If Youre Sleepy And You Know It

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If You're Sleepy and You Know It

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Tags: sleep science of us. This exposure impairs melatonin production and interferes with your ability to fall asleep as well as with the quality of your sleep once you do nod off. Remember, the sleep cycle is a daylong process for your brain. When you confuse your brain by exposing it in the evening to what it thinks is a. The best thing you can do is avoid these devices after dinner television is OK for most people as long as they sit far enough away from the set. If you must use one of these devices in the evening, you can limit your exposure with a filter or protective eye wear.

Consistency is key to a good night's sleep, especially when it comes to waking up. Waking up at the same time every day improves your mood and sleep quality by regulating your circadian rhythm.


When you have a consistent wake-up time, your brain acclimates to this and moves through the sleep cycle in preparation for you to feel rested and alert at your wake-up time. Roughly an hour before you wake, hormone levels increase gradually along with your body temperature and blood pressure , causing you to become more alert. This is why you'll often find yourself waking up right before your alarm goes off. When you don't wake up at the same time every day, your brain doesn't know when to complete the sleep process and when it should prepare you to be awake.

Long ago, sunlight ensured a consistent wake-up time. These days, an alarm is the only way most people can pull this off, and doing this successfully requires resisting the temptation to sleep in when you're feeling tired because you know you'll actually feel better by keeping your wake-up time intact.

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Sleeping in on the weekend is a counterproductive way to catch up on your sleep. It messes with your circadian rhythm by giving you an inconsistent wake-up time. When you wake up at the same time during the work week but sleep past this time on the weekend, you end up feeling groggy and tired because your brain hasn't prepared your body to be awake. This isn't a big deal on your day off, but it makes you less productive on Monday because it throws your cycle off and makes it hard to get going again on your regular schedule. The amount of sleep you need is something that you can't control, and scientists are beginning to discover the genes that dictate it.

The problem is, most people sleep much less than they really need and are under-performing because they think they're getting enough. Some discover this the hard way. Ariana Huffington was one of those frantic types who underslept and overworked, until she collapsed unexpectedly from exhaustion one afternoon.

Get Better Sleep by Going to Bed Only When You're Tired

She credits her success and well-being since then to the changes she's made to her sleep habits. The result has been transformational," Huffington says, adding that, "all the science now demonstrates unequivocally that when we get enough sleep, everything is better: our health; our mental capacity and clarity; our joy at life; and our ability to live life without reacting to every bad thing that happens.

Huffington isn't the only one. Even Bill Gates, an infamous night owl, has affirmed the benefits of figuring out how much sleep you really need: "I like to get seven hours of sleep a night because that's what I need to stay sharp and creative and upbeat. When you work in the evening, it puts you into a stimulated, alert state when you should be winding down and relaxing in preparation for sleep. Recent surveys show that roughly 60 percent of people monitor their smartphones for work emails until they go to sleep.

Staying off blue light-emitting devices discussed above after a certain time each evening is also a great way to avoid working so you can relax and prepare for sleep, but any type of work before bed should be avoided if you want quality sleep. Unfortunately for those with small children, the quality of your sleep does suffer when it is interrupted. The key here is to eliminate all the interruptions that are under your control. If you have loud neighbors, wear earplugs to bed.

If your mother likes to call at all hours of the night, make certain you silence your ringer before you go to bed. If you had to wake up extra early in the morning, make sure your alarm clock is back on its regular time when you go to bed. Don't drink too much water in the evening to avoid a bathroom trip in the middle of the night. If your partner snores. If you think hard enough, there are lots of little things you can do to eliminate unnecessary interruptions to your sleep.

Many people who learn to meditate report that it improves the quality of their sleep and that they can get the rest they need even if they aren't able to significantly increase the number of hours they sleep.

CurioCity - CurioCité | Suddenly sleepy: understanding narcolepsy

At the Stanford Medical Center, insomniacs participated in a six-week mindfulness meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy course. At the end of the study, participants' average time to fall asleep was cut in half from 40 to 20 minutes , and 60 percent of subjects no longer qualified as insomniacs. Do you or your child struggle to stay awake or nod off at inappropriate times?

If you think you or your child may have narcolepsy symptoms, take the Narcolepsy Symptom Screener and share your results with a healthcare professional. Take the Narcolepsy Symptom Screener Now.

Maybe because your brain is overheated.

It can often be overlooked by doctors as well. Excessive daytime sleepiness is 1 of the 5 major symptoms of narcolepsy. What are the 5 major symptoms of narcolepsy?

If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It If Youre Sleepy And You Know It
If Youre Sleepy And You Know It

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