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Days later, Pirro leaned in to the camera and did her best to take care of it. When Pirro was suspended from her show after a bigoted attack on Rep.

The president called Murdoch to urge that Pirro be put back on air, these people said, a development first reported by Vanity Fair. But Sessions blocked the appointment, the official said, after which Pirro attacked Sessions on her show for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. Published with permission from News Hounds. Media Bites.


By NewsHound Ellen. Image from: Screengrab.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Email. Former Judge Jeanine Pirro's checkered past probably means she's a great candidate. Pirro's rant against Rep.

Too Close for Comfort: Cases of Near Nuclear Use and Options for Policy

Ilhan Omar was so awful that Fox finally felt it had to step in, but apparently not awful enough to make her apologize. Nicolle Wallace dares Fox News to re-air in prime time, Jeanne Pirro's very-wrong prediction that Judge Sullivan would throw out the Flynn guilty plea.

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In this narrative, the fear of massive retaliation and a shared understanding and set of behaviours are believed to have prevented the use of nuclear weapons. Yet the decades since have been punctuated by a series of disturbing close calls. Evidence from many declassified documents, testimonies and interviews suggests that the world has, indeed, been lucky, given the number of instances in which nuclear weapons were nearly used inadvertently as a result of miscalculation or error.

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A shared belief in nuclear deterrence is not the only plausible explanation for this avoidance of nuclear war. Rather, individual decision-making, often in disobedience of protocol and political guidance, has on several occasions saved the day. In addition to cases from the Cold War, recent incidents, such as the collision of French and UK submarines, along with cases of misconduct in the US Air Force revealed in , suggest cause for concern regarding current laxity in safety and security measures and in command and control.

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  5. Incidents similar to those that have happened in the past are likely to happen in the future. A study of cases of near nuclear use can thus address a number of important questions. What chain of events led to these incidents, and what prevented nuclear weapons from being used? How might past instances improve assessment of contemporary risks?

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