The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be)

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It takes a conscious effort to be aware of what I am allowing to be sown in my heart. We know if we want tomatoes we plant tomato seeds and if we want pumpkin we plant pumpkin seeds, and we know that those seeds need watering and good ground to produce good fruit but how often do we look at the fruit in our own lives or in the lives of others and consider what seeds were sown to produce those things? Somewhere along the way, whether intentionally or not, a seed was sown.

The Importance Of Thinking Positively

If we want good fruit in our lives like success, joy, friendships or wisdom, we need to sow the seeds that will produce those things. Similarly, we may plant some good seeds in our heart like listening to positive messages or music, being friendly, reading good books and learning from the wise and yet we might not see much progress in our lives for a while — but hang in there!

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Why do weeds grow so quickly?! Similarly weeds like jealousy, bitterness, and pride can spring up in our hearts uninvited and we can tend to unintentionally through our thoughts and actions water and fertilise these weeds.

A Heart Like a Garden

If we want to have a beautiful heart and a beautiful life, we must get rid of the weeds! Is it like my backyard… dead, overgrown weeds, pricklies, rarely taken care of, rarely watered, OR is it like a Botanical Garden… big trees, flowers in neat rows, variety, colorful, well tended to. If your heart is a garden what plants are there? And how well do you tend to it? I know for me sometimes in the daily routine it is easy to forget to water the garden… I forget to spend time in the word, I forget to take time with God, and the garden of my heart can begin to wither.

Or I can let negativity linger, allowing it to take root in my heart, or I dwell on that rejection from a friend, or not being invited to something and I feed myself lies that take root in my heart.

Tending the Garden of Our Hearts: Daily Lenten Meditations for Families - Ancient Faith Store

I am suffering due to a deformity in my feet which I got in my teenage years. But I never gave up anything in life.

I continued my studies and secured a good position in society. I got Read complete story. What seeds have you been planting In the garden of your heart?

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What will be forthcoming When the germination starts? Thoughts are the seedlings that we use, Of this there is no doubt. The fertile soil within our minds, We never are without.

If gracious thoughts are planted, The returns will surely be A harvest full of beauty, Which you will plainly see. If your thoughts are dark and dreary, You are very apt to find That weeds will soon be growing-- The most depressing kind.

Once they have gained a foothold, They will not want to leave. They'll thrive on your unhappiness, Making sure that you will grieve. It is hard to keep bad thoughts away; Some are bound to filter in.

The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be) The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be)
The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be) The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be)
The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be) The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be)
The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be) The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be)
The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be) The Garden In My Heart (Created To Be)

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