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Thank you! A deserved classic this one. I wonder whether the Everleys ever extended it live to 5, 6, 7… increasingly venemous and twisted verses, with more and more fanciful rhymes esp.

The chorus intrigues. At any rate, Tom seems to assume the other, clown-as-new-beau reading which feels wrong to me in that the song then points away from the hurt, dumpee and towards the new guy about whom we know nothing. Here the betrayal is public knowledge and the focus is on the split between public and private perception of the experience.


Cathy's Clown (The Fairground Romance Series)

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Tom invented Freaky Trigger on a bus journey in the mids.

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  5. Cathy's Clown - Drum Backing Track - The Everly Brothers;

A page about what he's up to can be found here. Not just because he took one of natures nicest foodstuff namely the pork pie and made it even better. He made it better by the addition of the hard boiled egg. But not just any old hard boiled egg. No, not only did […]. It was a gilded age: the commercial zenith of the music industry at the end of the 20th century.

Full version Full version with vocals and drum kit. Drum only Drum kit without the other instruments.

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Average rating 46 votes. Want to customize this backing track? Modify each track individually with the Custom Backing Track. Try it now! Customize the Backing Track of Cathy's Clown.


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Cathy's Clown Lyrics - The Everly Brothers feat. Ricky

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Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown
Cathys Clown Cathys Clown

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