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Address Product Description. Learn More. Add to Cart. Adult Student Workbook - Summer Adult - Lesson Manual- Summer Beginner - Activity Papers - Grades - Summer Primary - Activity Papers - Grades Summer Toddler - Activity Papers - Ages - Summer Kindergarten - Activity Papers - Ages - Summer Preteen - Activity Papers - Grades Summer High Student Handbook- Grades - Summer High Student Handbook -Grades - Summer Primary - Teacher's Manual - Grades - Summer Beginner - Teacher's Manual - Grades - Summer Toddler - Teacher's Manual - Ages - Summer Preteen - Teacher's Manual - Grades Summer Kindergarten - Teacher's Manual Ages - Summer A Place Prepared for You.

Beginner Teacher Resource Packet Summer Toddler - Resource Packet - Summer Primary Teacher Resource Packet Summer Kindergarten Teacher Resource Packet Summer Prayer Wheel - Prayer Guide. Preteen - Resource Packet - Summer Adult - Lesson Leaves - Summer High Teacher Resource Packet Summer Baptismal Certificates - Pack of Praying the Armor of God - Prayer Guide. Healing Rain - Prayer Guide. But for the first time I saw a situation where there was no simple formula and yet the output was far greater than anything I had seen before. It reminded me of watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV.

He would give a simple message, that was essentially just the gospel, and hundreds of people would come forward to be prayed for in response. At HTB, I did notice that there was a wild emphasis on worship and prayer. I went to a weekly prayer meeting and I watched as people prayed passionate and pleading prayers. It was different to anything I had been a part of before.

It started to unravel something in me. What if I stopped seeing what I was capable of and started seeing what God was capable of? Following that visit, we mobilised the congregation to pray and we committed to praying once a week as an executive team. We started to intercede for others in a way we had never done before — for our church, our city and our institutions.

In just a few weeks, we began to see things start to shift. In just nine months, we saw over 1, new professions of faith. I have never seen so much fruit in my life. God was moving in a remarkable way and hundreds of people were doing Alpha at the same time. God had been preparing the wineskin in advance of him filling it. Alpha is the best container for evangelisation I have ever seen. It will create a brand-new wineskin for your church, but it also must be filled. The power behind Alpha is not the system and the processes; it is the power of the Holy Spirit which is released through prayer.

Regional Impact There has been a significant increase in the number of people doing The Marriage Courses in Latin America. In Mexico, nearly 5, people did the Marriage and Parenting Courses in The Alpha Leadership Diploma was launched in Latin America; a programme which aims to raise up leaders committed to impacting those around them. The programme works with Priests and Pastors who are involved with Alpha, allowing them to suggest young people from their churches who they want to invest in through the Diploma.

Integral to the course is that each participant runs Alpha in their local church, university or workplace, thereby maximising the impact of Alpha across the region. The programme was piloted in and in plans were made to launch the diploma officially in the region, including launching a new website and developing the syllabus which covers content from the Leadership College London.

In , the diploma will be run with regional young leaders from different denominations. We expect that 20 churches will run Alpha for the first time as a result of leaders participating in the course. The event was attended by approximately 1, pastors and youth leaders and was a great opportunity to promote Alpha to new churches and leaders. The main aim of the event was to encourage greater unity between the Catholic and Protestant churches in Latin America. In September, a team from Alpha Prisons visited Colombia and Panama to lead training events and visit prisons where Alpha has been running.

They met with the government agencies of both countries and gained permission to run Alpha in the prisons. There are now at least courses running in Venezuela and more new churches are starting to run Alpha all the time. Nico and Ruth from Buenos Aires, Argentina, had been dating for four and a half years when a friend invited them to Alpha. Each week we found ourselves going back — we ate together, met new people and talked about life.

It was there where we met Jesus and invited him into our lives. Alpha changed our perspective on life, our way of thinking and our relationship. At All Saints, we are glad to note that over 70 leaders from across the different sectors have now been trained in how to run Alpha. Alpha has been running in Wakisa Ministries, a teenage crisis pregnancy centre in Kampala, Uganda. Over 80 pregnant teenage girls visited the centre in and encountered Jesus on Alpha, after following the weekly sessions using the Alpha Film Series. The Holy Spirit transforms life and makes us more Christ-like, bringing us closer to God.

I trust that God loves me regardless of my early pregnancy and this love does not change or end. An East Africa hub has been established in Nairobi, Kenya. Towards the end of , the hub will hold an East Africa Alpha conference where leaders will gather to receive Alpha training, resourcing and to hear testimonies of all God is doing through Alpha across the region.

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In November the first Alpha was run in Westville Prison, the largest prison in the Southern Hemisphere housing over 10, prisoners. Alpha Ghana is also exploring introducing Alpha to the surrounding French speaking West African countries.

In July, over churches attended the Alpha Youth Conference in Java, Indonesia, the majority of which were Compassion International partner churches. The event saw the first ever release of the Alpha Youth Film Series, translated and dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia, the local language. The team are following up on around new Alphas as a result of the conference. There are now 15 churches running Alpha in the country for the first time and there is still increasing demand from other churches wanting to be trained to run Alpha for their communities.

I got a good job, got married and thought that I had it all. One day I received the news that I was being made redundant. Yet again, I was alone, in a foreign land, with not much to my name. During that time, I met a guy called Daniel and we became friends. He ran Alpha in his home and I got involved. I remember going on the day away and being filled with the Holy Spirit. All those years of pain that I carried with me — from the difficult early years to my recent disappointments — they all melted away in that instant when the Holy Spirit filled me with joy as I realised how deeply God loved me.

He was invited to try Alpha by one of the officers. He describes his experience:. They were so honest and seemed to really care about me and the other prisoners. I kept coming back week after week and my desire for prayer grew. One day I decided to ask someone to pray for me and I remember experiencing an incredibly powerful sense of the Holy Spirit.

It washed over my whole body and I was changed from that moment. When I was released from prison, life was challenging but I had the support of my friends from Alpha and from the local parish. I used to be aggressive and only out for myself but now I care about people and want to help them in any way I can. Through Alpha and encountering Jesus, my whole life has changed! The focus was on prison ministry, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Speakers included the Chaplain General of Polish Prisons and serving prisoners. As a result of the conference, Alpha will now be starting in five new prisons in Poland with another eight prisons expected to run Alpha in The delegation included the Bishop responsible for church renewal and evangelisation, and the Auxiliary Bishop responsible for youth.

I ran Alpha in Aleppo before and during the war. I also trained others to run Alpha and it has been run with young adults from Kurdish, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox communities. Some of the Alpha leaders are now refugees and I have lost touch with them because of the war.

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I now live in Lebanon, where I have been coordinating Open Doors' relief and training programs for Syria. Alpha was run with a team of volunteers in the relief centre of a church supported by Open Doors. Alpha Levant are partnering with Open Doors to deliver training to Syrian churches. Open Doors are planning to open many Hope Centres in Syria in partnership with local churches, where these courses could be run. We have a team with us covering all these areas of ministry and we are looking forward to going back to start courses with the whole church.

We are excited and happy about this training event that took place in Lebanon — thanks to you all.

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Feedback from students was encouraging, with some discovering faith for the first time and others expressing that they felt strengthened in their walk with God. It created a community of people who didn't have to turn up to church for the first time on their own. We use Alpha as a primary missional tool. We have confidence in its ability to deliver a relevant and applicable message for those who are searching. Last year we ran ten Alphas and saw many find Christ as a result.

Over a two-week period, posters of Bear Grylls were displayed throughout the London Underground, on the sides of buses in major cities and on national Stagecoach buses. There were also billboards placed in high traffic areas in Portsmouth, Brighton and Norwich.

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Following the Prison Ministry Conference at the end of , ten new prisons began running Alpha, bringing the total to 67 at the end of In Northern Ireland, Alpha is run in all of the five prisons across the country, led by volunteers from local churches. In November, Alpha UK and Alpha Europe jointly hosted delegates from eighteen countries at Run Alpha , an event designed to train and envision leaders from across the region.

Of those who attended, a third were Catholic and a quarter had not run Alpha before. Over the summer, Alpha UK travelled to seventeen festivals across the country to build awareness of Alpha through stand space, seminars, stage content and advertising. The festivals are great opportunities to meet and encourage people both to try and to run Alpha. Divine Renovation is a global ministry that inspires and equips parishes to become mission-focused.

The ministry was birthed out of a real experience of renewal at St Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada, where Alpha is not simply one of many programmes run by the parish, rather it is foundational to their identity as a missional and evangelising church. Alpha and Divine Renovation have a shared vision to equip parishes in evangelisation and are collaborating at a global and national level, in particular in the UK.

For the first time ever, Alpha UK, together with Catholic leaders from the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and other evangelisationfocused organisations, hosted the Maintenance to Mission conference in October in London. The event, which was oversubscribed, attracted over delegates, including priests, two bishops and lay leaders from approximately churches across the UK. There were also key representatives from dioceses in Austria, Spain and France.

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Fr James Mallon and the Divine Renovation team shared the importance of fostering a culture of mission in parishes, and stressed the effectiveness of Alpha both as a tool for evangelisation but also in shifting the culture of the parish from maintenance to mission. Together with Divine Renovation, we are now supporting these churches so that they may become working models of healthy mission-focused parish life, influencing others around them and serving their communities. I turned to another priest for mentoring and he gave me a copy of the book Divine Renovation by Fr James Mallon.

We encountered the person of Jesus in an atmosphere full of palpable love and surrendered to vulnerability. Since then, we have run Alpha in our parish. I now feel part of something rather than above it, and that for me is church. New Connect Groups have been launched and Alpha is running three times a year alongside Alpha Youth, which is being led by young people. There are regular praise and worship evenings taking place and the parish building is now being used on a regular basis for disciple-making activities.

The Alpha Youth Series AYS for teens launched in partnership with Alpha Canada in as an experiment to see how young people would respond to a new, contextualised Alpha format. It quickly spread and today is used in 49 countries and in 19 languages. In October , again in partnership with Alpha Canada, we launched an updated and improved Alpha Youth Series, which aims to be more widely appealing to teenagers anywhere in the world who want to explore the Christian faith. The series features more co-hosts, a variety of animated media and testimonies of young people from all over the world.

This youthful, fun and dynamic cinematic experience is better tailored to a global 13 to year-old audience, which will increase the impact and reach of Alpha Youth over the coming years. Translations into Spanish, Chinese and Korean, amongst eight other languages across Asia Pacific and Europe, are well underway.

The English subtitled version is already available in countries where English is the second language — this means viewers can use the subtitles to enhance their understanding of each episode. Since launching in October, the Alpha Youth Series has helped more than 2, leaders spark meaningful conversations. It was like walking down the beach and sincerely talking about anything we believed in without any sense of discomfort or embarrassment.

Canada saw an increase in the number of Alphas being led by students. In some regions there was a city-wide initative, which saw almost every high school in the district running Alpha. Ireland promoted the new series at three regional training events across the country. Three of their schools have already started running Alpha and a further ten schools will be starting Alphas using the series in

Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)
Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course) Acts II (International Alpha Bible Course)

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