To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story

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After Jack left them and changed into the Werewolf, Lissa and Buck asked the local mob of irate villagers about the recent murders in the village and why they blamed the Gypsies.


Coming across the Gypsy camp, Lissa and Buck revived and freed Topaz who had been imprisoned by the old Gypsy woman Maria. Later, after Maria had died and her undead Gypsies had crumbled, Lissa and the others listened as Topaz recounted the persecution that Maria Russoff had suffered at the hands of the villagers and how her hatred had driven her to enslave Topaz to force her to revive the murdered Gypsies so she could use them to seek vengeance upon the villagers.

Werewolf by Night I 28 - The day before her eighteenth birthday, Lissa whose hair was now light brown again arrived at Buck Cowan's Malibu beach house for an extended stay with Buck, Jack and Topaz. The next day nobody including Lissa celebrated her birthday and that night, as Topaz suggested that she might be able to help Lissa when she changed into a werewolf, the foursome was attacked by a swarm of small winged bloodsuckers and then confronted by Dr. Glitternight who told Topaz that she had two weeks to tell him where to find Taboo or else his pets would be back.

Nine days later, Topaz revealed that she'd had a precognitive dream in which she'd seen the four of them in a boat going to an island with a castle reeking of sorcery and that Taboo was alive in that castle. Inspired by the dream, Jack suggested that, since there was going to be a full moon that night, they should all go the deserted island off the coast of Monterey where Castle Russoff had been rebuilt by Blackgar.

A cultural history of female werewolves

At the castle they encountered Taboo who explained that he was merely the essence of Taboo whose ectoplasm had been ripped from his corpse by Glitternight and solidified into a recreation of his physical body. As Taboo revealed that he had rebelled against Glitternight and had sent that dream to Topaz because he needed her help in opposing Glitternight's plan to kill everyone on Earth so that he could transform their souls into a loyal army of demons , Jack began to transform into the Werewolf just as Glitternight and his winged thingies attacked the group.

While the Werewolf attacked Glitternight, Lissa felt herself beginning to change but Topaz and Taboo began using their combined psychic power to try to suppress the change. They were succeeding until Glitternight burst into the room and attacked them. Caught between the combatants, Lissa was exposed to both moonlight and Glitternight's dark light and the combination caused her to transform into a Weredemon instead of a Werewolf.

Werewolf by Night I 29 - The Weredemon that Lissa had become fought the Werewolf savagely for hours, their struggle only ending when the Werewolf unintentionally hurled them both off one of the castle's parapets. The Weredemon landed first and the Werewolf fell on her, knocking her unconscious.

No longer interested in her now that she wasn't moving, the Werewolf left the Weredemon alone and ran off into the forest, allowing Buck and Topaz to carry the Weredemon to an upstairs bedroom. When dawn came, Lissa returned to human form but didn't regain consciousness until just after Jack returned in the early afternoon. However, Lissa was so traumatized by her experience that she denied her transformation had even occurred, instead believing that what she recalled was only a nightmare Werewolf by Night I 30 - Realizing that Lissa didn't remember what had happened to her, Jack and the others didn't have the heart to tell her the truth so they just left her to rest.

Jack unsuccessfully tried to force the captive Glitternight to reverse what he'd done to Lissa. Glitternight later freed himself and secretly took Lissa who was apparently unconscious at the time from her bedroom to the roof. Once the full moon rose, Glitternight exposed Lissa to the moonlight and to the sorcerous dark light from his chest so that she again became the Weredemon. Glitternight then used his powers to remove Lissa's soul and transform it into a "chain of light" which made the now-soulless Weredemon completely obedient to him.

When the Werewolf arrived on the roof, Glitternight ordered the Weredemon to slay the Werewolf and she immediately attacked. After a brief battle, the Werewolf managed to grab the leash and use it to strangle the Weredemon.

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As the Weredemon began to weaken, Topaz acceded to Taboo's request and used her psychic powers to transform Taboo's "body" back into its true form of ectoplasm which then sought out the Weredemon and entered her body through her throat. The presence of the additional "life essence" caused the Weredemon to change back into Lissa's human form despite the full moon. Confused by the transformation, the Werewolf released the chain of light and Lissa crumpled to the roof with the chain still around her neck. Once the Werewolf and Glitternight left the castle, Topaz and Buck came to check if Lissa was all right.

Wolf and Vampire love story ep1

Later, after the leash vanished following Glitternight's [temporary] destruction , Lissa revived and Topaz told her that Taboo had saved her life before he Giant-Size Werewolf 5 - Jack stayed with Lissa and Philip in the latter's home for several weeks in the fall. Werewolf by Night I 31 - A month after being cured, Lissa was studying for exams and refused to give in to Jack and Topaz when they tried to convince her to join them and Buck and Buck's date! Jack offered to drive them home but Lissa and Topaz, who were both uncomfortable with the idea of being near him that night, had already decided that they would stay in Topaz's room instead.

Werewolf by Night I 32 - That night, Lissa and Topaz were in Topaz's room worrying about what was happening to Jack when Frenchie broke in through the window and held them at gunpoint, demanding to know which of them was Jack Russell's sister. When they refused to tell him, he took both of them prisoner.

Later, while tied up in Frenchie's helicopter, Lissa and Topaz were watching when Moon Knight knocked out the Werewolf and took him captive. Werewolf by Night I 33 - Lissa and Topaz were still tied up in Frenchie's helicopter when Moon Knight carrying the Werewolf hung on to the dangling rope ladder to get away from the police. Later, when the Werewolf revived and knocked himself and Moon Knight off the ladder, Lissa and Topaz watched them fell into the harbor, just missing a pier. Later, after the Werewolf had reverted to human form at dawn and been knocked out by Moon Knight, the helicopter brought captors and captives alike to the Committee's warehouse-headquarters where Jack was put into a cage while Lissa and Topaz had their wrists tied together with ropes hanging from the ceiling which forced them to stand upright for the whole day.

That night, after Jack had turned into the Werewolf and Moon Knight was being paid his money, Lissa verbally condemned him for turning her brother over to "filthy men who'll turn him into the murderer he's always feared he would become Werewolf by Night I 34 fb - In a waiting room at Westwood Hospital, Lissa and Topaz babysat Buttons while Jack asked Elaine about something that a semi-conscious Buck had mumbled before lapsing back into a coma. Later that day or the next day , Elaine brought Jack, Lissa and Topaz to meet Jerome Selwin, the owner of Marcosa House, "the world's most active center of haunting influences.

Later, the foursome visited Buck's home to look at his notes on Marcosa House and Elaine revealed that Buck seemed to have been more interested in learning if any incidents of lycanthropy had been observed than in the article for which he was supposedly interviewing her. Outside the front door, Lissa was the first to notice the "Sentinel of Hell" gargoyle and she soon became so unnerved that she wanted to leave until Jack convinced her to stay. Later, after a number of frightening events occurred, Lissa and Jack took part in a seance conducted by Topaz at which a medieval peasant claiming to be the spirit of the werewolf possessing Jack appeared and warned them to leave.

Exhausted by the sitting, Jack left Lissa to tell Topaz about what had happened while Topaz had been in a deep trance. Lissa later went upstairs to her room to sleep.

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  8. Sometime later, as Jack was heading for the gargoyle, Lissa was heard to scream "NOOOOOO" and Jack headed for her room but was stopped by the now-solid peasant who said that "he" had decided that Lissa and Jack must die. Jack got there first and found Lissa dangling in mid-air, held up by a noose around her neck which was strangling her. When an apparition of Philip Russell appeared at the other end of the rope, Jack attacked him but "Philip" vanished and the rope went slack, releasing Lissa who was hysterical because "her own father" had tried to kill her in her sleep.

    Lissa was so upset that Jack had Elaine give her a sedative. Even with the pills and Topaz and Elaine beside her, it took a half hour before Lissa finally stopped screaming and fell asleep. Werewolf by Night I 36 - Later, after the sedatives wore off, Lissa woke up and found that Jack had been transformed into a Werewolf who could think and talk, Elaine and Topaz were both injured after Marcosa had compelled Elaine to attack Topaz with a knife and the Werewolf had been forced to knock Elaine out , and Buck Cowan had come out of his coma and somehow managed to get to Marcosa House.

    As Jack remarked that so far Lissa was the only one who was "unmarked" by Marcosa, the pitcher she was holding exploded, cutting her hand and causing a lot of bleeding. Later, the group witnessed Marcosa restraining the peasant but he managed to "show them the way" by sending them down to the cellar where Topaz felt compelled to attach a skull to a headless skeleton.

    Once that was done, the spirit who had previously appeared as the peasant manifested in his true form of Gideon Blaine, one of Marcosa's victims, who had now managed to cast off Marcosa's will. Blaine then led them to a catacomb full of the remains of Marcosa's other victims. After the spirits of those victims agreed to save Buck's life if they were freed from Marcosa, Blaine directed the group to the crypt in which Marcosa's mortal remains were sealed.

    When Jack opened the door, slimy tentacles came out and attacked the group, then withdrew and the door closed behind them. Hearing sirens, Lissa and the others went outside to greet the police but found they were actually zombies so they retreated back into the house where "Buck" revealed that he was really Marcosa. Werewolf by Night I 37 - As the zombie police broke in, Topaz and the Werewolf protected Lissa and Elaine and managed to defeat the zombies. Marcosa then transformed Lissa, Elaine and Topaz into demonic versions of themselves who began fighting each other.

    The spirits of Marcosa's victims managed to make themselves and Marcosa's soul solid, and when Jack ripped open their prison, three of them took control of the demon-women and stopped them from fighting while the others entered Marcosa and made him carnate as well. Once Jack the Werewolf had battled and destroyed the duplicates of Glitternight, Moon Knight and the Hangman that Marcosa had created to defend himself, and then ripped Marcosa to shreds, his power was broken and Jack and the women all returned to normal.

    As the freed sprits left, Blaine told them that he would sacrifice himself to revive Buck from his coma and he did. The group then found Marcosa's physical remains and the women watched as Jack destroyed them, ensuring that Marcosa would never return. The foursome was later picked up by Jerome Selwin's men. Days later, as Jack waited for moonrise in the California North Woods, he said "mental goodbyes" to the four people who counted in his life Lissa, Philip Russell, Topaz and Buck before he transformed into the Werewolf and ran off into the snowy woods.

    Before they could leave, Lissa and Topaz saw Buck transform into a goat-headed figure Goat Child who stated that all three of them must remain there to greet both of the keys, that all three of them were needed, that there was a reason for what would come to pass and that the Three Who Are All had concluded their affairs. Then the vision ended and Buck was himself again, unaware of what had just happened.

    When Lissa tried to tell Buck how he'd changed, he dismissed it as a temporary hallucination but somehow all three of them felt what it was best if they stayed where they were for the time being. After Coker, Lissa and Jack all revealed that they had each had visions in which different beings claiming to be the Three Who Are All had appeared to them, the group realized that all three entities together made up the Three. As Brother Voodoo revealed that the Three had told him that the mission upon which they were about to embark was crucial to the whole world, zuvembies broke into the house and attacked the group.

    During the ensuing battle, Lissa tried to fight back but needed help from Jack. Once the zuvembies had been defeated, they disappeared thus proving that they weren't real zuvembies and Lissa was the first to notice that Coker had been abducted during the struggle. Jack soon began to transform into the Werewolf but Brother Voodoo, by sending the spirit of his dead brother Daniel into Jack's body, was able to stop the change and restore Jack to human form. Lisa then hugged Jack and told him how happy she was for him. As Jack, Topaz and Brother Voodoo prepared to leave for Haiti, they suggested that Lissa stay behind with Buck and she reluctantly agreed.

    Buck armed himself and rolled into the kitchen to find Lissa passed out on the floor at the feet of an intruder a former employer of Buck's whose sudden appearance had caused Lissa to faint. The man barely had time to speak one sentence to Buck before he burst into flame, setting the whole house on fire. Buck managed to revive Lissa and get everyone to safety. After being stuck for a while, Lissa saw that Jack was beginning to change so she urged him to get out of the car and run. Jack lunged out of the car, completed his change into the Werewolf and ran off into the nearby Topanga Canyon.

    In addition, a werewolf is more resilient to damage and can heal and recover from any injury instantly. They can heal from minor wounds in seconds. Werewolves can heal from fatal wounds in seconds. Transformed werewolves have been shot in the head and, while wounded, could still be dangerous. Also, werewolves are immune to all witch magic, dark magic, resulting in witches being unable to control their minds or actions without using possession, which a werewolves can break free from if they have enough willpower and determination.

    In fact, a werewolf can banish the one possessing them by finding a way to transform, as the transformation instantly removes the one who possesses them from their body's. Even in human form, werewolves have the smelling and tracking capabilities greater than any tracking dog. Their senses vary among each individual werewolf, leading to those with the best scent tracking abilities being appointed as a pack's tracker. They are also naturally agile and dexterous, with werewolves commonly having all acrobatic abilities, which they can use in combat.

    Their speed is naturally that of an athlete, but they cannot be matched by human athletes. A werewolf's claws are shown to be strong enough to puncture human skin. It has also been shown that a werewolf can partially transform their hand and form their claws, allowing them to stab others with their bare hands and kill them. Elena showed this ability three times in the show, pulling out a man's heart, nearly doing this to a Mutt, and transforming only her index finger, allowing her to easilly glide her finger across a car's surface and cut though it.

    Super Sense- A werewolf's sense of sight is likely to rival if not surpass that of a great bird of prey. A werewolf can accurately discern movement and basic shapes up to a mile away, as well as having unsurpassed vision in the dark. The larger size of a werewolf's eye means that it can absorb more light than normal, allowing unmolested operation in near pitch black conditions.

    How they are able to discern threats from non threats foliage in the wind, etc. In human form werewolves are shown to use advanced fighting styles such as Karate. They are also naturally agile and dexterous, with werewolves commonly having at all acrobatic abilities, which they can use in combat. It has also been shown that a werewolf can partially transform their hand and form their claws, allowing them to stab others with their fingers.

    It is unknown if others can partially transform in this manner as well. Their transformations are still unstable however, as if they are wounded, in an altered state of mind, or are inebriated due to substances, or simply start changing voluntarily, they are almost unable to stop it or reverse it until they have completely turned, though they can turn back after. Fear and sensory stress are also prominent causes of involentary transformations. When a mutts heart was almost pulled out, he transformed into an uncontrolled, aggressive, and instinctual wolf, meaning that a transformation caused by pain can cause a werewolf to not have complete control of their actions when they transform.

    Werewolves experience this form of mental transformation, which overwhelm them with hunting and killing instinct, on their first change and must learn or get used to the change to not have to experience it and be in full control of their transformed selves. A werewolf must transform, as not turning for a while will make the transformation more painful and straining. Turning can be used to remove emotional or mental stress from the body. Elena has shown abnormal control of her transformation, as she cannot be involuntary transformed by pain, fear or inebriation and can stop her transformation if it starts, which is impossible for other werewolves who start their transformation, as the moment it starts, it cannot be stopped by any will of the werewolf or change in circumstance.

    The physical transformation of the body can also heal or partially heal damage, though not if it is fatal. This may be why an injured wolf is more likely to involuntarily change, as though the body may instinctually trigger it to protect itself. The Undoing could cause some werewolves to lose control of their change, transform randomly and, if they are still transformed at its end, leave them a wolf forever, with complete inability to change back.

    Before this time, a werewolf with enough willpower can still change back. Also, the Undoing made photoreceptors, senses, healing, and other traits erratic and uncontrollable, tending to either not work or turn on and off randomly. This is a side effect of the curse being lifted. This healing factor allows them to survive their transformations, and is likely the reason why they do not suffer traumatic injuries such as skin ripping or skeletal damage while transforming.

    Consequently, it is extremely difficult to slow down a transformed werewolf with anything less than silver. Werewolves have shown to heal wounds like scratches. Other wounds like silver bullets will heal the next day, as proven by Josh. Werewolves can heal all the way to a mark after they transform, as Josh once healed from a silver-inflicted bullet wound over one night when transformed.

    For example, a stab to the heart would be a stab to the heart, but they would survive and continue on their way, without even being slowed down. Also, the power cannot be removed, rendered truly perfect and absolute. Werewolf blood is highly toxic to vampires, burning vampires' bodily tissues like acid, and can kill a vampire if the said vampire ingests or is exposed to a great enough amount of werewolf blood. Due to this, vampire-hunting werewolves commonly use vials of their blood as weapons against vampires. It is also known that werewolves such as Tom McNair can sense the wolf inside of them even when in human form.

    Four Stories by Nina Allan

    The Last Broadcast. Wolfsbane: wolfsbane will cloud a werewolf's sense of smell. Those who wish to avoid being tracked or detected by werewolves will often carry some wolfsbane with them. Fire: fire is a very effective weapon against any monster; this is partly because burns do not heal as easily as other injuries. Bubba Shackleford, one of the greatest monster hunters who ever lived, had a saying: "When all else fails, kill it with fire.

    Heart extraction: werewolves can heal from any injury, including being shot or stabbed through the heart. However, if a werewolf's heart is removed, it will die. Decapitation: A werewolf will be knocked unconscious by a bullet to the brain, but it will not die. When a werewolf is beheaded, however, it will die instantly. Werewolves have a very hostile relationship with vampires. As supernatural beings can identify one-another, werewolves can be spotted immediately by vampires, even in their human form. Some vampires will immediately attack a werewolf in human form only, as an attack on a werewolf in wolf form would be suicidal for a vampire upon seeing them, while others trick them into coming with them to a private location where they can attack.

    Werewolves are often considered little more than dogs and wild beasts by vampires, and it is a very rare occurrence for a vampire and werewolf coexist peacefully. At one point, a full-scale war even erupted between werewolf and vampire clans in the s. Outwardly, it appears that vampires loathe werewolves because they see them as savage and inferior creatures; Herrick seemed especially fond of demeaning werewolves like this.

    However, the true basis for the hatred has been suggested to be fear; as werewolf blood is toxic to vampires, and when fully transformed into their wolf forms, werewolves are much stronger than vampires and can easily overpower and kill them. Vampires' disgust and hatred towards werewolves seems to be more fundamental and instinctive than personality-wise, seeing as Crumb, when a new vampire, showed a hint of repulsion at the very first werewolf he met upon learning what the werewolf was.

    It would also appear that the vicious and prejudiced tendencies vampires exhibit towards werewolves is partly linked to the vampires' killer instincts and whether or not they're drinking blood; seeing as vampires are completely devoid of their cruel and prejudiced attitude towards werewolves when they're clean of blood and not killing, but immediately regain it when they've drank blood recently.

    Werewolves arguably have the hardest time putting up with zombies in comparison to vampires and ghosts, as their sense of smell is more sensitive to zombies' repulsive stench of decay. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

    The Screaming Dead Chapter Scream Wolf, Scream!, a misc. movies fanfic | FanFiction

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    To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story
    To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story
    To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story
    To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story
    To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story To Cure a Werewolf: A Nina Frame Story

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