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Karim Kheyar Paris, France 85 Likes. Kateryna Lebreton Rennes, France 75 Likes. Hugues de Tournemire Lyon, France 72 Likes. You can also talk to someone about the service and discuss making a referral on — please note that this is not a support line and calls may go to answer machine. You can also get in touch by email fearlessinfo sacro.

It can be physical, psychological, sexual or financial.

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It can include threats and insults. The actual actions do not define domestic abuse, as these actions are often very specific to the individual. Domestic abuse is defined by the intended impact — control. Next post : A Guide to a Life of Purpose. Join two million breath-taking readers: rss email twitter facebook. You are: A person who cares deeply about their mission and the people they are serving. Someone creating something in the world: a business, an app, a book, music, change in communities, a service while leading a team, etc.

Someone who is willing to cultivate mindfulness, an open heart, and fierce courage through practice. A person willing to invest time, money, energy and determined focus on making changes with gratitude, to serve people better.

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Fearless Fearless
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