The Candle of Vision

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The Candle of Vision. Description George William Russell, better known as AE , mystic, poet, painter, journalist, editor, and practical rural economist, was a pivotal figure in the Irish literary revival and in the emergence of modern Ireland. From the beginning of the twentieth century he formed life-long friendships with W. When I am in my room looking upon the walls I have painted I see there reflections of the personal life, but when I look through the windows I see a living nature and landscapes not painted by hands.

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So, too, when I meditate I feel in the images and thoughts which throng about me the reflections of personality, but there are also windows in the soul through which can be seen images created not by human but by the divine imagination. I have tried according to my capacity to report about the divine order and to discriminate between that which was self-begotte4n fantasy and that which came from a higher sphere.

It is, in the first place, the work of a poet. It is, apart from its arguments, a beautiful book, written in exquisite prose and filled with pictures which, whatever their origin, are of an unearthly loveliness. One is Yeats, whose voice he considered "the most beautiful voice in Irish literature.

Candle Vision by Russell, First Edition

Though I am blind I have had moments of sight. Though I have sinned I have been on the path. Though I am feeble I have seen the way to power. Jun 08, Bruce rated it liked it. Those whose interest lie in mysticism, theosophy, and metaphysics will undoubtably find this quite concise book to be a revelation as well as a confirmation of previously held beliefs.

As far as th "I tried to light the candle on my forehead to peer into every darkness in the belief that the external evidence of nature had no more exquisite architecture than the internal universe of being As far as the rest of us Sep 14, Karen rated it really liked it.

I read it because it was quoted in "The Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley, so that should give you some perspective on what type of book it is. It's leagues ahead of its time and I found myself taking long breaks to contemplate the ideas discussed.

The candle of vision

Jul 03, Merinde added it Shelves: religion-and-related. I find this impossible to rate because I feel I am just the wrong person for it. I loved descriptions of his visions, but I really didn't care for his attempts at understanding the world, himself, or anything at all, actually. Still, there are some beautiful passages in there, and the fact that I love his paintings probably helped me get through the chapters.

Apr 10, Rand marked it as to-read.

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Inspiring and beautiful. Probably one of Waite's better books. Jul 01, Aine MacAodha rated it it was amazing. Heather Garrett rated it it was amazing Oct 18, Lizzboa rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Kathryn rated it it was amazing May 07, Dennis Liggio rated it really liked it May 31, Steven Perry rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Charlie rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Al Park rated it really liked it Mar 27, Paul Thake rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Bill Yarrow rated it it was ok Feb 19, Daniela Cristina rated it it was amazing Apr 01, Mary-Jean Harris rated it liked it Mar 17, Adam rated it it was amazing Sep 29, John Gogarty , a regular guest at Russell's Sundays "at home" believed that these two men, so utterly unalike in most ways, nonetheless developed a deep mutual respect.

Russell's generosity and hospitality were legendary: Frank O'Connor fondly recalled "the warmth and kindness, which enfolded you like an old fur coat".

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He was noted for his exceptional kindness and generosity towards younger writers: Frank O'Connor termed him "the man who was the father to three generations of Irish writers", [12] and Patrick Kavanagh called him "a great and holy man". Travers , famous as the creator of Mary Poppins , was yet another writer who gratefully recalled Russell's help and encouragement. Russell, who had become increasingly unhappy in the Irish Free State which according to Yeats he called "a country given over to the Devil" , [13] moved to England soon after his wife's death in Despite his failing health he went on a final lecture tour in the United States , but returned home utterly exhausted.

He died of cancer in Bournemouth in He is buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery , Dublin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with George William Erskine Russell — For other uses, see AE. Lurgan , County Armagh , Ireland. Bournemouth , England, United Kingdom. George William Russell.

The Candle of Vision The Candle of Vision
The Candle of Vision The Candle of Vision
The Candle of Vision The Candle of Vision
The Candle of Vision The Candle of Vision
The Candle of Vision The Candle of Vision
The Candle of Vision The Candle of Vision

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