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Tim works as a freelance sculptor primarily but has worked in house for both Ral Partha and Wizkids.


He has also sculpted for toy companies outside of the gaming industry and produced figures for licensed properties such as Marvel, DC, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX to name a few. More AncientHammer than OldHammer.

Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine are just a few of the myriad brands that he has contributed to. He now shares his life with Tracey, 6 cats, 32 chickens and 6 months of gale force winds. Do not approach if spotted — has been known to bite. Graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in and the Academy of Art University in , Drew applies his knowledge of maquette sculpture, ecorche, comparative anatomy, and creature design, to his work in the miniatures field. Besides toy, gift-ware, and novelty businesses, he has also worked as a freelancer for numerous miniatures businesses big and small over the years, including Wizkids, Reaper, and Privateer Press.

Law and Disorder: Movement Lawyer Kyle Bristow Takes Larger Role

Richard Luong has 13 years of experience in video games and illustration. He has worked as a concept artist and illustrator creating art for games such as Cthulhu Wars the board game. He now works as a freelance artist through his website: Tentacles and Teeth. Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter based on the actual costs.

Law and Disorder: The Psychology of False Confessions

This will be collected via the pledge manager after the campaign ends. Calculating shipping this way is fairer to all backers and easier for me to work out. By not including shipping in the pledge level, it also means I can concentrate on the stretch goals! Shipping for the rest of the world will be calculated on a country by country basis. This may increase or decrease based on the quantity of stretch goals we might unlock. All parcels are tracked and insured. A t the Sundance film festival in January , multitasking force-of-nature Jim Cummings unveiled a brilliantly excruciating short about a bereaved cop struggling to say goodbye to his mother at her funeral.

The feature opens with a reimagined — and arguably even more painful — version of the short film, a funereal curtain-raiser to a full-length squirm-fest filled with wince-inducing gallows humour. Having impressively upped the ante on its short-film roots, Thunder Road then faces the daunting task of stretching that queasily hilarious air of distressing character comedy over the course of a minute movie. At home, he struggles to connect with his young daughter, Crystal Kendal Farr , whose mum, Rosalind Jocelyn DeBoer , is in the process of screwing him in divorce proceedings.

During a peaceful anti-war protest in Civic Center Plaza on April 27, Chicago police officers responded with violence. Their attack sent a message to future protestors—come to Chicago at your own risk. They evenutally lost to former Vice President Richard M. The convention itself unfolded with no drama.

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This civil disturbance left three people dead, again suggesting violence might come to Chicago's convention. Many delegates experienced bullying on the convention floor. Anti-war activists watched their peace plan get defeated at the convention. Protestors experienced several days of intimidation and beatings by police in Lincoln Park and Grant Park. Chicago law enforcement endured long hours under dangerous conditions. Media members also took their own beatings.

The week of violence culminated with the Battle of Balbo. Network television cameras rolled, broadcasting everything.

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Kennedy's assassination, the race for the Democratic presidential nomination seemed wide-open. Chicago often boiled down to a battle over turf. Nixon squeaked out a narrow victory over Democrat Hubert H.

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Hoping to encourage revolution, militant protestors during convention week actually turned some Americans against them. Many did not like these protestors' approach to social and political change. The Weatherman, a radical student group, came to the city in October They rallied against the Chicago 8 trial. The federal government put eight activists on trial for starting the Democratic National Convention riots a year earlier.

Weathermen performed street theater, vandalized, and sabotaged during its Days of Rage.

Law and Disorder: The Psychology of False Confessions – Association for Psychological Science

Unlike , though, few Chicagoans supported these demonstrators. Chicago officials wanted to hold somone responsible for the Democratic National Convention violence. The federal government indicted eight protest leaders on anti-riot charges. The government, however, could not secure lasting convictions. Chicago immediately became part of s folklore, with images of blue-helmeted police and long-haired youth stuck in people's minds.

Some viewed Mayor Daley and the Chicago Police's reaction to the convention week activists as the only correct response. Others saw Chicago as another example of Boss Daley and his thugs out of control in the streets and on the convention floor.

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Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder Law and Disorder
Law and Disorder

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