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Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven

There are no tracking numbers. If it brings peace to your soul: blessing. If it brings joy to your heart: blessing. If it brings life to your days: blessing. If it shines light in dark corners: blessing. If it brings growth or change or truth or understanding: blessing. High score does not win. Low score does not win.

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There is no win. There may be some great reward at the peak of the mountain, but most of your day is spent climbing, and there is blessing all along the way.

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Sometimes they look like work. Sometimes they look like trials. When we get to the other side and look back we can see it, sparkling and shimmering or hard-won and solid: blessing. In our everyday, we might have to squint to find it. We can see the blessing in the work, the comfort in the routine, the growth that came from change, the compassion that grew out of difficulty, the inspiration that would not have appeared without the interruption.

9: September ~ Blessing of Change and Letting Go - Catholic Rural Life

This moment might be one for dreaming and planning and goal-setting, for thinking ahead and leaning forward. But we do our best planning and dreaming from a place of gratitude, and gratitude comes from blessing. Look back, and let the looking shift your perspective.

Look back, and see that you are standing on the solid ground of blessing upon blessing. You know how I know? Because you were MADE for this. Sign up for email updates from Melissa and get the Made For This print, free. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. Much of the books of Exodus and Numbers, along with bits of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, tells the story of one of the biggest moves in the narrative of the Jewish people.

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We all know the gist of the story—the Israelites are enslaved in Egypt and God sends Moses to lead the people out of slavery, through the wilderness and into the Promised Land. Obviously this is a good move, with the promise of wonderful things to come. From the start, some of the Israelites were hesitant to leave Egypt. By the time they got to the Sea of Reeds, some people wanted to surrender to the approaching Egyptian army and go back home. A month or so later, they rebel against God by building a golden calf to worship.

Over the next two years, they whine and complain repeatedly about a lack of water, bad-tasting water, not having enough food, and not having any meat to eat. They even go so far as to wish that they could go back to Egypt, where they had comfortable homes and plenty to eat, especially meat, leeks, and cucumbers.

They continue to rebel against God and Moses and Aaron by worshiping idols, by challenging authority, or even by trying to usurp positions of leadership. And finally, when the Israelites are close enough to the Promised Land that they can almost see it, their fear of the unknown leads them to sabotage their future in the Promised Land—the Israelites that were brought out of Egypt are sentenced to die in the wilderness, so that only their children have that opportunity. The Israelites are encamped just beyond the borders of the land of Moav. The Moabite king, Balak, fears the size of the Israelite community and decides that a well-placed curse will allow him to destroy them without much effort.

So he hires the famous prophet and magician Bilaam to curse the Israelites.

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Bilaam realizes the danger of what Balak wants him to do, so he refuses. But Balak is persistent, and Bilaam accepts the assignment with a warning that he is simply an instrument of God—whatever he says is what God wants him to say.

Let’s bring the change with ‘Wishes and Blessings’

When Bilaam arrives at a mountain overlooking the Israelite encampment, he opens his mouth to curse the Israelites and, instead, speaks words of blessing and promise. A few days later, he tries to curse the Israelites again but, again, blesses them. Days later, he tries a third time to fulfill his task and, again, fails to curse the Israelites.

Change is not easy. It makes us nostalgic and romantic about what used to be, until the problems and challenges we faced seem unimportant and minor, outweighed by all the good memories. Like the Israelites who longed to return to Egypt, we wish we could go back. The unknown, even an unknown that holds infinite promise, is terrifying because we have little to no context for what we might experience.

Who knows whether it will be better or worse than what we had, who knows if we will succeed in reaching our goals or if we will fail miserably?

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I know that there is a lot of change happening at Temple Sinai. We are, for all intents and purposes, in the wilderness between two places—what-has-been and what-will-be.

Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change Blessings Bring Change
Blessings Bring Change

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