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We checked in for our flight yesterday just a little over two hours before our flight and we still got our seats together. The only way to not have it automatically renewed is to cancel, effective immediately. There is no oppt out of auto renew. ITs a complete joke. I thought it meant you got 9 dollar baggage fees…. And they are on-time most of the time! All of these people are severely ungrateful.

I am confused by all these paragraphs. I need help. Please tell me if I join how much it will cost to join and check my 1 bag on spirit on Friday evening flight to LAS. My son and I are planning a trip. Does my husband need to fly too in order to get the cheaper flight or can he just purchase them for us? For the discounted ticket or the bags. If the member flies, they can add up to 8 people using their discount. Spirit says it on their website and I mention it in this blog post. On the Spirit website, when you sign up it says it in large print right above the place where you fill in your membership information:.

Bonita Rpse. Do you know how I can get emailed the special fares. I recently joined and have NOT received any price specials. Thank you. I will be going on weekend trips to see my daughter.

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Unless you cancel? It is not a monthly charge correct? It is an annual fee, not a monthly fee. I usually receive an E-mail from Spirit reminding me about this approximately a month before my membership is set to renew. Good luck! The auto after is Is there a way for me to see how low a specific fare will be before joining the club? I would like to see the change in price to see if it will be worth it. The fares are online for anyone to see. When you see a good fare, buy it! Last year I did some researching about purchasing tickets directly at the airport, decided to give it a try and it was Awesome!

Spirit fares were way cheaper than other airlines even after purchasing two checked bags roundtrip. Flights were on time and no complaints! Wont do it any other way from now on!

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Unfortunately not. Flights were huge savings. I am sure I will forget to cancel the subscription but if this flight goes well we will probably use them again anyway.

A bargain — 1,000km away

Blog was very helpful thanks for your review. You say military gets bags for free. For active duty military traveling on Spirit, we will provide two free checked bags and a free carry-on, in addition to the already free personal item. The U. As a dependent I cannot use the discount unless my husband is traveling with us.

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Hi there. I purchased our tickets on cheap tickets website not knowing about the baggage fees. Fortunately I saw that they will check 2 bags and carry on for my husband who is active duty. We are on orders to PCS.

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Can dependents myself and my 2 kids use this benefit as well? Will call to confirm but just wanted to hear first hand from you that you did it. You know how it is when you hear so many different things! Beware, it is not.

Thanks for your valuable assistance. I made the mistake of not rereading the terms and conditions for the the trial club. They are different from the terms and conditions of the full price club. Hello, I am slightly confused with regard to this membership. My niece, and I fly frequently from Myrtle Beach, to Cleveland, Oh, and are trying to decide if this would benefit us. For Example, If I join this, and my niece wants to fly somewhere; do I have to fly with her? Is there such a thing as a family membership for this, or can they all be added to one account?

Thank you kindly! Only one person on the reservation needs to belong… but the member has to be one of the ones flying. We were going to fly on Spirit and pay for 4 bags, then I saw this and enrolled, and our bag fees went WAY down. Is it not every flight? Pix Smith. If you are logged in and I forget sometimes it will show automatically. The best way to get your best value from them is to do two things — subscribe to the newsletter and check their Twitter feed.

The emails have great deals in them though they come frequently and it takes me just a short time to scan them, decide if it might apply to me, and then delete it if not. They are also pretty cleverly written. They have my respect. All in all, this airline does a great job for what it is — no frills flying. I have had no complaints, no delays, and no issues with them to date. Already booked round trip flights thru justfly. Family of 5 traveling end of May from CA to Louisiana. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. My work and travel schedule means most of my Christmas shopping is done online. I finally made it out to the Sonoma Coast and incidentally discovered the best clam chowder and seafood My luck with Crater Lake is rather nonexistent.

Or perhaps its my planning abilities? The first time I Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support! Tiff Tiff's first big vacation was a Caribbean cruise when she was six. You may also like Spirit Flight Evacuated Because of a Video. Bawaney September 24, at pm. Epifaniovisbal October 9, at am. Caroline January 30, at am. Times are subject to change during Bank Holiday periods. This is a fun way to acheive you goals.

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The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club The Spirit Within Club
The Spirit Within Club

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