Candyland, Wonder World

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What is Candyland?

The central spire is a dome covered in original recycled stones — but the magical touch of Gaudi made the stones disappear and what the eyes would see are moving colorful objects, giving the illusion that a young kid is playing with his cane candy. At the top of the park is a terraced area where I personally got a wonderful view of the park. The terrace also overlooks Barcelona City. The terrace is composed of multi-colored tiled mosaic seats.

They are truly breathtaking as they are magical. Yes, there are plans of going back to Barcelona — to Catalan. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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  2. Trouble in Candyland.
  3. 3D Printing is a Big Deal: The Miracle Manufacturing of the Future.

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Candy Land: The World of Sweets

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Because the second I set foot on U. The ugly realities are on the other side of the world, tucked neatly out of sight for the sake of profits. Living amidst so much poverty has changed me. You know what I do feel? I feel embarrassed. I feel saddened by our abuse of power and our irresponsible monetary influence. I feel a desire to protect the developing world from our unsustainable systems and mountains of needless, polluting goods.

I feel that we have just as much to learn from them as they do from us. Above all though, I feel inspired here. By the examples I see every day of how to live life without pretending the realities away. Of so many people still connected to their food source, unaffected by hurry and focused on their families. Of people more content in their poverty than we are in our wealth.

Amen sister! Thank you for writing this! Your words are poetry with a conscience! We used to have laws against usury because just like drugs, responsible politicians realized it is simply beyond the will power of a majority of citizens to break the habit. Look in the malls. They are just as much in need as the others in distant lands, and eductaing them would help the ease the consumption cycle as well. JW — Huh? JW, how do you get that Beth is wealthy? You seem to be generally agreeing with her and simultaneously judging her negatively, very wrongly, I might add.

This past week NPR did a whole look at the horrible Enron catastrophe. Which leads me to remembering that the Supreme Court has now decided that the VERY amoral American corporation is entitled to the same consideration as an individual. At least individuals are still held accountable—if they are caught red-handed—and judged for being immoral, whereas a corporation is not considered culpable because because it is not human and does not have to be moral.

What a world we have been living in.

Love cannabis?

Very well said, Beth. What I hope for is that as more and more Americans become enlightened to our own waste and greed we will simultaneously understand the enormous power we carry by our spending habits. We have to take our own power into our hands and STOP buying. I believe this is the only way to break some of this ridiculous cycle. But marketers are smart. Just as I feel I have detached completely from the consumption cycle, someone will come up with products or marketing methods that catch my eye.

Going Floor-Loco in Candy Land - Minecraft (#322)

Anthropologie is one of those places for me. If I could afford their stuff it would be a matter of remaining determined not to be sucked in.


We must all remain determined in this heavily marketed to culture. A friend forwarded your post to me. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I live in Mexico and your perspective is my feelings on not living in the USA. Touched some nerves! Way to go. You nailed some big issues. The big problem to me and in me …we are selfish to the core. All of us. We each have various sometimes sophisticated disguises. But if we get alone and really honest, we can see it. The problem is bigger than opinions and positions. It is, in fact, bigger than us. The problem is in the mirror, but not the solution.

Love this, Beth! Could not agree more.

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It speaks volumes that in our greed, we are not a happy nation, yet so many living in poverty can find joy in simple things. Maybe Congress should pass some laws to limit how much time Americans can spend in the malls. Since they are taking away so many of our rights, I guess they might as well take this one and maybe that would save the planet!

For me, it is more about taking personal responsibility and choosing a conscientious lifestyle than blaming the government, left or right. It would be great if Congress could pass some consumer protection laws and strengthen important agencies like the EPA and Department of Education instead of spending the nations wealth invading middle eastern countries to steal their natural resources.

Love your blog, Beth. At first, it is easy to recognize and fight against them, but in time, the constant pressure dulls my senses and weakens my defenses. Thank you, Ann, my new friend and fellow enthusiast! I look forward to many more such discussions. My mind is racing, let me tell you. I totally relate, too. I have felt protective of life here in Palestine and it just gets my ire up to see KFC moving in to this non-fast-food culture. Great post. I have recently begun to read your blog and am so inspired to see someone living out her ideals and teaching her children the value of individualism.

I agree with you — we have so much to learn from those around us, especially those who have not been corrupted by the commercialism we have been bombarded with our entire lives. As a 34 year old mother of a fifteen month old, I have been trying to make more thoughtful decisions so that I can teach my daughter a better but less materialistic approach to life. Unlike most of the people who seem to comment, this is a completely new way of thinking for me.

Candyland, Wonder World Candyland, Wonder World
Candyland, Wonder World Candyland, Wonder World
Candyland, Wonder World Candyland, Wonder World
Candyland, Wonder World Candyland, Wonder World
Candyland, Wonder World Candyland, Wonder World
Candyland, Wonder World Candyland, Wonder World

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