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As a premier epoxy flooring contractor in Old Bridge, New Jersey, Resurrection Garage can take care of any epoxy flooring need. We offer consultations to identify your desires and then get to work on designing a solution. Your input is valued at Resurrection Garage, and we ensure our customers get exactly what they want.

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Our consults are conversations that lead to the perfect solution for your garage needs. If you have a clear vision for your garage, we can make it become a reality.


If you have no idea what you want but know you need help, we can create a vision with you. In either case, Resurrection Garage will give you the garage you always wanted. When it comes to organization, we have your solution, we deal with Handi Solutions Products that will make your home or commercial store come to life.

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While most garages are similar, no two customers are alike. Resurrection Garage understands that everyone has their own needs and vision. We offer flexibility and guarantee that we can accomplish whatever it is that you want for your garage. Many garage companies only offer specific products, designs, or have strict limitations.

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Resurrection Garage can accommodate any size job. From simple epoxy coatings to complete garage paint makeovers, we do it all.

The Resurrection & You

We will find a way to make any idea a reality as we are not bound to one or two designs. Do not hesitate to contact us because you think your job is unworthy of our time! We work on small projects, large projects, and everything in between. Our goal is to give you a garage that you love, no matter how much or how little work it may take.

The Bridge: Brood War Resurrection

If you have a need, let us know so we can take care of it! Our pride is in our work and the way we accomplish it. Resurrection Garage values your time and strives to keep deadlines. Once we start a project, we honor our timelines and keep our customers informed of the progress. Maybe he revived in the tomb and then escaped to convince his disciples he had risen from the dead.

He underwent a sleepless night of trials and beatings that left him exhausted before that fateful day.

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  • He was whipped and flogged almost to the point of death itself the Bible prophesies that Jesus would be beaten beyond recognition, Isaiah A spear was thrust through his side and a mixture of blood and water poured out of his side because the spear burst his heart sac and blood and water is a sign that the heart has stopped , he was then taken down from the cross and wrapped tightly in linen cloth before being placed in a cold tomb carved out of rock, sealed and secure for three days without food, water, or medical attention.

    He was buried, and his place of burial was not a secret. If the tomb had not been empty, then it would have been impossible for the disciples to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalem as they did. They would have been shot down and exposed in no time at all. The conviction of the earliest disciples, women and believers was that Jesus rose gloriously and triumphantly from the grave, alive and well, not as one who had managed to barely escape death and was still desperately in need of medical attention.

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    No one ran to get a doctor when they saw the risen Lord Jesus. No, Jesus was risen, powerfully, victoriously, physically, alive and well. She has a Wall Street Journal in her hand Bridge One Never looking back, she always moves ahead She planned this entire day last night before she went to bed Strictly business but yet stylish she turns heads The kind of lady that makes a player give up night life to be wed The cabbie says, "at five I'll come to take you home" She smiles and says, "By then my friend, I'll be in Rome" Stops by the office to get things to take along Then to the airport on her concourse She's airborne!

    You have to know, the ways of the world Don'tcha wanna' be a World Class Girl? I know that life is full of ups and downs No wonder why my heart stays on the ground I cannot stand to be hurt by love again That's why a quarter after eight, this girl will be out on the case, I'm gonna find myself a man! Bridge One He won't need a Mercedes As long as he keeps me pleased!

    Bridge To Resurrection Bridge To Resurrection
    Bridge To Resurrection Bridge To Resurrection
    Bridge To Resurrection Bridge To Resurrection
    Bridge To Resurrection Bridge To Resurrection
    Bridge To Resurrection Bridge To Resurrection
    Bridge To Resurrection Bridge To Resurrection

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