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His Thai roots and passion for authentic food led him to the opening of the first CrushCraft in Uptown in Dallas. After moving to the US at just nineteen years old, Kay started working as a line cook in casual chain restaurants before moving up hotel banquet halls and other larger culinary events.

Orange Blossom Special with a Texas Twist

Kay took a break from work to finish her culinary certification in , and used her newfound qualifications to transition in the restaurant industry. Kay Ridgeway and Jack Nuchkasem. She stumbled upon the newly opened CrushCraft and started working for Jack as a line cook. Thanks to her Thai heritage, Kay picked up on dishes quickly and easily. After about six months, Jack promoted her kitchen manager and she started tweaking dishes, much to the delight of Jack and his customers. One year later, Jack asked Kay to become a partner in the business.

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Texas Twist (Texas Soul, #3) by Sara York

Owner Jack is committed to quality and convenience, which means your favorite dishes will taste exactly the same each time you visit CrushCraft. Their from-scratch fare is also ready to enjoy in five minutes or less from the time you place an order. I want to do everything I can to respect the Earth. Every time I make an eco-friendly switch in one of my restaurants, I think about my future grandchildren and how important it is that we preserve this planet for future generations.

When you sit down to eat, you may notice that each dish comes in a paper bowl. These bowls are compostable, plus they make it easy to take back some tasty leftovers without opting for extra styrofoam boxes and plastic bags.

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Another vision that Jack brought to life through CrushCraft is a dedication to authenticity. In fact, CrushCraft is the only Thai restaurant in the area that uses authentic Thai Eggplants in their green curry. Kay and Jack source a number of fresh ingredients including lemongrass, Thai basil and lime leaves to keep their food authentic and deliver a true taste of Thailand whenever possible. Their new catering menu is also great for parties, corporate events and more.

Audra Balsley is a born and raised North Texas native from Carrollton. Aside from writing, Audra enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, and binge watching as many Netflix movies as possible. Your email address will not be published. From that point on Russell, has been riding high on the Shinyribs river of country-soul, swamp-funk and tickle. A Shinyribs show is an exaltation of spirit, truly something not to be missed. One look at the folks who have covered his songs everyone from Hootie and the Blowfish and the Pistoleros to the Dixie Chicks and Guy Clark and you realize this guy is not easily categorized.

As one half of the duo Foster and Lloyd, he recorded three groundbreaking albums, becoming one of the first acts to be played simultaneously on Country and College radio. Nunn is a founding father of the progressive country movement out of Austin in the s that changed the face of popular music as well as an independent music pioneer who continues to oversee his own record label and song publishing companies, manage his own career with the help of his wife Ruth , and play most every weekend at top music venues throughout Texas and beyond.

For nearly 50 years, this country music icon has shared his love of everything Texas in dance halls and concert stages around the world, to the point that he was named Ambassador of Texas Music by the governor. Called a pioneer by his peers, Nunn has never been afraid of blazing new music paths, a fact noticed and admired by Red Dirt and Texas musicians.

Texas Music Legend Gary P. Nunn announced that he will be retiring from the road soon. Bret sings his cowboy style Gospel tunes and is accompanied by The New Soul Invaders, an uplifting gospel band. The band emerged from Dallas twenty years ago at the forefront of a musical movement blending rootsy, country-influenced songwriting with punk rock energy and delivery. The Texas native-turned-longtime Oklahoma resident has been chasing his own dream down many roads for a long time. For his birthday, Roger Creager is celebrating with a four-night stand at the Hall.

Schedule subject to changes and additions. Roger Creager is an adventurist; he does not like to sit still while the world passes by.

Body and Soul

His passion for life invigorates everyone around him, including his fan base. Those who get hooked on his charisma and high energy come back show after show, year after year, and record after record. Creager may travel the world, but he never strays far from his small-town South Texas roots and his music encompasses all of him. The always prolific Bud Billy Bob , J.

Paint and Sip Studio #87

Already a chart-topping country star on the Texas circuit, Curtis Grimes swings for the fences — and embraces a bigger, broader audience — with his new EP, Bottom of the Fifth. Curtis sticks to his small town roots, taking you through the heart of country music for the 21st century.

With one boot planted in traditional country and the other pointing toward something new and progressive, Curtis is turning Bottom of the Fifth into his biggest release to date. Game on. Some might argue whether it is having nine consecutive 1 hit singles in Texas under his belt that has garnered him staying power, or that he is killing it in the social media world with over 2 million views on YouTube and over 3 million streams globally on Spotify.

While impressive, all those distinctions can come and go in the world of music. The reason for his staying power turns out to be quite a simple one. And that is because Josh Ward is country music blood to bone, and both Josh Ward and country music are simply not going to go away. But in the midst of his growing popularity, he gladly bent the knee to fellow country music artist and comrade Cody Johnson who introduced Ward to his West Coast audiences.

It also rocks. The result is a musically ambitious and lyrically deep statement of an artist in his creative prime.

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Bret sings his cowboy style Gospel tunes and is accompanied by The Levites, an uplifting gospel band. The childhood friends from Magnolia, Texas, write songs about everyday life that are a combination of harmonies that merge Southern country, Americana and Western rock music. Their first album Utah was originally self-released in early and then re-released by Republic Records later the same year.

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The band has made appearances at music festivals in the U. And behind the wheel? The album quickly won the band a large national audience. The band continued to build its reputation as a singularly powerful live act. Worth area that he could. On the road with the band, he rapidly gained valuable hands-on experience working and playing music across the state of Texas. Thanks to his time on the road and his ability to fill in and play when needed, he was quick to gain a fast following of loyal fans. Shortly after his EP release, Kody formed a full band in order to continue his commitment to travel across the country playing his tunes to the masses.

With more than 40 years of American roots music under his belt, Texas native Rodney Crowell is a two-time Grammy Award winner with five Number One hits of his own and a legacy of songwriting excellence which has made him an icon among giants. But owing to the distinctly universal, literary quality of his writing, has also penned beloved songs for artists as diverse as Bob Seger, Etta James, the Grateful Dead, John Denver, Jimmy Buffett and countless others.

In , he opened his own record label, RC1, and released his Acoustic Classic project. Although Springsteen long ago cornered the market on gritty, high-energy live performances, the band takes a back seat to no one in grinding out great live shows at legendary venues across the Southwest and beyond. The good word is getting around. Los Lobos were already East L. Specially curated wine and beer tasting and live music. Additional tasting tickets will be available for purchase.

No one under 21 will be admitted. Benefiting United Way of Comal County. Visit GrueneMusicandWineFest. Ticket includes three wine tasting tickets. Silent auction and The Great Guitar Auction.

Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)
Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3) Texas Twist (Texas Soul Book 3)

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