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The pufferfish is perhaps the most extreme example. But fugu is a delicacy, and an expensive one at that. It is one thing to consider who first ate an oyster, and quite another to think of a deadly plant that has become a staple crop across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In that case, it was not a matter of simply trying something and determining it could be used as food.

Trembling Aspen

More likely, cassava was a very costly human experiment, which only trial and error could solve, finally resulting in a method of preparation that was capable of neutralizing the toxins, rendering the root suitable for consumption. In a quick search of recipes in all the cookbooks we own , there are recipes containing rhubarb. Thanks to its acidity, rhubarb usually plays a supporting role--in strawberry pie, as a conserve or mostarda, a handful thrown into a quick bread for color and a pop of flavor.

We are the sort who snatch up a big bouquet of the sour stuff as soon as it hits the produce department.

Mary Black The Rose of Allendale

Rhubarb presents itself as an opportunity or a challenge; one that is not always obvious, which, to me, is part of what makes it so appealing. These rhubarb tarts are just that--quite tart and very rhubarb-centric.

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I think rhubarb and rose a near-perfect pairing, so I included the option to flavor the sugar with a little rosewater. The drizzle of honey over the top of the tarts adds a little more last minute sweetness and plays up the floral flavor of the rose; and the whipped cream and pistachios offer their mild richness as a foil to the extremely sour fruit.

Rhubarb-Rose Tarts | The Joy of Cooking

If you prefer it, though, I think high-quality vanilla bean ice cream would be superb in place of the whipped cream. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Place the pastry on the prepared sheet pan. Bake until the puff pastry is golden and puffed around the edges and the rhubarb is tender, about 30 to 35 minutes. If you use a very strong rosewater concentrate, you may need to use less than called for. Note: You will have some hazelnut filling left over.

Wild Roses

You can use it in other tarts or pies or spread it thickly on brioche and bake until set for a deluxe version of bostock toast. Some scientists think that aspen groves are only one tree that has spread with suckers, and that an aspen grove could be the largest living thing in the world. The inner bark was used for food raw or roasted and wood was also used for tent poles, fuels, and canoes.

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The bark and roots of the tree were chewed and applied to wounds to stop bleeding. The trembling aspen is used for pulp, wafer-board, and chopsticks. Early settlers derived a water-purifying substance from the inner bark.

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  • They also boiled branches to make a cleanser for guns and traps and to remove human scent from hunters. Trembling Aspen. Photo: Nancy Turner. More Southern Interior species.

    Quivering Rose Quivering Rose
    Quivering Rose Quivering Rose
    Quivering Rose Quivering Rose
    Quivering Rose Quivering Rose
    Quivering Rose Quivering Rose

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