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    Mobilversion anzeigen. Enlightenment can lead to new petrification or exclusions, which the new discourse on theology after Auschwitz, liberation theology, and feminist theologies engage as new signs of our time. The new inclusive Bible translation bears clearly the stamp of those three theological movements. In the three monotheistic religions, the biblical stories have been used to justify the hierarchical relationship between man and woman. This dynamic is particularly evident not only in the legal systems of the three religions but also in the secular laws that emerged from them.

    The legal system and Holy Scriptures were read to reinforce each other, withholding from women basic civil rights in modern society.

    "all-inclusive" German translation

    As a consequence, alternative biblical interpretations emerged that related to the gender debate in the respective religions. In the past two decades German-speaking feminist interpreters developed many gender-oriented readings of the two creation narratives that constructed new textual meanings. They contributed to the development of feminist theology, rereadings of the Bible within Christianity, new ideas about deconstruction, masculinity studies and queer theory, and new feminist approaches to Judaism and Islam. The new German inclusive Bible translation is clearly inspired by these developments.

    His translation takes seriously that the Hebrew noun adam can refer both to generic humanity and to the male besides the first woman. Adam is obviously a name for the species that includes both genders. Then Gen ff reports that God creates the earthling from the earth, ha-adamah Gen From this first creature God creates another creature by putting the original creature into a deep sleep and taking away a part of the creature, its rib or the whole side Gen Later, both, ha-adam and his wife are named cf Gen 2, One could translate this verse in different ways.

    Feminist Bible scholars recognized early that the shift of meaning of the Hebrew word adam into human Mensch and then into male Mann is not only a problem in the history of interpretation but that the biblical text itself is a stumbling block for just gender relations. The Bible seems to teach that the man Mann is closer to humanity Menschsein than the woman.

    The problem does not disappear when historical critics distinguish between the first creation story in Gen 1 and the second creation account in Gen and then propose reading Gen 1 as a correction of Gen This historical explanation only shifts the problem, but cannot make it disappear.

    He also makes use of a grammatical shift between singular and plural. This process allows him to indicate that the Hebrew singular adam carries a plural meaning. Of specific interest is his translation of Gen.

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    Die soll Ischscha, Frau, genannt werden, denn vom Isch, vom Mann, wurde die genommen! H is translation illustrates that he does not aim for a monolithic translation of the word adam as if it were the same every time the word appears. He also does not translate adam as earthling, although this would nicely make visible the Hebrew pun between adam and adamah. Yet this translation also creates a fluid meaning of the word adam and shows its instability. The result is that the meaning of adam as an apparently stable description for the male gender is destabilized.

    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)
    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)
    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)
    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)
    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)
    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)
    All inclusive (German Edition) All inclusive (German Edition)

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