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I don't complain, for both will outgrow that sort of thing and are good fellows at heart, thanks to their mother. But Clara's boy is in a bad way, and she will spoil him as a man as she has as a boy if his father doesn't interfere. Poor fellow, it has been hard lines for him, and is likely to be harder, I fancy, unless he comes home and straightens things out.

He has lost all his energy living in that climate and hates worry more than ever, so you can imagine what an effort it would be to manage a foolish woman and a headstrong boy. We must lend a hand, Mac, and do our best for poor old Steve. Then a sudden change came over him as he added with a melancholy smile, "I forget how much one can hope and suffer, even at twenty-three. Then, kindly returning to the younger people, he went on inquiringly, "You don't incline to Clara's view of a certain matter, I fancy?

My girl must have the best, and Clara's training would spoil an angel," answered Dr. Alec quickly. How would Archie do? He has been well brought up and is a thoroughly excellent lad. Alec lowered his voice as he said with a tender sort of anxiety pleasant to see: "You know I do not approve of cousins marrying, so I'm in a quandary, Mac, for I love the child as if she were my own and feel as if I could not give her up to any man whom I did not know and trust entirely.

It is of no use for us to plan, for she must choose for herself—yet I do wish we could keep her among us and give one of our boys a wife worth having. All are heart-whole, I believe, and, though young still for this sort of thing, we can be gently shaping matters for them, since no one knows how soon the moment may come. My faith—it is like living in a powder mill to be among a lot of young folks nowadays!

All looks as calm as possible till a sudden spark produces an explosion, and heaven only knows where we find ourselves after it is over. I suppose I'm an old fool, but I do like a little more romance in a young man than he seems to have—more warmth and enthusiasm, you know. Bless the boy! He might be forty instead of three or four and twenty, he's so sober, calm, and cool.

I'm younger than he is, and could go a-wooing like a Romeo if I had any heart to offer a woman. Jessie has been wondering how you have managed to keep from falling in love with Phebe all this time, and Clara is quite sure that you waited only till she was safe under Aunt Plenty's wing to offer yourself in the good old-fashioned style. Put the idea out of their minds for heaven's sake, Mac, or I shall be having that poor girl flung at my head and her comfort destroyed. She is a fine creature and I'm proud of her, but she deserves a better lot than to be tied to an old fellow like me whose only merit is his fidelity.

The excellent man thought a good deal of family and had been rather worried at the hints of the ladies. After a moment's silence he returned to a former topic, which was rather a pet plan of his. You don't know him as well as I do, but you'll find that he has heart enough under his cool, quiet manner. I've grown very fond of him, think highly of him, and don't see how you could do better for Rose than to give her to him. I've always been fond of the boy because he's so genuine and original. Crude as a green apple now, but sound at the core, and only needs time to ripen.

I'm sure he'll turn out a capital specimen of the Campbell variety. He's a good fellow, and may do something to be proud of by and by, but he's not the mate for our Rose. She needs someone who can manage her property when we are gone, and Archie is the man for that, depend upon it. Alec impetuously. I declare to you, I dreaded the thought of this time so much that I've kept her away as long as I could and trembled whenever a young fellow joined us while we were abroad.

Had one or two narrow escapes, and now I'm in for it, as you can see by tonight's 'success' as Clara calls it. Thank heaven I haven't many daughters to look after! That's my advice, and you'll find it sound," replied the elder conspirator, like one having experience. We are a couple of old fools to be matchmaking so soon but I see what is before me and it's a comfort to free my mind to someone. Depend on me—not a breath even to Jane," answered Uncle Mac, with a hearty shake and a sympathetic slap on the shoulder. Is it a Freemason's Lodge and those the mystic signs?

They stared like schoolboys caught plotting mischief and looked so guilty that she took pity on them, innocently imagining the brothers were indulging in a little sentiment on this joyful occasion, so she added quickly, as she beckoned, without crossing the threshold, "Women not allowed, of course, but both of you dear Odd Fellows are wanted, for Aunt Plenty begs we will have an old-fashioned contra dance, and I'm to lead off with Uncle Mac.

I chose you, sir, because you do it in style, pigeon wings and all. So, please come—and Phebe is waiting for you, Uncle Alec. She is rather shy you know, but will enjoy it with you to take care of her.


Rose in bloom

Unconscious, Rose enjoyed that Virginia reel immensely, for the pigeon wings were superb, and her partner conducted her through the convolutions of the dance without a fault, going down the middle in his most gallant style. Landing safely at the bottom, she stood aside to let him get his breath, for stout Uncle Mac was bound to do or die on that occasion and would have danced his pumps through without a murmur if she had desired it. Leaning against the wall with his hair in his eyes, and a decidedly bored expression of countenance, was Mac, Jr.

Rose is fresh as a daisy, but we old fellows soon get enough of it, so you shall have my place," said his father, wiping his face, which glowed like a cheerful peony. I'll race you round the piazza with pleasure, Cousin, but his oven is too much for me," was Mac's uncivil reply as he backed toward the open window, as if glad of an excuse to escape. I can't leave my guests for a moonlight run, even if I dared to take it on a frosty night in a thin dress," said Rose, fanning herself and not a bit ruffled by Mac's refusal, for she knew his ways and they amused her.

What do you suppose lungs are made of? Been so busy with other things that I've neglected the hobbies I used to ride five or six years ago," she said, laughing. Are you going in for much of this sort of thing, Rose? Since you have been gone he has lived in his books and got on so finely that we have let him alone, though his mother groans over his manners.

Polish him up a bit, I beg of you, for it is high time he mended his odd ways and did justice to the fine gifts he hides behind them," said Uncle Mac, scandalized at the bluntness of his son. But others do not, so I will take him in hand and make him a credit to his family," answered Rose readily.

Welcome to the website of the Rose in Bloom pub and restaurant in Whitstable.

The world seemed a beautiful and friendly place, and fulfillment of her brightest dreams appeared to be a possibility. Of course this could not last, and disappointment was inevitable, because young eyes look for a Paradise and weep when they find a workaday world which seems full of care and trouble till one learns to gladden and glorify it with high thoughts and holy living.

Those who loved her waited anxiously for the disillusion which must come in spite of all their cherishing, for till now Rose had been so busy with her studies, travels, and home duties that she knew very little of the triumphs, trials, and temptations of fashionable life. Birth and fortune placed her where she could not well escape some of them, and Dr. Alec, knowing that experience is the best teacher, wisely left her to learn this lesson as she must many another, devoutly hoping that it would not be a hard one.

October and November passed rapidly, and Christmas was at hand, with all its merry mysteries, home gatherings, and good wishes. Rose sat in her own little sanctum, opening from the parlor, busily preparing gifts for the dear five hundred friends who seemed to grow fonder and fonder as the holidays drew near. The drawers of her commode stood open, giving glimpses of dainty trifles, which she was tying up with bright ribbons.

A young girl's face at such moments is apt to be a happy one, but Rose's was very grave as she worked, and now and then she threw a parcel into the drawer with a careless toss, as if no love made the gift precious. So unusual was this expression that it struck Dr. Alec as he came in and brought an anxious look to his eyes, for any cloud on that other countenance dropped its shadow over his. Can I help in any way? Don't you think preparing presents a great bore, except for those you love and who love you? Can't do it, especially at Christmas, when goodwill should go into everything one does.

If all these 'pretties' are for dear friends, you must have a great many.

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But she held the glove fast, saying eagerly, "No, no, I love to do this! I don't feel as if I could look at you while I tell what a bad, suspicious girl I am," she added, keeping her eyes on her work. Is there a bitter drop in the cup that promised to be so sweet, Rose? I've tried to think there was not, but it is there, and I don't like it. I'm ashamed to tell, and yet I want to, because you will show me how to make it sweet or assure me that I shall be the better for it, as you used to do when I took medicine.

I do wish I hadn't a penny in the world, then I should know who my true friends were.

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She has found out that all that glitters is not gold, and the disillusion has begun," said the doctor to himself, adding aloud, smiling yet pitiful, "And so all the pleasure is gone out of the pretty gifts and Christmas is a failure? It is sweeter than ever to make these things, because my heart is in every stitch and I know that, poor as they are, they will be dear to you, Aunty Plen, Aunt Jessie, Phebe, and the boys. These people care only for a rich gift, not one bit for the giver, whom they will secretly abuse if she is not as generous as they expect.

How can I enjoy that sort of thing, Uncle? Don't let the envy or selfishness of a few poison your faith in all. Are you sure that none of these girls care for you? You see I heard several talking together the other evening at Annabel's, only a few words, but it hurt me very much, for nearly everyone was speculating on what I would give them and hoping it would be something fine. I did take the hint, you see. Alec could not help smiling at the disdainful little gesture with which Rose pushed away the box. I have given them what they wanted and taken back the confidence and respect they didn't care for.

It is wrong, I know, but I can't bear to think all the seeming goodwill and friendliness I've been enjoying was insincere and for a purpose. That's not the way I treat people. Take things for what they are worth, dear, and try to find the wheat among the tares, for there is plenty if one knows how to look. Is that all the trouble? I shall soon get over my disappointment in those girls and take them for what they are worth as you advise, but being deceived in them makes me suspicious of others, and that is hateful.

If I cannot trust people I'd rather keep by myself and be happy. I do detest maneuvering and underhanded plots and plans! Let us have it out, and then I'll kiss the place to make it well as I used to do when I took the splinters from the fingers you are pricking so unmercifully," said the doctor, anxious to relieve his pet patient as soon as possible. Rose laughed, but the color deepened in her cheeks as she answered with a pretty mixture of maidenly shyness and natural candor. Now that is dreadful, and I won't listen, but I can't help thinking of it sometimes, for they are very kind to me and I'm not vain enough to think it is my beauty.

I suppose I am foolish, but I do like to feel that I am something besides an heiress. Alec gave a quick sigh as he looked at the downcast face so full of the perplexity ingenuous spirits feel when doubt first mars their faith and dims the innocent beliefs still left from childhood.

He had been expecting this and knew that what the girl just began to perceive and try modestly to tell had long ago been plain to worldlier eyes. The heiress was the attraction to most of the young men whom she met. Good fellows enough, but educated, as nearly all are nowadays, to believe that girls with beauty or money are brought to market to sell or buy as the case may be. Rose could purchase anything she liked, as she combined both advantages, and was soon surrounded by many admirers, each striving to secure the prize.

Not being trained to believe that the only end and aim of a woman's life was a good match, she was a little disturbed, when the first pleasing excitement was over, to discover that her fortune was her chief attraction. It was impossible for her to help seeing, hearing, guessing this from a significant glance, a stray word, a slight hint here and there, and the quick instinct of a woman felt even before it understood the self-interest which chilled for her so many opening friendships. In her eyes love was a very sacred thing, hardly to be thought of till it came, reverently received and cherished faithfully to the end.

Therefore, it is not strange that she shrank from hearing it flippantly discussed and marriage treated as a bargain to be haggled over, with little thought of its high duties, great responsibilities, and tender joys. Many things perplexed her, and sometimes a doubt of all that till now she had believed and trusted made her feel as if at sea without a compass, for the new world was so unlike the one she had been living in that it bewildered while it charmed the novice.

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Alec understood the mood in which he found her and did his best to warn without saddening by too much worldly wisdom. There is a touchstone for all these things, and whatever does not ring true, doubt and avoid. Test and try men and women as they come along, and I am sure conscience, instinct, and experience will keep you from any dire mistake," he said, with a protecting arm about her and a trustful look that was very comforting. After a moment's pause she answered, while a sudden smile dimpled around her mouth and the big glove went up to hide her telltale cheeks: "Uncle, if I must have lovers, I do wish they'd be more interesting.

How can I like or respect men who go on as some of them do and then imagine women can feel honored by the offer of their hands? Hearts are out of fashion, so they don't say much about them. That is the trouble, is it? And we begin to have delicate distresses, do we? Alec, glad to see her brightening and full of interest in the new topic, for he was a romantic old fellow, as he had confessed to his brother. Rose put down the glove and looked up with a droll mixture of amusement and disgust in her face. I've wanted to tell you, but I was ashamed, because I never could boast of such things as some girls do, and they were so absurd I couldn't feel as if they were worth repeating even to you.

Perhaps I ought, though, for you may think it proper to command me to make a good match, and of course I should have to obey," she added, trying to look meek. Don't I always keep your secrets and give you the best advice, like a model guardian? You must have a confidant, and where find a better one than here? I'd best be prudent, for I'm afraid you may get a little fierce—you do sometimes when people vex me," began Rose, rather liking the prospect of a confidential chat with Uncle, for he had kept himself a good deal in the background lately.

I expected things of that sort would be very interesting and proper, not to say thrilling, on my part—but they are not, and I find myself laughing instead of crying, feeling angry instead of glad, and forgetting all about it very soon. Why, Uncle, one absurd boy proposed when we'd met only half a dozen times. But he was dreadfully in debt, so that accounted for it perhaps. Who else? I won't even guess. Van's greenhouse and poured forth his passion manfully, with a great cactus pricking his poor legs all the while. Kitty found him there, and it was impossible to keep sober, so he has hated me ever since.

I burnt all the verses, so don't expect to see them, and he, poor fellow, is consoling himself with Emma. But the worst of all was the one who would make love in public and insisted on proposing in the middle of a dance. I seldom dance round dances except with our boys, but that night I did because the girls laughed at me for being so 'prudish,' as they called it. I don't mind them now, for I found I was right, and felt that I deserved my fate. I'm young in these things yet, so I grieved for him, and treat his love with the tenderest respect.

Alec bent his head, as if involuntarily saluting a comrade in misfortune. Then he got up, saying with a keen look into the face he lifted by a finger under the chin: "Do you want another three months of this? Try to keep a straight course, my little captain, and if you see dirty weather ahead, call on your first mate. I'll remember.

I've no errands unless you mail my replies, if these need answering, so by your leave, Prince," and Rose began to open the handful of notes he threw into her lap. What sight is this to blast mine eyes? Methought perchance a rival had been here," and, picking it up, Charlie amused himself with putting it on the head of a little Psyche which ornamented the mantelpiece, softly singing as he did so, another verse of the old song: "He set his Jenny on his knee, All in his Highland dress; For brawly well he kenned the way To please a bonny lass.

During the three months since her return she had seen more of this cousin than any of the others, for he seemed to be the only one who had leisure to "play with Rose," as they used to say years ago. The other boys were all at work, even little Jamie, many of whose play hours were devoted to manful struggles with Latin grammar, the evil genius of his boyish life. Alec had many affairs to arrange after his long absence; Phebe was busy with her music; and Aunt Plenty still actively superintended her housekeeping.

Thus it fell out, quite naturally, that Charlie should form the habit of lounging in at all hours with letters, messages, bits of news, and agreeable plans for Rose. He helped her with her sketching, rode with her, sang with her, and took her to parties as a matter of course, for Aunt Clara, being the gaiest of the sisters, played chaperon on all occasions. For a time it was very pleasant, but, by and by, Rose began to wish Charlie would find something to do like the rest and not make dawdling after her the business of his life. The family was used to his self-indulgent ways, and there was an amiable delusion in the minds of the boys that he had a right to the best of everything, for to them he was still the Prince, the flower of the flock, and in time to be an honor to the name.

No one exactly knew how, for, though full of talent, he seemed to have no especial gift or bias, and the elders began to shake their heads because, in spite of many grand promises and projects, the moment for decisive action never came. Rose saw all this and longed to inspire her brilliant cousin with some manful purpose which should win for him respect as well as admiration. But she found it very hard, for though he listened with imperturbable good humor, and owned his shortcomings with delightful frankness, he always had some argument, reason, or excuse to offer and out-talked her in five minutes, leaving her silenced but unconvinced.

Of late she had observed that he seemed to feel as if her time and thoughts belonged exclusively to him and rather resented the approach of any other claimant. This annoyed her and suggested the idea that her affectionate interest and efforts were misunderstood by him, misrepresented and taken advantage of by Aunt Clara, who had been most urgent that she should "use her influence with the dear boy," though the fond mother resented all other interference.

This troubled Rose and made her feel as if caught in a snare, for, while she owned to herself that Charlie was the most attractive of her cousins, she was not ready to be taken possession of in this masterful way, especially since other and sometimes better men sought her favor more humbly. These thoughts were floating vaguely in her mind as she read her letters and unconsciously influenced her in the chat that followed.

You do up, and I'll direct. Have a secretary, do now, and see what a comfort it will be," proposed Charlie, who could turn his hand to anything and had made himself quite at home in the sanctum. Just regrets to all but two or three. Read the names as you go along and I'll tell you which. Who says I'm a 'frivolous idler' now? I'll see to that, though," answered Rose, trying to decide whether Annabel or Emma should have the laced handkerchief.

Suppose I open the wrong drawer and come upon the tender secrets of your soul? I can't believe it, Cousin," and he shook his head incredulously. There are a few little souvenirs in that desk, but nothing very sentimental or interesting. But I should never dare to ask," observed Charlie, peering over the top of the half-open lid with a most persuasive pair of eyes. Lower left-hand drawer with the key in it. Interesting moment, with what palpitating emotions art thou fraught! They look very familiar, and I fancy I know the heads they thatched. Here's a jolly little amber god with a gold ring in his back and a most balmy breath," continued Charlie, taking a long sniff at the scent bottle.

I tremble as I ask, who, when, and where? Of course it was, and he did everything to make my visit pleasant. I wish you'd go and see him like a dutiful son, instead of idling here. Poor old governor! I should like to see him, for it's almost four years since he came home last and he must be getting on.

Long ago Rose had discovered that Uncle Stephen found home made so distasteful by his wife's devotion to society that he preferred to exile himself, taking business as an excuse for his protracted absences. The girl was thinking of this as she watched her cousin turn the ring about with a sudden sobriety which became him well; and, believing that the moment was propitious, she said earnestly: "He is getting on. Dear Charlie, do think of duty more than pleasure in this case and I'm sure you never will regret it. Uncle Alec taught you that along with the rest of his queer notions. Would they now?

Will you go? Charlie looked rather abashed for a moment, but his natural lightheartedness made it easy for him to get the better of his own brief fits of waywardness and put others in good humor with him and themselves. But something caught his eye, and exclaiming, "What's this? What's this? I forgot that was there," said Rose hastily. His sister did not mention it when she wrote last. Then she is your correspondent? Sisters are dangerous things sometimes. Well, if he's married, I don't care a straw about him.

I fancied I'd found out why you are such a hard-hearted charmer. But if there is no secret idol, I'm all at sea again. My heroes are old-fashioned, you know. I want a gentleman in the best sense of the word, and I can wait, for I've seen one, and know there are more in the world. Do I know him? He's the best-bred fellow I know.

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Far superior to Mr. Pemberton and many years older," said Rose, with so much respect that Charlie looked perplexed as well as anxious. You pious creatures always like to adore a parson. But all we know are married. Well, upon my word, that's a relief, but mighty absurd all the same. So, when you find a young saint of that sort, you intend to marry him, do you? Rose, meanwhile, tied up her parcels industriously, hoping she had not been too severe, for it was very hard to lecture Charlie, though he seemed to like it sometimes and came to confession voluntarily, knowing that women love to forgive when the sinners are of his sort.

Charlie took the hint and dashed off several notes in his best manner. Coming to the business letter, he glanced at it and asked, with a puzzled expression: "What is all this? Cost of repairs, etc. Well, that's not a bad idea—such places pay well, I've heard. I wouldn't have a tenement house on my conscience for a million dollars—not as they are now," said Rose decidedly. It was not all pleasure with us, I assure you. Uncle was interested in hospitals and prisons, and I sometimes went with him, but they made me sad so he suggested other charities that I could be of help about when we came home.

I visited infant schools, working women's homes, orphan asylums, and places of that sort. You don't know how much good it did me and how glad I am that I have the means of lightening a little some of the misery in the world.

Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott | Scholastic

Give, of course—everyone should do something in that line and no one likes it better than I. But don't, for mercy's sake, go at it as some women do and get so desperately earnest, practical, and charity-mad that there is no living in peace with you," protested Charlie, looking alarmed at the prospect. I intend to do all the good I can by asking the advice and following the example of the most 'earnest,' 'practical,' and 'charitable' people I know—so, if you don't approve, you can drop my acquaintance," answered Rose, emphasizing the obnoxious words and assuming the resolute air she always wore when defending her hobbies.

But it did not, for Rose answered, with a sudden kindling of the eyes as she remembered her talk with Uncle Alec: "I shouldn't like it. But there would be one satisfaction in it, for when I'd lost my beauty and given away my money, I should know who really cared for me. There is a class who cannot afford to pay much, yet suffer a great deal from being obliged to stay in noisy, dirty, crowded places like tenement houses and cheap lodgings. I can help a few of them and I'm going to try. I don't want the money, of course, and shall use it in keeping the houses tidy or helping other women in like case," said Rose, entirely ignoring her cousin's covert ridicule.

Those last words were peculiarly unfortunate, because Aunt Clara had used them more than once when warning her against impecunious suitors and generous projects. She was disappointed in her cousin, annoyed at having her little plans laughed at, and indignant with him for his final suggestion. The tuneful apology was accepted with a forgiving smile and a frank "I'm sorry I was cross, but you haven't forgotten how to tease, and I'm rather out of sorts today. Late hours don't agree with me. Hope's tomorrow, I'm afraid," and Charlie took up the last note with an expression of regret which was very flattering.

I do hate to be so fractious," and Rose rubbed the forehead that ached with too much racketing. Just stay this once to oblige me," pleaded Charlie, for he had set his heart on distinguishing himself. I'm so well now, it would be very foolish to get ill and make him anxious—not to mention losing my beauty, as you are good enough to call it, for that depends on health, you know.

Everything will be delightful, I assure you, and we'll have a gay old time as we did last week at Emma's. Uncle said I'd better put one on and go to bed, for I looked as though I'd been to a French bal masque. I never want to hear him say so again, and I'll never let dawn catch me out in such a plight anymore.

Uncle is notional about such things, so I shouldn't mind, for we had a jolly time and we were none the worse for it. Aunt Clara hasn't gotten over her cold yet. I slept all the next day, and you looked like a ghost, for you'd been out every night for weeks, I think.

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  • Everyone does it during the season, and you'll get used to the pace very soon," began Charlie, bent on making her go, for he was in his element in a ballroom and never happier than when he had his pretty cousin on his arm. But I don't want to get used to it, for it costs too much in the end. I don't wish to get used to being whisked about a hot room by men who have taken too much wine, to turn day into night, wasting time that might be better spent, and grow into a fashionable fast girl who can't get along without excitement.

    I don't deny that much of it is pleasant, but don't try to make me too fond of gaiety. Help me to resist what I know is hurtful, and please don't laugh me out of the good habits Uncle has tried so hard to give me. So when Rose looked up at him, with a very honest desire to save him as well as herself from being swept into the giddy vortex which keeps so many young people revolving aimlessly, till they go down or are cast upon the shore, wrecks of what they might have been, he gave a shrug and answered briefly: "As you please.

    I'll bring you home as early as you like, and Effie Waring shall take your place in the German. What flowers shall I send you? Rose disliked her and was sure her influence was bad, for youth made frivolity forgivable, wit hid want of refinement, and beauty always covers a multitude of sins in a man's eyes. At the sound of Effie's name, Rose wavered, and would have yielded but for the memory of the "first mate's" last words.

    She did desire to "keep a straight course"; so, though the current of impulse set strongly in a southerly direction, principle, the only compass worth having, pointed due north, and she tried to obey it like a wise young navigator, saying steadily, while she directed to Annabel the parcel containing a capacious pair of slippers intended for Uncle Mac: "Don't trouble yourself about me. I can go with Uncle and slip away without disturbing anybody. It certainly looked for a moment as if Miss Campbell would, because she ran to the door with the words "I'll go" upon her lips.

    But she did not open it till she had stood a minute staring hard at the old glove on Psyche's head; then like one who had suddenly gotten a bright idea, she gave a decided nod and walked slowly out of the room. Don't disturb yourself, I beg, for I merely want to say a word," answered Rose as she prevented him from offering the easy chair in which he sat. What can I do for you, Cousin? Rose sat down, but did not seem to find her "word" an easy one to utter, for she twisted her handkerchief about her fingers in embarrassed silence till Mac put on his glasses and, after a keen look, asked soberly: "Is it a splinter, a cut, or a whitlow, ma'am?

    Do forget your tiresome surgery for a minute and be the kindest cousin that ever was," answered Rose, beginning rather sharply and ending with her most engaging smile. Mac looked pleased and leaned forward, saying more affably, "Name it, and be sure I'll grant it if I can. Hope's party tomorrow night. I must go to several more parties, because they are made for me, but after that I'll refuse, and then no one need be troubled with me.

    But I don't understand where the sudden necessity is, with three other fellows at command, all better dancers and beaus than I am. But there's Archie—he's steady as a church and has no sweetheart to interfere," continued Mac, bound to get at the truth and half suspecting what it was. He does not care for dancing as he used, and I suppose he really does prefer to rest and read. I thought he was the prince of cavaliers. Annabel says he dances 'like an angel,' and I know a dozen mothers couldn't keep him at home of an evening.

    I am certain that he only fell in love with the h because of her lady lumps and because another dude is after our h. I wonder if the H would still fall for the h if she remained gangly and awkward. Btw, if you are wondering about why I didn't talk about the h, it's because there is really nothing much to tell. She is a Mary Sue even if she denies that she is perfect. She ofc falls in lust with the H right away. Who wouldn't? Oh she is a spinster too because she is waiting for Mr.

    The only scene where she shows personality is view spoiler [ when they save the children from the caves. May 04, Maida rated it really liked it Shelves: anthology , borrowed , ebooks , historical , library-books , novella-short-story. Four stars. A lovely story of childhood-friends-turned-lovers. It is a well-written novella that is complete. Although I wish it's longer, I appreciate the skill it took to come up with a well-developed storyline.

    I really enjoyed this book. Jun 08, Annette Meier rated it really liked it. Cute story of a house party. Familiar yet had a few "gotchas" to make you smile. Jan 02, Jordan Summers rated it it was amazing. I have read it at least seven time. The most recent being two weeks ago. I think the reason it hits me in the feels is because the characters have such a history together. It was really easy for me to believe that they could fall in love.

    It also had a convincing friends to lovers storyline that felt 'realistic. Update: Yep, I read Rose in Bloom again. It's such a comfort read I can't help but devour it over and over again. Jul 24, Dany rated it it was amazing. Nice short story -. Oct 02, Fivi rated it it was amazing. Reading it, I can imagine I'm in the highland, so wild and beautiful, sometime I wonder is there still the same, I shall visit Scotland if I have a chance too Oct 24, Laine rated it liked it. Dec 04, Kelly rated it it was amazing. Great short story to read!

    The attraction between Rose and Duncan was very clear! I love how Laurens cast Clarissa as a true 's young lady! Left wanting more. Aug 05, JKT rated it really liked it Shelves: historical. Oct 08, Temple rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-male , historical-romance , m-f , novella , spirited-female , story-to-go-with-hot-sex , stephanie-laurens. I liked this better than some of her most recent books. It is her tried and true formula but I felt their sex was hot.

    That is the kind of pressure that is really stressful. She is a highly technical kind of part. In the female identity scenes, there are always all these distracting things to deal with like the props, false fingernails, and hair. One thing good about not being told everything that happens on this show when being on in a guest star capacity is that I can actually watch the show as a fan, appreciate it and fall in love with it like the regular fans do. That was certainly my experience in season one. I was just in these two scenes and I saw none of the other material. I came in completely in the dark.

    I had a guy come to my dressing room before I shot the scene who tried to talk me through the season. I did not understand half of what he was saying. It was too complicated with all of these relationships and stuff like that. And you have to understand that I work really hard, most actors work really hard, to really know inside and out where the characters are coming from. I was really a substantial percentage less informed in the first scene in Mr.

    Robot , and I felt very frustrated by it and didn't like it at all. For some of the actors, I think there is a price to be paid for that, particularly for the guest star actors who are not deeply entrenched in the ongoing evolution of the series regulars. I have so much respect for him. What I really want to say is that Sam would love for nobody to know what is going on. And we understand that. As the keeper of the story, he holds very tight to details that may not play out until season three or four or five. Your two Season One scenes take place with characters in directly opposing camps, making you a fulcrum character placed in center of things.

    Do you see that dynamic carrying over to Season Two for Whiterose? First of all, he was really complimentary to me about being on the show, and when everyone asked if I was coming back, he unhesitatingly said I would be on the second season. I agree with him. The character does retain mystery that she has in the first season, I think, even though there is a little more stuff getting fleshed out.

    A Rose in Bloom A Rose in Bloom
    A Rose in Bloom A Rose in Bloom
    A Rose in Bloom A Rose in Bloom
    A Rose in Bloom A Rose in Bloom
    A Rose in Bloom A Rose in Bloom
    A Rose in Bloom A Rose in Bloom

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