Brown Paper Bag, a novel

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The Paper Bag Princess

The froth is rising! Bloomsbury India. The new one, about how food is produced by farmers and agrarian communities all over the country, is said to be bursting with great stories. To be read while this nip in the air and this lightening smog lasts. Speaking Tiger. Jonahwhale: A rare star appears in the heavens — a new collection of poetry from the honestly wonderful Ranjit Hoskote. Naishapur and Babylon: To have one new book of poetry from a beloved poet seems like good luck; to have two seems almost suspicious.

Keki Daruwalla — who also has a novel due in the coming months! Yasss, democracy-preferring, anti-hierarchical queen. Unique new voices, including Dhrubo Jyoti and Shrayana Bhattacharya, contribute to an anthology about love and its many splendours. Better than saying it with flowers. The novel is set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, and takes places in a fictional city in West Asia, where a young Indian radio jockey gets caught up in the perils and promises of a revolution.

Juggernaut Books. Roli Books. Where Has The Tiger Gone? The Gond artist Davat Singh Mikey meditates on the tiger tales he heard in his youth, producing a story told in beautiful dramatic art. With original sketch maps and drawings plus the texts which accompanied these maps when they were first published, this promises to walk tall. Bring it to us in a milkshake so we can drink it with a straw. Indian Myths For Children: With Ramayana translator and all-round brain-box Arshia Sattar writing, the children will have to fight us for this one.

Pajamas Are Forgiving: Fresh off what is certain to be the Republic Day smash-hit that is Padman, Twinkle Khanna will present us with a new case of Funnybones — a novel about a woman stuck at an Ayurveda retreat with an ex-husband and his nubile new wife. Harper Collins. The Shrine of Death: A beautiful young historian in Chennai, who discovers two priceless tenth century bronzes, goes missing. Nayak, by Satyajit Ray: Bhaskar Chattopadhyay novelises the classic story of movie idol Arindam, who meets magazine editor Aditi on a train journey, shedding his aura of glamour and becoming a real boy over the course of their conversation.

Oh Uttam, oh Sharmila! The ISIS Caliphate: Journalist Stanly Johny traces the networks that have connected this radical extremist group in Syria to the peripheries of India and Pakistan, and their rise and fall over the last four years. Translated by Ministhy S. Cut off the flaps formed by the bottom of the bag.

You want one large sheet of paper. Place the book in the center of the paper. Make sure the paper is large enough to cover the book in its entirety. Check that the paper will wrap around the book, covering the front and back.

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Method 2. Wrap the paper up across the bottom of the book. Make a crease along the bottom cover. You can use double-sided tape to secure the fold, if you wish.

Step 1: Materials

This will help secure the cover. Place the book on top of the bottom fold so the edges are even. Wrap the paper up across the top of the book. Make a crease along the top cover. Again, feel free to use tape to hold the fold in place. Then, remove the book from the paper. Measure the folds. They should be at least 1.

Fold the paper up at the bottom crease and down at the top crease. You should have a strip of paper big enough to cover the book from top to bottom. Try not to create new folds on top of preexisting folds in the paper. This will cause your book cover to tear more easily. Place the book back in the center of the paper. Wrap the paper across the front of the book from left to right and adjust the book position until the two ends of the paper are even. Fold the overlap around the front cover of the book. Make a crease. Then insert the front cover of the book into the slot created by the paper folded over at the top and the bottom.

Slide the paper over the book until you hit the crease. Fold the overlap around the back cover of the book. Then insert the back cover of the book into the slot created by the paper folded over at the top and the bottom. Stop if the cover fits snugly. If it seems a little loose or the top and bottom folds are not lying flat, you can use small pieces of tape to pull the front and the inside flap together a little more securely.

Do not tape the paper cover to the actual cover of the book; the paper cover will move a little when the book opens, and you could damage the book cover. Decorate your book cover, if you like. Remove the book and add stickers, drawings, or designs to the paper. You can add a name tag, or use fancy fonts or scripts to write the title of the book. You can make designs out of paper and attach them with rubber cement or double-sided tape.

No Tape Book Cover: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

When you are finished, put the cover back on the book. Yes, you can! Just make sure that your paint or glue is very dry before you cover your book so it doesn't become stuck and ruined. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. You should be able to draw on it, but use a pencil or a pen with that won't bleed through. Don't use Sharpies or other markers.

If you want to make sure, put the paper bag down on top of a blank piece of paper and draw something, then check to see if it bled through to the paper.

The Back Story: How The Brown Paper Bag Carried “The Color Complex” From Slavery Forward

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. If you do that, you might damage the book that is inside. It's best to decorate before the book goes inside.

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Not Helpful 2 Helpful 7. Not Helpful 9 Helpful What if the back cover of book is torn? What can I use as an alternative for the back cover? Use a firm piece of cardboard. Cut it to fit exactly to the size of the book's back cover, and then attach it to the spine of the book using a strong piece of tape where the cardboard and spine meet.

Make Your Own Paper Bag Book

Make sure the tape is very secure. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Probably not, unless you want to cut up a few smaller bags and tape them together so that they fully cover the book.

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Great for paperbacks, especially if you use a very thick paper bag or double it up. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips To make the cover more durable, remove it from the book and unfold it so that it lies flat.

Cut a piece of clear adhesive covering so that it will cover most of the outer surface of the book cover. Remove the backing from the clear adhesive and carefully apply it to the book cover, smoothing as you go to avoid air bubbles.

Brown Paper Bag, a novel Brown Paper Bag, a novel
Brown Paper Bag, a novel Brown Paper Bag, a novel
Brown Paper Bag, a novel Brown Paper Bag, a novel
Brown Paper Bag, a novel Brown Paper Bag, a novel
Brown Paper Bag, a novel Brown Paper Bag, a novel
Brown Paper Bag, a novel Brown Paper Bag, a novel

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