain. In the background we can see the silhouette of a fantastic castle. Professor Abronsius and Alfred disappear behind a hill.

The castle, shrouded in mist and snowflakes, is suddenly very close projection. The cloud cover has lifted. We hear voices from the balcony and pillars of the auditorium. It seems to be that wait would be finally over Be prepared! Life in the house! Nothing for weeks and now two Be prepared! Finally a new pleasing, horrible pleasure Be prepared! It is time, it gives a bite for the Tooth of Time. Finally a visitor with a lifestyle! Two men with class! Usually there are only farmers with filthy throats and thick as two short planks Be prepared!

Finally a smart, charming, depressing perversion Be prepared! In a short time, there will be something for the teeth to bite Professor Abronsius and Alfred enter from the auditorium. He tells Alfred to crawl through the gaps under the bars of the castle gate. Alfred is just about to do this when the bars go up. He shrinks back. Count von Krolock emerges from the castle courtyard. Blessed is the night That protects us From seeing the ugly It stirs softly In dark dreams And lets the dead rise again.

Follow me into my darkness and never leave! Tired of loneliness I longed for your visit The future is history And the present is a curse. Endless is the sea of time But you can only live on the shore From the disease of sadness There can be no escape. Von Krolock: Ah, I see. A man of culture With whom do I have the pleasure? I was captivated! I can also study here And make progress with my research.

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Von Krolock: Who is this young man? Surely a student Abronsius: Alfred. He assists me Von Krolock: Good, Alfred. My compliments. Herbert: Finally someone Who can take away the boredom for me. Herbert leads Alfred through the outer door to the courtyard. Professor Abronsius and Count von Krolock follow. A portal leads from the courtyard into the castle. Koukol is waiting between the open double doors, holding a candlestick. Von Krolock: Please, sirs! Come in Make yourselves at home Koukol! With a farewell bow to Count von Krolock, Professor Abronsius disappears into the castle. Herbert is now nowhere to be seen.

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Alfred picks up the bag and goes towards the portal, to follow the Professor. At this moment he hears the Count call his name. Frightened, Alfred turns around. Count von Krolock stretches his hand out to show Alfred something. I know what you feel and think I can feel your longings When you give me your trust Then I will lead you. Von Krolock: The object of your longing is nearer to you than ever Alfred: Really? Von Krolock: Trust me Search with me for the black grail! Follow your hidden urges!

Alfred goes through the portal into the castle and disappears. Count von Krolock follows. As he closes the door behind him, he turns round once more. There is triumph in his face. Later the same night. Sarah has left her room. Sarah moves as if in a trance. Out of nowhere, we hear vampires singing.

Blood-red Lips and cheeks Skin soft as velvet Young, beautiful and female Pernicious and damned! The ancestors in the pictures on the walls come to life. They sing in whispers Ancestors: Be prepared! On the other side of the hall, the dark figure of Count von Krolock appears on the upper steps of the spiral staircase. Sarah: Sometimes in the night I have fantastic dreams But when I wake up fear torments me. Sarah: Sometimes in the night I feel the irresistible temptation Of a dark danger.

Ancestors: Be prepared, Star Child Sarah: I can hear a voice. Sarah: Sometimes in the night I feel a magical power That moves me invisiblely. Sarah: Sometimes in the night I am so helpless and I wish One would come to lead and protect me. Sarah: Sometimes in the night I want to experience the forbidden And the consequences do not matter to me. Sarah: I feel a longing that is searching for me Ancestors and Von Krolock: Be prepared!

Sarah: Sometimes in the night I want to be how you want me to be Even if that would destroys myself. Sarah: I feel a longing that is searching for me. Von Krolock: No! All the lights concentrate on Count von Krolock and Sarah, until he suddenly exits. On the barely-lit stage stands an enormous four-poster bed. Professor Abronsius sleeps peacefully on one side of the bed, snoring. On the other side, Alfred tosses and turns restlessly. An unreal voice comes out of nowhere. Vampire: Follow me, trust the night! Only it can save your soul Curse the day and its power Free the longing of its chains.

Follow me, come feel the night! Alfred suffers a nightmare, which materialises for the audience to see: vampires come out from all over the room. They crawl over the roof of the bed, creep out of corners, glide from the ceiling. Vampires: Over graves and ruins Funeral bells will toll And all the devils will arise And all the angels will have to fall. We are hungry for crimes We are longing for blood We only live for our greed And feed our brooding with poison. The world of daylight Has never pleased anyone So dive in the Sea of Nothing Which is always dark and cold And then when the darkness Intoxicates you, then feel Feel the night!

Feel the night! Dies irae Kyrie, Requiem da Domine! Dies irae Kyrie, Libera me Domine! Exultate Kyrie! Pie Agne Domine! Dies irae Kyrie, Sanctus Sanctus exultate! Vampire Group 2 simultaneously : Feel the night! And never let it pass Feel the night! Close your eyes to see Feel the night! Your destiny is sure to happen. An impressively acted adjutant of the Count courts her and carries her off. Alfred is pulled into his nightmare. He wants to intervene, but he cannot reach "Sarah. Vampires: From the graves and ruins Dead bodies will rise again And all fears will become true And all hope will fade away.

Our order is the chaos To change means to destroy We want to live for the greed And belong to the beasts of prey. Vampire Group 1: Carpe noctem, lamia! Decet diem exsecrari Sanguim suga, belua! Debet pravum exsequari Inquiem perpetuum dona nobis, Satanas Bestia diaboli, dona nobis damnationem Carpe noctem, lamia! Debet pravum exsequari Inquiem perpetuum dona nobis, Satanas Bestia diaboli, dona nobis damnationem Sanguim suga, belua! Debet pravum exsequari Carpe noctem, lamia!

Decet diem exsecrari. It is right to curse the day Suck blood, monster! Wickedness is destined to be punished Give us eternal restlessness, Satan Diabolical beasts, give us damnation Seize the night, witch! Wickedness is destined to be punished Give us eternal restlessness, Satan Diabolical beasts, give us damnation Suck blood, monster! Wickedness is destined to be punished Seize the night, witch! It is right to curse the day]. Your destiny is sure to happen Feel the night! Vampire Group 3 simultaneously : Carpe noctem! Carpe noctem! Vampire Group 2: Feel the night! Close your eyes to see.

All Vampires: Follow me, trust the night! Only it can save your soul Curse the day and its power Free the longing from all its chains.

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Follow me, come, feel the night! The vampires disappear. The music ends. A cock crows. The bedroom door opens. A clock strikes. The scene changes. The lust for her blood becomes secondary to the hormones pulsing through my veins to every extremity. A wave of dizziness forces my eyes shut. The area below my belly clenches and sends out arcs of electricity to the center of my core. I shake my head to clear the erotic images and to regain control. I fail. My mouth waters in expectation of kissing her lush lips and tasting her sweet blood. In a burst of speed, I am on her.

She falls forward, with me on top. One of her hands is still free and she slaps my face hard. I rear back from the powerful, smarting blow which allows her time to spring to her feet. She was a young thing, a fledgling at best and newly indoctrinated into the blood family. Now, the fire and power in her voice and body made my skin tingle. I had to have her. I took a step forward, my intentions clearly projected by my body language. The thinnest trace of a smile played around her lips. As I crushed my mouth down on hers, she gasped and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer.

With urgency, we prepared to share a vampire kiss. Two pairs of white fangs curved around opposing, mutually ravenous lips in preparation for our exchange of blood and pleasure. A wall of my own hair blocked the way. I flung the golden mass over a shoulder and wrapped vampire strengthened arms around the delicate width of her shoulders, drawing her close. Cupping her warm breast in a long fingered hand, I devoured the honeysuckle scent of her womanly flesh saturating the air around us. I expected the embrace to be a slow, seductive and enticing—almost tentative—meeting of lips and bodies.

Instead, her response became an onslaught. She attacked from everywhere—lips, mouth, hands, avid press of supple body parts. No prey, no consort, —male or female, rivaled the experience. I leaned forward to press the length of her body hard against mine. My gaze locked onto her golden amber eyes. She was my angel of lust and need.

Here in this secluded spot, I found myself reduced to the same kind of uncontrollable, inevitable, voracious hunger that motivated all vampires in search of quenching their blood and lust. Deidra moaned. The sound vibrated from the back of her throat. She relaxed with a soft acquiescence to my embrace.

Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover
Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover
Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover
Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover
Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover
Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover Lust in the Moonlight: The Vampires Secret Lover

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