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Can your child sing too?

Being a vocal coach and music consultant, I have helped many satisfied clients like yourself, starting up their own business making money from what they enjoy doing most, and that is singing, being their own boss, enjoying the perks of travelling to wonderful exotic locations!

But we did not just wake up one morning to wave a magic wand and finding ourselves flying on an aeroplane to sunny Ibiza!

Getting Paid To Sing The National Anthem

Let me tell you a little more about me. I organised many music shows and talent contests at packed out venues, and got paid well. I also offer music consultation to already existing unsigned bands and have helped many achieved record deals. But I got more satisfaction from helping singers like yourself, on YouTube and Facebook, turning what you enjoyed doing into a feasible business.

Many of my clients all started out singing on social media sharing their talents for free, and not getting paid for all their efforts. You might get noticed by a few people around the world, but money will not mysteriously enter into our bank accounts using this method! If you are reading this blog I guess you are in the same situation most of us were once in? Similar to become a wedding or event singer, you can also get work as a entertainer. The difference with this however, is the title covers a lot more jobs. There are a lot of places who need singers to entertain their guests, clients and patience.

New Singing App Spotlite Lets You Sing For Free And Win Money!

Some of these are:. So there you have it, four paid singing related jobs you could be doing. So what other types of paid singing jobs do you know about? Let me know in the comments section below.

Want to learn how to do that? You can go the DIY route building vocal boxes and roadieing for another band.

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Or doing event security. You could add a 5th one — demo singer. Your email address will not be published. Hi friend. Want to see how they do it so you can implement something similar? Comments Also a Singer Waiter which is not a long slot but pays well. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil.

How To Make Money From Singing

Get paid to sing, bake a cake or flirt on a live streaming app Get paid to sing, bake a cake or flirt on a live streaming app. Follow Gadgets Now on Facebook and Twitter. For the latest news , tech news , breaking news headlines and live updates checkout Gadgetsnow. View comments Post a comment.

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Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing
Get Paid To Sing Get Paid To Sing

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